White Album 2 Light Novels in English

This segment looks to translate the White Album 2 light novels, released between March 16, 2013, and September 12, 2014. All official LNs were supervised by Maruto Fumiaki, the creator of the original story who also supervised the anime and manga series.

There are six books overall: volumes one and two depict the introductory chapter, volumes three and four cover the closing chapter and volumes five and six illustrate the first and second parts of coda.

Each volume of the light novels is made up of chapters taken from the perspectives of Haruki, Setsuna, and Kazusa. An added short story, written by Maruto, is included at the end of Volumes two, four, and six.

Editor & Supervisor: Fumiaki Maruto / Author: Masaya Tsukishima / Illustration: Takeshi Nakamura & Kenichiro Katsura / Publication: SB Creative.


1. Official Light Novels

1.1 First volume

Chapter 0       Chapter 1       Chapter 2       Chapter 3       Chapter 4       Chapter 5

Chapter 6       Chapter 7       Chapter 8       Chapter 9       Chapter 10       Chapter 11

Chapter 12       Chapter 13       Chapter 14       Chapter 15       Chapter 16       Chapter 17

Chapter 18       Chapter 19       Chapter 20       Chapter 21       Analysis

Project status:

Official Light Novels:
– LN 1: July 22, 2021. 100% complete
– LNs 2-6: TBA

Unofficial Fan-Made Novels: TBA