WA2 Fan Club Radio – Episode 84

White Album 2 Radio Episode 84 Analysis


The topics of this episode’s “Super Daichuu-Time” segment, the first of four, are somewhat widely spaced, since the frame for the discussion is Introductory Chapter at large, which covers a lot of material. Of special interest is the final discussion, concerning the scene at the airport, in part because it gives a little additional perspective on other materials—namely, the Infidelity Route and To You, My Sworn Enemy. It is a painful, complicated scene, with Haruki spotting Kazusa and running to her, away from Setsuna, throwing himself on Kazusa, kissing her in Setsuna’s full view. That this is how this entire leg of the story ends makes it all the more agonizing.

A key term that comes up in this discussion is “impulse.” Haruki is, by nature, someone who behaves with self-restraint, who conducts himself deliberately. At this last moment, when he catches sight of Kazusa in the airport, that self-restraint drops, and impulse takes over, causing him to go to her with no thought for appearances. It is an impulse fed by the strength of his feelings for Kazusa, by the fact that he fell in love with her first. And Setsuna witnesses this impulse in action, first-hand. Some interesting considerations come up in the question of Setsuna’s motivations in all but dragging Haruki to the airport with her: if, as Mizushima and Hitomi Nabatame suggest, there was an element of hope in it, hope that maybe, just maybe, he would choose her, that she might “win,” then what plays out is an absolutely crushing defeat of that hope. Of course, Kazusa most likely isn’t thinking of it in win-or-lose terms, but Setsuna has a habit of setting things up in frames, with specific names and rules and expectations, and it often makes things harder on her mentally when reality doesn’t fit those frames. With that in mind, it would not be going too far in calling this a traumatic experience for Setsuna, having to watch Haruki leave her for Kazusa in real time, with no warning, with no reservations.

The concept of “impulse” is what ties into the reflections on the Infidelity Route. In the course of this route, Haruki becomes almost a beast, driven purely by physical instinct and impulse, and once again, the target of that impulse is Kazusa. He withdraws from Setsuna, withdraws from everyone, stops caring about what anyone else thinks of him, all because of Kazusa. It is, in a way, like a far more drawn-out, far more visceral version of what happened in the airport. While Setsuna doesn’t witness this instance in person, she does have to suffer through Haruki’s confession of it all at Kazusa’s final concert. Supposing the scene at the airport had indeed formed some trauma in her, then even if she already knew to some extent what was going on with Haruki and Kazusa, this explicit confirmation could well revive some of that trauma, making it all the more devastating. Whether or not she’s fully aware of it, the aftershocks of that might also figure into her own mental fraying in To You, My Sworn Enemy, as she takes care of Haruki in the aftermath of his breakdown.

Not surprisingly, Setsuna declares at the end of To You, My Sworn Enemy that she would always feel jealous of Kazusa, for being the one Haruki was willing to risk everything. This sort of jealousy would inevitably do damage to a long-term relationship if it wasn’t addressed. This remains the case, but having now considered the airport scene more carefully, it is certainly another important moment to delve into, in the context of couples’ counseling for example, as a root of that jealousy.

The hosts briefly discuss their thoughts on what happened after the airport scene, how Haruki and Setsuna left the airport. Madoka Yonezawa suggests that they might have left together, remaining silent the entire way back, an image that feeds right into the silence that persists between them as Haruki avoids her during their college years. No words, no resolution, no closure. Conceivably, one could fault Setsuna for “starting it all” by making a move on Haruki when she knew he and Kazusa had feelings for each other. However, to begin with, these are all teenagers, and teenagers make inadvisable choices all the time, especially in matters of the heart. Regardless of personal thoughts on Setsuna’s choice, that particular instance of teenage impulsivity and selfishness does not warrant the agony she experiences at that moment in the airport, standing there frozen, weeping openly because of Haruki, and then several years of being disregarded completely by him.

Just before the end of the segment, Yonezawa remarks that, for all the talking they’ve just done, they haven’t really come up with any answers to the question posed in the original message: what would they have done under the same circumstances? Herein is a succinct characterization of White Album 2, or as succinct as is possible with a story like this: there are no easy or clear answers. No one is definitively, completely in the right or in the wrong, so it’s difficult to definitively, completely approve of or condemn anyone’s actions. Three of the people who arguably have the closest relationships with these characters, their voice actors, can’t come to any clear conclusion regarding how they themselves would have acted in the same situation. But that is precisely what makes these discussions so compelling and worthwhile.

White Album 2 Radio Episode 84 Script


Setsuna, Kazusa: WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio

Todokanai koi


Setsuna: All right, let’s—all right, let’s get started. Hello, everyone. I’m Madoka Yonezawa, the voice of Setsuna Ogiso.

Kazusa: Hello, everyone. I’m Hitomi Nabatame, the voice of Kazusa Touma.

S: There was a bit of a slip-up just now.

K: Right, right. See,

S: Yes.

K: well, the radio show itself is recorded.

S: Right.

K: So, really, it could be cut anywhere.

S: Yeah, yeah.

K: But the director always,

S: Yeah.

