White Album 2 Review Book

White Album 2 Review Book


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Title:                                    White Album 2

Review Book


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Title:                                    White Album 2

Introductory Chapter


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Setsuna:                              Hello, and well done!

Kazusa:                               ‘lo.


Setsuna:                              That may seem like a weird thing to say in the first panel…

FX:                                        Boom

Box:                                     Trophy acquired!

Trophy description:         Game Clear: All Scenarios Complete

Setsuna:                              but we’re assuming the people seeing this have finished the whole game…

so be aware of that as we proceed!


Kazusa:                               Those misguided people who haven’t played all the way through, and are afraid of spoilers…

Arrow note:                       Misguided person

Kazusa:                               should close the book right now, and get back to playing the game.


Setsuna:                              I think that should do for a foreword.


Setsuna:                              Now, it’s time for the White Album 2 Review Book to begin!

Kazusa:                               Yes, please.


Setsuna:                              Naturally, we’ll begin with Introductory Chapter.

Setsuna:                              You’ll find all of this summarized in a timeline at the back…

so if you’re uncertain about anything, you can check there.


Setsuna:                              Our first highlight would be… the scene in which I decided to join the Club.

Kazusa:                               Oh, you mean when you completely put him off at karaoke.


Setsuna:                              He just said he was a little surprised by how disgraceful I could be!

Kazusa:                               If it were me, I’d have said I was going to the bathroom at the third song and just left.


Mask:                                  Punishment

Kazusa:                               I didn’t say anything…


Setsuna:                              The song that began everything for us was “White Album.”

TV:                                       White Album

Lyrics: Yuki Morikawa

Composition: Eiji Ogata

Vocals: Yuki Morikawa

Setsuna:                              I sang along it at karaoke, as a way of declaring I would join…

Setsuna:                              And, in my humble opinion, it was a pretty nice performance.


Setsuna:                              …I’ve decided to participate again.


Setsuna:                              Sorry, I keep flaunting that…


Setsuna:                              Now, let me introduce myself. I’m Setsuna Ogiso, from Class 3-A.


Setsuna:                              Even if I’m not good enough during the show, and they laugh at me…

I won’t give up. I promise to keep singing until the end.

Setsuna:                              Thank you for bringing me in!


Kazusa:                               As of now, Setsuna Ogiso has no more secrets.

Because you know all of them.

Setsuna:                              Oi!


Setsuna:                              That’s the part you memorized?

Kazusa:                               If you saw someone leaving behind the strawberry from a cake, wouldn’t you want to eat it?


Kazusa:                               Ouff.

Kanji:                                   Punishment


Page 4


Kazusa:                               Then, I guess the next thing to talk about would be…


Kazusa:                               when we found out the Master of Music Room #2.

FX:                                        Lean

Kazusa:                               Kitahara?

Kazusa:                               Meeting an unexpected character makes an impact, right?


Setsuna:                              Actually, I’m pretty sure anyone with common sense could have guessed who it was…


Mask:                                  Punishment

Setsuna:                              I didn’t say anything…


Kazusa:                               And later, a girl I’d only just met started trying to pick a fight…

Setsuna:                              N-Noooo… That was an invitation…

Kazusa:                               Your voice is shaking.


Setsuna:                              Well, there was this dummy who kept gushing to me about another girl…

Arrow note:                       Dummy

Kazusa:                               Yeah, we did have a pretty hopeless idiot on our hands.


Setsuna:                              Definitely not the type who could stick to just one girl.

FX:                                        Wahaaa

Kazusa:                               Who would ever fall for a monster like that?


Setsuna:                              P-Pulling ourselves back together…


Setsuna:                              As we rehearsed together, the distance between us closed, and we went from using family names for each other to using given names…

which left a deep impression, I think.

Sign:                                    Setsuna Ogiso’s Combo Guide

“You can call me ‘Setsuna’”

“I’d like you to call me ‘Setsuna’”

“You have to call me ‘Setsuna’”

Kazusa:                               Like a bulldozer.


Setsuna:                              I think this may have been when I had the most fun.

Setsuna:                              All we cared about was what was coming up. We may have clashed, but we never separated.

Setsuna:                              Having the two of you next to me felt like the most natural thing in the world.


Setsuna:                              And then, there was the day of our show!

It was such a blast, wasn’t it?

Setsuna:                              Hey.

Kazusa:                               Well… It wasn’t bad.

Kazusa:                               You were pretty antsy as the MC, Setsuna.

Setsuna:                              I felt like I could take off and fly!


Kazusa:                               I can’t say we got 100% out of the practice we put in…

but, on an emotional level, I feel like we managed to give 120%.

Sign:                                    Houjou High School Festival

Kazusa:                               Personally, though, I wish we could have gotten it just a little more perfect.


Setsuna:                              That doesn’t sound like the girl who ignored the performance in favor of showing off next to me!

Kazusa:                               I… I didn’t do that! That’s a false accusation!


Setsuna:                              Even though you got carried away and attacked a sleeping boy?

Kazusa:                               Grrrgh…


Kazusa:                               This from the one who got carried away and asked that same boy out?

Setsuna:                              Grrrgh…


Setsuna:                              All right, let’s move along.

Kazusa:                               This is burning both of us.

Kanji:                                   Punishment


Page 5


Setsuna:                              And… You remember what comes next, don’t you?

Kazusa:                               I sure dooo…


Setsuna:                              I started dating him, Kazusa just watched and waited…

Such a tragic triangle.

Kazusa:                               It was not “tragic”!

                                             It was deadly!


Setsuna:                              I was pretty terrible myself, wasn’t I…

Kazusa:                               No… looking further ahead, I was even more terrible…


Setsuna:                              Ah, this mood is no good!

We’ll die before we finish if we go on like this!

FX:                                        Fling

Box:                                     Something dark

Kazusa:                               Get outta here!


Setsuna:                              A-Anyway, let’s cheer up and go to the hot springs!

Setsuna:                              That’s all done!


Setsuna:                              Christmas, the end of the year, a class reunion…

Setsuna:                              We packed so many fun things into one trip. It felt like a dream.

Setsuna:                              It was nice… right?

Kazusa:                               Yeah… it was.


Kazusa:                               Though there was a lot going on beneath it.

Setsuna:                              But we were still able to stay “the three of us” then.


Kazusa:                               Still, this is the limit.

Once we got back, I just vanished.


Kazusa:                               And, when that happened, I only had one way of escaping.

Ah, my beloved piano… It truly is all I have…

Ghost:                                 Ciao!

Setsuna:                              Uh, you’ve got a little something there…


Kazusa:                               I decided to go to Vienna…

Kazusa:                               And, just as I was finally managing to lock everything away, that idiot showed up.


Kazusa:                               I had endured for so long, tried so hard to keep my resolve…

Kazusa:                               And, in moments, all of it went up in smoke.

Song title:                          After All: Feelings Spelled Out

Kazusa:                               I was happy that my feelings had made it through…

but, at the same time, I couldn’t forgive him or myself for being so careless…

Kazusa:                               Which way was my heart supposed to go? Augh…


Ghosts:                               Ciao!

Kazusa:                               I can’t do it…

Narration:                          There are more now!


Setsuna:                              Snap out of it!

FX:                                        Smack


Kazusa:                               Life is nothing but pain…

FX:                                        Slump


Page 6


Setsuna:                              C’mon, c’mon.

We’re almost through. You can do this.

Kazusa:                               Whoa…


Setsuna:                              Actually, now I want to lie down…

There’s nothing more to see from me. You go on, Kazusa.

FX:                                        Flump

Kazusa:                               Oh…?

Gosh, I’m feeling a little shy, being told to talk about this…


Kazusa:                               Kazusa lay mussed on the bed, her cheeks flushed.

Kazusa:                               The two of them touched each other, warming their cold hands, exchanging their feelings.

Kazusa:                               At last, his hands moved to her—

Setsuna:                              Don’t you dare!


Kazusa:                               But, Setsuna, you told me to ta—

Setsuna:                              Not about indecent things!

Setsuna:                              This isn’t an 18+ book!

We can leave that part out!


Setsuna:                              Ugh, whatever. I’ll keep going…

I’m too scared to sleep peacefully…

FX:                                        Tsk


Setsuna:                              That’s right.

Setsuna:                              Kazusa didn’t come to the graduation ceremony.

But she did sneak into the school and leave me a letter.

Kazusa:                               I’d betrayed my best friend and ruined our relationship. I couldn’t just stride in.

How was I supposed to look you in the eye?


Setsuna:                              I still wanted to graduate with you!

Yes, our relationship got complicated, but it’s because the three of us were always together!

Setsuna:                              So, whatever shape it took, I wanted the three of us to graduate together…

and lament the end together.


Setsuna:                              That way, even if I couldn’t put on a brave face…

I could cry as hard as I needed to, with the two of you to comfort me.

Kazusa:                               Setsuna…


Setsuna:                              Also, if we’d been able to have a proper conversation at graduation…

I don’t think our seeing you off would have wound up the way it did.

FX:                                        Glance

Kazusa:                               Ugh…


Kazusa:                               Now that you say it aloud, I was really terrible, huh…

Setsuna:                              Waaagh! Don’t get so depressed!

                                             Just make a joke or something!


Setsuna:                              I did terrible things to you, too, Kazusa.

I’m in no position to blame you one-sidedly…

Kazusa:                               No… it wasn’t your fault.


Kazusa:                               Maybe it’d have been better if we were all girls, or all guys.

Kazusa:                               We wouldn’t have had anything to fight about.


Setsuna:                              No, this isn’t that kind of story.

Critter:                                Gay?

Setsuna:                              Go on home.


Kazusa:                               But, if that were enough to keep us from fighting and make everyone happy…

Setsuna:                              Kazusa…?


Kazusa:                               He’s got such a baby face, there wouldn’t have been any problem.

Haruko Kitahara-chan could have been a possibility.

FX:                                        Snip snip

Setsuna:                              I told you to keep it decent!


