White Album 2 PS3 Game + Mini After-Story (Booklet)




Title:                                    White Album 2

The Other Side of Happiness

Bottom text:                     Handbook



Left half:                             Please carefully read the precautions included in the handbook for this software, as well as the PlayStation 3 instruction manual, in order to ensure proper usage. Take care to keep both handbook and instruction manual. For small children, guardians should read these guides to ensure safe usage.


Health Precautions


                                             Regarding seizures triggered by lights

In rare cases, flashing screens and other types of light stimuli can cause eye pain, visual abnormalities, migraines, convulsions, or disturbance of consciousness (such as fainting), which are symptoms of photosensitive seizures. Those who have such conditions should consult a doctor before playing.



                                             When to stop playing immediately

In addition to the above symptoms, stop playing immediately if you experience headaches, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, or a symptom similar to motion sickness, or if you experience discomfort or pain in your eyes, ears, hands, arms, legs, or any other part of your body. If symptoms persist after stopping play, consult a doctor.


                                             About 3D images and games using stereoscopy

There are individual differences in the ways in which 3D images appear. If you feel any discomfort, or cannot see in three dimensions, please refrain from using 3D features. For the latest information, visit the URL below.


Also, children (particularly under the age of 6) are still developing their sense of sight. Before children view 3D images or play games using stereoscopy, it is recommended that you consult a doctor, such as a pediatrician or an ophthalmologist.


                                             About software that supports controller vibration function

Please do not use the vibration function if you have hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS).

*Vibration function can be toggled on and off via the menu brought up by pressing the PS button on your controller.


  • When playing, make sure the room is well-lit, and keep as far away from the screen as possible.
  • Avoid playing when you are tired or need sleep.
  • For the sake of your health, take a 15-minute break for each hour of play.
  • Stop playing immediately if you begin to feel unwell.


                                             Usage Notes

*This software is exclusively for the PlayStation 3. *Please do not leave near home heaters, inside a car, or in other places with high temperature or humidity. *When caring for disc, wipe lightly with a soft cloth. *Handle carefully in order to avoid damaging the disc. If the disc is damaged, you may not be able to play. *Screen burn-in (afterimages) may occur if the PlayStation 3 is connected to a plasma TV, or a TV that projects through a method other than liquid crystal (screen projection). In particular, if a still image is left on the screen for an extended period, burn-in becomes more likely. *Please be aware in advance that scratches or damage arising from customer mishandling may not be eligible for compensation.


                                             How to take out/stow Blu-ray Disc

When removing/stowing the Blu-ray Disc, take care not to pinch your fingers.

                                             Removing disc

Press the PUSH button, then remove disc once it is loosened.

Left image text:                PUSH button

                                             Stowing disc

Press down on the immediate exterior (the slanted area) of the disc until you hear a click.

Right image text:             Press here


01:                                       Contents


Page 02                             White Album 2: Introductory Chapter


Page 04                             Characters

Page 08                             Controls

Page 09                             Starting the Game

Page 10                             Playing the Game

Page 13                             User Support


*This product uses fonts from FONTWORKS.

*”Motion Portrait” is a registered trademark of MotionPortrait, Inc.


Updating the PlayStation 3

Notice from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

This disc contains PlayStation 3 update data. If an update prompt screen appears upon launching the game, you will need to run the update.


Window:                             This PS3 is currently running system software version X.XX.

In order to launch the game, you will need to update to version X.XX or later.

Perform the update now?

Yes        No


Performing the PlayStation 3 update

You can update the system software by following the instructions on the screen.


                                             If the update is interrupted, it will cause a failure.

                                             Be mindful of the following points while updating.

-Do not switch off the power or unplug the console.

-Do not remove the disc.

                                             How to confirm system software version

From the XMB (Cross Media Bar), choose “Settings,” then “This device,” then “About this device.” Information on the device’s system will be shown. Current version number will be shown in the “System software” section.


For more details on the PlayStation 3 Update feature, please inquire with the Sony Computer Entertainment Information Center.


                                             Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Information Center


TEL 0570-000-929 (For PHS and some IP phones, use 03-6733-0800) Hours: 10:00 – 18:00



02:                                       Story: Introductory Chapter


White Album 2

The Other Side of Happiness


03:                                       Story: Introductory Chapter


I heard a song, traversing the cold wind—


Joining the guitar that I played that evening in the music room.

