White Album 2 manga online – Volume 4, Chapter 7

White Album 2 manga online

Volume 4, chapter 7


Page 165


Message:                            Kazusa-san has finally started practicing again…


Message:                            I know it’s because your feelings reached her, Director! Here, listen for yourself!


Chapter title:                     SESSION23

Happiness For One Alone

Youko:                                This is…?

She’s working desperately hard to keep her tears back…

Youko:                                I can’t believe it.


Page 166


Youko:                                As though she were wishing for some kind of heavy penalty…

Youko:                                A sound with a grim resolve drifting through it.


Youko:                                Kazusa… What are you trying to atone for…?


Haruki:                                Ulp…


FX:                                        Huff huff

Narration:                          My body is being assailed by nausea, chills, and headaches.

                                             I know exactly why. This is a punishment.


Page 167


Narration:                          My punishment for choosing a course of action that no decent person would have chosen.


Narration:                          It must be from stress.


Narration:                          But, if I experience this kind of rejection every time I try to face something painful…

                                             Who the hell is going to protect Kazusa…?


Haruki:                                I have to go…

Narration:                          To my first date with Setsuna in ages… To the court of my judgment.


Page 168


Haruki:                                Sorry I’m late…

Setsuna:                              Oh, no, I haven’t been waiting that long!


Narration:                          She welcomed me with the smile of a condemning goddess.


Page 169


Setsuna:                              The sunset is so pretty…


Setsuna:                              It’s been a while since the two of us looked at the ocean like this, huh?

Haruki:                                Sure has…


Page 170


Haruki:                                …Setsuna…

Setsuna:                              Hm?


Haruki:                                I need to tell you something.

Haruki:                                It’s…

very important…


Setsuna:                              Oh, no!

Setsuna:                              Look at the time!

Haruki:                                Uh…


Page 171


Setsuna:                              I’m sorry, Haruki-kun, but I have to go!

Haruki:                                Setsuna…?


Haruki:                                …Will you at least listen to what I have to say? On the train, even…

Setsuna:                              I’m about to be late! I’ll have to run…


Haruki:                                Then, we can hurry. I’ll run with you to the station…

Setsuna:                              Don’t! I don’t want to hear anything else today!


Haruki:                                Ah…


Page 172


Setsuna:                              I knew it… We shouldn’t have met up today.


Setsuna:                              I realized that something like this might happen…

Setsuna:                              but I couldn’t resist the temptation of seeing you!

Setsuna:                              I couldn’t get rid of this faint hope that you might embrace me!

Haruki:                                Setsuna…


Setsuna:                              Why… Why?

Setsuna:                              Why can’t I be part of the picture?

Setsuna:                              Why can’t the three of us be together?

Setsuna:                              Has Kazusa still not forgiven me…?


Page 173


Haruki:                                …I’m sorry.

Setsuna:                              N-no…

Setsuna:                              I can’t take this…!


Haruki:                                Right. I’m not going to renew the next time around.

Woman:                             All right…

Narration:                          Little by little…


Mari:                                   Y-you’re quitting?

Mari:                                   Did you just say you’re quitting?

Haruki:                                Yes.

I’m… truly sorry.

Narration:                          Slowly, but surely, I’m making my preparations.


Page 174


Haruki:                                …

Susumu:                              Apologies for calling you on your day off.

Haruki:                                Oh, no…


Haruki:                                Excuse me.

FX:                                        Click


Page 175


Haruki:                                What the hell are you doing? You need to be careful, now more than ever.

Kazusa:                               Your face…

Haruki:                                Forget that. Just get inside before you catch a cold.


Kazusa:                               …So, you ran off without telling me and got hurt again.

Haruki:                                Seriously, it’s nothing big…


Haruki:                                What? Are you cold?

Kazusa:                               A little.


FX:                                        Squeeze


Page 176


Kazusa:                               Hey, Haruki… I’m not gonna force you to tell me.

Kazusa:                               But… when you’re hurt, you can at least cry on me.

