White Album 2 CG drawings

Welcome to this fanart page, a section dedicated to our White Album 2 CG drawings. All the WA2 images you’ll find here belong to us.

In this project, we are going to be painting the White Album 2 characters in a realistic style.

Drawing 1: Setsuna X Haruki

This is our first White Album 2 drawing, where Setsuna Ogiso is holding Haruki Kitahara. The bloody markings on her leg, as well as the blood on her hands and snowflakes, refer to her yandere side when it comes to Haruki.


The first sketch we made, which ultimately led to the picture shown above:


Drawing 2: Beautiful Setsuna Ogiso

It’s not finished yet, but we wanted to show an early sketch:


Sorry for the delay. We finally finished drawing Setsuna, who’s wearing the same clothes she put on for the concert in Introductory Chapter. We wanted to show Setsuna’s innocent side in this picture, and the color we chose for that purpose is pink.