White Album 2 manga online – Volume 4, Chapter 6

White Album 2 manga online

Volume 4, chapter 6


Page 141


Youko:                                Leukemia, they said

Narration:                          I wasn’t prepared.

Haruki:                                …What?

Chapter title:                     SESSION22

Throwing Everything Away


Youko:                                That’s the kind of disease tragic heroines are supposed to get… God must have made a mistake somewhere.

Haruki:                                …


Narration:                          When Youko Touma called me, the last thing I expected was an announcement this shocking.

                                             You could have knocked me over with a feather.


Youko:                                That’s why I came back to Japan…

Youko:                                the country I love most in the world, after everything.


Page 142


Youko:                                Just so you know, I have no plans to die any time soon.

Youko:                                I’ll use all the money I have, and whatever else it takes, to make it to a hundred.


Youko:                                But, with me in this state, Kazusa won’t have any choice but to stand on her own.

I’ve been pulling plenty of strings with that in mind.


Youko:                                Still, I had just one thing left to gamble on.

Youko:                                My last hope, and my biggest obstruction—that you yourself would return Kazusa to Japan.

Haruki:                                I…

Youko:                                …But, I suppose that was pointless.


Youko:                                Hey, Guitar Boy. With things being as they are…

Youko:                                I want you to dump her, as hard as you can.


Page 143


Youko:                                Discard her completely, so that her own wounds can heal more quickly.

Youko:                                If you don’t—if you give her an inch—she’ll never give up on you.


Youko:                                If you can’t accept her, throw her away now.

For her sake.


Narration:                          But, if I did that, what would happen to Kazusa?

                                             Who could possibly protect her…?

                                             These questions ran though my head, but my voice wouldn’t come out.


Page 144


Haruki:                                I told you, don’t just eat the meat. Eat the fish, too, and the daikon, and the carrots, and the chrysanthemums…


Kazusa:                               Gonna pass on the chrysanthemums, but I’ll eat the rest, okay?


Haruki:                                Eat the kombu instead, then.

Kazusa:                               …Fine.

FX:                                        Puff puff


FX:                                        Hmph

FX:                                        Munch munch


FX:                                        Vrrrt

Haruki:                                …Sorry, it’s Takeya.


Page 145


Haruki:                                Hello…

Kazusa:                               There’s no meat left…


Takeya:                               Hey, man! Congrats on getting engaged!

Haruki:                                Uh?!

FX:                                        Jolt


Takeya:                               Haruki, you’re blowing me away here! I never thought I’d see the day…!

FX:                                        Scoot

Takeya:                               I got Setsuna-chan here with me right now! C’mon over!


Setsuna:                              Sorry, Haruki-kun… Takahiro saw the ring, and I guess he told everyone…

FX:                                        Stamp stamp stamp

Haruki:                                No, Setsuna, you didn’t do anything wrong… You don’t have to apologize.

I’m really sorry, though. I’m in the middle of some work right now. I’ll call you back later, okay?


Page 146


Haruki:                                Hang on! Kazusa, wait!


Kazusa:                               No! Let go of me!


Kazusa:                               I hate this! I can’t take it any more!

Kazusa:                               Just run off and be happy with Setsuna already!


Kazusa:                               …And, congratulations!

My only two friends in the world are going to be together… I’m so glad! Really!

Kazusa:                               With all that, I can’t burden you anymore, so I’m just gonna leave!


Page 147


Haruki:                                You can’t… You only just recovered from your injuries, and you don’t have anything pulled together…


Kazusa:                               B-but… If I stay here, I’m gonna break… I can’t stand this…!


Kazusa:                               I’m leaving… I can’t be in Japan any more…


Page 148


Narration:                          An hour after that, Kazusa was breathing quietly in her sleep, having finally calmed down.


Narration:                          At this rate, things are going to rupture sooner or later.

                                             I have to come up with some kind of solution before Kazusa wakes up.


Page 149


Narration:                          Before dawn breaks, I have to think of a way for Kazusa to be happy…


FX:                                        Nod nod


FX:                                        Zzz

FX:                                        Rustle


Kazusa:                               Bye, Haruki.


FX:                                        Click


Page 150


FX:                                        Vrrrt


FX:                                        Jolt

FX:                                        Vrrrt


FX:                                        Vrrrt

Haruki:                                Kazusa…!


Screen:                                Incoming call

Youko Touma


Haruki:                                Youko-san?! I’m sorry, Kazusa isn’t…

Youko:                                I know. She was with me until just a minute ago.

Youko:                                But… I’m afraid I don’t know where she went after that.


Page 151


Youko:                                I… collapsed in front of her.

