WA2 Fan Club Radio – Episode 86

White Album 2 Radio Episode 86 Analysis


In this episode, the discussion of Setsuna’s “True Ending” in Coda is particularly interesting, especially in light of the following (and final) episode’s discussions of the “Infidelity” and “Sworn Enemies” route. Shurababa, the sender of the first message, brings up several very valid points: the risk that Kazusa choosing to stick around Haruki and Setsuna after they’ve married would turn into a repeat of the drama they went through in high school, that seeing them act romantic with each other would be too much for Kazusa to take, and that Setsuna would still have to live with the understanding that Haruki truly loves Kazusa. Takahiro Mizushima asserts that five years have passed since high school, they’ve all had time to grow up in one way or another, and this “repeat” is really a chance for them to try again, this time with new experiences to back them up. If everything works out, it’s quite possible that things won’t end the same way, possible that they’ll be able to simply enjoy all being together the way they once did.

But, similarly to Shurababa’s opinion, it seems doubtful that this would serve as the best “grand finale” for the story. Mizushima uses the word “compromise” to describe the situation; he then corrects himself at Fumiaki Maruto’s suggestion, but it feels that he has hit upon something with that word choice. A future like this would require each of the girls to acknowledge, perpetually, that Haruki belongs to the other in some way—to Setsuna because he’s married her, and to Kazusa because his heart wanted her at the beginning. Mizushima speculates about the notion of Kazusa finding some other man, far off into the future, and leaving the picture, but from what we know of Kazusa, her devotion and her own self-stated certainty that there will never be another man for her, the odds of that seem slim. There is a lot of talk of “enduring” in this context, enduring certain things so that you can enjoy others, balancing the triangle out that way, so to speak; but no matter how much you love someone, there is going to be a limit to how much can be endured, and that limit might not be clear until it’s breached. Haruki and Setsuna’s breakdowns in the Infidelity and Sworn Enemies route are stark examples of this. If there are things left unresolved when Setsuna marries Haruki and Kazusa decides to stick around, it seems inevitable that something will snap sooner or later, for one or both girls, even if Haruki is just happy to have them both.

With all of this in mind, it seems that the other Coda endings might in fact be the most suitable as a grand finale for the story. That it is discussed in the final radio episode, after the talk elsewhere in this episode of “saving the best for last,” is a bonus for Kazusa’s true ending, but more importantly, things do get resolved. There might be a good deal of pain, doubt, and despair on the way there, and it may not fit in with Setsuna’s hope of remaining a trio forever, but with the way things unfolded between the three of them, all the complicated ways their relationships and feelings intersected and conflicted, it doesn’t feel that that dream had much realistic hope in the first place. For instance, in the Infidelity and Sworn Enemies route, instead of leaving things on a doubtful note, with the sort of questions that Shurababa was left with, we see the whole agonizing process, both the breaking down and the piecing back together. By the end of it, Kazusa is poised to realize her potential as a pianist thanks to her love for Haruki, and Setsuna and Haruki have found their way back to each other, after everything. Haruki’s actions make Setsuna mention aloud her certainty that she will be jealous of Kazusa forever, but even that outright statement bears some potential for its being tackled eventually, perhaps by both of them together, instead of being left to simmer and potentially boil over the way things have done before.

Setsuna’s True route, by contrast, begins to seem stifling, somehow: a return to how things were before, and possibly a largely superficial one at that, risks limiting the room that Kazusa has to grow and break free of her hang-ups, when she is the one who arguably needs it most. It could indeed lead to a breakdown, which in her case would likely manifest as running away, which would leave Haruki emotionally compromised, which would in turn affect Setsuna negatively, both by making her worry about him and by reminding her, yet again, of the nature of Kazusa’s importance to him. In this route, all of this is a potentiality; in the other Coda routes, it plays out, and reaches an end. The resolution may hurt, the path to it may have hurt everyone concerned in terrible ways, but it is seen. The work is shown, and because that precedent has now been set, any additional work that may be necessary in the future—and there will undoubtedly be some of it—seems feasible.

In short, Shurababa’s doubts appear somewhat justified, even more so with Maruto’s remark of him just going with what the others say, and Kazusa’s later absence in Mini After-Story. Also, the order of these route discussions is appreciated, as Shurababa’s questions, though they concern Setsuna’s True route, actually set up very well much of what is tackled in the final routes discussed. Just as the listeners’ questions in the “Super Daichuu-Time!” segment prompt in-depth pondering and considering on the part of the hosts and guests, those conversations must have surely prompted a desire to delve further on the listeners’ part, in turn.

White Album 2 Radio Episode 86 Script


Setsuna, Kazusa: WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio

Todokanai koi


S: All right, let’s get started. Hello, everyone. I’m Madoka Yonezawa, the voice of Setsuna Ogiso.

K: Hello, everyone. I’m Hitomi Nabatame, the voice of Kazusa Touma.

Haruki: Hello, everyone. I’m Takahiro Mizushima, the voice of Haruki Kitahara.

S: You sound just like a real celebrity host.

K: Here you are.

H: I really am a host now, though, according to the script.

S: Yeah.

K: Well.

S: You always have been.

K: It does feel that way.

H: That’s right. We’ve been doing this for a year and a half.

K, S: True.

S: (laughs)

K: Oh, so.

S: Huh? Yeah.

K: Yone-chan is always talking about making vongole rice soup,

S, H: Yeah.

K: so I made some too. Vongole.

H: Oh.

S: Oh, ooh. How was it? How was it?


K: It wasn’t rice soup, though, it was risotto.

H: Ah.

S: Oh. How is that different?

K: I started with uncooked rice.

S: Wow, you went all-out.

H: Yeah.

K: So, it was this morning,

S: Ah, this morning.

H: (laughs)

K: it was completely, I had a sense I’d said I was going to make something,

S: Yeah

K: and I suddenly remembered this morning, so I started making it,

S: Uh-huh.

K: and I happened to have vongole sauce on hand,

H, S: Uh-huh.

K: and while I was cooking the rice, I added it in near the end, and there was my risotto.

S: Uh-huh.

H: You really—you did it properly. You went about the whole thing like you were making risotto.

K: Yeah, I guess.

S: But neither of our arrangements really went according to the recipe.

K: Right, we didn’t.

H: (laughs)

S: Arrangements

K: Then—wait, you haven’t made it? I mean, Haruki made it.

S: He did.

H: Ah. Then, if the circumstances arose.

S: All right, Naba-san, if you ever get a cold, I’ll call Daichuu-san.