K: while the opening track is playing,

S: yeah, while—

K: just talks and talks,

S: Right.

K: and the opening started playing in the middle of a question, so it just…

S: came in.

S, K: (laughs)

K: So it’s like, “Don’t talk to me!”

S: (laughs)


K: “Don’t ask me things!”

S: Then we got the cue. I just laughed a bit.

K: Right.

S: We’re into April now.

K: So, it’s April. We are.

S: Which means everyone is starting a new life, I guess.

K: The consumption tax has gone up.

S: It has!

K: Really.

S: It went up in the ones digit. I wasn’t expecting it.

K: So,

S: Yeah.

K: we started at noon today, so I was at the convenience store,

S: Right.

K: and I bought a corn dog.

S: Oh, how much was it?

K: 100 yen.

S: 100 yen.

K: 100 yen before tax.

S: Okay.

K: So I went to the cashier.

S: And then?

K: I asked for a corn dog, and the guy kind of grinned a bit,

S: Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

K: and said, “That’ll be 108 yen,” and I got annoyed.

S: (laughs)

S: A hundred—

K: Like…

S: Like some sort of pitch. “As of today, they’re 108 yen!”

K: Like 108 yen with tax is a big appeal.

S: Even though you already know.

K: It’s not like I bought it because I thought it would be 105 yen. But I don’t know, I wonder if it kind of feels like a festival for the clerks.

S: I’m sure.

K: Like, “Things are different today.”

S: Yeah, maybe.

K: Yeah. But, maybe because it’s 8% now,

S: Yeah, yeah.

K: there aren’t a lot of people?

S: Yeah, Huh?

K: Is that unrelated?


S: But, wait, what?

K: I mean,

S: Because it’s 8%—

K: there was no one in the convenience store.

S: Oh, okay. Everyone is making their own meals, you mean.

K: I,

S: I made onigiri today, myself.

K: You made onigiri. You’ve been making it a lot lately.

S: Yeah. Right, right.

K: It seems like you’ve been really enthusiastic about cooking.

S: It’s fun!

K: Ah. And, what, you made a box lunch recently, right?

S: I did make a box lunch. It was—

K: Yeah.

S: let me think, hamburger steak, rolled omelets, a pretty typical box lunch,

K: Right.

S: but I thought, you know, I should do some cooking to raise my femininity level.

K: Wait, what?

S: (laughs) Well, I’m about to graduate.

K: What, from what?

S: What? From this fan club radio station.

K: Right.

S: Before too long.

K: Then why didn’t you try harder while we were doing it?

S: Before too long. (laughs)

K: You didn’t think of trying out a bunch of different kinds to bring along?

S: I’ve been working plenty hard! Naba-san, Naba-san, did you make that vongole rice soup?

K: I’ve been thinking about making it.

S: Right.

K: But, see, the recipe,

S: Yeah.

K: it was given to me, right?

S: Yeah, yeah.

K: In a zine.

S: You got it from a zine.

K: I forgot to take it home.

S: I also taught you how, though, didn’t I?

K: (laughs)


S: You should make some to bring next time, then.

K: Sure. Before the end.

S: You’re not going to make it. This is a pattern. (laughs) Now, today,

K: Right. Uh-huh.

S: we have a guest.

K: Oh, really?

S: Yep. Who could it be?

K: Who could it be?

S: Anyway, it’s a little early, but why don’t we just get started?

K: Sure. All right. I guess we don’t need to do an introduction.

S: Right.

K: All right.

S: Okay!

K: Let’s go, then.

S: Let’s go.

K: All righty.

S: Let’s get going. WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio,

K, S: Begin!

S: This program is sponsored by Aquaplus. WHITE ALBUM2

S, K: Fan Club Radio


S: Now, without further ado, let’s welcome our guest.

K: Takahiro Mizushima-san, the voice of Haruki Kitahara.

Haruki: Hello! I’m Takahiro Mizushima!

K: Too early!

S: You’re early!



K: (laughs) Why?

H: Well, actually,

S: Yeah.

H: I’ve been wanting to butt in since the opening.

K: (laughs) Seriously?

S: You could have started talking, if you wanted.

K: Yeah.

H: No, see, I wanted to stick to the program,

S, K: Uh-huh.

H: so I restrained myself.

S, K: Oh, really?

H: (laughs)

K: (laughs)

S: (laughs)

H: Well, what’s the problem? This just feels like the normal vibe.

K: Guess so.

S: Yeah.

K: Having Daichuu-san here kind of takes the “All right, we have a guest today!” feeling out of it.

S: I’m not feeling it.

H: Completely devoid of novelty.

K: (laugh)

S: Yeah.

H: I’m kidding. Oh, I see.

K: What?

S: Huh? It’s like it’s been all three of us since the start.

K: Yeah, yeah. The atmosphere feels like, “Oh, it’s always been like this.”

S: Yeah.

H: Then I could have been here the whole time!

K: Well, like we said, you could talk if you wanted to.

S: Yeah.

H: No, no.

K: Now, whether the two of us

S: You could have told Mochizuki-san! I—

K: decide to respond to you is a different story.