Page 7

Table 1

Row 1 R-L:


-Light Music Club dissolves

Setsuna retracts abstention from Miss Houjou High competition


-Haruki discovers Setsuna singing on the roof, invites her to join the Light Music Club


-Setsuna refuses Light Music Club invitation

Haruki tries to persuade her again at her workplace

Haruki does late-night karaoke with Setsuna

Setsuna declares that she will join the Light Music Club


-Setsuna joins Light Music Club

Search for the Master of Music Room #2


-Master of Music Room #2 discovered


-Haruki and Kazusa lectured in staff room

Setsuna worries


-Invitation to Kazusa fails

Haruki tells Setsuna how things stand

Haruki talks to Setsuna about Kazusa


-Haruki talks to Kazusa about Setsuna

Setsuna and Kazusa meet face-to-face


-Setsuna reports her results

Kazusa is invited again


-The three spend day off together

Setsuna invites other two to her house

First meeting with entire Ogiso family

Kazusa decides to join the Light Music Club


-Kazusa officially joins

Club planning meeting


Row 2 R-L:


Setsuna: “…I’ve decided to participate in the competition.

Setsuna Ogiso, Class 3-A.

I’m here for my third year.”

Haruki: “Huh?”

Chikashi: “Huh?”

Setsuna: “We all have… responsibilities.

In my case, as someone who’s been chosen.”

Haruki: “…You’re not forcing yourself?”

Setsuna: “I am, but not that much… comparatively.”

Setsuna: “W-Wait… are you…”

Haruki: “Ogiso…?”

Setsuna: “The assistant… from the committee?”

The one singing was, of all people,

the last one I ever expected to find,

the pinnacle of lovely female singers…

Setsuna: “Were you… the one playing the guitar…?”

There she was, standing before me.

Setsuna: “Hey, Kitahara-kun.”

Haruki: “Huh?”

Setsuna: “As of now, Setsuna Ogiso has no more secrets.

…Because you know all of them.”

Haruki: “…”

Haruki: “It was you…”

Haruki: “It was you, playing the piano?!”

Haruki: “Touma…”

The Master of Music Room #2, my after-school neighbor—this was her true identity.

Kazusa:               “Kitahara… What the hell are you doing, you idiot…?”

Kazusa Touma, Class 3-E.

My classroom neighbor.

Setsuna: “Actually… I asked him to talk to you about it.”

Kazusa:               “What? Why?”

Setsuna: “I thought it might get you a little angry.”

Kazusa:               “What…”

Setsuna: “I mean, I came here because I got mad.

He wouldn’t stop gushing to me about you.”

Kazusa:               “She could end up my worst enemy…

or my best friend for life. One of those, I think.”

Haruki: “…What?”

Kazusa:               “I made a promise to Ogiso as we were leaving.”

Haruki: “Touma…?”

Kazusa:               “I told her that if you could talk her parents around,

I might as well join your little Light Music Club.”


Table 2

Row 1:


-Haruki is called to Kazusa’s house

They play a session together


-Haruki spends the night at the Touma house

Haruki has lunch with Setsuna


-The three have a successful first session at school

The three ask the Ogisos for permission to have Setsuna stay overnight


-The four members visit the Touma house

First song, “White Album,” completed

Second song, “Sound of Destiny,” decided upon

Setsuna becomes aware that Haruki stayed over


-Setsuna interrogates Kazusa

Setsuna learns that Haruki stayed multiple nights in a row

Haruki apologizes to Setsuna over the phone

Kazusa begins secretly composing third song


-Haruki and Setsuna begin calling one another by first names

Haruki begins escorting Setsuna home on a daily basis


-Kazusa continues composing while a test is going on, snaps when her notebook is taken away

The three skip class in Music Room #2


-Kazusa finishes composing

Kazusa falls ill with a cold

Haruki takes care of Kazusa


Row 2 R-L:


Haruki: “I haven’t even bathed… you shouldn’t get too close.”

Setsuna: “Yeah, your hair is really mussed…”

Haruki: “I told you…”

Setsuna: “Yes, you’re really working hard, Kitahara-kun.

Here, you can have this cream croquette as a reward.”

Haruki: “Let me finish…”

The moment the morsel from Ogiso’s lunch box touched my plate, the air surrounding us got… even heavier…

No one could keep up with this new, frank behavior from Ogiso, so completely different from before… myself included.

Haruki: “I’ve said it over and over—

I don’t want Touma’s amazing talent to go overlooked.”

Setsuna: “Kitahara-kun…”

Kazusa:               “I don’t care about that, personally.

I’m only here in the first place because you insisted…”

Haruki: “Well, I’m insisting again. So you’d better make it a spectacle.”

Kazusa:               “Kitahara… You really…”

Only Ogiso and I knew the real Kazusa Touma, and I couldn’t accept that.

Haruki: “I will never, ever leave you, Ogiso!”

Haruki: “I swear to you, I will never cut you off.

I won’t leave unless you leave me first.”

Setsuna: “You can call me ‘Setsuna.’”

Haruki: “No, I really…”

Those words, which I had grown accustomed to ignoring, now came at me with a new power, with only a simple phrasing shift.

Setsuna: “I’d like you to call me Setsuna.”

Haruki: “O-Oh…”

Setsuna: “…”

Haruki: “…”

Setsuna: “I haven’t hung up yet.”

Haruki: “You could…”

Setsuna: “You have to call me ‘Setsuna.’”

Haruki: “…”

Setsuna: “…”

Haruki: “…Setsuna.”

Haruki: “Now she hangs up?!”

Haruki: “What’s the password?”

Setsuna: “’This is her house’…”

Kazusa:               “…Huh?”

Haruki: “I’m afraid to take my eyes off her.

I want to do what I can with what’s here.

…She hasn’t woken up yet.”


Page 8

Header:                               Introductory Chapter: Common Route Timeline

Table 1

Row 1 R-L:


-Kazusa recuperates while listening to Haruki play guitar

Setsuna freezes up at the festival rehearsal


-Haruki kidnaps Setsuna in her hostess outfit from Class 3-A

Kazusa makes a full recovery

Third song, “Love Out of Reach,” is completed


-Light Music Club’s show is successful

Setsuna witnesses Kazusa’s kiss

Haruki accepts Setsuna’s confession


-Haruki informs Kazusa of his relationship with Setsuna

Haruki seals away his feelings for Kazusa

Kazusa sees her mother for the first time in three years


-Setsuna and Kazusa talk on the school roof

Setsuna and Kazusa change the way they address each other


-The trio work together at the Ogisos’ house to help Kazusa pass her exams

Plans are made for a hot springs trip at Christmas


-End-of-term exams complete


-Kazusa’s graduation confirmed

Kazusa announces her participation in a competition


-The trio head to the hot springs in Kazusa’s car

The trio bathe together


-Kazusa drops the other two off at the Ogisos’ house

Haruki and Setsuna have an intimate moment

Kazusa breaks down crying after returning home


-Haruki begins to distance himself from Kazusa


-Kazusa stops coming to school for final stage of practicing

Haruki goes scouting at the Touma residence


Row 2 R-L:


Haruki: “Students of Class A,

I know I’m about to make life very difficult for you…”

Setsuna: “Huh?”

Haruki: “Let’s go, Setsuna!”

Setsuna: “Huh? What… Ahh! W-Wait, Haruki-kun!”

Io:         “…What?”

Takeya:               “What?”

Haruki: “I’m sorry! I don’t expect you to forgive me for this,

but I’m taking Setsuna!”

Takeya:               “What’s with those two…?

How can anyone have that kind of confidence in Haruki?

I don’t get it at all. There’s something weird there.”

Io:         “It’s not the kind of relationship you’ll ever have, Takeya.

You only ever look at girls from a guy’s point of view.”

Takeya:               “…Shut up.”

Io:         “But…

If those three end up getting in that deep,

things are gonna be rough for them.”


Setsuna: “Hey, Haruki-kun…

You could move out of the way, if you wanted…”

Haruki: “All those worthless original ballots come to 59…

If it were all totaled up, you’d be in fifth place.”

Haruki: “Congratulations, Touma.”

Kazusa:               “That… That’s not anything I did!”

Haruki: “With this, my ambition is fulfilled—

to make the whole school realize how brilliant you are.”

Setsuna: “…Yeah.

I shouldn’t have joined the Light Music Club.”

Kazusa:               “This is where the sheltered naivety comes in, huh…”

Setsuna: “You and Haruki-kun could have taken your time,

deepening your bond little by little.”

Setsuna: “The three of us sang, and played, and wrote all night.

The three of us waited for the curtain to rise,

with our hearts pounding.

The three of us… basked in their cheers.”

“I never want to stop talking about that day.

I want to remember it fondly, however many years pass.

If possible… I want to sing while you two play again.”


Table 2

Row 1 R-L:


-Kazusa loses in the competition, is urged to go to Vienna by her mother


-Kazusa practices for lesson exam

Setsuna cancels family trip


-Haruki buys present (ring) for Setsuna

Haruki goes to Touma residence to see Kazusa

Haruki is met by Youko and speaks with her

Haruki goes to meet Kazusa at the airport

Haruki confirms that Kazusa is going to Vienna

Haruki and Kazusa confess their feelings and bid farewell


-Haruki falls ill with a high fever, Setsuna takes care of him

Haruki breaks down crying, unable to bear the pangs of his conscience


-Haruki gives Setsuna a present (moth orchid)

Kazusa tells Setsuna and Haruki that she’s going to Vienna


-Takeya warns Haruki to give up on Kazusa

Setsuna gives Io the whole story regarding her confession


-Kazusa is absent from graduation ceremony, leaves a letter

Haruki learns that Kazusa was there and looks all over for her

Haruki finds Kazusa

Haruki and Kazusa confirm their feelings for one another


-Haruki and Setsuna go to see Kazusa off at the airport

Haruki tells Setsuna of his infidelity

Kazusa leaves the country


Row 2 R-L:


Kazusa:               “You were the one who ran on ahead and disappeared!

You were the one who went where I couldn’t reach you!”

“You were the one who came up with this torture,

telling me to stay with you when I couldn’t have you!”

“So, why…

Why do I have to take the blame…?”

“Every damn day, my heart is gouged out in front of me.

That can’t all be my fault… That’s too much…!”


Kazusa:               “I don’t want a guy who knows nothing about women

to just deny my feelings because he wants to!

What’s wrong with me falling for a boring guy?!”

Setsuna: “Haruki-kun…”

“You knew Kazusa was going abroad, didn’t you…”

“That’s why you broke down… right?”

Io:         “Running off because a guy rejected you? These days?

That’s so lame… No one should be that serious.

It’s just not possible.”

Setsuna: “It wasn’t… supposed to be like this.”

Kazusa:               “Hey, Kitahara…

I loved you, you know?”