Narration:                          Youko Touma was always the ultimate reaching point for Kazusa—the summit she aspired to.

                                             If that summit were to disappear…

Youko:                                It was her first time seeing me like this, and she panicked…

Narration:                          the public would tell Kazusa to take Youko Touma’s place, to take off in the world the way her mother had.

                                             How could a sheltered girl like her take on the world, alone?

                                             In which case, she would have to turn her back on the public and find a new world…

                                             But would she be capable of that? No, there’s no way.

                                             Not without someone seriously supporting her.

Youko:                                So I told her everything.

Youko:                                Absolutely everything, including that I have no desire to return to Vienna.

Youko:                                And then, she rushed out of the hospital…


Page 152


Narration:                          The Houjou University campus…

                                             Light is spilling out of the windows of the school buildings.

                                             How many times did I myself meet the dawn, beneath those lights?


Narration:                          My classmate, always hanging around in the lecture room with a sleeping bag even though she couldn’t be bothered to write a proper essay…

                                             Now and then, she would come out with something weirdly sharp, and I found myself thinking, “Maybe she actually knows everything about me.”


Page 153


Narration:                          Hey, Izumi… How much did you know about me, then?

                                             And, now… Do you know where I’m supposed to go from here?


Page 154


Narration:                          Goodies is closed by now…

                                             I’m not all that hungry. I just thought, maybe…

                                             a certain nagging junior of mine might be able to buck me up a little.


Narration:                          That pushy girl who doesn’t care who you are—no, in fact, the bigger trouble you’re in, the more deeply she’ll meddle.


Page 155


Narration:                          Koharu Sugiura…

                                             You… If you were to meet someone who had just lost something enormously important to them, what would you think?

                                             Everyone says you and I are similar. Even you acknowledge that… So, what would you do?


Page 156


Narration:                          Bright light spills from the windows of the editorial department at Kaiou.

                                             But the person I want to see the most isn’t there right now.


Narration:                          The one to whom I owe everything as an adult, who so thoroughly drove into me what it was like living in society, even before I entered it for real…

                                             Thanks to her, I was able to forge many incredible bonds as a person… and crucial ties to the real world.


Page 157


Narration:                          Mari-san… What choice would you make here?

                                             My job? Interpersonal relationships? Societal ties?

                                             I don’t even know any more.


FX:                                        Shk shk


Page 158


Narration:                          But I have to decide.

FX:                                        Shk

Narration:                          I can’t put it off any more.


Narration:                          So, I’m going to follow this single feeling I have.

FX:                                        Shk shk shk

Narration:                          Whom do I want to make happy?


Narration:                          With whom will I have no regrets, even if I make mistakes…?

FX:                                        Shk shk shk


Haruki:                                …Kazusa!


Page 159


Haruki:                                Kazusa! Are you all right?! I know you’re in there!

FX:                                        Bang bang

Haruki:                                Hey, hold on!


Man:                                    …Did the young lady staying here really give you a call that urgent?

Haruki:                                That’s why I’m in such a hurry! We’re racing against time here!


FX:                                        Bang bang

Haruki:                                We might need to call the police… No, an ambulance! I’m sorry, I need the front desk to call 119…


Kazusa:                               Shut up. Quit acting like a third-rate tabloid reporter.

Man:                                    Uh?!

FX:                                        Kachunk

Haruki:                                Kazusa!


Page 160


Kazusa:                               What are you doing here? And what the hell was that about? What, did you think I was gonna kill myself?


Haruki:                                No. You aren’t that inconsiderate of other people.


Haruki:                                But I don’t think you can get back on your feet on your own, either.

You’re not that brave.

Haruki:                                You don’t have that kind of strength.

Kazusa:                               What’s that supposed to mean…?


Haruki:                                You can’t live without someone supporting you, but you’re so self-destructive and picky about who you ask for help…

Kazusa:                               Stop.


Haruki:                                Without either me or Youko-san…

how do you expect to live?

Kazusa:                               Stop!


Page 161


Haruki:                                What I’m trying to say is… I have to do something, right?

Kazusa:                               …Huh?


Haruki:                                Even at your worst, I love you.

Haruki:                                I can’t stand the idea of you not living happily.


Kazusa:                               Haruki… you…!


Page 162


Haruki:                                If you tell me that you need me in order to be happy…

Haruki:                                then I’ll stay by your side.

Even if it means throwing everything away…


Kazusa:                               Ah…


Kazusa:                               Ah…


Narration:                          “Throwing everything away.” With Kazusa’s violent wailing as she grasped the meaning of those words…

                                             a truly harsh time began for us.


Page 163

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Page 164

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