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Bonus postcard (back)

Text:                                    Winter is coming on—

That bittersweet, eternal moment


Bonus postcard

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Text:                                    6

White Album 2



Text:                                    White Album 2

Winter is coming on—

That bittersweet, eternal moment



01:                                       #11: The Snow Melts, and Until it Falls Again… (Part 2)

Script: Fumiaki Maruto/Staging: Naomichi Yamato/Storyboarding: Naomichi Yamato/Animation directors: Youko Sano & Yumiko Ishii


Knowing now how Kazusa truly feels, Haruki is deeply perplexed over receiving such a confession at this stage; but at the same time, he can’t hide his happiness at learning that the girl he always liked the most has harbored the same feelings for him. And so, when Kazusa breaks things off with a declaration of friendship and attempts to leave him, he takes an unforgivable action. Even the understanding that it will keep them from ever being able to be a pair again, let alone a trio, fails to hold him back…


02:                                       #12: Graduation

Script: Fumiaki Maruto/Staging: Osamu Takahashi/Storyboarding: Kenji Yasuda/Animation directors: Kiyotaka Nakahara & Masanori Aoyama


Haruki falls sick the night after parting from Kazusa, and Setsuna takes great pains in taking care of him, even though she was the one betrayed. While Haruki is rendered motionless by his own guilt, Setsuna, feeling some guilt herself, does her best to treat him tenderly, pretending not to know anything. Then Kazusa appears, swallowing everything she felt, hiding her emotions, to bid farewell. And, as though to announce an end to this tragic winter of endless lies, their graduation ceremony begins.



03:                                       #13: Love Out of Reach

Script: Fumiaki Maruto/Staging: Tadahito Matsubayashi/Storyboarding: Masaomi Andou/Animation directors: Sachiko Oohashi, Tomoe Tanaka, Shunta Sakamoto


At last, Haruki has made the ultimate mistake with Kazusa. At last, Kazusa has carried through on her own feelings, and is on the verge of flying overseas with nothing but that memory in her heart. And, at last, Setsuna has faced her own wrongdoings; and, still desiring to stand together as a trio one last time, she takes Haruki with her to the airport. When they are all together again, the same cherished memory crosses all of their minds. The final song that they played at the School Festival. And its title is…


04:                                       Everyday Clothes



05:                                       Fumiaki Maruto

Text Commentary


Episode 11: The Snow Melts, and Until it Falls Again… (Part 2)

And now for the eleventh episode, the “end of the beginning,” in which all of the unpleasant truths have been brought to light.

When I think about it, Episodes 10 and 11 together really only progress the plot by about an hour, but it’s no good to worry about the little details.

Now Setsuna’s number of lines has gone from few to zero (she only appears in a single scene), Yonezawa-san’s name has disappeared from the credits, and I have earned a whole lot of glares because of it (I reiterate: I am on Team Setsuna!).

Anyway, my fussy insistences were on full throttle for this episode, like the ending vocals starting with the lyrics credits for “After All” as we transition from summer to fall to winter, and I made a lot of selfish requests involving everything from staging to music.

Also, regarding the content shown, I yet again took a very responsibility-shoving approach, something like, “Wow, this is amazing. Oh, but I can’t make it to the studio, so I’ll just let you handle it,” and I understand the studio left behind ran into some bumps as a result. How are you getting along, everyone? I’m so sorry, I’ll buy you all a bowl of katsudon. Please forgive me.

About the wine Youko-san was drinking in this episode: right after the episode aired its origins were identified, but that was all Shimokawa-san’s own decision, and though he told us that Kazusa’s birth year was a fairly good year, Maruto can enjoy drinking just about anything alcoholic, and so does not understand that particular fixation very well yet… I am very sorry, and I hope you’ll give me a glass for studying purposes (or maybe a few hundred thousand bottles).


Episode 12: Graduation

Next, the twelfth episode, which many viewers mistook for the final episode… I’m sorry, I’m no good at series composition. I apologize for any troubles caused.

I take some pride in this episode (mainly on the negative front) for the number of highlights it’s packed with, including Setsuna’s long-awaited reappearance, Haruki crying his eyes out, and Stalker Haruki. In particular, the scene in which Setsuna tells Io the truth about what happened the night after the School Festival was in a certain sense almost too incredible, both for its staging and for Yonezawa-san’s performance, and I actually got a bit scared while I was watching it. How strange—this was meant to be a depiction of melancholy and heartache, so how did it end up like this…? One might say that my own great treasure will break if I hold it.