S, K: (laughs)

H: No, that’s not what I mean. From before that. I wish I’d been here from all the way before. I could have appeared every time.

K: I’m pretty sure you had work, though.

H: “Pretty sure.”

K: With this schedule.

H: Not true.

K: Maybe you were a regular somewhere else.

S: Right.

H: No, no, no.

K: We, we always thought three was best.


S: That’s right.

H: I haven’t had any screen time. I could have come here whenever.

S, K: (laugh)

S: What? Are you sure you want to mention that?

K: Now he’s griping.

H: Okay, maybe I’m complaining. But I really did think I’d like to be, to have been involved with this thing together. Well, not that that makes a difference now.

K: Yeah.

S: But, you’ll be here for the next four weeks.

K: Yes, four weeks.

H: Right.

K: So, Daichuu-san, your—your passion for WHITE ALBUM2,

S: Yeah.

K: well, our show will be going on a break after April,

H: Yeah.

S: Right.

K: so you won’t have anywhere to talk about it any more.

H: Good point.

S: That’s true.

H: But if you tell me to just talk and talk for four straight shows, I’ll dry up sooner or later.

S: What! Daichuu-san, when have you ever dried up?

K: No way. Have you?

H: I have! No, I don’t know, I don’t know.

K: We won’t know until we try.

H: Right. So, for these conversations,

S: That’s right. Uh-huh.

H: once a topic forms itself,

K: Yeah.

H: that’s when the talk gets rolling,

S: Right.

H: so it’s not like I’ve been going, “Okay, I’ll talk about this, I’ll talk about this.”

K: Right.

H: Yeah.

K: We’ll go according to the mail we get from everyone, from the members.

S: That’s right.

K: That determines how much will start pouring out.

H: Right, right, right.


H: See, everyone’s enthusiasm will influence me in a big way.

K: Ah, okay.

H: I mean, isn’t it the same for you two?

K: For us?

S: Yeah.

K: I don’t think we’re more enthusiastic than you are, Daichuu-san.

S: We aren’t.

K: We’re calm.

S: Yes, very cool. Cool girls.

H: Calm?

K: Exactly. When it comes to romance, too.

S: That’s right.

K: (laughs)

H: That’s not a good thing.

S: We stay firm in our coolness.

K: We do.

S: Yes.

H: That’s still not a good thing.

S, K: (laugh)

S: Well, let’s hurry on to the new segment. Shall we?

K: Shall we? Yes.

S: It’s time for our special project to get Daichuu-san talking! We call it, Let’s Hear Everything!

S, K: Super Daichuu-Time!

K: Volume One!


S: Yes. This is the first volume of our special, four-week-long project.

H: All right.

S: This week, we’re going to be reading mail from our members about the Introductory Chapter of WHITE ALBUM2.

H: Great.

S: Now, here is our first message.

K: Ooh.

S: This is from “Borderman”-san.


S: Introductory Chapter (before the school festival). Yone-san, Naba-san, Daichuu-san, hello.

K, H: Hello.

S: The scene that I would absolutely love to hear Daichuu-san talk about this week is in the original IC, after they all have dinner at the Ogiso house in an attempt to lure Kazusa into the club. Haruki and Kazusa leave together,

H: Right.

S: and Haruki confesses to Kazusa about his family environment. Unlike with Setsuna and Kazusa, when it comes to Haruki’s family, with the exception of a certain scene, all we’re told through in-story dialogue and Haruki’s inner monologue is that his parents are divorced, and he and his mother are mutually apathetic to each other, but thinking about Haruki as a person, and his relationship with the heroines, I feel this is an extremely important problem that follows him until the very end of Coda.

H: Uh-huh.

S: I would love to know Daichuu-san’s thoughts on Haruki and his family.

H: This is quite a topic.

S: (laughs)

K: No kidding.

S: Right from the get-go.

H: His family.

S: It’s a hard question.

K: It’s a little strange to me, actually.

H: Uh-huh.

K: That, coming from a home background like that,

S: Yeah.


K: I don’t know, considering Haruki’s image, how, you know,

H: Yeah.

K: diligent he is, how upright he is,

S: Yeah.

K: the fact that he grew up that way is surprising to me.

H: Ah.

S: Definitely.

H: But I think he’s probably made a turnaround.

S: Ah.

H: I’m sure there was a while where he got bitter and angry.

S, K: Yeah.

H: But, maybe just because of his personality,

S: Yeah.

H: he thought, “Well, what do I do now?”

S, K: Yeah.


H: At one point, because his home environment wasn’t that great, he got a bit depressed,

S, K: Uh-huh.

H: and if he kept on in that vein, he could have wound up turning delinquent,

S, K: Yeah.

H: but that’s not the kind of personality he has.

K: Yeah.

S: Right.

H: He’s a perfectionist, or he decided that he wanted to have the strength not to be swept off by his circumstances, so, he may have that discord with his mother, but—he’s also got his natural sociability, right?

S, K: Right.

H: So he was able to keep going, put stuff with his mother, stuff with his family, behind him,

S, K: Yeah.

