White Album 2 manga online – Volume 4, Chapter 2

White Album 2 manga online

Volume 4, chapter 2


Page 31


FX:                                        Yoink


Setsuna:                              Hey! Don’t just steal it like that!

Tomo:                                 C’mon, it’s just one.


Tomo:                                 So, what’s the secret seasoning here?

Setsuna:                              Well, I use soy sauce, sugar, and mirin in proportion to…


Setsuna:                              Hang on, why do I have to tell you that?!

Tomo:                                 Don’t be stingy, Setchan!

Setsuna:                              I told you not to call me “Setchan”!


Takeya:                               What’s up?

Io:                                        What do you mean, what’s up? Look over there.


FX:                                        Badger badger badger badger

Takeya:                               Oh, hey, that’s Tomo Yanagihara. She was one year below us…

Io:                                        No, not her…


Io:                                        That Setsuna impostor who’s tearing into her…

Who is that?


Page 32


Chapter title:                     SESSION18

The One I Love Most in the World


Page 33


Setsuna:                              So… I kept telling her “no,” but she kept pestering me about whether I was free for lunch…

Having to eat with a bully like her was just suffocating!


Haruki:                                Wow. I never hear you badmouthing someone else.

You must actually like her a lot, huh?

Setsuna:                              S-stop it! No way! Absolutely not!


FX:                                        Pinch

Setsuna:                              Aaaugh! Just talking about her makes me feel like my personality is getting worse…


Haruki:                                You’ve never had anyone to trade jabs with before, right?

                                             I think this is a good trend, actually.

Sort of a frenemy thing…

Setsuna:                              Whaaat! No, no!

Haruki:                                You sure? I feel like whenever you talk about her, you get way more energetic.


Page 34


Haruki:                                And maybe she likes you, too.

Like she’s making overtures because she wants your attention.

FX:                                        Twang

Setsuna:                              Urrrgh…


FX:                                        Roll

Setsuna:                              Haruki-kun, I don’t understand your takes on friendship at all.


Setsuna:                              But, if you’re that sure…

maybe I’ll accept her invitation for tomorrow.

Setsuna:                              I can try to interact with her in a normal way again.


Setsuna:                              By the way, Haruki-kun, do you know any other songs?

                                             Can I make a request?

Haruki:                                Urk…!

Haruki:                                I’m planning on expanding my repertoire, so please be patient for a bit…


Page 35


Takeya:                               So, let’s go skiing!

Haruki:                                Skiing…?

Takeya:                               I mean, we’re on spring break, right?


Takeya:                               Let’s do it! We can say there was a mixup with the room assignments, and you two can share a room…

Haruki:                                I’m not immature enough to need a push like…

Takeya:                               Nah, you’ve been demoted to that level now.

Radio:                                 Today on Houjou Radio, our guest was Tomo Yanagihara-san…

Io:                                        Gack! Tomo Yanagihara…

Haruki:                                What? Do you not like Yanahigara-san, either?


Radio:                                 Thank you very much.

Io:                                        Not like her? Eh… It’s more like, when I see Setsuna with Tomo Yanagihara, I just get this weird uneasy feeling…

Takeya:                               Oh, yeah! Where’s Setsuna-chan today?

Takeya:                               Chow time.

Haruki:                                She said Tomo Yanagihara invited her to have lunch together.


Page 36


Takeya:                               Huh? Wait, but didn’t they just say Tomo Yanagihara…

Haruki:                                Oh, it’s probably a recording.

Takeya:                               I’m pretty sure they do this stuff live.


Radio:                                 Now, normally, this is where we’d say goodbye… But, in fact, we have an even bigger surprise prepared for you today.

                                             A surprise guest for Houjou Radio’s annual Valentine’s Day special concert!


Radio:                                 Known as the vocalist from the Houjou High School Light Music Club… Setsuna-chan!