Let me be someone you need.

Haruki:                                Kazusa…


Haruki:                                All right…


Kazusa:                               Let me handle this, Haruki.

This time… I’m gonna take care of you.

Narration:                          I heard Kazusa’s voice through what felt like the haze between dream and realty.


Page 177


Kazusa:                               Ah!


Kazusa:                               You actually came…

Setsuna:                              Yoo-hoo!

Kazusa:                               Thanks… Setsuna.


Page 178


Kazusa:                               Um… I’m sorry.

Setsuna:                              For what?


Kazusa:                               For what…? I mean, um… Haruki…

Setsuna:                              There’s not really anything that warrants an apology.


Setsuna:                              I knew.

I knew that if you and Haruki-kun reunited, things would turn out this way, no question.

Setsuna:                              Since five years ago. The whooole time.

Setsuna:                              I knew.


Page 179


Setsuna:                              But, everything’s fine! I found a solution!

Kazusa:                               Huh?


Setsuna:                              If the three of us can be together from now on, that’s all I need.

Setsuna:                              Like we were long ago…

Setsuna:                              A trio!


Kazusa:                               That… Listen…

Setsuna:                              Why don’t we all spend time together, like we did when we were rehearsing for that week before the concert?

If we’re together, we can all be happy!

Kazusa:                               …No, Setsuna. That’s just a pipe dream now…


Page 180


Setsuna:                              Why? We did it then, so why not now…?


Kazusa:                               We weren’t doing it then.

Kazusa:                               I’m jealous of you, without meaning to be.

Kazusa:                               Because I’m a weak, greedy person.


Kazusa:                               I love you, Setsuna.

Kazusa:                               I love and respect you.

Kazusa:                               You’ve been a good person since I first met you.

Decent, strong…

FX:                                        Swing

Kazusa:                               But, if you’re going to lose that strength because of me…


Kazusa:                               then…

I’ll compensate you for it.

FX:                                        Crash


Setsuna:                              …


Page 181


Kazusa:                               The piano is all I have.

I’m a useless woman, with nothing else.

Kazusa:                               So, I’m giving the piano to you.


Kazusa:                               I’m sorry, Setsuna.

FX:                                        Smash


Kazusa:                               Huh?


Page 182


Kazusa:                               Why…

Why did you stop me?


Setsuna:                              I don’t know…!

Setsuna:                              My hand just moved unconsciously.


Setsuna:                              It shouldn’t have been any of my concern…

Setsuna:                              Why… Why did I…

Setsuna:                              I don’t know anything any more… I don’t know!


Page 183


FX:                                        Clap clap clap clap clap


Page 184


Youko:                                Guitar Boy… You aren’t coming, are you?


Youko:                                Oh, god…!


Page 185


Tomo:                                 Setsuna’s gone missing!

Tomo:                                 She hasn’t been home at all this week!


Tomo:                                 She didn’t show up at work today, either! I can’t get through to her phone!

Tomo:                                 Something’s wrong with Setsuna, and it’s all your fault!


Akina:                                  No, not yet… I just put in a search request with the police.

Haruki:                                Then, I’ll go look around some more, anywhere I think she might—

Akina:                                  No… You’ve done enough.


Akina:                                  Please, don’t concern yourself with us any more.

FX:                                        Click

Haruki:                                …


Page 186


Kazusa:                               At tomorrow’s concert… And, from now on… Keep watching over me, okay?

Haruki:                                Yes, I’ll watch over you. But that doesn’t mean I’ll always be right there by you.


Kazusa:                               Huh…?


Page 187


Haruki:                                I will dedicate the rest of my life to living with you.

Haruki:                                But, if something ever comes up that’s more important to your happiness than my being right there, then I might not be right there.

Haruki:                                I’ll work for your sake, put distance between us for your sake, maybe even fight for your sake.


Haruki:                                So, at times like those, I just want you to believe…

that my not being there is for your sake, as well.