H: is what I think. And, also, the Kitahara family is surprisingly well-off.

S, K: Yeah.

H: He gets an allowance from his father,

S: Right.

H: he doesn’t come from a so-called “needy” family background,

S, K: Yeah.

H: so, at the end of the day, he’s got money.

S, K: Right.

H: So, with all of that, he can support himself—or he could manage things on his own, and with his mother, doing his utmost— his utmost to avoid her. There’s that scene in the anime,

K: Yeah.

H: with the trashcan next to the refrigerator, and there are all those convenience store lunch boxes,

S: A mountain of them.

H: a mountain of the empty cases.

K: Right.

H: So, as parent and child, they’re completely separated, and this is, this has just become everyday life now,

S, K: Yeah.

H: and Haruki has probably made a clean break of it at this point,

S: Yeah.

H: and Kazusa

K: Yeah.

H: is fixated on it.

K: Right.

S: Oh, right.

H: She likes him already,

S: Right, right.

H: but she’s always grumbling about things not going how she wants,

S, K: Yeah.

H: but Haruki has already given up on that.

S, K: Right.


H: So, up until the end, it’s not a matter of how things turned out with his mother

K: Yeah.

H: but it’s been dragged along the whole time.

S, K: Yeah.

H: In a sense, it was something deeply-rooted enough

S, K: Yeah.

H: that Kazusa’s deal could just be called a petty mother-daughter spat. Since he overcame that deeply-ingrained thing, he can say that.

S: Yeah, yeah.

K: Ah.

H: I think that might be part of it.

S: Ah.

K: I hadn’t thought about that.

S: I had sort of figured that Haruki-kun had developed that personality after feeling like, “I have to have it together.”

H: Yeah. Well, and ultimately, what his mother actually thinks,

S, K: Yeah.

H: we don’t really know.

K: Oh yeah.

S: Right.

K: Oh yeah. We don’t really learn much about that.

S, H: Yeah.

K: We only see Haruki’s home

S: Yeah.

K: from his point of view,

S: We do.

K: so.

H: Right, right. So, really,

K: Uh-huh.

H: For example, if he—for example, we have girl A and girl B, who are close, or boy A and boy B,

S, K: Uh-uh.


H: whichever, when A and B aren’t getting along so well,

S, K: Yeah.

H: they’ll each be talking according to their own circumstances.

K: Right.

H: Which means the discussion won’t line up very well.

S, K: Right.

H: So, the point is, Haruki is a child, too.

S, K: Yeah.

H: Because he’s a child, I think he came to think this way from that point of view, giving his say as the child.

S: Yeah.

H: And his mother, knowing how he is, figured she would just leave him be,

K: Right.

H: because it’s not as though he’s going down the wrong path, in a way that would require her to do something about it,

S: Right.

H: and I think that’s part of why she’s leaving him alone.

S, K: Yeah.

H: So, it could be that, way in the future at some point, the Kitahara family, I don’t know, could reach a settlement, like, “Oh, it’s not that big a deal.”

S: Yeah.

K: Oh, I could see that.

S: Right.

H: Though, to put it straight out, as a backbone of the story,

S, K: Yeah.

H: it gets involved a little bit, but there’s no story that involves doing anything about Haruki’s family situation.

K: There isn’t.

S: Right.

H: I don’t even really know how far Maruto-san has thought about it.

K: For sure.


S: There isn’t much of a big grand drama there. Like with Kazusa’s family.

K: Yeah. Right.

H: Yeah. Although, well, thinking from the standpoint of a child, there could be sympathy with Kazusa.

S, K: Yeah.

H: And then there’s that degree of difference from Setsuna’s family,

S: Right.

H: but I’m also sure, then, that he must feel some longing for that,

S, K: Yeah.

H: and, well, that’s one part of the balance of this love triangle.

K: Yeah.

S: Good point.

K: Right.

H: Which is one of the reasons that Setsuna starts feeling left behind.

S: Yeah, yeah. (laughs)

H: That’s what I think.

S: The Ogiso family is really wonderful, when you think about it.

K: Yeah, they’re so close.

S: Yeah.

H: You do actually get families like that.

S, K: Yeah.

H: We weren’t exactly like that.

K: We’re pretty close.

H: But we aren’t at each other’s throats or anything. Oh, really?

K: We are.

S: Oh.

K: So, actually, I was just talking to my mom, yesterday or the day before,

S, H: Uh-huh.

K: and all of a sudden, she says, “I’m sorry, Hitomi.” I went, “For what”?

H: Uh-huh.

K: and she goes, “Well, we’re a tight family.” “You know, performers,” “there’s always something going on with their families, and it makes them work harder,”


H: Mom…

K: “isn’t that so?”

H: Mom…

S: Your mom is so funny!

K: “In our family, we just apologize normally and all.”

H: Your mother—

K: I went, “What on earth are you talking about?!”

H: Your mother has kind of a skewed way of thinking.

S: That video, recently,

K: From Mom, right.

S: that we watched,

H: Yeah.

S: she seemed like a very playful and sweet mother.

K: Maybe.