H: Got it. Then I’ll go to Naba-chan’s place.

S, K: (laughs)

H: Just rush over there, and there’ll be Naba-chan, collapsed.

S: Yes, yes.

K: Do I have to collapse first?

H: Yes, absolutely.


S: You’ve spilled your coffee.

K: Spilled my coffee?

H: Coffee spilled, sheet music just scattered all over the place.

S, H: (laughs)

K: Sheet music. Do I have any of that? I think I only have scripts.

H: Oh, scripts.

S: Scripts are fine. Yeah, scripts will work.

H: Oh, and the next morning—not this morning.

K: Like the one I cannot finish.

H: Oh, I know, Hitomi doesn’t show up at work.

S, K, H: (laughs)

H: It’s weird. We can’t get in touch with her.

S: That’s weird. That’s where it starts. What kind of drama is this!

H: (laughs)

S: Anyway, Daichuu-san, you should try making it. Yes.

K: Yes, do it. It’s pretty tasty.

H: All right, if you say so.

K: Yeah.

S: Yes.

H: Then I’ll make you eat it, Naba-chan.

K: Yes, yes. Feed it to me, blow on it to cool it off first.

H: And you’ll go “Ugh, gross.”

K: Exactly.

H: (laughs)

S: So, we did that “avoidance-one” thing.

K: Right, right, yes.

S: We’ve got some mail about it, so let’s read that.

K: Right.

S: This is from “Nachiku”-san.

H: All right.

S: “Yone-chan, Naba-san, well-hidden third host Daichuu-san, and everyone on the staff, hello.”

H: Smirk-smirk.

K: Hello.

S: Smirk-smirk. During a previous broadcast, you talked about making a pixel animation about avoiding Setsuna. Since the show is about to go on a break, I finished my animation in a hurry so you would see it before that.


S: I put a lot of love into it, so please watch. It was my first time producing an animation on my own, and it was a really great experience. You’ve done great work, everyone. I’m going to keep up my hopes and wait for the Fan Club Radio to start up again. WHITE ALBUM2 is the best. P.S. I also wanted to try for the Sparta X Naba-san mentioned, so I thought up a story. Kazusa would be the protagonist, besieged by the heroines from CC”

K: Ah, nice.

S: and Takeya, maybe, kick them all down, defeat Setsuna, the last boss, and rescue Haruki. I think that could be fun. If I find the time, I want to try making it.”

K: Seriously?

S, K: (laughs)

H: Wow.

K: That’s awesome. On that note, the video we were sent,

S: I saw that.

K: I watched it,

S: Really interesting.

K: and it was super well made.

H: It was extremely interesting. Well done.

K: Well done.

S: I want everyone to see it.

K: I wish you all could see it.

S: I hope we get an opportunity to show it somewhere.

K: Yeah.

H: The skill that went into making it was impressive, but what I felt most of all was the love.


K: I felt it, too.

S: Definitely. The anime image suddenly turning into pixel art. The message that says, “All you have to do is avoid her.” Haruki, jumping and getting a 1-up.

H: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

K: Right. So he can take down Koopa Troopas.

S: Exactly.

H: Mario-style.

S: (laughs)

It was fun in a way that would definitely appeal to the Showa generation.

K: It was a lot of fun.

S: Thank you.

K: Thank you so much,

S: Yes.

K: Nachiku-san. We’re thrilled.

H: Incredible. Seriously amazing.

K: I’ll be looking forward to that Sparta X version, too.

S: Also, also, as it happens,

K: Yes.

S: we’ve invited one more person to be with us today.

K, H: What!

S: Yep. Scenario-writer Fumiaki Maruto-san! It’s time for him to make his appearance—huh?

K: We can bring him on now, right?

S: Can we?

H: I think so. (laughs)

M: Er, hello.

S, K, H: (laughs)

H: He just slipped in.

K: He’s here.

M: Hello, everyone. I’m Fumiaki Maruto, and I play Fumiaki Maruto.

S, H: Yay!

K: You had a role. (laughs)

M: yes.


S: All right. Thank you,

M: Yes.

S: for taking the time to come and visit with us here.

K: The last time you came was before the anime started, right?

M: Right, before.

H: Yeah, yeah.

M: And then it ended,

K: and now the show is about to end.

M: and about three months have passed since it ended,

S: Right.

M: and when I heard this radio show was about to go on a break,

K: Yeah.

S: Yes.

M: I hopped on the night train,

S, H: (laughs)

K: The night train?

H: Do they even have those any more?

S: You didn’t ride that.

M: Yeah.

S: Something, something high-class.

K: You must have ridden something better.

M: Um, do I have to disclose my travelling expenses?

S, K, H: (laugh)

K: Anyway, since Maruto-san came all this way today,

S: Right.

K: I was hoping we could all have a nice fun chat with him and Daichuu-san.

S: Yes, yes.

H: Have the four of us ever been together like this?

K: I don’t think so.

H: We haven’t, right?

S: Really.

M: I always get really quiet when I’m around Daichuu-san.

K: Why?

S: Really?

H: Why?

M: Because he always rips me up while he’s praising me.

S, K: (laughs)

H: I don’t do that! I’m lifting you up.

S: About the story, you mean?

S, K: (laughs)

M: When I’m talking with Daichuu-san, I get embarrassed,


M: and I talk less and less and less, until I go completely silent.

K: Wow.

H: Well, then I’ll go in a direction where I don’t praise you too much.

S: A disparaging direction.

H: A disparaging direction.

S: I’m not sure about that.

K: Anyway…

M: Then I would just get more and more depressed until I stopped talking.

H: He’d go silent anyway.

S: Anyway, why don’t we get going?

K: Right.

S: WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio,

K, S: Begin!

S: This program is sponsored by Aquaplus.

K, S: WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio

S: Now, it’s time for our special project to get Maruto-san and Daichuu-san talking. Let’s Hear Everything!

K, S: Super Daichuu-Time!

K: Volume 3, featuring Fumiaki Maruto!

K, S, H, M: Wow!

H: Meow, meow.

S: This is volume 3 of our special four-week-long project.

H: Yes.

S: This week, we have mail from our members


S: about Setsuna’s route in Coda.

K: All right.

S: So, then—

K: With Maruto-san here today, we’ve got quite a crowd.

S: Four people.

K: The four of us.

H: Yeah.

M: To be clear, though, just because I’m talking doesn’t make anything official.

K: Well, that’s fine.

H: Well, well, well.

K: That could be a little tricky.

M: I lie constantly.

S: (laughs)

H: Stop, stop.

M: What?