Haruki: “Yeah…”

Kazusa:               “I loved you, and when Setsuna took you from me,

it hurt like hell…”

One more step, another step.

The distance between me and Touma was steadily closing.

Kazusa:               “There, I said it… I’m sorry, Setsuna.

But it’s fine… it was just my voice.

We’ll never see each other again…”

Haruki: “…”

Setsuna: “Maybe it would’ve been better if I’d never met you,

that evening on the roof…”

Haruki: “…No.”

I didn’t want that.

Never to have met Setsuna,

never to have known the true her,

for her never to have so much as grazed my life at school.

Setsuna: “Yeah… I wouldn’t want that either. I’m glad.

I couldn’t give that away… Thank you, Haruki-kun.”


Setsuna: “Kazusa…”

Haruki: “Toumaaa!”

Setsuna: “Ah…”

As I had the night before, I made a fatal error in calling her name.

But right now, unable to think of anything at all,

I screamed that familiar surname, and made a mad dash for her.


Page 9

Title:                                    White Album 2

Closing Chapter


Page 10

Header:                               Closing Chapter: Common Route Timeline

Table 1

Row 1 R-L:


11 Nov.

24 Haruki is confessed to by Yada


25 Haruki sees Setsuna, passes by without stopping


26 Koharu waits for Haruki by school gate


12 Dec.

1 Chiaki interacts with Koharu, who is waiting for Haruki

Chiaki goes to Haruki’s place

Setsuna finds Kazusa in a magazine


3 Haruki is put in charge of special feature on Kazusa


5 Haruki reencounters Koharu at Goodies, mentors her in work


6 Haruki goes to his alma mater to collect material for his article

Koharu finds Haruki in Music Room #2


8 Chiaki visits Haruki’s place again

Chiaki takes a phone call from Setsuna for Haruki


9 Haruki hears word that Setsuna will be going to a party


10 Haruki fully immerses himself in Kazusa’s article


11 Setsuna attends party

Haruki and Koharu search for Setsuna


13 Koharu and Mari watch DVD from school festival

Haruki finishes writing his draft


Row 2 R-L:


Setsuna had changed.

Her formerly shy, impish smile, through three years of pushing herself too hard, endurance, resignation, had been painted over with a smile that always seemed to be on the verge of tears.

And yet…

Like some nasty joke, she had only become lovelier.

In high school, she had been pretty, sweet, charming; now, she had become a woman of truly impressive beauty.

Mari:    “Then, what the hell have I been doing,

pulling in this work from the outside… Ah.”

Haruki: “Mari-san…?”

Kizaki:   “What on earth have you been doing?”

Suzuki:  “Just how highly do you value Kitahara-kun, Mari-san?

You’ve never favored any of the employees like this.

Macchan, for example…”

Koharu:               “I’ve had the wrong picture…”

“But… why?”

“Why does he look so sad,

and so happy, at the same time…?”

Koharu:               “The fact that it is no longer a one-in-a-million chance

is nothing to be disregarded, Senpai.”


Setsuna: “No matter how much I sulk,

no matter how much trouble I cause Haruki-kun…”

“He won’t scold me, or lecture me…

He won’t do what he used to do…!”

“I would have been happy if he yelled at me.

Even happier if he hit me…!”

Koharu:               “…This is all wrong.”

“The version of him I know is always sour…

He never smiles, laughs, shows off,

or gets wrapped up in himself like this.”

“He keeps one step back, watches himself from far away,

terrified to let anyone’s heart get too close… He’s cold-blooded.”

“This… What I’m seeing here…”

“It’s the version of him I saw in the music room then…”


Table 2

Row 1 R-L:


14 Mari blows up at Haruki’s draft


15 Koharu waits at the university again

Takeya and Io visit, Chiaki goes home


17 Koharu and Haruki’s relationship arouses suspicion in Mihoko


18 Koharu feels lonely with Haruki absent from work

Koharu complains about Haruki with Nakagawa


20 Ogishima seminar ending party

Setsuna and Chiaki eat together


21 Haruki’s first article published


22 Takeya palms off movie and dinner tickets


24 Christmas date with Setsuna

Kazusa’s article causes discord with Setsuna, she rejects Haruki

Note:                                   Closing Chapter: Common Route

*Not all choices can be covered, so details have been abridged


Row 2 R-L:


Mari:    “Don’t run away to work just because you got hurt in love.

Your work will suffer that way.”

“Heal your wounds from love with love. Don’t rely on work!”

Mari:    “It’s my employee’s first big achievement.

What’s wrong with being happy about that?”

Haruki: “You didn’t have to buy it, though…

I’m sure there were some samples left…”

Mari:    “It’s worth the money to me!”

Haruki: “…”

Mari:    “I don’t care what reason there might be.

For no one to acknowledge my precious employee’s first job…

How could I possibly put up with that? …How could I?”

Koharu:               “I saw you from outside the music room.”

Haruki: “Oh…”

Koharu:               “It’s been sticking in my head.

Remembering it angers me. It makes me feel sick.

…It won’t let me rest.”

Setsuna: “Yes, of course, Haruki-kun.

You always spoke badly of Kazusa.”

“Like you were embarrassed, like you were bragging,

like you were talking about yourself…”

“At first, you just put her down,

but before long, you started defending her fiercely,

only to finish with an extra lecture to cover yourself up.”

“In here, in this article…

These are exactly the words you used back then…!”


Page 11


Kazumi:                               You’re the first spear of Closing Chapter, Koharu-chi!

Let us sally forth!

Koharu:                               You’re awfully enthusiastic about this, Chief…


Kazumi:                               I never imagined I would see the day…

when that stronghold fell.


Kazumi:                               That iron-walled fortress that countless soldiers challenged, only to be sent fleeing in defeat…

was captured by one girl in merely a month!

Kazumi:                               Koharu Sugiura… the all-powerful!

Koharu:                               Please don’t refer to it as “capturing”!


Koharu:                               He was just so precarious…

I couldn’t bear to watch, but couldn’t look away, either…

Kazumi:                               Really? He didn’t look that way to me…


Koharu:                               At first glance, he seemed to have no weak points, completely invulnerable…

Koharu:                               but, upon a closer look, he was actually pitifully exhausted.


Koharu:                               Once I’d seen that, I had to do something.

Koharu:                               If you’d been in my position, Chief, you would have done the same.


Kazumi:                               You think?

No one else knew about his pain, including me.

Nametag:                           Nakagawa

Kazumi:                               The fact that you were in that position at all was special.

Box:                                     Special seat


Kazumi:                               That’s just your charm, Koharu-chi.

Kazumi:                               Something only you could’ve done.

Koharu:                               Whaaa…


Kazumi:                               I tried so many schemes to figure out his weakness…

but, in the end, it wasn’t something I could find.

Koharu:                               What did you do?!


Koharu:                               At first, it was a matter of just not being able to stand idly by…

Koharu:                               But, before I knew it, it was the place I felt the most comfortable.


Koharu:                               I wanted there to be a place for me.

Koharu:                               Because of that, I made a lot of people sad…

Koharu:                               I’ve never felt so rotten.


Kazumi:                               But, he chose you, Koharu-chi.

So don’t be so hard on yourself.

Crown:                                #1 in the world

Kazumi:                               Seeing the two of you together makes me happy, too.


FX:                                        Sheen

Kazumi:                               Also, it should bring some benefits for us.

That fortress is our restaurant’s last stronghold, too.

Koharu:                               Ahaha! I’ll help out if there are any emergencies.


Kazumi:                               Hang on, though, what’s with all these pictures I don’t recognize?

Stop skimming over them and give me more details!

Koharu:                               I couldn’t possibly do that!


Koharu:                               I can’t tell you directly…

But, if you play the game, then, theoretically, you should find out.

Kazumi:                               I’m doing it!


Kazumi:                               Wait, this is a copy of AquaPazza.

FX:                                        Snap


Page 12

Header:                               Closing Chapter: Koharu’s Route Timeline

Table 1

Row 1 R-L:


12 Dec.

25 Haruki shows up at Goodies

Koharu pursues Haruki as he runs off

Mihoko finds the two of them together


26 Koharu emotionally supports Haruki in his unsteady state


31 Haruki visits shrine for New Year’s Eve with Koharu

Haruki tells Koharu about his three years with Setsuna

Koharu feels animosity toward Setsuna, unable to understand her


1 Jan.

10 Haruki invites Koharu to dinner as thanks for the other day


11 Koharu is grilled by Sayuri and Ako regarding Haruki


15 Haruki steps in for Koharu when she skips work

Haruki receives call from Koharu, Koharu goes to work


16 Koharu gladly goes to work, even when Haruki warns her to take a break


21 Haruki shows Takahiro the university, learns that Mihoko has been absent continuously


22 Haruki encounters Koharu in front of Mihoko’s house, learns the details of her fight with Mihoko

Haruki and Koharu express their feelings to one another and kiss


24 Sayuri presses for details from the night before


27 Rumors spread about Koharu, people speak ill of her behind her back


30 Io and Takeya check on Koharu and Haruki


31 Rumors continue to spread


2 Feb.

1 Haruki encourages Koharu over the phone


3 Koharu is selected to give formal address at graduation


4 Koharu waits for Haruki at the school gate

Haruki meets Koharu at home and they sleep together

Koharu starts crying in the middle of the night


Row 2 R-L:


Koharu:               “I believe I told you I would leave within half an hour.

You could at least have waited that long, couldn’t you?”

Koharu:               “It was so embarrassing,

having to go outside looking like this!”

Haruki: “Then you shouldn’t have gone outside…”

She had rushed frantically to—rushed after me.

Koharu:               “In that case, wouldn’t you be faced with a difficult decision,

having to choose one side to take when push came to shove?”

Takeya:               “What…”

Koharu:               “As for me, at that point…

I don’t have any association at all with Ogiso-senpai, so…”

Takeya: “Y-You…”

Koharu:               “He has to have at least one person on his side…

though I may not be any better than a court-appointed lawyer.”

Koharu:               “That’s so sad… It’s so frustrating… Why would you say that?”

“That you don’t like yourself…

That I’m the only one you have on your side…”

“Don’t say that… I don’t want to hear that…!”


For so long, every day, morning to night, we had been together.

I had watched her changing expressions,

taken them as my only sustenance, as my heart recovered.

…Isn’t it only natural that I should come to bear strong feelings for her?

Haruki: “Why are you here?

I told you to take the day off, to be careful…”

Koharu:               “I realized that this would make me feel better.”