Joining the piano that someone, someone whose face I didn’t know, played in the room next to me.


That voice from the roof, high, clear, and resonant as a bell,

connected our scattered melodies.


That late autumn was where it began.

Someone fell in love with someone.


We all gave it all we had.

We all plunged ahead with powerful sentiments in our hearts.

Single-mindedly, earnestly, honestly—

We all joined together, on the deepest level, and found something irreplaceable.


And so, someone fell in love with someone.

A love one step too late, a love that should never have happened.


And that winter, the snow piled up and covered over all of our sins.

Then, at last, as the snow melted in spring, our punishment fell upon us.



04:                                       Characters


Introductory Chapter

Setsuna Ogiso

Houjou High School Class 3-A

VA: Madoka Yonezawa

A girl in a league of her own, who has dominated the Miss Houjou High contest for two years running and seems to be on track for a third. In contrast with her showy appearance, she is calm, sociable, and reserved: in a word, flawless… At least, her personality has led her fellow students to believe as much for three years straight. Only those who manage to break down her invisible walls will see her impish smile. Her hobby is karaoke (solo karaoke, to be precise), though she has worked at all costs to keep this hidden. Her standard opening number is “White Album,” a popular song from some years ago.


Introductory Chapter

Kazusa Touma

Houjou High School Class 3-E

VA: Hitomi Nabatame

An anachronistic delinquent, always dozing in her seat by the window, constantly late or absent altogether, bearing a gloom that adults just don’t understand. Her keen beauty—long, glossy black hair, a figure that would put any model to shame, almond-shaped eyes—contrasts sharply with her solitary, violent personality, forming a vicious cycle that only widens the distance between her and those around her, but she puts up a strong front of being completely unbothered by this. Though no one has ever asked, she would be on Team Rina Ogata.


05:                                       Characters


Introductory Chapter

Haruki Kitahara

Houjou High School Class 3-E

VA: Takahiro Mizushima

First-term Class President. A member of the Light Music Club, in charge of second guitar (and odd jobs). His special skills are incredible officiousness, flawless lectures, and perfect preparation for theoretical arguments. His grades are top-class. Thanks to his uncompromising, service-minded personality, he is heavily idolized by teachers and students alike throughout the school. Having set his mind on going out with a bang for his last year of high school, impulsive though it may be, he formulates a plan to perform at the upcoming School Festival. He is fairly clumsy with his hands.


Closing Chapter

Koharu Sugiura

Houjou High School Class 3-A

VA: Yoriko Nagata

First-term Class President. Former vice-captain of the tennis team. Serious, reliable, comforting in the kind care she shows to others and her tendency to have just the right advice to give—in other words, the spit and image of a certain other someone. Her size overall, beginning with her stature, is unassuming, but she makes up for it with her positive, assertive personality. She has… a tiny bit of a complex, but she never shows any weakness. She has many friends, in particular a very tightly knit group with three other girls in her class. In this relationship, too, she takes a leadership role, and cannot sit idly by if one of her best friends gets hurt…



06:                                       Characters


Closing Chapter

Chiaki Izumi

Third Year, Houjou University Literature Department

VA: Risato Habuki

An archetypal college student, eschewing the seat by the window in favor of bringing a sleeping bag into the seminar room and crashing out, lazy, lethargic, the very picture of dependence. Though she has managed to progress this far in school through swimming with the tide and skillfully latching onto others, the recent increase in reports for her seminar has put her promotion to the next school year in a precarious state. Apparently, once she finds something that genuinely interests her, she gets so engrossed in it that she forgets to eat or sleep, but no one has ever seen this side of her, so it’s hard to be sure whether this is true.


Closing Chapter

Mari Kazaoka

VA: Yuu Asakawa

A magazine editor working for Kaiou, a mid-sized publishing company. At roughly the age where calling her “young” would be misleading, but she cannot rightfully be called a veteran, either. She is the most successful of her contemporaries, men and women alike, and is a top prospect for future editor-in-chief. She is such a workaholic that there are none who can claim to have seen her sleep, and an object of envy, jealousy, respect, and fear from those around her, but no one would have a chance against her anyway, so that doesn’t mean much. Couple that with her severity, and you have the perfect example of a woman who is so high up that men don’t even attempt to approach her.


