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Text:                                    1

White Album 2



Text:                                    White Album 2

Winter is coming on—

That bittersweet, eternal moment



01:                                       #1: White Album

Script: Fumiaki Maruto/Staging: Masaomi Andou/Storyboarding: Masaomi Andou/Animation director: Kanji Nagasaka


It’s autumn, and with the School Festival only a month away, the Light Music Club finds itself in danger of collapse thanks to turmoil stirred up by its lovely singer, Tomo Yanagihara. Haruki Kitahara, a member of the club, rushes about in search of new members, but in the midst of that mess, he gets dragged into the Festival Committee’s chaos as well. Then, he meets Setsuna Ogiso—Queen for the past two years of the Miss Houjou High contest, the centerpiece of the festival, and on the verge of withdrawing from this year’s contest.


02:                                       #2: Adjoining Piano and Guitar

Script: Fumiaki Maruto/Staging: Yoshihide Ibata/Storyboarding: Seiya Numata/Animation directors: Tomokazu Sugimura, Hiroaki Ikeda, Hiroshi Araki


Haruki, enraptured by Setsuna’s voice as she sings on the roof, schemes to bring her into the Light Music Club by any means necessary. Persuading her proves exceedingly difficult, however, thanks to Setsuna’s reluctance to make a spectacle of herself. Meanwhile, yet another challenge arises for the club: The “Elite in Music Room #2,” whom Haruki had been planning to solicit as a keyboard player, turns out not to be a student from the Music Department, but an unidentified mystery from an unknown class.



03:                                       Haruki Kitahara (VA: Takahiro Mizushima)

First-term Class President of Class 3-E at Houjou High School. An honor student with excellent grades, and a demon of meddling and lecturing. For some reason, he has joined the Light Music Club. Lately he has been devoting himself completely to practicing the guitar for the School Festival, but he lacks the talent yet to go onstage.


04:                                       Character Commentary by Fumiaki Maruto


Haruki-kun: the natural-born class president.

…Such is the impression he may tend to give off, but in reality, his parents divorced when he was in elementary school, and while he has been living with his mother ever since, the relationship between the two of them is cold. That said, his slightly complicated past has done nothing to reduce the nagging habit that so many around him are subjected to.

To those of you who might ask, “Why is this pushy, preachy guy so popular?” I hope you can be sufficiently convinced by my saying, “Well, the two heroines are pretty unusual, themselves…”

But, to break it down a little more, what’s good about him is something that you won’t really see unless you have some kind of trouble in your heart, like you’re hiding your true self or you’re pretending to be aloof, and while there are those who find him annoying, they are grateful for a harmonious environment, and he is happiest when all can spend their days enjoyably… Err, is that enough to worm my way out of the question?



05:                                       Fumiaki Maruto

Text Commentary


Episode 1: White Album

And here we are—like it or not, this episode is my anime script writing debut. It was a smooth-sailing start, with the lamentable realization that the length would allow neither Opening nor Ending Theme, and I remember the drawn faces of everyone apart from myself who participated in producing the script like it was yesterday.

The fact that the end is hinted from the beginning is the result of the succession of a proposition by President Shimokawa of Aquaplus, back in the days of the original game; when I think about it now, I can’t help feeling that my most consistent production technique came from figuring out how to clear President Shimokawa’s unreasonable… no, his wonderful flashes of insight.

Now, Director Andou personally handled the storyboarding for this first episode, and Maruto’s extremely novice first impression was, “It doesn’t feel like an anime—in a good way.”

It was so lyrical and lovely, I felt as though I were watching a quiet live-action film, and my chest swelled with the anticipation when I pondered how these storyboards would look given color and put into motion. I hope that all of you viewing the finished product felt it, too.

One thing I didn’t foresee was that the director was a die-hard member of Team Kazusa, to an extent that far surpassed my imagination, and it happened several times that Kazusa started showing up more when I wasn’t paying attention; that ultimately proved the opening of a deep-rooted Double Heroine Dispute among the staff that continues to this day, almost a year later.