Haruki: “Why?”

Koharu:               “I think it’s a feeling you should be able to understand, Senpai.

…But I’m not going into the detailed reasons.”

Haruki: “Then how am I supposed to understand?”

Koharu:               “Now that you’ve survived it, it won’t make sense, I suppose.”

Koharu:               “…You weren’t avoiding me?”

Haruki: “Who said I was?”

Koharu:               “…”

Of course I’d been avoiding her. How could I not?

I was afraid that this exact thing would happen…


Koharu:               “…Pet me.”

Koharu:               “I’m a good girl…

I’ve worked so hard to be a good girl.”

Koharu:               “So… pet me, and tell me so. Please.”


Table 2

Row 1 R-L:


5 Koharu leaves in the morning after staying the night at Haruki’s


10 Takahiro makes a plan to help Koharu and her friends make up

Koharu plans to stay three nights at Haruki’s


11 Nakagawa suspects Koharu’s relationship with Haruki


13 Io and Takeya have a party at the Ogisos’ house

Takahiro consults the three of them about Koharu


14 Koharu causes uproar by showing up to class covered in hickeys


16 Haruki learns about Koharu’s situation from Takeya


18 Koharu’s picture is removed from graduation album

Mihoko’s university recommendation is declined

Haruki tries to help the crushed Koharu


19 Koharu gives support and apologies at Takahiro’s entrance ceremony

Koharu leaves Goodies


21 Koharu’s endorsement for Houjou University is declined


22 Koharu gives a letter for Mihoko to her mother


3 Mar.

1 Koharu does not attend graduation ceremony

A small ceremony is held at Haruki’s place


14 Koharu takes secondary application exam for Aoizumi University

Setsuna supports Koharu, entrusts Haruki to her


Epilogue: Acceptance into Aoizumi, one year after initial failure


Row 2 R-L:


Koharu:               “Now that I’ve felt this happy pain for the first time,

this crushing feeling in my chest, I can’t go back to how I was.

…I don’t want to, either.”

“The love I’m feeling right now is so amazing—

I wish everything in the world could go exactly how I wanted,

in the way that this has.”

Koharu:               “No, really, I never should have done any of this.

Turning to you, clinging to you,

kissing you, falling for you…”

“Hurting that kind, beautiful person,

and all of the wonderful people around you,

was never the right thing to do…”


Haruki: “The fact that you betrayed them all is my responsibility.

I won’t give that up.”

“And, I…

I’m sorry, but I don’t think you can understand it on your own.”

“So, I… I can’t let go of your hand right now.”

Koharu:               “You’re curious about Senpai…”

Nakagawa: “So?

You’ve gotta tell us everything now!”

Koharu:               “…”

Nakagawa: “What’d you two do?

How far did you go? Just kissing?”

Koharu:               “…I don’t know how helpful this will be…”

Nakagawa: “Uh-huh…?”

Koharu:               “We’ve only done it inside the restaurant once.”

Female staff: “Yeeeeek!”

Koharu:               “We’re terrible…

We’re the worst, aren’t we?”

Haruki: “Yes. We’re the worst.”

…Setsuna really had forgiven everything.

Koharu:               “I did that to someone so wonderful, someone so kind…

I’m an awful girl… An absolute, hopeless bitch.”

Haruki: “Even so… to me, you’re the most important girl in the world.”


Page 13


Sawako:                              I’m leaving!


Sawako:                              I didn’t come here just to listen to you gush about your man.

Mari:                                   C’mon, Sawako! You’re the only one I can ask!


Sawako:                              Fine. But it’s going to be very expensive.

Mari:                                   I know, I know. I’ll pay you back.


Sawako:                              Let me borrow Haruki-kun for a day.

Mari:                                   Thanks, Sawako. You can go home.


Sawako:                              You don’t think you’re a little overprotective?

Mari:                                   It’s mine. I don’t want any weird bugs buzzing around it.

Spraycan:                           Pesticide

Sawako:                              Sheesh…


Mari:                                   I’ve raised it carefully since it joined the company.

It’s competent, considerate…

kind… but a little delicate.


Mari:                                   And that precious man says he loves me!

Mari:                                   I have to protect him!


Sawako:                              Yeah, I’m leaving.

Mari:                                   Wait! I’m not done.


Mari:                                   Truly, Sawako, I’m grateful to you.


Mari:                                   When I was alone, unable to see Kitahara…

it was the worst pain I’ve ever felt.


Mari:                                   The agony and worry never left my head.

Mari:                                   I didn’t eat or drink anything. I couldn’t sleep.

Mari:                                   If I hadn’t been careful, the same thing would still be happening right now.

Mari:                                   Just thinking about that makes me feel like I’m going to collapse.


Mari:                                   But I am where I am today because I had you to mediate.

Mari:                                   I am… so, so thankful.


Mari:                                   Thank you, Sawako.

Sawako:                              Oh, stop, you’re embarrassing me…


Sawako:                              Though, I never expected to hear any of this from you.

I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been friends this long.

Mari:                                   I’m glad you’re my friend, Sawako.

Considering you and Kitahara, I guess my eye for people is pretty decent.


Sawako:                              You’re impossible…

Look what he’s done to you.

Mari:                                   It’s not bad, though, right?

I think I’m the better for it.


Sawako:                              That said, I have something to ask of this dear, dear friend of mine…

Mari:                                   You’re not getting him.


Sawako:                              I clearly chose the wrong girl for my best friend.

Mari:                                   Same here.


Page 14

Header:                               Closing Chapter: Mari’s Route Timeline

Table 1

Row 1 R-L:


12 Dec.

24 Haruki has Christmas party with Mari and Editorial Department


27 Mari becomes hyperaware of Haruki and avoids him


31 Haruki spends New Year’s Eve working at Editorial Department

Stops receiving messages from Mari

Hears from Suzuki that her phone is broken

Gets irritated over lack of any word from Mari


1 Jan.

5 Mari returns to the country

Mari gets angry over Haruki’s self-injury through work

Mari brings Haruki home

Haruki clings to Mari, begins to desire her, pushes her down

Starts to run off, but is caught by Mari and stays the night


7 Haruki calls Mari and informs her of the situation after waking up

Cleans the apartment thoroughly before leaving


12 Haruki makes up his mind to talk to Mari about Setsuna


15 Haruki is unable to tell Mari about Setsuna

Takes care of ailing Mari

Haruki and Mari sleep together


16 Haruki reveals the situation with Mari to Takeya


21 Mari gives Haruki a key and they meet at her place

Mari gets a phone call, leaves Haruki behind and goes to work


Row 2 R-L:


Haruki: “I… like that about you, Mari-san.”

The way she put on such a bold, unyielding front.

The way she made a show of exercising her authority as the boss,

but really it was just a simple, natural leadership temperament.

The way that, even though her work was perfect,

she had plenty of shortcomings in private.

The way that, despite her significant appeal as a woman,

she did her utmost to conceal it,

which ultimately only made her cuter.


Mari:    “Gwaaaaah?!”

Mari:    “Ah, ah, ah… ahhhh…!”

Mari:    “He used the word ‘like’!

He definitely used that word…!”

“Wait, wait. What’s going on?

What… What did he mean by that?!”

Sawako: “You know, I think this is a positive sign for you.”

Mari:    “How…?

I can’t deal with feeling this unresolved…”

Sawako: “That. The fact that you’re feeling this way.

The fact that you’re actually considering a man seriously.”

Mari:    “What…”

Sawako: “The fact that there’s this part of you hoping,

maybe, just maybe, he was admitting to feelings for you.”

Mari:    “Hamada… Are you trying to break Kitahara?

You think he’s disposable just because he’s part-time?

…Why doesn’t anybody care about this?!”

Mari:    “I don’t ever want you giving Kitahara work directly again!

From now on, you always go through me!

No matter what time it is, or where I am!”


Haruki: “Please, don’t forgive me like that.

I want you to hate me…”

Mari:    “No…

Not after I noticed you, and nurtured you so carefully…”


Mari:    “I don’t want you to get discouraged over something like this.

That’s a request from me.”

Haruki: “Please don’t be so kind to me.

If you keep that up, I won’t be able to live without you.”

Mari:    “That’s it…

The fact that I rejected you that day.

There’s no other reason. All right?”


Mari:    “Wh-What’s trivial about that?!

I’ve shown you my imperfect body,

and now you’re going to disappoint me?!”

Mari:    “Whenever I saw this kind of thing in josei manga or whatever,

a woman kissing a sleeping guy before heading to work,

it always disgusted me…”

Haruki: “You read josei manga…?”

Mari:    “But, now that I’m in that position myself… it’s nice.

Humans are really all about their own experiences, huh?”


Table 2

Row 1 R-L:


24 Haruki tries to reveal everything to Setsuna, but is avoided entirely








28 Haruki breaks his agreement not to see Mari until exams are over, calls her and says he wants to see her


30 Mari comes home and moves in on Haruki


2 Feb.

10 Haruki is told by Mari that she has something to talk to him about, but it overlaps with plans with Setsuna


14 Haruki prioritizes Setsuna and makes Mari wait

Haruki goes to Mari’s apartment building because he hasn’t heard from her

Haruki discloses matters with Setsuna to Mari

Mari reveals that she is going to the US


15 Mari departs for the US


18 Haruki leaves the Editorial Department

Haruki speaks with Sawako

Haruki is asked to see Mari again


27 Haruki is caught by Takeya to go skiing as a group of four

Mari returns to Japan


28 Mari moves out of her apartment

Haruki tells Setsuna about Mari and breaks up with her

Haruki goes to catch Mari


Epilogue: Haruki catches Mari in New York


Row 2 R-L:


Mari:    “God… I’ve caught myself a real beast.”

Mari:    “Bye, Kitahara.

Y’know, I… You…”

“…I was a little bit happy. Just a little.

I’ll admit that, but that’s all.”

Sawako: “And, what, she’s a girl from his same university?”

Mari:    “Worse. He said they’ve been dating since high school.”

Sawako: “And a pretty one, too.”

Mari:    “Crowned ‘Miss Houjou High’ three years in a row, even.”

Sawako: “Good at housework and cooking?”

Mari:    “Apparently.”

Sawako: “Well, she’s got you completely beaten. May as well give up.”

Mari:    “Sawako, please!”


Sawako: “You remember what I told you before?

About the reason Mari acknowledged you…”

Haruki: “B-But that was…”

Sawako: “’Either it’s blind love, or you’re a guy who balances her well.’”