Page 188


FX:                                        Huff huff

Haruki:                                Setsuna…


Haruki:                                You should go home… Aren’t you cold out here?


Haruki:                                Your family is worried.

Setsuna:                              I just called them.

Haruki:                                You did?

Setsuna:                              Mom was crying.

Setsuna:                              She said Takahiro’s been out looking for me this whole time…


Setsuna:                              It didn’t work… Even at the end of everything, I couldn’t break completely…

Setsuna:                              I couldn’t stay fixated on you.

Setsuna:                              I couldn’t… I couldn’t cut myself off completely from my family and friends, and the world!

Setsuna:                              I couldn’t surpass Kazusa, who was able to throw everything away for you without a second thought.


Page 189


Setsuna:                              Tell Kazusa…

Setsuna:                              I’m sorry…

to have interfered with her concert.


Setsuna:                              I wound up borrowing you for a pretty long time…

Setsuna:                              but I’m giving you back.


Page 190


Phone:                                Subject: concert

I blew them all away. Dumbass.


Youko:                                I’m sorry. I know we’ve made a real mess of your life…

Haruki:                                It’s all right, Youko-san.


Youko:                                But, you know, she really doesn’t have anything apart from the piano.

Youko:                                It doesn’t look like she even knows how to check in properly.

Haruki:                                It’s okay.

Haruki:                                I’ll take care of her, in everything.


Youko:                                Oh, looks like everything worked out.

Look at that face. It’s like she just ran her first successful mission ever.

FX:                                        Hmph!

Haruki:                                Ha ha ha…


Haruki:                                Guess it’s time for us to go, then…

Haruki:                                Mom.

Youko:                                Oh, my!


Youko:                                Not bad, Haruki-kun.


Page 191


Youko:                                Both of you…

Youko:                                Be happy!


Narration:                          As I gazed at Japan, growing more and more distant, I suddenly felt tears starting to fall.

                                             …But, that was the end of it.

                                             I had decided that, the next time I set foot on land, I would be a man strong enough to stake my life on protecting Kazusa to the end. 


Page 192


Narration:                          At that moment, I realized I had forgotten something in my apartment—

                                             A single, tiny guitar.

                                             I had kept it there the whole time with the intention of selling it off to a dealer, and I completely forgot.

                                             At this point, the managers had probably found it and dealt with it appropriately.

                                             The guitar I offered up to Setsuna, that I would never play again.

                                             As I pondered that, I wiped away the last of my tears.


Narration:                          Goodbye, Setsuna.


Page 193

*end caption


Page 194

Comments:                        First of all, let me say: Very well done, 2C=Garoa-san.

Within the manga version of White Album 2, my personal favorite character was Koharu.

She was already a small, restless critter-like character, but with the additional movement given to her in the manga, I feel like she was the most vivid and lively of them all.

Well, that could be because the main two were kind of gloomy, in accordance with the original work…

Really, with things like this, I could see this Koharu accidentally ending up on her own individual route, and being gloomy herself… (snip)

Fumiaki Maruto


Page 195

Comments:                        2C=Garoa-sensei, congratulations on completing the manga.

From the characters, drawn with such overflowing brilliance and appeal, I was able to get swept away in in my feelings as a reader every time.

Furthermore, the work made me very happy as someone who had had an involvement with it, being able to watch over a story I hadn’t drawn myself, from alongside it and at its conclusion.

Finally, I want to thank the characters for their hard work, and above all, to offer the artist my highest, heart-felt thanks.

Thank you, truly, for drawing this manga.

Takeshi Nakamura


Page 196

*blank title page


Page 197

Afterword:                         Though it was rushed, this was an album for three.

I often felt frustrated that I couldn’t draw all of the scenes I wanted to draw, so please experience the gut-wrenching emotions for yourself with the PC edition (for adults) or the PS3/Vita editions (for minors)…

Thank you so much for sticking around until the end! Be well, everyone…!


Special thanks


-Fumiaki Maruto

-Yoten Sugiura

-Riko Ooide


Page 198

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Page 199

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