H: Cut it out.

K: Liar, liar! All right, this is from “Shurababa”-san. Hello, everyone.

H, S, K: Hello.

K: I have some questions about Setsuna’s…” true… “True Route”? “…in Coda. Kazusa chose to stick by the two of them, but wouldn’t that end up being a rehash of their time in high school in IC? And wouldn’t spending all that time around the two of them when they’re being all lovey-dovey with each other make her want to run away? Also, wouldn’t it be agony for Setsuna to have to silently acknowledge the fact that Haruki loves Kazusa for the rest of her life?


K: When I think about all of that, I can’t imagine that the Battleground route is really the… It says “daiendan.I think it’s supposed to be “daidan’en”? The grand finale?

H, S, K: (laughs)

H: That makes it sound like, you know, “All right, all together now,”

K: That’s how I read it. But I do think it might be “daidan’en.”

H: I am sure everyone was like “What?” for a moment

S: Hm? Hm?

K: (laughs)

H: Yes, yes.

M: I think it might be better if I didn’t say anything.

K: Yes, good point.

H: Oh

K: Though I’d love to ask.

H: Yeah.

S: Right.


S: But if God says anything,

K: The three of us can just make conjectures and yammer on however we like.

S: it becomes true. Yeah. Yeah, we can.

M: I’ll just sit here nodding along.

K: We’ll hear you going “Mm-hm, mm-hm.”

S: Oh, boy. That’s a little scary.

H: He can grade us, or maybe add something.

S: Yep.

H: But, anyway, I think what makes this different from their “school days” in IC—this is something that’s happened to them before, right? Since this has happened between the three of them once already,

K: Yeah.

H: that means they’ve been given the opportunity to revisit it, in a way.

S: Right.

K: Right.

H: I mean, it’s been several years now since that initial painful experience, right?

K, S: Right.

H: This is five years later? Six?

K: Five years, I think?

H: Five years later. So, in that period of time, all three of them have definitely become adults in some regard or another, so if we think of everyone the same way, Kazusa would run away again,

S: Yeah, yeah.

H: and Setsuna and Haruki would end up stuck in a hopeless situation, but I think that if they didn’t, it would be because of the time that’s passed.

S: Yeah. I feel like, after those five years, their relationship would have gone up one level higher, or something like that.

K: Yeah.

H: Since they understood—I mean, Kazusa herself would have gone, “All right, I get it.”

S: Yeah.

M: You’re really making some good points.

K: Sorry, I’m really not following the conversation at all.

S: What?

K: Well, I’m right in the middle of playing CC,

H: Ah.

S: Uh-huh.

K: And I’m sort of feeling some of Kazusa’s irritation, like “Urrrgh, dammit…!”,

S, H: (laughs)


H: That’s where you’re at.

K: so I haven’t quite made it this far. Personally.

S: Maruto-san, you look like you really, really want to say something.

M: What?

K: What?

M: Well, it’s just as you say.

S: Your voice is shaky. I’m not so sure.

H: He’s got to be lying. He doesn’t really think that.

M: I’m not lying.

M: I think I might be swinging at a hornets’ nest by saying this,

H, K, S: Wow.

H: I wonder.

M: but,

S: We’re wrong? Does that mean it’s going to repeat itself after all?

M: It’s not wrong. No, it’s not wrong.

S: It’s not wrong.

M: Essentially, right now, as Daichuu-san has been doing these segments where he talks about things,

K: All right.

M: though he’s generally been off the mark about half the time,

K: (laughs)

H: Come on,

S, M: (laughs)

H: don’t say I’m off the mark.

S: Each time?

H: No, look. I never said I was right, I just say it’s what I think, like right now.

M: there have also been times when he’s hit pretty close to my own thoughts.

K, S: Wow.

H: So, what’s next? If we’re talking about how to conclude a love story, for example, if we think about what comes after this,

K: Yeah.


H: we’re looking for the best way to end it, right?

S: Yeah, yeah.

H: Even if everything were settled like this, something else could still end up happening, the possibilities are really endless,

S, K: Yeah.

H: but if this really ends up being the grand finale itself, then there must be some kind of understood line, there would have to be, but this is in a sense a discussion that

K: Right.

H: these three have been running around forever,

K: Yeah.

H: and so, for the same thing not to happen, basically, this would be another—Maruto-san, er, M-san, our god,

K, S: (laugh)

H: M-san, M-san has thrown this at the three of them again.

K: Yeah, yeah.

H: I think this could be the answer they would reach

S: Yeah, yeah.

H: after asking themselves, once again, “What do we do with this?”

S: Huh.

K: Ah.

H: Yeah. For happiness, it would be the best—I’m not sure this is quite the right word, but the best compromise, probably.

S: Good point. Huh.

K: Maybe.

H: That’s just the feeling I get.

M: Calling it “compromise” could bring about a bit of controversy again.

K: (laughs)

H: I know it’s not the best word.

K: I’m not sure what the right one would be.


M: A point of reachability?

K: Ah.

H: Yes. The place where the point they reach is the most right.

S: Good thought. I think that the time the three of them spent together was the most enjoyable, and now that they’ve overcome all that, they can do it again.

K: Yeah.

H: Exactly, exactly. It’s happened with me before. I can get to be friends with someone who dumped me.

K: Really?

S: Ah.

H: At some point in the future, I can. Generally.

K: Wow.

S: You mean you can get to be friends for real?

H: Yeah. I mean, first, there’s all this fighting and clashing, but after that, everything you say starts being the truth.

S: Yes, okay.

H: Because there’s no need to put up any fronts any more.

S: Yeah.

H: That’s how you make up.

S: Oh, right. I mean, everyone fights, including these three.

K: Right.

H: So, instead of retraining yourselves or making concessions or any of that,

S: Yeah, yeah.

H: you just let it all fly, and this comes afterward.

K: Huh.

S: Maruto-san is blinking like crazy.

K: This is after they’ve rebuilt.

M: No, no, no.

H, S: (laughs)

M: Ah, well, I…

S: We’d better move to a topic Maruto-san can talk about.

K: Should we go to the next one?


M: I’ll say this, though, for the matter of whether or not this is the end, there is going to be a mini-after.

H: Yeah, yeah.

S: Right.

M: I wonder what’s going to happen with that?

K: (laughs)

S: What’s going to happen?

M: About the mini-after, everyone, if you buy these radio CDs,

K, S: Yes.

M: if you buy at least five of them, and send something,

K: Yes, yes.

S: Yeah.

M: apparently a mini after-story, newly written by Fumiaki Maruto, will show up.

