White Album 2 Dokokai Radio (Translation and English Subtitles)

The goal of this project is to translate all existing content from the WA2 radio show. White Album 2 Dokokai Radio is a program that was distributed every Friday on Otoizumi from August 31, 2012 until April 25, 2014. Although it was suspended temporarily after episode 87, a renewal notice was delivered on July 13, 2018.

Note: This will be a long-term endeavour. Boasting a greater amount of Japanese characters than either the visual novel or official light novels, Dokokai Radio is the medium through which White Album 2 contains its largest amount of content. We must also manually transcribe each spoken line into Japanese written text, as well as time all of the subtitles, which will be a time-consuming process.


1. First-Run Broadcast (2012-2014)

1.7. Seventh Volume

Episode 81       Episode 82       Episode 83       Episode 84       Episode 85       Episode 86

Episode 87

2. Dokokai Radio 2018

2.2. Bonus


Project Status:

– Transcription and Japanese subtitles : Episodes 0-7 and 70-87

– Translation and English subtitles: Episodes 81-87