Sawako: “…Though I wasn’t expecting it to be both.”


                                             “I can tell just from hearing you talk about her, Haruki-kun.

                                             That she’s bright, honest, dependable… and adorable.”

                                             “Someone who’s that wonderful should be able to make you smile.

                                             She’ll make you happy. I can tell…”

                                             “She’ll make you the Haruki-kun you used to be.

                                             The way you were three years ago, bright, honest, and dependable.

                                             …She’ll do what I never could.”


Mari:    “Also, you’ll have to earn the cost of your own food.

…No need to worry about rent, though.”

Haruki: “I’d like to find somewhere to work part-time, too.

Ideally somewhere with a boss who knows Japanese.”

Mari:    “…I can think of one possibility,

but she’ll probably push you around like crazy.”

Haruki: “…I can make myself very useful.”

Mari:    “Good, then.”


Page 15


Chiaki:                                 Curtain callll!

Chiaki:                                 Great show, everyone!


Setsuna:                              Why am I the only one here?

Setsuna:                              You could have called someone else…


Chiaki:                                 Well, you’re my only friend, Setsuna.

Setsuna:                              I’m friends with Shouko-san, not you, Chiaki-san.


Chiaki:                                 …

Setsuna:                              ?


Setsuna:                              The other two have already wounded me fatally in the previous few pages…

And I’m about to be wounded again…

FX:                                        Slump

Setsuna:                              Can we just get to the next one so I can be happy, please?


Setsuna:                              Yes, the Christmas thing was my fault…

but three consecutive blows from different Route branches are just overkill!

Setsuna:                              I’m throwing my life away…


Setsuna:                              So, I’m heading to the next page!

Setsuna:                              I’m sure you can handle this yourself, Chiaki-san!


Chiaki:                                 Aww, don’t be in such a hurry, Setsuna.

Setsuna:                              No! I’m going home!


Setsuna:                              You’re such a jerk, Chiaki-san!

                                             You’re an alien!

                                             An unpopular character!

Chiaki:                                 Ah! She said the forbidden words!


Setsuna:                              You were making this face the whole time you deceived Haruki-kun!

Chiaki:                                 What the hell?! No!

Notebook:                         Love Out of Reach

Large text:                         Just as planned.


Chiaki:                                 But if I’d skipped out on the hiding and deception…

Chiaki:                                 and gotten to know him honestly from the start, I wonder what it would have changed?

Chiaki:                                 Maybe he wouldn’t have dated me if I hadn’t calculated everything.


Setsuna:                              I was happy about befriending Shouko-san.

Setsuna:                              I hoped we’d be able to stay friends for a long time.


Chiaki:                                 But that dear friend and Haruki-kun were both taken away from me…

Chiaki:                                 Urk…


Setsuna:                              That’s why you lost to Takeya-kun in the popularity polls!

Chiaki:                                 Augh! Even more forbidden words!


FX:                                        Sob


Page 16

Header:                               Closing Chapter: Chiaki’s Route Timeline

Table 1

Row 1 R-L:


12 Dec.

24 Chiaki waits for Haruki in front of his apartment building

Haruki and Chiaki sleep together


25 Haruki lives slothful life with Chiaki


26 Haruki turns down Takeya’s invitation to prioritize Chiaki


28 Haruki and Chiaki’s mail-order life


30 Haruki and Chiaki continue on in debauchery


31 Haruki and Chiaki view concert DVD

Haruki tells Chiaki about Kazusa and Setsuna


1 Jan.

1 Haruki largely recovers


2 Chiaki begins packing

Chiaki leaves Haruki’s place


3 Haruki is alone for the first time in a while


4 Chiaki begins writing screenplay, Troupe makes a comeback

Takeya and Io go to see Haruki


11 Chiaki meets with Setsuna for role study

Takeya and Io pin down Chiaki


22 Haruki is still unable to get in touch with Chiaki

Haruki watches Chiaki’s performance on the school festival DVD


24 Haruki pins down Chiaki’s troupe

Haruki learns the truth from Chiaki


Row 2 R-L:


Chiaki:  “I… I’ll be an escape for you, Haruki.”

“You can cry into my chest.

You can sleep on my lap.

…You can find pleasure inside me, if you want.”

“I know that.

We’re friends.”

Chiaki:  “I’ve finally started to feel it for real—

This is what becoming a woman means.

I feel like I’ve just gained another valuable experience.”

“Now, I think I could even do a better job of playing them,

the other heroines up to this point.

A woman toyed with by love, a woman who goes mad in love.”

Takeya:               “When you’ve been rejected by the woman you like,

when your heart can’t handle it all,

what’s wrong with running to another woman?”

Io:         “Wh-What the hell are you saying…?!”

Haruki: “Stop, Takeya!

I’m in the wrong here.”

Takeya:               “Why do you have to sit and wait, perfectly faithfully,

until she looks your way again?

I mean, what proof do you have that she will look your way?”

Io:         “Why… Why are you saying all of this?!”

Takeya:               “You’re never gonna understand.

Not with the way you jerk men around by acting indifferent.”

Chiaki:  “Serious, reliable, naggy, nice to everyone,

favoring you juuust a little bit above everyone else,

always worrying about something, but putting his all into it…”

Setsuna: “Wow…”

Chiaki:  “So, what I’m saying is,

what’s so good about a guy who hurts himself on purpose?”

Setsuna: “…I’m impressed. You remembered my ideal guy perfectly.”

Chiaki:  “(That’s because it’s exactly the guy you were dating!)”

Setsuna: “Guys who are stubborn and pushy and inflexible like that,

there’s something really cute about them, don’t you think?”

Chiaki:  “(…Yeah. Yeah, I do.)”

Setsuna: “Maybe you don’t like that kind of guy, Shouko-san?”

Chiaki:  “(That weakness pressed all the right buttons, actually.)”

Setsuna: “Ah, listen to me! Now I’ve gone and blabbed.

I guess my willpower isn’t that strong.”

Chiaki:  “(No, it’s too strong. This isn’t funny.)”

Chiaki:  “The three of you really just ignored the audience, huh.

You’re all flirting with each other on that stage.”

Haruki: “What does that mean…?”

Chiaki:  “Ogiso-san and Touma-san both.

They were trying to hard to get your attention.

Playing, singing, colliding, all for one person.”

Haruki: “What are you getting at?”

Chiaki:  “I’m saying, that love triangle you three had?

It was gushing out all over here. From your singing and playing.”


Table 2

Row 1 R-L:


26 Takeya and proprietor & Io and Chiaki have respective conversations


29 Haruki is unable to get his feelings in order


2 Feb.

1 Haruki falls ill with fever, Setsuna comes to visit him

Chiaki is beaten to the punch by Setsuna

Haruki confesses to Setsuna about Chiaki

Setsuna talks with Chiaki


10 Takeya warns Haruki to cut things off with Chiaki


14 Haruki visits Chiaki to give support


23 Chiaki has trouble with screenplay, jealous of Yukine


26 Chiaki waits in front of house

Chiaki has lingering feelings for Haruki


28 Haruki goes on date with Setsuna

Haruki and Setsuna go to see the performance

Haruki breaks up with Setsuna

Haruki goes to see Chiaki


Epilogue: Haruki and Chiaki live together


Row 2 R-L:


Setsuna: “You like Haruki-kun, don’t you?”

Chiaki:  “Me? Like him? Yeah, right.

I just used him. All the way to the bone.”

Setsuna: “Is that guilt what kept you from going any further?

Ah, yeah, I understand that. Pretty well, actually.”

Chiaki:  “You wanna quit making assumptions?

Can’t you just smack me really hard or something?”

Yukine: “Not getting to see you made the feeling grow.

The tiny bit of time we could spend together,

that made the feeling grow even more.”

Yukine: “So, my heart isn’t going to be defeated here.”

No, this role wasn’t just patterned after Setsuna any more.

Yukine: “In trying to have everything, I might lose everything. That’s fine.

I’m going to keep wanting everything anyway.”

Yukine Hatsushiba was Setsuna Ogiso, Kazusa Touma…

Yukine: “I won’t talk about believing in you.

Kazuki-kun, whether you choose me or Haruna,

I won’t think you’ve done the wrong thing.”

And, Chiaki Izumi herself.


Setsuna: “You’re not going to be with me any more, Haruki-kun.

If you’re nice to me, it’ll just hurt more.”


Setsuna: “But I figured, now…

Now that you’re finally about to graduate from me and Kazusa,

I ought to make you happy.”

Chiaki:  “I’m gonna make you happy.

One of these days, I’ll make you say, with your whole heart,

that you were glad to be with me.”

“So you don’t have to push yourself that hard.

You don’t have to suffer alone.

You don’t have to worry yourself to pieces.”


Page 17


Setsuna:                              Haruki-kun…

Setsuna:                              Hee hee hee…


Io:                                        Setsuna… Too warm-and-fuzzy.

Setsuna:                              I know, I know… I’ll get there.


Setsuna:                              Haruki-kun said he likes me the best in the world!

I’m his second- and third-favorite, too.


Setsuna:                              Hee hee!

Io:                                        Ugh, now I’m getting embarrassed!


Setsuna:                              Three years… That was a very long time.

Io:                                        Yyyep. And we all had to suffer it with you.


Setsuna:                              You did so much for me, Io!

Io:                                        Finally, some thanks!


Setsuna:                              Thinking back, it started with my best friend…

Setsuna:                              then, our junior in high school…

Setsuna:                              his boss…

Setsuna:                              and a former classmate.


Setsuna:                              Every time I got dumped, my skill was polished further…

and now they call it “the art of getting dumped.”

FX:                                        Bam

Io:                                        A master in the art of getting dumped…


Setsuna:                              Finally, even in my own route, I was bullied…

Setsuna:                              No bullying! No!


Io:                                        She was so nice, though…

Setsuna:                              It was amazing… She was almost too good…


Setsuna:                              A-Anyway…

now I can sing again, and be with him again.

Setsuna:                              It’s me, your Setsuna Ogiso! The one you all loved!

Setsuna:                              I’m back!


Io:                                        Yay, welcome home! Congratulations!

Setsuna:                              Thank you, thank you!


Setsuna:                              It seems like a shame to let this page end…

Actually, this could be a good place to end the book instead.


Kazusa:                               Hey, uh, I’m getting jammed behind you here. Think you could hurry it up?