S: (laughs) That makes it sound like you don’t necessarily want to write it, Maruto-san.

S, K, H: (laugh)

M: Well, if I just said, “Yes, that’s right,” that could cause some problems.

S: But it’s true, right?

M: Not necessarily.

S: Not necessarily.

M: Well, what do we do from here?

K: We’re working hard on it.

S: What do we do?

M: The radio show might be about to end, but if you send in the kind of story you might like to see, I might take it under consideration.

K: Ah.

H: But you’re sure to write something that we wouldn’t come up with just imagining things normally.

K, S: Yeah.

H: See? That’s it.

M: But, would people want everything to be sweet, or would they want everything to get flipped over again?

S: You can’t flip everything over again. This is a mini.


S: If you upset everything, you won’t be able to gather it back up.

K: Right.  It wouldn’t—wouldn’t fit into the “mini” frame. That’s true.

H: It would turn into another big uproar.

S: Of course.

H: But—can I just throw something out, here?

M: Go ahead.

H: I’m wondering—suppose Kazusa were, in the future, to have something with another guy, so that she wouldn’t be in the picture any more.

S: Ah.

H: For Haruki, I mean. I wonder what Haruki would think in that situation.

S: Oh, wow. That’s really…

K: Wow.

H: I can’t help being curious about that. I mean, you know, he has a wife now, Setsuna.

K: Right, right.

H: Beyond that, Kazusa must be staying out of love, right?

K: Yeah.

H: And the way she’s feeling about that would have to come out.

S: Right.

K: Maybe.

H: Haruki would absolutely be a lot of it,

K: Yeah, for sure.

H: so I’m wondering what he would think.

K: Yeah, good question.

S: Wow. Kazusa’s fans across the country wouldn’t be too happy with that.

H: Right. Anyway, I’ve just got some notions running around in my brain about that.

K: Ah.

S: Yeah.

M: Of course, I can’t give any answers there.


K, H: (laughs)

H: That’s fine.

H: You don’t have to say anything, Maruto-san. Again, it’s just me imagining things. Anyway.

S: Anyway, let’s move on.

K: What do we have next?

S: This is from “When winter comes, spring isn’t far behind”-san. Yone-chan, Naba-san, and Mizushima-san, the guest, hello. Maruto-san, too.

K: Uh-huh.

K, H, M: Hello.

S: Since we’re talking about our favorite WHITE ALBUM2 routes for these four weeks, I decided to send this mail.

K: Right.

S: What I want to hear you discuss is my favorite route, Setsuna’s true route in Coda. How do you interpret Haruki and Setsuna saving Kazusa from her pain and looking for a way that everyone can be happy, and the way that Haruki’s dark side, his relationship with his mother, is finally reconciled, which only happens in this route? P.S. I think it’s very unfortunate that Team Setsuna is so small. She’s the most human, all-rounder character in the game, so I would love to hear you talk about that, too.


H, S: Okay.

M: Who said Team Setsuna was small?

S: Huh?

K: I don’t think it’s small.

S: But I guess some people are getting that impression?

K: (laughs) Really?

S: There’s an impression.

K: Almost everyone on the anime staff is on Team Setsuna.

S: But, I mean, there are a lot of people who like Kazusa.

K: Hrmm. Well, I appreciate that.

S, K: (laughs)

K: But even Daichuu-san said he likes Setsuna best.

H: That’s right.

K: You said you did.

H: It’s a 51:49 ratio.

S: (laughs)

H: (laughs)

S: That’s practically 50-50.

K: (laughs)

H: Right. Also, about two of those points can fluctuate between the two, depending.

K: (laughs)

S: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

H: That’s the line.

S: Daichuu-san did say at the start that he wanted to avoid this.

K: (laughs)

H: I just stated that I wanted one conversation I could avoid.

S: So, what about it, Maruto-san?

M: Huh?

S: Out of the whole game,

M: Out of the whole game.

S: she’s the most human character.

M: I mean, yes, that may be the case,

S: Why is Team Setsuna smaller?


M: but it’s not like I was aiming for that.

S, K: (laughs)

M: I naturally wanted it to be split 50-50. I want a blazing rivalry.

K: Right, right.

S: Yes.

H: Yeah.

M: Kazusa really got popular. Wait, am I admitting defeat?

K: Why? You’re on Team Setsuna, too, right? You love Setsuna.

M: I love Kazusa, too.

K: No way.

H: (laughs)

M: It’s true, it’s true.

H: I haven’t really heard you talk about liking Kazusa.

K: Right? This is the first I’ve heard of it. It caught me a little off-guard. “No way!”

S: (laughs)

M: I’m not lying!

H: Yeah.

M: I like Chiaki, too, for that matter.

K: Chiaki. I mean, I like Chiaki.

S: Yeah.

M: Really, I like every character that appears.

S, K: Right.

H: I mean, well, everyone has a certain catch, or certain buttons they push, right?

K: Yeah, yeah.

H: Maybe Kazusa is just the strongest in that regard.

S: Right. She makes you want to protect her—she’s the one who looks the most unhappy.

K: (laughs)


H: She’s so completely aggressive, and yet she awakens that protective impulse.

S: Yeah, yeah.

H: She’s got the biggest duality gap

S: Right.

H: So, in that sense, maybe she’s one step stronger.

K: Ah.

S: Yeah, yeah.

H: I mean, from the users’ point of view. That’s what I’m thinking.

M: Kazusa, I made her the kind of character who obsesses completely over one thing and is very sharp and pointed that way.

S, K, H: Uh-huh.

M: While Setsuna takes all kinds of things in, and becomes bigger and rounder that way.

S: Yeah.

K: Yeah, she does.

M: I thought about those sorts of human essences—or those sorts of characters, as I was making them. Like a spear and a shield.

K: Ah.

M: Like a big shield and a sharp spear, clashing together.

S: Yeah, yeah.

M: Well, I just came up with that right now, but.

S, K: (laughs)

H: Yeah. I guess, for men—or for people, really, there are people you want to protect, and people who you want to protect you, right? Those two groups.

S: Huh.

H: That split. Kazusa is someone you want to protect, and Setsuna is someone who will protect you.

S, K: Yeah, yeah.


K: Yeah, yeah.

S: good point.

H: To make that broad division.

S: Yeah, yeah.

H: So, I like them both, I want them both, but if I had to think in extremes—which one? Well, if I have to pick—mmm, Kazusa? Or—Setsuna? It’s like that.

S: I see. Everyone wants to protect.