The inclusion of a featured track in the ending has become a custom by now, and this time, “Twinkle Snow,” which adorned the ending of IC, debuts a ’13 version of its own. The greatest objective for Episode 12 was to figure out how much of Akari Tsuda-san’s full-bodied vocals we could fit in, and so I did what I could to make the final reunion scene between Haruki and Kazusa as long as possible (picture me adding lots of water to it).

Now, all that remains is the final episode… And, when I had finished writing Episode 12, I realized a shocking fact… We haven’t heard “On Saying Goodbye” at all recently.


Episode 13: Love Out of Reach

And here comes the final episode, following that pull. At first, I thought of having “On Saying Goodbye” play, partly in order to make up for the past few episodes… but Setsuna’s version of “Love Out of Reach” was enshrined with footage of the live part. So, absolutely determined to make that the featured song, at the climax of the episode, I fabricated… no, that’s a joke, but it was very admirably inserted into the scene of the conversation with Setsuna on the train.

Also regarding that scene, I was determined to include “The two of us were there with smiling faces,” while President Shimokawa wanted “That winter when I realized I couldn’t stand to be without you,” so we wound up with a slightly different “On Saying Goodbye.” If anybody at all noticed, the producers will simply drown in happiness and self-satisfaction, so by all means (by all means do what?).

If you look at the script for this episode included in the special features, the first draft was actually the final draft, which is very unusual. It could be that at that moment all of my work had finally borne fruit, or it could be that at that moment the staff finally went “It’s fine, we can fine-tune it ourselves.” The world may never know.

With that, my long-running, long-winded text commentary comes to an end. Whether or not my ridiculously long chattering can continue depends on King Records and their airs and whims—I mean, on all of you and your support, so I ask you to continue supporting me for many years to come. Bye for now!


06:                                       Staff Credits



Haruki Kitahara: Takahiro Mizushima

Setsuna Ogiso: Madoka Yonezawa

Kazusa Touma: Hitomi Nabatame

Takeya Iizuka: Takuma Terashima

Io Mizusawa: Ikumi Nakagami

Chikashi Hayasaka: Noriaki Sugiyama

Takahiro Ogiso: Yuuki Kaji

Youko Touma: Rio Natsuki



Original Work: White Album 2: The Other Side of Happiness (Aquaplus)

Director: Masaomi Andou

Series Composition & Script: Fumiaki Maruto

Original Character Design: Takeshi Nakamura

Character Design & Overall Animation Direction: Satoru Fujimoto

Minor Character Design & Overall Animation Direction: Rondo Mizukami

Chief Director: Seiya Numata

Costume Design: Sachiko Oohashi

3D Set Design: Kenichi Morioka

Art Director: Kenichi Tajiri

Color Design: Aiko Shinohara

Cinematographer: Youichirou Satou

Visual Effects: Kento Sasaki

SFX Director: Kumiko Taniguchi

3D Director: Hisashi Akimoto (T2 Studio)

Director of Audiography: Jin Aketagawa

Editing: Gou Sadamatsu

Music Director: Naoya Shimokawa

Music: Shuntarou Kobayashi


Animation: Satelight

Production: Project W.A.2


Opening Theme

Rena Uehara (F.I.X. Records), “Love Out of Reach ‘13”


Ending Theme

Rena Uehara (F.I.X. Records), “On Saying Goodbye”


Product Staff

Package Illustration

Original Illustration: Satoru Fujimoto

Finishing: Emiko Onodera

Background: Kenichi Tajiri (Mukuo Studio)

Photography: Natsumi Iriguchi (T2 Studio)


Art Direction: Ai Nonaka & Tsuyoshi Kusano (Tsuyoshi Kusano Design)

Designer: Hiro Kondou (Tsuyoshi Kusano Design)


Authoring Coordinator: Kentarou Kai (McRAY)

Authoring Engineer: Hiroyuki Kido (McRAY)

Menu Design: Nao Hanaue (McRAY)


Product Coordinator: Sayuri Yamashita

Promotion: Kou Ebata

Asuka Noda

Marie Wada

Sales Promotion: Natsuko Moro

Production Management: Toshiaki Satou

Supervisor: Kusao Mishima

Assistant Producer: Renta Suzuki

Producer: Yuusuke Morii


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