Setsuna:                              You’re too early!

                                             Don’t crash my page!

Kazusa:                               I don’t show up at all in CC! I’m sick of waiting!


Page 18

Header:                               Closing Chapter: Setsuna’s Route Timeline

Table 1

Row 1 R-L:


12 Dec.

26 Haruki remains socially withdrawn


28 Haruki gets call from Mari, tells her what happened


29 Chiaki goes to Haruki’s place, gives up on screenplay, sends encouragement


30 Haruki has Koharu call Mihoko, apologizes to them both for his behavior to this point


31 Haruki talks to Io and Takeya about what happened on Christmas

Haruki has Io call Setsuna for him

Haruki officially apologizes to Setsuna and reaffirms his feelings for her


1 Jan.

13 Setsuna takes pains to avoid Haruki, is scolded by Io

Io and Takeya have a meeting at Haruki’s place


21 Setsuna gets involved with Tomo

Haruki leaves job at Goodies

Setsuna goes out with Tomo to pick up guys

Setsuna takes out her anger on Haruki over the phone

Haruki plays guitar for Setsuna


24 Setsuna gives Haruki a box lunch

Setsuna gives Tomo a box lunch as well to pay her back

Tomo gets Setsuna’s cell number


25 Haruki plays guitar for Setsuna


27 Tomo provokes Setsuna in the school cafeteria

People around Setsuna are bewildered by her change


29 Setsuna gradually brightens, her mother is relieved


Row 2 R-L:


Mari:    “You’re really pretty naïve, Kitahara.

So easily hurt, always blaming yourself.”

Haruki: “You… You think?”

Mari:    “Yes, I do. And, every time something painful happens,

you try to escape with studying and work,

so it’s blatantly obvious.”

She really had been keeping a careful eye on me.

Chiaki:  “You’ve dragged it out this long…

You may as well keep dashing until the end,

and bring this beautiful story to a beautiful conclusion.”

Chiaki:  “Good night, god of mine.

It really was a lot of fun for me,

watching you these past few years.”

Koharu:               “I mean, you said you’d been reflecting on yourself, Senpai!

Which means… you want to improve yourself, right?”

Koharu:               “All that matters to me is that you’re facing forward.

I could never hate someone who was giving their full effort.”

Still so positive and constructive.

As she looked at me, her eyes were perfectly clear,

like the starry, cloudless sky above us.

Setsuna: “Why are you apologizing…?”

Haruki: “Because I lied, just like you said.

Because I hadn’t forgotten about Kazusa.”

Setsuna: “…”

Haruki: “And, because…

I don’t believe I’m ever going to forget about Kazusa.”

Setsuna: “Uh-huh…”

Haruki: “And, well…

I think this is what I need to apologize for the most…

Because, in spite of all that… I still love you, Setsuna.”

???:       “You’re the biggest idiot in the world, Haruki Kitahara!”

Haruki: “…What?”

Setsuna: “Ah… Ahh… Hweeeeh…”

Setsuna: “Stop it!

Don’t call me this late at night!”


I’d missed this so badly that I could cry. In fact, I did.

I had hoped, someday, that I could meet this Setsuna again,

the usual Setsuna, without alcohol or anything else involved.

I wanted her to whine at me. I wanted her to pout. To trouble me.

I wanted her to be ridiculously clingy with me.

I wanted to regain what I had lost… what I had lost by my own fault.

Haruki: “Calm down, Setchan.”

Setsuna: “…! U-Ugh…”

Haruki: “You’re not going to yell at me for that?”

Setsuna: “W-Well… I guess I don’t really mind it from you, Haruki-kun.”

Haruki: “Why?”

Setsuna: “…Because it made my heart flutter a little.”

Haruki: “…”

It was exactly as I’d thought.

Setsuna was in a state of excitement today.

From where I was standing, she actually seemed to be enjoying herself.


Table 2

Row 1 R-L:


2 Feb.

2 Three-way fight between Setsuna, Io, and Tomo


4 Haruki does not play “Love Out of Reach” for Setsuna


10 Tomo traps Setsuna and announces show live on the air

Setsuna goes missing


11 Haruki and the others split up to search for Setsuna

Haruki finds Setsuna in the school gym


12 Setsuna begins to sing to herself


14 Valentine’s Day Concert is a huge success

Haruki takes Setsuna from the concert venue

Haruki, as promised, takes Setsuna by force


28 Party at the Ogisos’ house


Row 2 R-L:


Setsuna: “…Don’t take her side like that, Io.

Did you hear the terrible thing she just said to me?”

Io:         “Well, but… I thought she just hit a sore spot.”

Setsuna: “What do you mean, ‘worthless man’?! How dare you!

You don’t have any idea what he’s really worth!”

Io:         “Oh, that part.

Not the ‘wishy-washy girl’ part.”

Haruki: “I love you the second-most in the world.”

Setsuna: “What…”

Setsuna: “Second… most?”

Setsuna: “Then, you mean… Kazusa will always…”

Setsuna: “No matter… no matter how hard I try,

no matter how long I stay with you and look at you,

Kazusa will always be…”

Haruki: “Because… the one I love the most in the world

is the Setsuna I see singing and enjoying herself in front of me.”

Tomo:  “Ngh… U-Ugh… Hic…”

Io:         “Here. Handkerchief.”

Tomo:  “Shut up… H-Hic… Weeeh!”

Takeya:               “Wait, did you…”

Io:         “You just wanted Setsuna to sing…

Seriously? That’s the whole reason?”


Haruki: “Happy birthday.”

Setsuna: “I love you.”

Haruki: “…”

Setsuna: “It’s Valentine’s Day.

That’s what you’re supposed to say, right? Mm…”


Page 19



Page 20

Title:                                    White Album 2



Page 21


Kazusa:                               Now! My turn!

Setsuna:                              When did you get here?!


Kazusa:                               That’s basically how sudden it is in the game, right?

Setsuna:                              It’s true. You barely have a second to breathe after CC ends…


Setsuna:                              It was my ending, too…

I get completely upstaged…

Kazusa:                               If you’ve been thinking it was your turn this entire time, you’re sorely mistaken!


Kazusa:                               The guy I’d continued to love for five years walked right in front of me.

Kazusa:                               I couldn’t contain myself.

FX:                                        Arf arf


Setsuna:                              Yes, all right, it makes sense that you would go a little wild…

Kazusa:                               I love you…!

Setsuna:                              but couldn’t you have tried to contain yourself a bit?


Kazusa:                               All right! Here I go!

Kazusa:                               I attack the player’s life points directly!

Text in bg:                          I love you I love you I love you I love you [etc.]

Setsuna:                              Stop.


Kazusa:                               The fact that I went so completely out of character, laughing, crying…

Putting actual effort in, falling for someone…

FX:                                        Hmph

Kazusa:                               It’s all his fault.


Setsuna:                              It sounds cute when you put it that way, but…

I can’t imagine how hopeless you would’ve been without him there…

FX:                                        Blep


Kazusa:                               Without him, I would probably be…

Kazusa:                               enjoying a life of leisure as a NEET…

doing Let’s Plays in a weird mask with ridiculously expensive effects.

Text in bg:                          Lmaoooo lmaoooo lmaoooo [etc.]

That was priceless loooool

Setsuna:                              My head hurts thinking about it…


Kazusa:                               Anyway…


Kazusa:                               I was living a life of debauchery, and how about that hot spring inn?

How enviably scandalous…

Kazusa:                               My body and heart were both in heaven.

Kazusa:                               I’m sure you were just burning up in the flames of jealousy, Setsuna-san.


Setsuna:                              Grrrgh…

But, in the end, he did come back to me.


Kazusa:                               Unfortunately, you’re right.

FX:                                        Flare

Kazusa:                               You underestimate me, however…


Kazusa:                               I special summon “Bedridden Youko”!

Kazusa:                               My turn isn’t over!

                                             Now, you have to stay with me through my True Ending!

Setsuna:                              Kazusa! You demon! You villain!


Kazusa:                               Just try to win!


Page 22

Header:                               Coda: Common Route & Kazusa’s Normal Route Timeline

Table 1

Row 1 R-L:


12 Dec.

7 Setsuna decides to accompany Haruki to France


8 Haruki and Setsuna go to ask Ogiso family for permission to travel


14 Haruki has business trip sendoff party with Takeya et al.


23 Kazusa and Youko go to Strasbourg


24 Haruki reunites with Kazusa in Strasbourg


25 Haruki interviews Kazusa


28 Haruki organizes the material he collected in the Editorial Department


31 Haruki receives a warning from Takeya regarding Kazusa


1 Jan.

4 Haruki has encounter with Kazusa at former Touma residence


6 Tomo asks Setsuna to give a live performance


7 Haruki refuses to do close coverage of Kazusa


11 Kazusa flees reporter, begs Haruki for help


12 Haruki is requested by Youko to handle Kazusa


13 Haruki agrees to do close coverage of Kazusa


14 Kazusa moves into the apartment next to Haruki’s


15 Haruki and Kazusa procure household goods and disguise materials


16 Haruki begins close coverage of Kazusa


17 Haruki takes Kazusa out, takes photographs and chats with her


18 Kazusa gets ticket for Setsuna’s show from Tomo

Haruki tells Kazusa about the past five years


19 Kazusa goes to Setsuna’s show

Tomo informs Setsuna about Kazusa and Haruki


20 Kazusa decides to stand on her own


21 Setsuna gives ticket for Kazusa to Io


22 Kazusa pouts because Haruki is too busy with work to drop by


23 Haruki and Kazusa go to see Shibata-san, Kazusa’s former housekeeper


Row 2 R-L:


Setsuna: “I think it’s possible that, just a little bit,

I was seeing some of my dad in you, Haruki-kun.”

Haruki: “…”

Setsuna: “So… maybe it was inevitable, in a sense,

that I should fall for you.

I mean… I’m my mother’s daughter.”

It wasn’t that I wanted to run away because I was unhappy.

I wasn’t trying to turn my back because I didn’t want to see her.

It was the opposite.

So, I couldn’t talk to her.

I had to ignore her.

Youko: “The special feature in Ensemble two years ago,

the first article about Kazusa in Japan…

You wrote that, didn’t you?”

Haruki: “…You knew?”

Youko: “No, I realized.

When it came to people who understood her that well,

as far as I knew, there was only one left in Japan.”

Youko: “What do you mean, you don’t belong in Japan?

You’re claiming extraterritoriality?