FX:                                        Drop


Io:                                        Hang on…

Setsuna:                              A-ah… um…?

Takeya:                               No way…

Radio:                                 Setsuna-san, welcome to Houjou Radio!

Haruki:                                …


Page 37


Takeya:                               Hey, this is—

Radio:                                 Oh, gosh… I’m tearing up a little! I mean, this love has gone unrequited for two years! My head is spinning!

Takeya:                               Setsuna-chan…

Narration:                          I couldn’t protect Setsuna.


Radio:                                 I just love “Unreaching Love” so much, I play it here on Houjou Radio every single time!

Setsuna:                              H-huh…?

Narration:                          I completely underrated Tomo Yanagihara.

Radio:                                 And now, at the concert next week, I get to hear it live? My heart’s about to burst…

Setsuna:                              Concert…?


Narration:                          After that night, we lost contact with Setsuna.

                                             She didn’t go home, either…

Haruki:                                Yes, all right. Thank you.


Page 38


Takahiro:                            Why don’t you sleep a little?


Akina:                                  You’ve been awake since yesterday, right?

Narration:                          Almost twelve hours have passed since I came to the Ogiso household, both to explain the situation with Setsuna and to ask for help.

Haruki:                                Sorry. After eight more, I’ll be done…


Takahiro:                            Kitahara-san, you’re just as much of a worrywart as Dad.

No one worries this much about me.

Akina:                                  You’re always dashing off as it is. We wouldn’t know how to look for you.

Narration:                          Despite my exposure to the air of the harmonious Ogiso family, which hasn’t changed at all since back then

                                             I didn’t feel bad at all.

FX:                                        Hahaha


Akina:                                  I’ll have food ready soon, so eat something before you go.

Haruki:                                Oh! Yes, thank you.


Takahiro:                            I’ll go look off around the station, then.

Haruki:                                Wait, Takahiro-kun, what about school?

Takahiro:                            C’mon, Kitahara-san, today’s a national holiday!


Page 39


Haruki:                                …A holiday?

Takahiro:                            National Foundation Day.


Narration:                          A national holiday… Meaning, a day off for both the university and the high school.

                                             Normally, I would never be able to be by myself in that place with all its memories…

                                             But, today, it might be completely empty.


FX:                                        Slide


Page 40


Haruki:                                Sorry.


Haruki:                                I know I’m late.


Setsuna:                              …I didn’t ask you to come.


Haruki:                                You didn’t, but I still had to. I know I’ve screwed up in a lot of ways…

Setsuna:                              What ways? As a friend? As a boyfriend?

Setsuna:                              Or… as a guitarist?

Haruki:                                …


Page 41


Haruki:                                Haven’t been here in… three years, huh?

Setsuna:                              Yeah…

Narration:                          Setsuna wasn’t as upset as I thought she would be.

                                             Maybe all the time she spent suffering alone, day in and day out, had left her entirely without tears, anguish, or conflict.


Setsuna:                              Um… Hello.

Setsuna:                              We’re the Light Music Club.


Setsuna:                              Welcome to the Houjou High School Festival. Is everybody having fun?

Narration:                          Sitting on the front of the stage, swinging her legs back and forth, looking up at the ceiling, as though lost in her memories…

Setsuna:                              Um… I haven’t thought of anything to say, so I’m sorry if I’m a little awkward.

Narration:                          She shut her eyes in a reverie, and, clenching her teeth now and then, as if to bite back something that was rising up…

                                             she spoke her lines from three years before, just as they had been.


Setsuna:                              I never planned on singing again, so my voice might not come out right… Will you go easy on me?

Haruki:                                …

Narration:                          And she freely confessed how she was doing now, three years later.


Setsuna:                              Haruki-kun… What am I supposed to do?

Haruki:                                …


Page 42


Haruki:                                You don’t like singing any more?

Setsuna:                              I don’t.

I hate it.