H: I’m definitely more the type who wants to be protected. That’s why the 51 points. Setsuna gets the 51 points.

K: (laughs)

S: Oho.

H: That’s what I think.

S: Huh.

K: Wow. I guess I always thought that men in general wanted to be protected.

S: What? I felt like there were more of the protective type.

K: What! Maybe it’s just the guys I know, then.

S, K:  (laughs)

H: Oh, but, that could just mean that a lot of guys want you to protect them, Naba-chan.

S, K: (laugh)

M: To put it bluntly, the problem here is that Haruki is the protecting type, the protective type, through-and-through.

K: Yeah. He is.

S: Yeah, yeah.

H: He really is.

S: I see.

M: It impacts his compatibility with Setsuna in an unfortunate way.

S: Definitely.

K, H: Yeah.

M: Which is why Haruki tends to move in Kazusa’s direction.


S, H: Yeah.

M: That’s how things flow.

S: Hm. Good point. Even in Setsuna’s route, he gravitates toward Kazusa.

K: Yeah.

H: Right.

S: Yeah, he can’t just forget about her.

H: If Kazusa pulls out that wedge, Haruki will go zoom off in her direction,

S: Yeah.

H: so she has to be careful.

K: Makes sense.

H: Yeah.

M: The reconciliation with his mother.

K: So, his mother.

K: The reconciliation.

M: Yeah.

S: How do we explain that?

H: Good question. Well, I think that, at this point, Haruki has probably come to understand a few things.

S: Yeah.

H: Now that he’s grown up.

S: Yeah, yeah.

H: Yeah. So… until that ultimate reconciliation, as parent and child, they were probably just that, a parent and a child. Children, I guess,


H: they’re very rough on their parents, or very demanding, precisely because they’re their parents. Right?

S, K: Yeah, yeah.

H: But, now that Haruki has come through all these different experiences, he’s probably come to realize, “Oh, yeah, parents are just people, too.” Every little kid thinks their parents are all-powerful, right?

K: Yeah.

S: Right.

H: Once that’s no longer the case, meaning once you’ve surpassed them, in a way—

S, K: Yeah.

H: Haruki has always had this kind of antagonism, and been very stubborn about it,

S: Right, right.

H: but, in the end, the part of him that viewed himself as her child might not view himself that way as much any more.

K, S: Oh…

H: Basically, guys—maybe not just guys. Once people become adults, they reach a point when they’re on equal terms with their parents. Right?

S: Yes.

K: Right.

H: Once they get to that point, they realize that the things their parents have to say are actually very human.

K, S: Yeah.

H: I think there is a major difference between a parent-child dynamic and an equal standpoint.

S: Yeah

H: The way they look,

K: Oh

H: the way they feel. So there must have been some kind of change of mind.


H: So, basically, I don’t know how Haruki looked from his mother’s side of things, but it may be that this really severe—I don’t want to say delinquency—this rebellious phase

S: Yeah.

H: has been going on for a very, very long time. And there could be some responsibility on the part of the parent for that, for allowing it to go on so long, which makes this a very complicated question.

S: I see.

K: Wow.

S: I see Haruki-kun as being a very good child, though.

K: Yeah.

M: That’s it.

S: What?

S, K: (laughs)

S: You scared me!

H: Were you not thinking about this while you wrote, Maruto-san?

M: No, I mean—this isn’t about his mother, but Haruki-kun—his father was the son of a distinguished family in Okayama.

S, K, H: Uh-huh.

M: I’ve put some work into that backstory. So, well, once Haruki-kun is an adult, his father passes away, and, okay, he goes back to Okayama for the funeral, and the family home there is enormous. So, there’s some worn-out custom from twenty years ago or something,


M: he gets wrapped up in a serial murder case.

K: (laughs)

M: Then, see, this detective who calls himself “Kindaichi” shows up.

S: (laughs) This isn’t even the same story any more.

H: What… What genre is this?

M: Well, it’s complicated.

H: (laughs)

M: Oh, I know. He has sisters.

H: Sisters?

M: Four sisters could enter the picture. But that would be over in Ishikawa Prefecture.

K (laughs)


M: That would be a little different.

H: That—Haruki would be single forever with all that.

K: (laughs)

M: Really? I don’t see much of a problem.

H: Seriously?

M: Yeah.

H: Well, with—no, not with all of that, not with any of that, this is about mothers and children as they exist in the story that’s actually been depicted.

K, S: Yeah, yeah.

S: Right.

H: Was there a point when someone said, “All right, let’s resolve this”? “We can’t just leave things like this.”

M: Well, I decided that there would only be one.

H: Yeah.

K: Ah.

M: I mean, maybe there is some resolution happening in the other areas, but I decided that the only one I would depict clearly was Setsuna’s.

S: Right.

K: Gotcha.

H: Yeah, in that sense, it’s when I’m looking at Setsuna that I get the “family” feeling.

S: Right. Setsuna is really the only one with a harmonious family.

M: Well…

K: Yeah.

S: Yeah.

S: Although—

M: Youko-san and Kazusa are actually pretty close, though.

S: Kazusa is close with her mother, too.

K: Step by step.

M: They gradually get onto good terms.

S: Yeah.

M: It’s part of how the two of them grow up together.

  1. H: Yeah.

H: With both parents and a younger brother,

S: Yeah, yeah.

H: Setsuna really has the archetypal family—

S: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

H: or the image of a family that everyone yearns for, but you don’t actually see much. It exists as a surprisingly major part of fiction, the major family type,

S: Yes.

H: but in real life you don’t find it often.

M: It’s an old-fashioned family.

S: Exactly. Old-fashioned.

H: Yeah.

K: Yeah.

H: Very enviable, I think. The well-behaved big sister and the sweet little brother.

K: Huh.

S: I think the fact that they, you know,


S: fight from time to time fits into it, too.

K: They’re a beautiful family.

H: Yeah. And her father contributes a lot to it.

S: Good point.

H: He’s both strict and kind. I thought he struck a really great balance there.

S: That balance.

K: It’s good.

M: Mogami-san’s.

K: Ah

S: Mogami-san’s.

K: From my same year, right. (laughs)

S: Susumu-san.

S, K, H: Yes.

S: So, should we move on?

K: Moving on, this is from “Simon”-san.

H: All right.

K: The scene I would like to hear you talk about is right after the start of Coda, when Setsuna and Haruki are still immersed in happiness. It has been decided that Haruki will go on a business trip to Europe in place of Kizaki-san from Kaiou, and when Setsuna finds out that he won’t be back for Christmas, she pouts, and Haruki tries frantically to pacify her.