H: She seems wonderful.

K: She’s weird.

S: It made me want to meet her.

H: Well, and, actually,

S: Uh-huh.

H: that sort of unique family—I think it would be fair for me to say that, right?

S: Yes. It’s so bright.

K: Well, it certainly is bright.

S: Yeah.

H: Right. And, Hitomi-san, that environment is what made you into the Hitomi-san we know,

S: Right, that’s what made you Hitomi-san.

H: so it seems like a good thing to me.

S: You’re your mother’s daughter.

K: True.

S: Yes.

H: Right, right.

K: That’s just what Mom always said.

S: Tell her “Hello” for me, okay?

H: I envy you.

K: Oh, all right. Thank you.

S: Good. Yeah.

S: I really hope I get to meet her.

K: Okay, let’s go to the next one.

S, H: Right.

K: This is from “Holmes”-san. The scene I would like you to talk about is the scene with Kazusa and Haruki talking after the festival concert. I think it is an iconic scene, where Kazusa’s clumsiness and feelings of love for Haruki really come through.


K: I think. ”Why would I hate it? Why would it not be fun? Why would I not be happy?” “Why do you have to ask?” Every time I listen to it, I love Kazusa even more. So awkward, so earnest! And we see tears from her. And, when I think about how it leads to Setsuna’s confession, playing it again makes my heart hurt. So many times I’ve thought, ‘If only Kazusa had been able to claim him here.’ But, it also made me realize all the more that Kazusa’s clumsiness is exactly what charms people so much.

S, H: Hmm.

K: That scene.

S: Yeah.

H: Right.

K: Yeah.

H: Well, that scene might seriously be the biggest “What if?” moment in the whole story.

S, K: Yeah.

H: And, let me think, thinking about Haruki’s own feelings of being attracted to Kazusa—


H: it really was love at first sight,

K: Well, yeah.

H: Kazusa, maybe she understands it just a bit, but for Haruki himself, no matter what attitude Kazusa takes toward him, it doesn’t get him down, because he likes himself just fine, so it certainly wouldn’t occur to him that she thought of him that way.

S, K: Yeah.

H: Yeah, and well, it gets discussed later, but as a retrospective,

K: Yeah.

H: from spring onward, after they met,

K: Yeah.

H: there were these episodes,

S: Right.

H: and thinking through all of those, Kazusa’s “audience,” so to speak—well, the player, from what the player is seeing, it’s already plain that Kazusa is smitten with Haruki, you see that,

S, K: Yeah.

H: but Haruki doesn’t even remotely pick up on it. He’s so full of himself that he has no room to try to guess

S, K: (laughs)

H: what anyone else is thinking, he’s just so focused,

S: Right.

H: that was figuring into it.

S: Yeah.

H: But that, well, this is really,


H: maybe the best balance in the whole work,

S: Yeah.

S, K: Yeah.

H: I think, but really I’m going, “Just avoid her!”

S, K: (laugh)

S: There it is!

K: There it is!

H: Why isn’t there any choice given to avoid her?!

K: The avoidance-one Grand Prix.

S: There we are, the avoidance-one.

All: (laughs)

H: I do find myself partly thinking that, but, this really is an iconic scene in a way. Yeah.

K: Yeah… Although, Kazusa really doesn’t show it that much, how she feels, through the way she acts.

S: Right.

K: The fact that she was feeling this intensely is something that you gradually come to understand later on,

S: Yeah.

K: and at that point, you look back, and the way you see it will be different.

S: Right.

H: Good point. So, really, the whole time, from the point of view of the story, Kazusa’s attitude right after the opening, that there’s something on the flip side of it,

K: Yeah.

H: noticing that, I mean, there’s no way the player wouldn’t realize it.

S, K: Right.

H: But the fact that she was thinking that intensely about him,

S, K: Yeah.


H: she’s just so bad at expressing love,

S, K: Right.

H: and that’s, it can be charming, but from the guy’s point of view, he probably wouldn’t notice it.

K: Definitely.

S: He wouldn’t notice.

K: Which makes it really fortunate that this is a game.

H: Yeah.

S: (laughs)

K: Since anyone would be able to tell by playing it.

S, H: Right.

K: But, if it were happening in reality,

S: Yeah.

K: once she passed him by, it would be over.

S: That’s right.

H: I wouldn’t even have been able to, able to revive the Light Music Club.

K: Nothing would ever get through.

S: (laughs)

H: I don’t have that kind of willpower. I would just go, “Oh, well, looks like she hates me, so that’s it,” and give up there.

S: Well. I guess there’s a message to everyone there, then. To people who are feeling troubled over love right now,

K: Yeah, yeah.

S: freaking out, going, “What do I do, should I confess or not?”

K: Yeah.

S: Doing that won’t put anything across, so you have to say it.

K: Right.

S: That could be the message from Kazusa.

K: I do think you could take something like that.

H: For sure.

S: Let yourself fall in love, everyone!

H: Haruki, Haruki is really—

K: That means you. Fall in love.

S: (laughs)

H: Uh-huh.

S: Duuun!