Episode 2: Adjoining Piano and Guitar

And, for the second episode, storyboarding was handled by Numata-san, the chief director. In the early phase, the director generally took the odd-numbered episodes, while Numata-san did the even-numbered ones, and I think the result was a composition in which you can clearly see distinct characteristics going episode by episode.

Numata-san’s storyboards (and this is also a layman’s opinion, so take it with a grain of salt), in contrast with the director’s, are “extremely anime-like—in a good way.” Every shot of Setsuna was given detailed, intuitive directions like “Super cute!” or “Extraordinarily cute Setsuna!”, and come to think of it, she was pretty cute. Around this time we started getting rapid-fire messages from Producer Morii at King Records about how adorable Setsuna was. Definitely a very dedicated member of Team Setsuna.

Also, regarding the songs played in the karaoke scene: I was having drinks with President Shimokawa, and in the tipsy spirit of things I said something like “We should have Setsuna sing ‘Akujo’ by Miyuki Nakajima-san,” and I brought it up at the next meeting just for the heck of it, and to my surprise, they OK’d it…

At that moment, as I was perfectly sober, deeply emotional, and prepared to stay with King Records for the rest of my life, I became aware of a weaker part of myself, unable to keep more dark desires from simmering up: “Well, if all I have to do is ask…”


To be continued in Episode 3…


06:                                       Staff Credits



Haruki Kitahara: Takehiro Mizushima

Setsuna Ogiso: Madoka Yonezawa

Kazusa Touma: Hitomi Nabatame

Takeya Iizuka: Takuma Terashima

Io Mizusawa: Ikumi Nakagami

Chikashi Hayasaka: Noriaki Sugiyama

Takahiro Ogiso: Yuuki Kaji

Tomo Yanagihara: Miyuu Kashiwagi



Original Work: White Album 2: The Other Side of Happiness (Aquaplus)

Director: Masaomi Andou

Series Composition & Script: Fumiaki Maruto

Original Character Design: Takeshi Nakamura

Character Design & Overall Animation Direction: Satoru Fujimoto

Minor Character Design & Overall Animation Direction: Rondo Mizukami

Chief Director: Seiya Numata

Costume Design: Sachiko Oohashi

3D Set Design: Kenichi Morioka

Art Director: Kenichi Tajiri

Color Design: Aiko Shinohara

Cinematographer: Youichirou Satou

Visual Effects: Kento Sasaki

SFX Director: Kumiko Taniguchi

3D Director: Hisashi Akimoto (T2 Studio)

Director of Audiography: Jin Aketagawa

Editing: Gou Sadamatsu

Music Director: Naoya Shimokawa

Music: Shuntarou Kobayashi


Animation: Satelight

Production: Project W.A.2


Opening Theme

Rena Uehara (F.I.X. Records), “Love Out of Reach ‘13”


Featured Song

Rena Uehara (F.I.X. Records), “Closing ‘13”


Product Staff

Package Illustration

Original Illustration: Satoru Fujimoto

Finishing: Aiko Shinohara

Background: Natsuko Komatsu (Mukuo Studio)

Photography: Natsumi Iriguchi (T2 Studio)


Art Direction: Ai Nonaka & Tsuyoshi Kusano (Tsuyoshi Kusano Design)

Designer: Hiro Kondou (Tsuyoshi Kusano Design)


Authoring Coordinator: Kentarou Kai (McRAY)

Authoring Engineer: Hiroyuki Kido (McRAY)

Menu Design: Nao Hanaue (McRAY)


Product Coordinator: Sayuri Yamashita

Promotion: Kou Ebata

Asuka Noda

Marie Wada

Sales Promotion: Natsuko Moro

Production Management: Toshiaki Satou

Supervisor: Kusao Mishima

Assistant Producer: Renta Suzuki

Producer: Yuusuke Morii


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Text:                                    Winter is coming on—

That bittersweet, eternal moment


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