07:                                       Characters


Introductory Chapter

Takeya Iizuka

Houjou High School Class 3-G

VA: Takuma Terashima

Leader of the Light Music Club. Was in the same class as Haruki in their first year by sheer rotten luck (from the latter’s point of view), and they have enjoyed a complicated (approaching terrible) relationship ever since, with Takeya proclaiming himself Haruki’s best friend and pushing all kinds of problems onto him, including girls he himself has broken up with. His polished looks, and his ways of speaking and acting that seem to promise little trouble further down the line, give him an easy air that is popular with girls. It’s said that he has a girlfriend in each class, but there is only one boy whom he calls his best friend. He was much more serious in the past, but only one person knows that particular truth…


Introductory Chapter

Io Mizusawa

Houjou High School Class 3-A

VA: Ikumi Nakagami

Setsuna’s classmate and the former captain of the basketball team. While she was in the same class as Haruki in their first year, the presence of another player whom she had been stuck with since middle school caused Haruki to forcibly maintain the relationship she’d been hoping to cut off, and so she has spent three years. With a frank personality, a tall, slender build, boyish looks, and the love of the girls below her all together, she is rightly popular in that direction of things. While she fully believes the relationship between Haruki and Setsuna is mismatched, she keeps a fairly lenient eye on them.



08:                                       Controls


Wireless Controller (DUALSHOCK 3)


Circle                   Confirm/advance text

Triangle                             Show System Menu screen

X                           Close window/return to previous screen

Square                Skip text

L1                         Page change/show Backlog screen

R1                        Page change/show Backlog screen

Directional buttons        Move cursor/change Option parameters

Start                    Auto Mode

Select                  Toggle Skip Mode

L2                         Show Quick Save screen

R2                        Show Quick Load screen


09:                                       Starting the Game


Title Menu

When you boot the game, the title screen will appear. After you have viewed the opening movie within the game, the opening movie will begin to play whenever the game is booted. You can skip the movie with the Circle or Start button. The title menu contains the following items.


New Game         Start game from the beginning.

Continue            Resume game from a save.

Select the save data you want to continue from and press the Circle button.

                                             Quick Load        Resume game from Quick Save data.

*Quick Save data will be erased when game is closed.

Options                              Set various gameplay preferences.

The same settings can be made by choosing “Options” from the in-game System Menu.            

                                             Special                View various extra modes.

*Will be shown when conditions are fulfilled.

Install                  Install game data to hard drive.

*If install data already exists on the hard drive, this option will not appear on the Title Menu.



Follow the on-screen instructions to install the game data to your PlayStation 3 hard drive.

*At least 1900MB of free space is required to install.

*Installing will reduce loading times in-game, allowing for a more enjoyable gaming experience.



10:                                       Playing the Game


Window text:                    Setsuna

“Wait, were you… the one playing the guitar…?”


Screen Diagram

  1. Message window

Window that displays text.

  1. Bookmark (“Read” marker)

Appears by text that has already been read before, or options that have been chosen before.

  1. Auto Mode

Press Start button to make text progress automatically.

*You can adjust the speed at which text progresses in Auto Mode in the Options menu (see page 12).

  1. Skip Mode

Hold Square button to skip through text.

Press Select button to toggle skipping on and off.


In-game Choices

Choices appearing in a darkened font cannot be selected.

(They may become available depending on how you progress through the game.)

Window text:                    1. I have no idea what to do with her

  1. This is strangely comfortable


11:                                       Playing the Game


System Menu

Press the Triangle button while playing to bring up System Menu commands.


Save your current status as Save Data.


Load game from Save Data.

Next Choice

Skip to the next Choice.

Previous Choice

Return to the previous Choice.


Set various gameplay preferences.

Return to title

Suspend game and return to title screen.


Window text:                    Save


Next Choice

Previous Choice


Return to title


System Menu commands

*Menu commands that cannot be selected will appear darker.


About the Save/Load Screen

Choose where you want to save your data and confirm with the Circle button. If save data already exists, you can overwrite it.

Delete Data

Choose data you want to erase and press Square button to delete it.

Data Lock toggle

You can lock data you don’t want to erase by selecting it and pressing the Triangle button. Locked data cannot be overwritten or deleted.


*At least 4074 KB of hard drive space is required to save data.

*Do not turn off the PlayStation 3 while data is being saved or loaded.