H: I don’t think you two are in any position to tell me that.

K: What was that? Me, neither?

S: What was that?

H: You two, talking about love—

S: We’re being lumped together.


K: I’ve got a romance going on, you know. I mean, I’m playing the game right now.

S: (laughs) I’m playing it, too.

H: But, then,

S: On the Vita.

H: then, when you’re playing,

S: Uh-huh.

H: whose feelings are you playing through?

S: Setsuna’s.

K: Sort of, I’m playing Chiaki’s route right now,

S: Yeah.

K: but I’m sort of playing as Kazusa, I think.

S: Yeah.

H: (laugh)

S: Of course.

K: I get ticked off sometimes.

K, S, H: (laugh)

S: Also, when I’m playing on the train, I’ll start crying sometimes, and go, “Oh, no, I can’t do this any more,” and just turn it off.

S, K, H: Ah.

H: Yeah, I can imagine that.

S: I can’t do it.

H: Yeah.

S: I just want to play it stealthily at home.

K: I’ve been playing it stealthily whenever I get a moment.

H: The first time—well, because I know what’s going to happen in the story, I can’t make myself press the circle button,

K: Oh, you get like that?

H: knowing what comes next, like, “I don’t want to see this! Just end it here!” Because I know something is waiting that’ll make me go, “No, don’t say that!”

S: Uh-huh.

H: So I don’t want to press the button.

S: Do you cry, too, Daichuu-san?

H: I do cry.

S: You do cry.

K: Wow.

H: I cry a ton. I mean—well, I mean, I was crying when I was recording, too.

S: Wow.

K: Oh, yeah. There were tears.


H: Yeah. Generally, when I’m performing,

K: Uh-huh.

H: I actually don’t cry that much at all,

S, K: Uh-huh.

H: but this was one of those times.

S: Yeah.

K: Yeah. I mean, with the anime, if you cry too much,

S: Uh-huh.

K: it can disrupt things,

S, H: Yeah.

K: but with the game, you can take a break if you need to cry a little bit,

S: True.

H: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

K: and take some time to switch to the next emotion.

S, H: Yeah.

S: With anime, the next scene starts right away.

K: Exactly. So I think,

S: Right.

K: I can’t do too much of this,

S: Yes.

H: Yeah. Right.

K: and keep it under control somehow.

H: Now, with the anime, I did plenty of crying on-air.

K: Right, you can cry on-air.

S: Right. And when you’re at home, rehearsing.

K: Right.

S: When you have the V.

H: Yone-chan—okay, so speaking of the anime version,

S: Yes.

H: That great scene,

S: Uh-huh.

H: with Kazusa and Haruki,

S: Yeah. The airport.

H: Before the airport.

S: Before the airport.

K: Yeah.

H: Outside, when they meet outside the apartment.

S: Uh-huh.

K: Ah.

H: What did you think, while you were watching that?

S: What? It just makes me feel out of the loop.

S, K: (laughs)

H: You didn’t cry?


S: Well, it made me think, “I wonder what Setsuna is up to right now,” I guess.

H: Ah, right.

K: Were you not in that day?

H: Oh, so you weren’t—you weren’t there at all.

S: I guess I wasn’t.

H: Since it was before the last one.

K: It wasn’t the end yet, so it wasn’t one of your days.

S: Yeah. I wasn’t. Right. Though I was shut in at home, going, “When are they going to call me?”

K, S, H: (laugh)

H: I see.

S: Yeah.

H: So, that scene,

S: Right.

H: watching it as part of the audience, it’s about the two of them, so I might cry, but that’s not the case for Yone-chan.

S: Yeah, probably.

K: I also, I, there was that scene with the two of them kissing, right?

S, H: Yeah.

K: When I was there for the dubbing.

S, H: Uh-huh.

K: I got a little annoyed at that scene.

S: (laughs)

K: “Urgh, just look at the two of them making out like that!”

H: Yeah. While I was doing that, in my mind I was going, “I don’t know whether this is toward Kazusa or Naba-chan, but I’m sorry.”

K, H: (laugh)

S: Why would you apologize to Naba-san?

S, K: (laughs)

H: Well, I mean, it escalates. It gradually escalates, right?

S, K: Yeah.

H: I was just going, “Aah…”


K: But, a lot goes on after that, too.

H: It does.

S: Right, it does.

K: But you can’t show it.

S, H: Yeah.

K: It’s tricky.

S: Right.

H: Thinking about how much he has to seal off his feelings for Kazusa,

S, K: Yeah.

H: in order to face Setsuna.

K: Ah, yeah.

H: So, at this point, he has to pile up those kisses.

K: Right.

H: If he doesn’t, Kazusa will go, “Why are you so good at this?”

K: Right.

S: Yes. He has to be good at it.

K: Yone-chan was kissing as hard as she could. Mwah, mwah, mwah.

S: I—hang on, it wasn’t me doing it.

H: “Yone-chan was…”

K: (laughs)

S: It was Setsuna.

K: Yone-chan was at the mic, kissing. The mic.

S: Naba-san—(laughs)

H: I was just standing still.