S: (laughs)

K: Setsuna’s cute sulkiness makes it a great scene. Unlike the clumsiness that happened in the midst of romance, this is a clumsiness that we see from Haruki in the midst of happiness, seeming like the kind of scene that might happen in their life together after Setsuna’s true end,


H: and I really loved this act. Daichuu-san, have you ever struggled to bring someone’s mood around that way?

S, K: (laughs)

S: There it is.

K: So that’s where you end up.

H: Ah, that… I have.

S, K: (laughs)

H: I’ve done that. You know

S: Yeah.

H: I had no idea that that message was

K: Yeah

H: leading up to this kind of question.

S, K: Yeah.

H: But, while you were reading it, I was remembering trying really hard to please someone.

S: (laughs)

K: Ah, for real.

S: “Oh, I’ve done that.”

H: Yeah. Honestly… It’s a hassle.

S, K, M: (laughs)

H: I mean, Setsuna is sulking

S, K: Yeah.

H: because his work is going to keep them

S, K: Yeah.

H: from being together on Christmas, right?

K: Yeah.

S: Right.

H: It makes me think, “Be more understanding!”

S: Yeah.

H: I’m that type.

K: Well, but, even if you do understand, there are still moments when you want to say it.

S: Yes.

H: Well, they can transfer it. Not to the 24th or anything, but they can make a day for themselves, I feel like.

S: Transfer? That’s not going to work for Setsuna.


H: All right, what, so, if I say I’m going to resign from my job, and we can spend the 24th together.

S: Resign?

K: No, no not that.

S: Hang on, all she needs is an hour.

M: But, you know, if it were Kazusa, this guy would resign for her.

K: Yeah.

S, K, H: (laugh)

M: He did that in the route.

K: He did.

H: That’s right. Because he’d decided that that would be his life, right?

S: (laughs)So, not until his life is settled. Okay.

H: Right. I mean, Setsuna is really—she acts very spoiled with Haruki, in a sense, in a very direct way,

S: Yeah.

H: and maybe it comes out as a charming scene, but I’m just not sure.

S: Right. Although, she’s not necessarily sulking for—not necessarily actually angry.

K: Women can actually enjoy that sort of back-and-forth.

S: Exactly. They do end up deciding to go on a trip so they can spend it together.

H: No, look, Haruki is desperate. Trying to make her feel better.

S: Desperate. (laughs)

H: When a girl’s mood goes slantways, trying to get it back is a nightmare.

S: (laughs)


H: Every guy thinks that.

S: Speaking from experience.

H: Why is this making her upset? Why do I have to fix her mood like this? All of that is running through our minds, and we still try so hard.

S: I think the fact that you’re trying hard is exactly what will make it better.

K: Yeah.

H: What.

K: Women’s moods can improve a lot quicker than you might think.

S: Yes, yes, yes.

H: Seriously?

K: What? Maybe it’s just me.

H: Are you for real?

S: Yeah, just buy her some sweets or something. What?

K: I feel like it’s pretty simple.

H: Ah.

M: Are you the easy type, Naba-chan?

K: Shut up!

S: Easy.

K: I’m not easy! I’m an expensive woman.

All: (laughs)

H: An expensive woman?

M: I see. So, as long as they’re expensive sweets.

K: Stop!

H: Well, that’s good to know, anyway.

S: Yes.

H: Yeah. Then, you’ll know pretty clearly. Once it happens, you’ll be more than ready.

S, K: (laughs)

S: In that sense, is Kazusa a cheap girl? When it comes to Haruki.

K: Maybe?

H: Yep. All he had to give her was a reference book.

M: That and pudding.

S: Give her some pudding.

M: Or whatever.

H: That’ll make her happy.

K: Ah, right.

S: Setsuna would probably get angrier. “That’s not what I want!”

K: (laughs)


H: Right, right. See, people who have been starved of love will come wagging their tails at the littlest thing.

K: Uh-huh.

S: Yeah.

H: Right? But if a cat gets tired of its cat food, if it goes, “What, that again? I don’t want it,” then it won’t be happy until you go, “Oh, fine, I’ll get you a new kind,” and actually go out and buy it.

K: Ah.

S: (laughs) It’s not easy.

M: But all you need to resolve that is cat food, still.

H: Yes, you can solve it with cat food. But, look. Setsuna is already accustomed to being in a place with plenty of love, so maybe she assumes she can get anyone to take care of her.

K: Ah.

S: No, no.

K: But she must know how cute she is when she’s pouting. She must know.

S: (laughs)

H: Ah, which means she also knows that Haruki is guaranteed to bend?

K: Doesn’t she?

S: No, she just wants to spend time with him.

M: You know, Nabatame-san, you’ve been in a bit of a mood lately, playing through CC.

K: Yes, I am in a mood. I mean,

H: (laughs)

S: Is everything okay?


K: Kazusa is overseas like “Waaah, Haruki!”, while this jerk is having so much fun

S: (laughs)

K: back here with everyone else.

S, H: Yeah.

K: I can’t stop thinking about it.

M: Haruki is agonizing too, though, at the same time.

S: Right.

H: He is. He’s agonizing constantly.

M: Yeah. He may be messing around with all these other girls, but he’s agonizing.

K: I’m just pissed off the whole time while I’m playing. Click-click-click…

H: Messing around…

S: (laughs)

H: Well, but, I guess, if we’re talking about games, WHITE ALBUM2 isn’t that kind of game, is it?

K, H: (laughs)

S: Hm?

K: What kind of game?

H: It’s not the kind of game where you pick someone out yourself and go after them.

M: More like you ran away, and found someone there.

H: Someone happened to be there.

S: Oh, I see. Yeah.

K: Yeah, that makes sense, when you put it that way.

H: It comes from the point of, “Oh, I have to do something,”

S: Yeah.

H: “I have to help this person.”

K: Yeah.

S: That makes sense.

M: But, in that case, you could just stop at helping them.

H: Right. But, if you go beyond that point, well—

S: I guess.

H: It just depends on the girls…

K: You’re the one who wrote it.

H: Mari-san is the exception.

K: Right.

S: Yeah.

H: Mari-san.

M: That has to do with my own tastes.


H: Yes, of course.

K: Ah.

S: Oh.

M: Yes. Well, Mari-san is my type.

S: Maruto-san likes Mari-san. Ooh.

K: Mari-san is cute.

S: She is.

H: So, Maruto-san, which one of them feels like the ideal wife to you?

M: Who? Good question. Well, they have all these different traits, all these different components divided among them, that balance each other out.