This is a complete loss of face for your mother.”

Don’t laugh… Don’t laugh in such a carefree way.

                                             This is a problem.


Kazusa:               “Well…

The whole reason I came back to Japan, you know,

was to show you Kazusa Touma at her best.”

Kazusa:               “I know how fun it is for me here,

I know how happy I am…”

“I know that, if I go home while I’m like this,

it’s only going to hurt more…”

“Dammit, Mom…”

Kazusa:               “Hiding in the shadows of that brightly shining Setsuna,

there’s a Setsuna who’s crying three years’ worth of tears.”

Haruki: “Kazusa…”

Kazusa:               “When I thought about that…

I was glad to see Setsuna smiling,

but it made my heart hurt.”


Table 2

Row 1 R-L:


25 Haruki goes to Music Room #2 at Houjou High School with Kazusa


26 Kazusa rehearses for concert


27 Haruki skips concert, goes to see Setsuna


28 Kazusa flubs her concert, goes missing


29 Haruki discovers Kazusa in former Touma residence, they begin a love affair


2 Feb.

1 Kazusa finds out Haruki and Setsuna are engaged

Haruki and Kazusa live a life of dissipation


6 Haruki’s engagement to Setsuna is celebrated by Takeya et al.


14 Haruki fails to show up for Setsuna’s birthday

Haruki makes up his mind to only love Kazusa


15 Haruki sends Setsuna home when she comes to see him, invites Kazusa


18 Haruki, under the weight of his infidelity, begins to suffer physical symptoms whenever he thinks of Setsuna


19 Haruki takes break from work, claiming to have the flu


21 Haruki, reminded of Setsuna, is unable to play the guitar


22 Haruki and Kazusa visit the hot springs inn from five years before

Haruki is dumped by Kazusa


29 Haruki returns to Tokyo a broken man

Haruki is treated as having a mental illness

Haruki goes to view Kazusa’s performance with Setsuna


Epilogue: Haruki recovers after a year, with Setsuna’s devotion


Setsuna has grown stronger and more determined


Row 2 R-L:


Kazusa:               “But, I couldn’t exactly confess my feelings.

At the time,

I hated myself completely,

and so I assumed this guy would never fall for me.”

“So, I acted in the worst possible way, because it seemed right.

That’s how far down I was. That’s how much pain I was in.”

“…I didn’t want anyone taking me away.”

Kazusa:               “Don’t mess with my heart just because you don’t hate me!

You make me start hoping for things,

imagining that I could actually reach out and touch you…”

“But, every time, you slip away at the last minute…

How can you expect me to endure that horrible torture…?”


Haruki: “Kazusa, you…”

Kazusa:               “I love you.”

Haruki: “…Stop.”

Kazusa:               “I love you.”

Haruki: “You’re just assuming things.”

Kazusa:               “I love you!”

Haruki: “It’s an imprint, that’s all.

It’s because you were alone then, that’s why…”

Kazusa:               “I love you.”

Haruki: “The fever is making you delirious.

Why don’t you go back to your apartment and rest?”

Kazusa:               “I. Love you.”

Haruki: “But I’m a traitor.

All I’ve done is hurt you!”

Kazusa:               “I don’t want to leave…”

Kazusa:               “A Haruki who doesn’t want other people to be happy…

A Haruki who doesn’t worry about the ones he loves…

That’s not the real Haruki… That’s not my Haruki!”


Kazusa:               “My most precious treasure in the world…

will break if I hold it.”

“I tried to take care of it, tried so hard to protect it,

but I’m so clumsy.

It’ll fall to pieces in a second…”

“So go back to her,

the one who can take care of this treasure better than I can.”

“I have to give you back.

To Setsuna, the one who can protect you properly…”

Haruki: “Why did you come here so soon…?”

Setsuna: “I’ve spent the last week doing a year’s worth of crying.

So, I’m confident that I can do a year’s worth of work.”

Haruki: “…”

Setsuna: “I don’t believe I made the wrong decision. Do you…?”


Setsuna:                                             “Either you forget about me and overcome this alone,

                                                             or you overcome it with me.

                                                            Those are the only two choices you have now, Haruki-kun.”

Setsuna:                                             “I wonder whether you know…

                                                             which one would make me happier?”


Page 23


FX:                                        Zzzz

Setsuna:                              I’m all burnt out.

Like pure white snow…


Kazusa:                               No skipping steps!

Look sharp!

FX:                                        Smack


Setsuna:                              I hate this route!

                                             It’s just pain, pain, and more pain for me!

Kazusa:                               If you ask me, it seems like a Happy Ending for everyone concerned.

FX:                                        Nonchalant


Setsuna:                              Oh, I see how we’re doing this.

Setsuna:                              Well, in that case…


Setsuna:                              You may call it a True Ending…

But everyone else did the work for you!

Text:                                    Objection!

Setsuna:                              You just ate pudding and slept the whole time!

Kazusa:                               That’s not fair…


Setsuna:                              Haruki-kun wore himself out running around for your sake…

Plenty of other people were hurt in the process…

Boxes R-L:                          Start (Setsuna)

Work relationships


Ogiso family

Goal (Kazusa)

Bottom text:                     Haruki Kitahara’s Inferno


Youko:                                Hellooo!

Setsuna:                              Your own mother was battling her illness…

And what were you doing?!

Kazusa:                               Eating pudding…


Setsuna:                              You counted so much on Haruki-kun’s kindness…

Setsuna:                              Anyone could have taken him!

Kazusa:                               Still refusing to lose, eh, Setsuna?


Setsuna:                              Oh, it doesn’t have to be me. The CC heroines are all formidable…

Or, in the distant future, he could wander off to someone else entirely…

Setsuna:                              But the most dangerous of all would be…


Setsuna:                              Takeya-kun.

Kazusa:                               Ah…


Setsuna:                              You see plenty of cases reaching this kind of conclusion…

“Women are too much trouble! It’s better to stick to goofing around with other guys.”

Setsuna:                              Also, just to keep driving it home…

it’s not easy to find someone who’ll take your side unconditionally.

Setsuna:                              He’s carefree, fun, nice, reassuring, and so much else…

From a woman’s point of view, he seems like a pretty big threat.


Setsuna:                              But, in spite of all my warnings and complaints…

Setsuna:                              considering all of the pain I’ve been through myself…

the only way the two of you can repay me is by being happy.


Kazusa:                               I may not be in any position to apologize, but…

I… I’m sorry.

Critter:                                Gay?

Kazusa:                               Or… maybe I should say “Thank you” instead.


Kazusa:                               You summoned this, Setsuna.

Setsuna:                              Go on back to the forest…

Setsuna:                              Oh, you again.

Critter:                                Gay?


Page 24

Header:                               Coda: Kazusa’s True Route Timeline

Table 1

Row 1 R-L:


1 Jan.

28 Haruki returns from Osaka, listens to message Kazusa recorded


29 Haruki discovers Kazusa at former Touma residence

Haruki does not respond to Kazusa’s advances


30 Haruki is cold to Kazusa, but looks after her


31 Haruki and Kazusa experience strange distance, unable either to push each other away or to draw nearer


2 Feb

1 Haruki learns about Youko’s leukemia


2 Haruki is asked by Youko to dump Kazusa


4 Haruki works as Miyoko’s proxy


6 Haruki refuses Takeya’s request, prioritizes Kazusa


8 Haruki is congratulated on his engagement over the phone

Kazusa leaves the apartment, unable to endure it


9 Kazusa finds out about Youko’s condition

Haruki makes his mind up to drop Setsuna and protect Kazusa


14 Haruki goes to Setsuna’s party

Haruki is caught by Kazusa along the way

Haruki and Kazusa decide to be together


16 Kazusa begins practicing again

Haruki breaks up with Setsuna


17 Setsuna breaks down

Haruki puts in application to vacate apartment


18 Haruki submits letter of resignation


19 Haruki recommends that Youko go to Vienna, but she refuses


22 Haruki informs Takeya et al. that he has dumped Setsuna and chosen Kazusa

Haruki tells Takeya about Youko


Row 2 R-L:


Kazusa:                                              “I won’t be able to go to your wedding.

                                                           It’ll hurt too much… the distance, and my heart.”

                                                           “So, my concert tomorrow,

                                                           it’s going to be my final present to you two.”

                                                           “All you have to do is come.

                                                           Do that, and I’ll give up on you for good.

                                                           Just for that day, I’m channeling my feelings for you.”

                                                           “So, just for that day…

                                                           Just for the concert, I want you looking only at me.”



Haruki: “I can’t say ‘I love you’ as a lie.

…I can’t detach my heart.”

“If I tell you I love you,

you’ll become my number one in the world!

If I embrace you, I’ll never be able to let go of you again!”

Kazusa:               “Like you have any right to decide what you’re worth.

If you can’t accept me, then shut up.”

If, in addition to me,

she couldn’t rely on Youko-san any more…

If the summit to which she aspired, her sole guidepost,

were to vanish like a mirage…


Who would be able to protect her…?

Kazusa:               “What… What the hell am I supposed to do…?

I’ve lost everything now… In one day,

I’ve lost everything I had to cling to…!”

Kazusa:               “Don’t… see Setsuna any more.”

“Haruki… Betray Setsuna.

And choose me.”

“I’m begging you… Stay with me forever…!”

“I love you.”

Hamada: “You’re just quitting, without even a word to your own boss?

What the hell is this?!”

“Dammit! Why didn’t you talk to me?

Was I that unreliable as a supervisor…?”

Takeya:               “If y’all aren’t interested in convincing Haruki, leave.

If all you want is to talk him down, don’t come back.”

“Give it up.

Actually, you’ve all given up already, huh.

You’re not needed here.”

“I’m not giving up. I’m gonna talk some sense into Haruki.

…I’ll make him rethink things with Setsuna again.”

“So I don’t need you guys here to corner him.

Just get the hell out.”


Table 2

Row 1 R-L:


2 Feb.

23 Haruki informs Setsuna’s parents that the engagement is off

Haruki parts from Setsuna


26 Kazusa goes to visit Youko


28 Haruki has farewell party and passes the baton at work

Kazusa meets with Setsuna alone


29 Day of the concert

Haruki, believing in Kazusa, searches for the disappeared Setsuna


3 Mar.

23 Haruki and Kazusa leave the country


Epilogue: The two are living in Vienna


Video message from Youko

Setsuna plays the guitar


Row 2 R-L:


Setsuna: “My family, my friends, my work…

Everything I could want, apart from the three of us…”

Haruki: “No, it’s not okay!