K: Yone-chan was making one-sided smooching noises.

S: (laughs)

H: Now we’re just talking about the work.

K: Yeah.

S: You do it too, though, Naba-san.

H: A question of marketability.

K: Right.

S, H: Yeah.

K: It means there’s no need for a man.

S, H: (laughs)

S: All right, let’s go to the next letter.

H: Right.

S: This is from “Ryuu, the man who loves winter”-san.

H: Okay.

S: The scene that left an impression on me is when they go to the airport to say goodbye to Kazusa,


S: Setsuna tells a painful lie to her own heart and to Haruki, Haruki finds Kazusa and embraces her, and Setsuna watches in a daze, tears falling. If the two of you were in Kazusa and Setsuna’s situations, what action would you take? Would you be able to chase after your dreams, keeping the person you love as a memory, like Kazusa? Would you be able to wait for years and years, still in love with that person, even if it meant betraying yourself, like Setsuna? And Daichuu-san, if you were in Haruki’s position, what action would you take? There we are.

H: Wow.

K: Wow.

H: Well, first of all—I wouldn’t get into a situation like that,

S: Huh.

K: Right.

H: I guess, whether I could leave Setsuna behind and go to Kazusa,

S: Yeah.

H: is the question.

S: Yeah.

K: Wow.

H: Because he’s not caring about appearances there.

S, K: Yeah.

H: So, however you might weigh it,

K: Uh-huh.

H: weigh it out on the scales,

S: Yeah.

H: Kazusa’s side would be heavier,

S, K: Yeah.

H: I figure.

S: It’s like an impulse.


H: Yeah.

K: But even that impulse hurts Setsuna.

S: Right.

H: Yeah.

K: Because—

S: Because normally, normally Haruki-kun would restrain himself there, you would think,

K: Right.

S: and the fact that it was such a powerful impulse that he couldn’t hold it back,

K: She can tell.

S: yes.

K: So she’s in shock.

S: Because it means he really likes her.

K, H: Yeah.

H: Thinking about liking from his end, it was absolutely Kazusa,

K: Right.

H: He loves Kazusa.

S: Yeah

H: And Setsuna really is a good girl, so she should be able to feel happier as she accepts that,

S: Right.

H: that’s how she’s meant to work.

S, K: Yeah.

H: But, Setsuna-chan, in her own way, really, she loves Haruki, so she understands how they feel—what does that do, in the first place, understanding it? Setsuna—or, rather, to you, Yone-chan,

S: Uh-huh.

H: feeling that love, or almost—not handing him over, exactly,

S: Right.

H: but she—well, all three of them are aware that they’ve done wrong at this point.

K: Yeah.

S: Yes.


H: And that awareness makes you stop what you’re doing, stop expressing your feelings,

S: Yeah.

H: and the one who experiences that the most strongly is Setsuna.

S: Right, she is.

K: Yeah.

H: And the one who broke that equilibrium was Haruki.

K: He wasn’t able to protect the one person he thought he’d be able to protect the most.

H: Right, right. In the anime, it’s super obvious, Setsuna is between Haruki and Kazusa,

K: That composition.

H: but even though she’s there,

S: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

H: Haruki and Kazusa are noticing each other,

S: Yeah.

H: and with that, it’s almost as if to say, he’s going to leave Setsuna behind.

S: And they move in a way that makes it even easier to see.

K: That turn.

S: The turn.

K, S, H: (laugh)

S: Don’t move!

K: So you can see it.

S: Right, I can see where you’re connected!

K, S, H: (laugh)

K: That wording.

H: Your wording.

S: It was fine with just the back of your head.

K: But, Yone-chan, if it were you, would you be able to keep liking him?


S: No way.

K: Right,

S: Yeah.

K: after seeing that, that impulsive movement,

S: Hmm.

K: it would be difficult.

H: Yeah.

S: Because there’s no winning after that. No matter how hard you try. Yeah.

K: That’s what you would think.

H: Well, thinking about it from Kazusa’s view,

K: Yeah.

H: or thinking “realistically,” I don’t think she would be able to go, “This means I win.”

K: She wouldn’t.

S: Right.

K: There’s no way.

S: Yeah.

H: Thinking as Haruki, I don’t know… But, since she’s leaving, he’s thinking he might not ever see her again,

S, K: Yeah.

H: so he rushes over to her without thinking about the consequences, maybe. Since he’s not remotely thinking about what comes after.

S, K: Yeah.

H: It’s all his emotions, this impulse,

S, K: Yeah.

H: making him go to her.

S: Right.

H: I do think it’s possible that the self-restraint could have kicked in at the last minute—like, “No, enough, I’m going home, I don’t want to go,” but Setsuna basically dragged him there,

S: Yeah.

H: and, I don’t know. Really, the collapse of that balance,

S, K: Uh-huh.


H: if Kazusa unlocked that door, it would be Haruki.

K: It would.

S: Yeah.

H: Man. Seriously, what would I do?

S: What would you do, Daichuu-san?

K: Why did things reach this point, anyway?

K: (laugh)

H: Yeah, seriously. That’s all monologue.

