WA2 Light Novel – Volume 1 Prologue

Author: Masaya Tsukishima
Editor: Fumiaki Maruto
Illust: Takeshi Nakamura
Ken’ichirou Katsura

White Album 2
A Melody Spun by the Snow 1

GA Bunko

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

White Album 2
A Melody Spun by the Snow 1

I dashed up the stairs, practically tumbled through the door onto the roof, and there she was—the owner of the voice.

Her voice was unquestionably ideal, and enchanting beyond comparison.

Hey, Touma-san, how about this?

Wh-What the hell?! I wouldn’t be caught dead in that!

White Album 2
A Melody Spun by the Snow 1

Masaya Tsukishima
GA Bunko

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Cover illustration
Takeshi Nakamura

Frontispiece & main illustration
Ken’ichirou Katsura


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

How could this happen?

I fell in love for the first time.
Made a friend I wanted to be with forever.
I found… a group to belong to.

I gained irreplaceable days, dreamlike days.
Gained more happiness than I could hold in both hands.
That was what I believed.

So, why… Why did it end up like this?

Chapter 1
Introductory Chapter 1

Setsuna’s Piece


As she opened the door to the roof, she was greeted by a dazzling sunset.

Narrowing her eyes, she walked to the fence and looked out at the sports ground.

She saw many students working hard at their club practice. Every one of them looked to be throwing themselves wholeheartedly into doing what they wanted to do.

I wish I could be like that.

Setsuna Ogiso gave a small sigh.

She looked up, filling her field of vision with the reddening sky.

Wished she could just take off and fly from here.

Fly to a place where she could truly be herself…


Another sigh.

Was her high school life going to end in the same way that she had spent the past two and a half years?

She hadn’t suffered any pain, but she hadn’t had any fun, either.

She herself was the one who chose this way of life, but the closer graduation drew, the more Setsuna sighed.

Why did things have to be this way?

With a feeling of indescribable loneliness, Setsuna decided to head for home, and turned around—


Only to freeze, almost reflexively. Somewhere, a melody was playing.

There was… a guitar.

An extremely unskilled guitar, whose plunking tune was eventually joined by a piano, gently moving along with it, carrying it out.


The gloom vanished from her heart. From the moment she heard this melody, her mind, her body, all of her senses, were fully in thrall to it.

Because this melody, the quiet sound of these two instruments entwined, was one that Setsuna loved.

One that she loved enormously.

Who could be performing it?

Who was playing the piano so carefully?

Who was playing the guitar with such strenuous effort?

This melody, spun by these two someones, looked—or rather, sounded very enjoyable.

Suddenly, she found herself wanting them to let her in, as well.


The next moment, Setsuna had opened her mouth.

For one instant, she didn’t know whose voice she was hearing. A few seconds later, she realized that she was the one singing.

She gave herself over to the sound.

Added a song to the melody drifting by on the wind, as naturally as anything.

Her voice continued to ring out, effortlessly. Like a reflex. Like breathing, automatic.

How could it feel this good?

Creating a song with someone else, rather than alone—it felt incredible.

And she felt happy, too.

Weaving together this song—

Weaving together “White Album” with someone else—was utter bliss…

Setsuna continued to sing.

Letting it carry her away, not bothering to hide her true self.

Fully savoring this dreamlike moment, a feeling she had long forgotten.

And she got so lost in it that she didn’t notice.

Didn’t notice that, at some point, the sound of the guitar had ceased, leaving only the piano.

Didn’t notice until the door opened, and someone came out onto the roof.



Until that someone spoke to her, she kept singing, unaware of anything else in the world…

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