There’s no way you could endure that!”

If she made such a warped choice,

it could only bring her pain.

Setsuna couldn’t live a life without contact with the others around her.

Suzuki:  “We don’t want this ending to leave a bad aftertaste, either!

If we count from when you started working part-time,

you’ve been a colleague of ours for three years!”

Matsuoka: “The idea of you just leaving without a word was like,

‘What, is he sick of us?’”

Suzuki:  “But even then, we knew you must have thought it all over.

The same way you took on a lifetime’s supply of work.

It’s just the kind of guy you are.”


Kazusa:               “This way,

I can heal with your arms around me.

If I get depressed, I can get back up again.”

Haruki: “I’ll keep doing this… forever.

You’ll never be lonely again…”

Kazusa:               “Setsuna…

I wonder how she’s going to heal herself,

from now on…”

Setsuna: “I was out of touch with you for three years,

and I spent two years with you every single moment.”

                                             For those three years… I’m sorry.

                                             For those two years… Thank you.

Setsuna: “I piled up so much together with you,

both happiness and sadness.”

                                             That’s right.

Setsuna: “Our hearts and bodies are entwined. I can’t just rip it apart!”

This was our history—one that no one could surpass.

Setsuna: “If I tore it off by force,

I wouldn’t be Setsuna Ogiso any more!”

Kazusa:               “The sadness, the pain, the guilt that I feel right now,

nothing will ever be able to soften it,

no amount of happiness or fun or positive thinking.”

Kazusa:               “But, well, listen…”

Kazusa:               “The euphoria that I’m feeling right now,

nothing will ever be able to erase it, either.

No amount of sadness, or pain, or guilt.”

Haruki: “U-Ugh… ah…!”

Kazusa:               “I’m happy. I’m happy, Haruki.”


There would be no stopping any of it.

My overflowing feelings for Kazusa.

This sweetness that would never vanish.

My overflowing feelings for Setsuna.

This pain that would never be healed.


Page 25


Setsuna:                              Now! Allow me to tell you of the real True Ending!

FX:                                        Da-da-da-daaaa

Setsuna:                              The grand finale, with no tears shed!


Kazusa:                               Thinking back on it, I feel like it was a lot of you coaxing me and bringing me around.

Setsuna:                              Yes, you witnessed my eloquence and skill up close.

It is my forte.


Kazusa:                               You’ve become quite a nice piece of work, Setsuna.

Setsuna:                              Aww, you don’t have to flatter me.


Setsuna:                              But, I did have a whole lot of work to do.


Setsuna:                              I mean, Kazusa-chan, you’re such a lonely little thing, and so fussy…

Kazusa:                               Gaaah! Forget that! Forget about that!


Setsuna:                              I could never forget that! Certainly not on purpose.

Setsuna:                              It made me happy, actually.

Having so many straightforward shows of emotion from you.


Setsuna:                              Crying, yelling…

Facing me head-on…

Setsuna:                              Back in the day, we never even managed to have a proper fight.

Kazusa:                               I…

I don’t remember having a fistfight like this…


Setsuna:                              And then, when I saw you sleeping in my arms, you looked so sweet…

Kazusa:                               W-Waaaaah… Stop… Stooop…


Setsuna:                              Recalling it now, it’s hard to call the whole thing one long memory…

But, now, all those little pieces have turned to confidence.


Setsuna:                              No one could beat the strength of my tie to you, Kazusa…

and I’m sure you see me as the closest person in your life, too.


Setsuna:                              Is it presumptuous of me to say that?

Kazusa:                               Stop already…

You keep coming out with this embarrassing stuff.


Kazusa:                               If I might add a word of my own, he chose you, Setsuna…

and I wanted the three of us to be together.

Kazusa:                               There’s no need for you to feel indebted any more.


Kazusa:                               Putting that aside.

Setsuna, are you interested in going abroad at all?

Setsuna:                              Oh, are you inviting me to a concert?


Kazusa:                               No, I mean living there.

Setsuna:                              Hm?

Definition:                          emigration

Syllables/em•i•gra•tion Pronunciation/[cropped]


  1. [U] migration (ex. to another country) (see also: immigration)
  2. emigrant group
  3. (collective) emigrants, immigrants


Kazusa:                               More specifically, a country that recognizes polygamy.

Setsuna:                              Haven’t you learned your lesson yet?!

Kazusa:                               It’s fine, it’s fine. I’ll provide for both of you.

Setsuna:                              No, you won’t!


Kazusa:                               Mom recommended a few countries to me.

Setsuna:                              What is her deal?!

                                             Wait, why are we ending here?!


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Header:                               Coda: Setsuna’s True Route Timeline

Table 1

Row 1 R-L:


2 Feb.

14 Setsuna visits Kazusa

Setsuna makes work request of Kazusa

Haruki entrusts Kazusa to Setsuna


15 Setsuna goes again to make entreaty of Kazusa


17 Kazusa and Setsuna have massive fight


18 Kazusa leaves Setsuna a message and goes out

Kazusa begins practicing again


20 Kazusa invites Setsuna to her apartment and they spend the night


21 Setsuna brings overnight set and stays

Kazusa and Setsuna mix drinks and talk the night away


22 Setsuna finally wins Kazusa over

Haruki receives phone call with report from Setsuna

Haruki plays guitar for Kazusa over the phone

Setsuna sings along with the guitar


23 The three stay together in advance of concert and recording

Houjou High School Light Music Club is reformed


Row 2 R-L:


Setsuna: “Kaiou, Knights Record, Youko Touma Offices…

This is a rare work of friendship, involving three companies.”

Kazusa:               “Friendship…”

Setsuna: “I submitted the proposal on Monday, and this morning,

the producer approved it. This is something really unusual,

even if it’s just for a mini-album packaged with a magazine.”

Kazusa:               “So… what?”

Setsuna: “If you get involved, the common sense of society

will be warped significantly.

…That’s your power, Kazusa Touma, as a human.”

Kazusa:               “This is supposed to be your special day.

A special day for the two of you. Why are you…”

Setsuna: “Because right now, for the two of us,

the most important thing isn’t a party.”

Kazusa:               “Setsuna…?”

Setsuna: “See you later.”

Kazusa:               “No one should fall for someone that horrible!”

Setsuna: “And who decided that?

Who decided it was wrong to fall for someone horrible?!”

Kazusa:               “There’s no reason!

Someone so dirty, and cowardly, and…”

Setsuna: “Then tell me, Kazusa,

why did you fall for Haruki-kun?!

He’s a dirty, cowardly liar! Why?!”


Kazusa:               “Why don’t you ever run out of patience with me?

Why don’t you just leave me alone?

…You’re just like him.”

Setsuna: “Because… I love you.

Also just like him.”

Kazusa:               “Y-You…

What the hell was all that you were just saying to him?!

Talking about lullabies and kids that won’t stop crying and…”

Setsuna: “If you don’t like it, all you have to do is stop crying, okay?

C’mon, Kazusa-chan, smile for me!”

Kazusa:               “S-Setsuna!”

Setsuna: “Smile, Kazusa…

The three of us are going to be together forever.”

Kazusa:               “…Setsuna…”

Setsuna: “That promise we made five years ago…

This time, we’re going to hold true to it.”

Youko: “Can you really manage that?

No concrete plan, nothing but your own energy?”

Kazusa:               “What, didn’t you know?”

Youko: “Know what?”

Kazusa:               “When the three of us are working together,

there’s not a thing we can’t do.”


Table 2

Row 1 R-L:


2 Feb.

24 Setsuna explains circumstances to recording staff


25 The three produce jacket image


26 Haruki struggles with writing lyrics


27 Haruki completes lyrics


28 Kazusa finishes recording bonus track


29 Kazusa’s concert is a massive success

The three finish recording with no setbacks


3 Mar.

8 Ensemble special issue sells out everywhere

Work of friends from three companies together is a massive success


Row 2 R-L:


Haruki: “…It is a lot to ask, but I don’t care. Leave it to me. I’ll do it.”

Kazusa: “Ah…”


My body was brimming with that old feeling of elation,

the kind I’d felt when we spent that final week together so long ago.

Haruki: “Five years ago, you went along with me when I asked too much.

This time, I’m going to do too much for you.”

Kazusa:               “…Haruki…”

Kazusa:               “Umm…

I actually thought of this first, but I didn’t say anything,

because it’s so obvious…”

Haruki: “…”

Setsuna: “…”

Kazusa:               “What… You guys don’t remember?

Fine, here’s a hint. Our…”

Haruki: “Why didn’t you say that sooner?!”

Setsuna: “Why didn’t you say that to begin with?!”

The song that had allowed us to meet one another for the first time…

“White Album.”

Kazusa:               “Because I love you, Setsuna.”

Setsuna: “…?!”

Kazusa:               “At least as much as I love Haruki.”

Setsuna: “K-Kazusa… Kazusa…!”

Kazusa:               “Oh, what.”

Setsuna: “What a coincidence… I feel the same.”

Kazusa:               “You already told me that…

Man, not only are you a dummy, you’re forgetful, too…”

Setsuna: “Y-Yeah… Yeah!”

Kazusa:               “Don’t look so freaked out.

Remember what you said?

Together, the three of us can do anything.”

Haruki: “Kazusa…”

Kazusa:               “Even if I don’t have you two at the concert hall tomorrow,

the three of us will be performing together.

…So, nothing’s impossible.”

This faith… Where had it come from?

Kazusa:               “This image in my memory of Youko Touma at her peak,

I’m going to keep battling her forever.

It’s going to be a long, painful fight.”

Kazusa:               “So… Stay by me.

I want you to support me…”

Youko: “…”

Kazusa:               “You don’t have to be the place I’m aiming for.

Just be the place I come home to.”

Youko: “Ah… Ahh…”

Kazusa:               “I love you, Mom…

Thank you for giving birth to me.”

Kazusa… I’m sorry.

I truly did love you.

I loved you before I fell in love with this girl.

But, I’m sorry…

I feel now, from the bottom of my heart,

that I’m glad to have chosen her…


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Publishing info:


circle: Ray N’ Maker

author: Ayasaka

mail: ayayayasaka@gmail.com

pixiv ID: 35137

niconico: www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/30271003

twitter: ayayayasaka

printing: Sunrise

date published: November 3rd, 2013


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