Lock text:                           Data Lock symbol



12:                                       Playing the Game


About Quick Saving/Loading

Press the L2 button while playing to open the Quick Save screen, and R2 to open the Quick Load screen. Use Quick Save to save your data more quickly than a standard Save.

*Quick Save data is erased when the game is closed. Save normally before quitting the game.



Select “Options” from the title screen or System Menu to open the Options screen. Switch between pages of settings with the L1 and R1 buttons.



*Text speed

Set speed at which text appears.

*Auto Mode speed

Set speed at which text automatically progresses when the Start button is pressed.

*Auto Mode type

Choose between Normal and Smooth Auto Mode types.

*Window opacity (normal scenes)

Set message window opacity.

*Window opacity (visual scenes)

Set message window opacity for when CGs are shown.

*Background opacity (novel scenes)

Set opacity (darkness) for background brightness filter in Novel Mode.

*Text skip

(Previously read only) Allows you to skip text you have already read.

(All) Allows you to skip all text.


13:                                       Playing the Game



*Voicing when text is progressed

Choose between “Stop” and “Don’t stop.”

*Yes/No confirmation

Toggle presence or absence of “Yes/No” confirmation window when saving or loading.

*Controller vibration

Set to ON or OFF.

*Overall volume

Set volume for the whole game.

*BGM volume

Set volume for BGM.

*Sound effect volume

Set volume for sound effects.

*Voice volume

Set volume for voiced lines.

*Screen size adjustment

Adjust game screen size.



Toggle individual character voices between ON and OFF.

If a voice is set to OFF, that character’s voice lines will not be played, regardless of voice volume settings.


Bottom box:                      Aquaplus User Support

*We cannot answer questions regarding the game’s content.

Website: http://aquaplus.jp/

Address: Aquaplus Support

532-0011 Osaka-shi Yodogawa-ku Nishinakajima 4-13-17 CTA



Back cover:                        I don’t want to look any more… but I have to see it through.


I heard a song, traversing the cold wind—


Joining the guitar that I played that evening in the music room.

Joining the piano that someone, someone whose face I didn’t know, played in the room next to me.


That voice from the roof, high, clear, and resonant as a bell,

connected our scattered melodies.


That late autumn was where it began.

Someone fell in love with someone.


*Key Art

Takeshi Nakamura/Kenichirou Katsura/Masahide Yanagisawa


Fumiaki Maruto with Kikakuya

Left screen text:               Includes refinements to the original scenario by Fumiaki Maruto, plus newly added scenes!

Right screen text:             Characters’ expressions come alive with Motion Portrait animation!


When one person seizes happiness, there is always sadness for another behind it.



532-0011 Osaka-shi Yodogawa-ku Nishinakajima 4-13-17 CTA

Website: http://aquaplus.jp/

AVG|Compatible video formats: NTSC, 480p, 720p|Number of players: 1|HDD space required: Saving: 4074KB or above/Installation: 1900MB or above|Controller vibration compatible

If your TV is not compatible with 720p HD (high-definition) display, it will be displayed in SD (standard definition).

This software includes the same game content as the previously-released product of the same name.

This software is for the PlayStation 3 (Japanese domestic).



Please read the handbook enclosed, as well as the instruction manual for the hardware being used, before using. In particular, when being used by small children, guardians should read these documents in order to ensure proper usage.

To guardians: Usage restrictions can be set for when system is in use by children. Please visit http://pscom.jp/safety.


Spine:                                  White Album 2

The Other Side of Happiness

¥2,800 + tax

CERO D               (ages 17+)


Front cover:                      White Album 2

The Other Side of Happiness

CERO D (ages 17+)

¥2,800 + tax



Title:                                    White Album 2

The Other Side of Happiness



Title:                                    White Album 2

The Other Side of Happiness





Title:                                    White Album 2

Mini-After Story


Instructions:                      To Install Game

Insert game disk into DVD-ROM drive. Menu will launch automatically. Click “Install” and then follow instructions given. If menu does not launch automatically, go to My Computer (computer) and execute “Setup.exe” from within the game disk.


OS: Windows Vista/7/8 Japanese (DirectX9.Oc required)

Bottom:                              Planned and produced by Aquaplus        http://aquaplus.jp

*This product is not covered by User Support.



Title:                                    White Album 2

Mini-After Story



Title:                                    White Album 2

Mini-After Story