S: So, if you combined them all together?

M: With everyone’s flaws emphasized,

S, K: (laughs)

S: Oh, all the bad parts.

M: yes, with Kazusa’s lack of life skills and Setsuna’s selfishness.

S: Oh, wow.

H: (laughs)

S: You’d get quite a woman out of that.

H: In that case, in some way, I guess you could transcend all of that and fall in love.

K: Ah.

S: Really?

H: You’d have to offer your whole life up to her,

S: Yeah.

H: including abandoning your job. If she were like that.

S: Sheesh. How would you live?

K: Good point.

S: It wouldn’t be easy for Haruki-kun.

H: Making a living, huh.

M: Haruki-kun is already the strongest when it comes to just living.

S: Oh, yeah.

M: He could make a life for himself whatever he did.


S: Mr. Ultra-Competent.

K: Sheesh.

H: He can.

K: This guy can do anything.

S: That’s true.

M: Yeah, right.

S: So, when it comes to romance,

M: So, he can afford to bother people.

K: Ah, I see.

H: What about romance?

S: when it comes to romance,

K: Useless.

S: You think?

H: Well.

M: Well, so if you take that combination we just made of everyone’s traits, and add in Haruki’s clumsiness in romance, then we get the ultimate character.

K: Oh, no.

S: Oh, god,

H: Wow.

S: that’s it.

K: (laughs)

H: Oh, boy.

S: There’s no hope.

H: Think positively. Positively.

S, K: (laughs)

S: Moving on to the next one.

K: Right.

S: This is from “Shirorin”-san.

K, H: All right.

S: What I would like all of you to talk about is what Setsuna continued believing in, through her route in Coda. Setsuna’s dream, to remain a trio, which she had wished for ever since that moment up on the roof at twilight, when all of their feelings came together. It was broken once, and Setsuna must have come to resent the other two. But this was her dream, which she was never able to sever.


S: She spent five years wondering what she should have done, unable to get over it or believe fully, but she never ran away, and now we see her in her route in Coda. I would love to hear each of you talk about that conclusion, from your respective standpoints as Haruki, Kazusa, and Setsuna. P.S. Maybe Setsuna was the only one who wished for the three of them to stay together, but I want to believe that the future she hoped for could make Haruki and Kazusa happy, too. Wow.

H: Wow.

M: Well, it’s not just Setsuna’s wish.

K, S: Right.

M: What I mean is, each of them may have their own set of priorities,

S: Yeah.

M: but somewhere in there they all want the three of them to stay together.

K: Right.

S: Yeah, yeah.

H: Yeah.

M: That’s just my way of looking at it, anyway.

S: Right.

H: It’s tricky. If they were to stay as a perfect equilateral triangle, it might be harmonious,

S: Yeah.


H: but that absolute equality would probably start to bug each of them somehow, so it couldn’t be sustained.

S: Right.

H: So, when that triangle shape started to skew in one direction,

S: Yeah.

H: what would the other side, the one that was getting longer, think? That’s the problem.

S: Yeah.

H:  Well, using a triangle as an example makes things pretty complicated,

S: Yeah, yeah.

H: but thinking about it as Haruki—I mean, let me think, I was actually mulling over this while I was recording, while we were doing the anime, but I think—maybe he’d be happy with it,

S: Mm-hm.

H: because with a nice clean triangle like this, there’s sure to be little selfish things you want,

K: Yeah.

S: Yeah.

H: together with the price you have to pay for those things, right?

S, K: Yeah.

H: So, you know that, but you stay selfish, most likely.

S: Yeah, yeah.

H: So, there’s compromise—I used that word earlier, “compromise,”


H: but what it means is each person makes their demands in turn,

S: Yeah.

H: and each figures out what they can endure in turn,

S: Yeah.

H: and that’s how you could make a triangle that works. That’s the notion I’m having.

K: Yeah.

S: Huh.

H: So, when you lean too hard toward one of them, and the wrongs you’ve done to the other one get too far out of hand, that might be how you get things ending up like they did in IC.

S: Ah. Yeah.

K: That makes sense.

S: I see.

H: So, what Haruki wants is to have both of them with him, but since this is Setsuna’s route we’re talking about, he’s going to feel apologetic toward Kazusa, because he’s with Setsuna.

S: Mm-hm.

H: And Kazusa would feel apologetic to Setsuna too, right?

S: Yeah, yeah.

H: If she’s still got some of the same feelings,

K: Yeah.

H: then that means she wants Haruki, but still—there’s that ebb and flow.

K: Right.

H: And it’s probably the same for Setsuna.

S: Yes.

H: “I may be with Haruki-kun, but I still love you, Kazusa, so please try to endure it.”


H: I guess that means Kazusa is having to put up with it from both directions, then.

S, K: (laughs)

M: There could be a lot of dispute over whether to take that as “enduring,” though.

S: Ah.

H: Right. But, it could be something beyond just “enduring,”

S, K: Yeah.

H: so she goes, “Yeah, all right.” I don’t know what conclusion that would lead to, but.

S: Although—

K: What was I thinking, while I was recording? I can’t remember.

K: But, emotionally,

S: Yeah.

K: I think I actually felt kind of relieved.

H: Uh-huh.

S: Oh.

K: While I was acting.

H, S: Uh-huh.

K: But it definitely could have been that I was mostly thinking about it where Setsuna was concerned. That could have been what made me think, “Now, this is fine,” the most.

S: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

K: I think that was about where I was at.

H: Yeah.

S: Yeah.

M: It seems like that would leave some anxiety over.

S, K: (laughs)

K: This was me, personally.

M: “Kazusa! This isn’t any better for you!”

All: (laughs)


K: But I definitely think I was feeling relieved.

S: Ah

K: Of course there was something left over, but it was like some of the clouds had cleared.

S: Ah, right.

H: Yeah.

S: Of course, all three of them have to pay to stay as a trio in their own ways, but above that, above that there’s the happiness they feel, so maybe all staying together is the best,

H: Yeah.

S: after these five years of agonizing, there have been fun times, so you take all of that together, the fun, the painful times and sad times, you take all of that into account, and I think it could feel like something precious, to all three of them.

K: Yeah, yeah.

H: Right.

S: Yeah. So, with a—conclusion?

H: Yeah.

K: Like this?

S: Yeah.

H: You know, I think I may have talked about this somewhere before, but the question of which route I was going to record first,

S: Yeah.

K: Ah.

H: they asked me at the studio. And at the time—I emphasize, at the time—


H: I had just finished reading the script, and my feelings for Kazusa were very, very strong. So,

S, K: (laughs)

M: Haruki!