Setsuna:                              Whenever I sing, the school festival show comes flooding back into my head…

and I remember everything that happened afterward, too.

Narration:                          Hey, Setsuna, you don’t actually hate singing, do you?


Setsuna:                              The festival, graduation…

and what happened at the airport, when Kazusa left… I see it all, vividly.

Narration:                          You still love it, but you’re lying to yourself because of me, aren’t you?

Setsuna:                              And if that keeps going…

I might dislike you. I might hate you.


Haruki:                                Setsuna…


Setsuna:                              But you made me think about singing…

Setsuna:                              Are you telling me to start liking it again?


Page 43


Setsuna:                              I want to stay the way I am, liking you…

Setsuna:                              So… I can’t.

Setsuna:                              I can never sing again.


Narration:                          Setsuna seemed like she might stay in this place fraught with memories forever. Then, when I asked her…

Haruki:                                Want to come to my place?

Narration:                          without a moment’s hesitation…

                                             she nodded.


Setsuna:                              This time, today, Haruki-kun and I…

Setsuna:                              will be one…


FX:                                        Splish

Setsuna:                              It’s all right. I won’t waver any more.


Page 44


FX:                                        Blash

Setsuna:                              Haruki-kun?!


FX:                                        Patter patter


Setsuna:                              What… are you doing…?

Haruki:                                What am I…? The concert is in two days.


Setsuna:                              Why are you doing something so pointless?

Haruki:                                Is it pointless?


Setsuna:                              Of course it’s pointless… I’m not going to sing. I’m not doing any concert.

Haruki:                                …


Page 45


FX:                                        Plip

Setsuna:                              Anyway, we have something more important to think about right now, don’t we?


Setsuna:                              I’m…

Setsuna:                              ready, you know?


Setsuna:                              Today… I promise I won’t reject you.

FX:                                        Gulp


Page 46


Setsuna:                              I’m fine now.


Haruki:                                …Can you really say you’re fine?

Setsuna:                              Huh…?


Setsuna:                              Why…?

Setsuna:                              Do you…

Setsuna:                              not love me?

Haruki:                                I do love you…


Haruki:                                You’re the one I love second-most in the world.


Setsuna:                              Second-most… Then, then…

Setsuna:                              Kazusa is still…


Haruki:                                The one I love most in the world is you, when you’re singing there in front of me, enjoying yourself.

Setsuna:                              …Ah.


Page 47


Haruki:                                The Setsuna who suddenly started singing along with my lousy guitar playing.

Haruki:                                The Setsuna who goes to karaoke and forgets all about everyone around her, singing five songs in a row alone, refusing to let go of the mic, completely self-absorbed…

Haruki:                                That’s the one I love most in the world.


Haruki:                                And it’s not just me.

Haruki:                                It’s the same for Takeya…

Haruki:                                And Io, too…

Haruki:                                And maybe even Tomo Yanagihara…


Haruki:                                So… I’m sorry, but…

Haruki:                                Right now… practicing comes first.

Setsuna:                              …


Page 48


Setsuna:                              …


Setsuna:                              …How long are you doing to keep doing this?

Haruki:                                Until I can get through with no mistakes, at least.

Setsuna:                              …Maybe I should get going.

Haruki:                                I’m afraid I can’t take you. If you wouldn’t mind calling a taxi…


Setsuna:                              …


Setsuna:                              Is this going to cause a problem for the concert staff?

Haruki:                                It’s not your fault.

Setsuna:                              The radio host seemed really happy…

Haruki:                                Yeah, she’s played the song almost every day.


Page 49


Narration:                          After a few more hours past, Setsuna’s attitude softened just a little…

                                             and I started to see her true, good-natured self again.

FX:                                        Snort

Setsuna:                              What’s funny?


Haruki:                                Oh, no, that’s just… surprisingly middle-class of you.

Setsuna:                              H-hey… That’s not a compliment.


Haruki:                                But, well… don’t listen to me.

This is something you should decide.

Haruki:                                I would love to hear you sing…

Haruki:                                But…

I don’t want you to regret anything.


Haruki:                                If you decide not to participate, we can go and apologize together.

Haruki:                                So, I want you to keep worrying until the last minute…

Haruki:                                and reach a conclusion.


Page 50


Setsuna:                              …


FX:                                        Nod nod


Page 51


Setsuna:                              …


Narration:                          The memories are so painful that my voice won’t come out…

                                             Yes, but…


Narration:                          He’s right…

                                             I do love singing.


Page 52


Narration:                          Maybe I really will end up hating Haruki-kun.

                                             Maybe I’ll start to feel loathing for him.

FX:                                        Nod


Narration:                          But even if that did happen, I feel like he would be willing to overcome it with me.


Narration:                          All right.

                                             I’ll try singing again.


Narration:                          One more time…

                                             so that I can move forward, without being imprisoned by the past.


Page 53


FX:                                        Tump tump tump

Koharu:                               This is the opposite direction from the north hall!

Takahiro:                            I told you to turn left!

Koharu:                               Then you should have said it before I went through!

Takahiro:                            You kept going when I tried to stop you, Sugiura!


Takahiro:                            …Yada, you don’t look so good. Are you okay?

FX:                                        Freeze


Koharu:                               Hey, Mihoko, you were the one who wanted to see it for yourself, right?

Mihoko:                              …


Koharu:                               I’m right here with you, okay? Let’s go see it together.

Takahiro:                            …See what?

Koharu:                               None of your business, Younger Ogiso!

This is between us girls! Don’t try to pry!

Takahiro:                            I got us the tickets in the first place…


Page 54


Chiaki:                                 …


FX:                                        Roar roar

Chiaki:                                 Until three years ago, I thought the stage was mine… Then, in an instant, that show took it from me…


Chiaki:                                 I’ve been chasing after those three ever since…

Chiaki:                                 but that will probably end today.


Chiaki:                                 I’m intruding in someone else’s home again…

Chiaki:                                 so you’d better show me something incredible, Haruki.


Tomo:                                 Mizusawa-san! Iizuka-san!

Tomo:                                 Yoo-hoo! Over here!


Page 55


Io:                                        What… What kind of nerve…

FX:                                        Flail flail

Takeya:                               Man, who knows… But she’s in the front row, so let’s just go with it.


Io:                                        Well, you look awfully calm for the one who caused this whole uproar.

Announcement:                Thank you so much for attending Houjou Radio’s special Valentine’s Day concert today.


Tomo:                                 Quiet, please. It’s about to start.

Io:                                        Wh-why, you!

Tomo:                                 …


Tomo:                                 I don’t care what you have to say about me…

Tomo:                                 but, right now, shut up!


Tomo:                                 If you say one word while the song is playing…

Announcement:                Before we raise the curtain…

Tomo:                                 I will kill you.


Takeya:                               …

Io:                                        Wait, are you actually just here because you want to hear the song…?


Setsuna:                              Hey, Haruki-kun…

Haruki:                                Hm?

Setsuna:                              Before we go onstage, there’s something I want to say to you.


Page 56


Setsuna:                              I… I’m about to start singing. I know I’m going to remember what happened then.

Narration:                          This is just what I wanted.

                                             The path Setsuna has chosen, in order to move forward.

Setsuna:                              And, when I remember… I might start to hate you.


FX:                                        Spin

Setsuna:                              So… so…!


FX:                                        Tmp


Haruki:                                …


Page 57


Setsuna:                              …

Haruki:                                …


Haruki:                                …All right.

Setsuna:                              …Thank you.


Haruki:                                Well… shall we?

Setsuna:                              Yeah…

We’ll… have fun, won’t we?

Narration:                          I don’t know whether this will completely restore the bond that had been broken…

                                             But I’m sure…

Haruki:                                Of course.


Page 58

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