H: I told them I wanted to do Kazusa’s last, but they objected.

S: Oh, wow.

H: They said we should do Setsuna’s route last of all.

S: Then why did they even ask?

S, K, M: (laughs)

H: Right. Well, I guess, to think about it this way, saving the best for last would be a good way of concluding it,

S: Right.

H: and this one reached a point that everyone could accept, in some sense, so that was what they decided to do,

S: Uh-huh.

H: that was the order we went in.

K: Wow.

H: So, at this point, I can see it.

S: Yeah.

M: Daichuu-san, the Infidelity route was definitely the one where you took the most damage.

H: Absolutely. I was on the verge of collapsing.

All: (laughs)

H: My heart was breaking.

M: Really. Mochizuki-san actually came to me recently and said, “I’m worried about Daichuu-san.”

S, K: (laughs)

H: Mochizuki-san seriously told you that? (laughs)

S: You were shaving off years of your life.


H: Right. So, oh, Chiaki’s route, Chiaki and the Infidelity route were really crazy. Yeah.

S, K: Ah

H: But while I was doing Chiaki’s I could still just go “Why, you—!” and get back up on my feet, so I was fine.

S: Right.

H: It was a lot.

S: Wow.

M: You can talk more about that next week, too.

H: Right.

K: Oh, yeah. Of course.

M: As much as you want.

S: Yeah.

H: That’s the power of words. I’m buried in letters.

K: Ah, right. You’re a real actor,

S: I know right.

K: with commentary like that.

K: (laughs)

S: Actors are really something.

K: Yeah.

H: Huh.

M: Aren’t all of you actors?

K: (laughs)

S: All right, that’s all the time we have. Thank you all very much for all the mail you sent.

K: Thank you.

S: All right. Next week, for Volume 4, we’ll be reading mail about the “Infidelity” and “Sworn Enemies” routes.

K: Also, we’re planning to talk about Kazusa’s route in Coda on our bonus recording for the radio CD,


K: so we’re still accepting mail. We look forward to receiving plenty of messages. This has been Let’s Hear Everything: Super Daichuu-Time, Volume 3, featuring Fumiaki Maruto!

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K: Additionally, the limited edition will include an SACD hybrid CD, containing the live recording you are hearing now, and a deluxe booklet containing the long, lively discussion we all had while learning some inside stories.

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K: The fifth and latest volume of the light novel, WHITE ALBUM2: The Melody the Snow Plays, will be released on May 15th. At last, the story plunges into CC. Pick it up and find out what road the three of them take, and what ending they reach. In addition, the new chapter of the manga version of CC will appear in the April 24th issue of GA Bunko Magazine.

S: A full-graphic Kazusa Touma T-shirt will soon be available from Nijigen Cospa. The release is planned for midmonth, so please inquire at your nearest store for details regarding their arrival date.

K: Also, the first five Fan Club Radio CDs are now available. The sixth will include Takuma Terashima-san and Ikumi Nakagawa-san, the voices of Takeya and Io, as guests for the special edition, and is planned for release on May 30th. If you want it before then, it will be for sale at the White Heart 2 event that we, the voice actors who appear in both WHITE ALBUM2 and To Heart2, will be holding on May 25th.


K: Of course, event-exclusive cards will be given out as always. In addition, as a perk with the Fan Club Radio CD series, if you have any five out of the set, you will be eligible to own the Mini After-story for Windows. Those who buy the concert Blu-ray and TV anime vocal collection together will also be eligible for the Mini After-story.

S: Furthermore, we have received some event information from F.I.X. Records. First, there will be a free in-store mini-concert by Suara, at 2 p.m. on May 3rd, in the Festival Court on the first floor of the Matsumoto Katakura Mall in Nagano. Those who buy Suara’s CD on site that day will be eligible to participate in a handshake session as well. Second, there will be a mini-concert on May 11th, at the Spring 2014 Headphone Festival. Rena Uehara, Akari Tsuda, and Suara are sure to put on a fabulous show together. For information on how to get in, visit the Spring 2014 Headphone Festival website.


S: Those who attend will be given download cards for high-quality recordings of the songs performed and background music played. Please come and experience it for yourself. All information is subject to change. Please confirm with the corresponding official websites. The seventh Fan Club Radio CD, which will include the broadcasts through April 25th, is planned for release in the summer. You can check the WHITE ALBUM2 homepage for details. Thank you! All right.

K: All right.

H: All right.

S: Also—

K: Yes, as I mentioned earlier, WHITE HEART2—six of us voice actors, who appear in WHITE ALBUM2 and ToHeart2, in both of those, will be getting together and holding an event. For tickets,

S: Right.

K: today’s broadcast is for the 18th, right? They’ll go up for sale tomorrow.

S: All right!

K: For details, you can go to my homepage, “I’m Nabatame.”, or more directly, you can contact CHP,

S: Okay.


K: they’re the ones making it happen, so if you ask them—

S: Yes.

K: or go to their homepage, rather,

S: Yeah.

K: you should be able to purchase tickets,

S: All right.

K: so please, please come and hang out with us. It’s going to be a standing event, and we’ve come up with all sorts of things to make it fun for everyone,

S: Yeah.

K: so come and join us.

S: Yep. Sounds like fun! (laughs) Does anybody else have any announcements?

K: Maruto-san? Any announcements?

M: What? Oh, sorry. Well, I’m starting in on a new anime, so bear with me on that.

S, K, H: (laughs)

S, K: Put us in it! Put us in it!

H: Put us in it!

S: I can just be a passerby.

K: A passerby. You should put someone who looks like Kazusa in there somewhere.

S: Setsuna.

H: You’re not thinking about the show at all.

S: I’ll sing something.

K: I just want to say something. I’m sure that can work somehow. (laughs)

S: Yeah.


M: If I try to make you an offer, you’ll just say something like, “Sorry, I’m recording that day.”

K: What! No I won’t. Uh-uh.

H: You totally will.

S: No, no, no. No.

S: Anyway, with next week’s broadcast, this program is going to go on a break. Daichuu-san and Maruto-san will be back next week, too.

H: Yep.

K: All right.

S: Yes.

M: I’ll see you then.

K: Keep talking and talking.

S: All right. This brings an end to our fan club meeting for the day. We are Madoka Yonezawa,

K: Hitomi Nabatame,

H: Takahiro Mizushima,

M: and Fumiaki Maruto.

K, S, H, M: Thank you, everyone.


K: This program is sponsored by Aquaplus.