K: Yeah.

S: Right. What was Setsuna feeling when she took Haruki to the airport? That’s my question now.

H: I wonder. Well, she—she probably knew,

S: Uh-huh.

H: and she took him to the airport for another—

K: I wonder.

H: another—I think part of her really wanted to beat Kazusa fair and square.

S: Huh.

H: At the beginning, when they started dating, she sort of got impatient, and wheedled him into it,

S: Right.

H: she was the one who pushed him,

S: Yeah.


H: but here on this equal ground, one-on-one,

S: Right.

H: she wanted him to choose her. That could have been part of it.

S, K: Ah.

S: And also, since the time all three of them spent together had been the most fun for her, you know, since their best friend was about to go overseas, it would be the normal thing to go and see her off.

H: Right.

S: Setsuna could have wanted to cherish that moment,

K: Man, what would I do?

S: I figured.

K: If I were, if I were in Setsuna’s position,

S: Yeah.

K: I might have had some hope riding on it.

S: Uh-huh.

K: That, even if we went there,

H: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

K: Haruki-kun wouldn’t do that.

S: Yeah.

K: Banking on just that little

S, H: Yeah.

K: percentage, and then he went, and it must have felt like a crushing defeat.

H: Like, “Hang on, this is completely different from what I expected.”

K: “What…!” Like, she had no idea the odds were stacked that much against her. That’s what I would think, if it were me.

H: She might have realized that.

K: Yeah.

H: So she probably felt guilty for holding onto Haruki,


H: for stopping him and keeping him with her.

S, K: Yeah.

S: She must have wanted to see the truth.

K, H: Yeah.

K: I get that feeling.

S: Right.

H: And it feels like so much is wrapped up in all of this, to an excessive degree.

H: But, maybe, I don’t know, it’s a matter of drawing the line.

K: Ah, okay.

H: Huh.

S: Good point.

K: Man.

H: And there could also have been the question of whether she could keep her feelings for him, after that happened.

S, K: Ah.

H: But, but she loved him so much that even that didn’t shake her.

S: Yeah.

H: Setsuna did.

K: That’s wild. It was crazy to me that she could keep her feelings for him after having to witness that.

S, H: Yeah.

S: I feel like part of her wouldn’t want to watch Haruki going to pieces like that any more.

H: Right.

S: But she just stood there, frozen.

K: (laughs)

S: I would have gone, “Okay, I need to get him out of here somehow.”

K: Get him away from there. Yeah.

H: So, once Kazusa has left, after her flight has left, when they’re outside the airport,

S, K: Right.

H: and she’s clinging to his back after watching the plane leave—


H: well, it’s hard to say which one of them is clinging, but how did they leave, after that, I wonder?

K: Yeah, seriously.

S: Since it ends there.

K: Yeah.

H: Did Setsuna leave first, because he told her to, or did the two of them

S: Uh-huh.

H: leave together, without saying anything?

S: I think they went back together, in silence.

K: Probably.

H: Man.

K: Setsuna could have been walking a bit behind him the whole time.

S: Yeah.

H: Yeah.

S: Half a step behind him.

K: Right.

H: Come to think of it, things just stay that way for years—

K: That’s how they stay.

S: Right. Yeah.

H: The years just pile up that way.

S, H: Augh.

H: Man, that’s depressing.

S: This question

K: Yeah.

S: didn’t really get any answers, huh.

K: We talked and talked, but no real answers.

S: It’s a tricky one.

K: All right.

H: Yeah, yes.

S, K: Yes.

S: With that, that’s all the time we have. Next week, for Volume 2, we’ll be reading mail about CC.

K: Also, we’re accepting suggestions for scenes and topics from Setsuna and Kazusa’s routes in Coda, as well as the “Infidelity” and “Sworn Enemies” routes, for Daichuu-san to discuss. Feel free to shoot all your mail our way.



S: WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio


S: Now, Madoka,

K: Hitomi,

D: and Daichuu,

S, K, H: Write Poems Together!

S: Naba-san and I have reached the conclusion that writing beautiful poetry is what makes a woman popular, so we use three keywords, sent in by you members, to create an improvised poem.

K: Yes. Also, this week, we’re having Daichuu-san write poems, as well.

H: All righty.

S: Yes.

K: And out of our three poems, the show staff—or Mochizuki-san—

S: Yeah.

K: will judge which one is the best.

S: Yes.

K: Our keywords last time were “Valentine,” “English conversation,” and “push-ups,” so let’s read some of the poems sent in by our members.

S: This is from—why are you laughing?

H: Sorry, I’m still stuck on “push-ups.”

S: This is from “Nisshii”-san. This year, it snowed on Valentine’s Day.


S: I called him, saying I had something important to tell him. Ten minutes later, out of breath, he arrived. I confided that I would be studying abroad next year. He had suspected that I might study English conversation, but I had always dodged the question. I didn’t want to cry, but the tears came all the same. Nevertheless, I smiled as hard as I could, said, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” and gave him his chocolate. Unable to bear it any longer, I ran away. Then, he grabbed my hand and embraced me. His arms were so strong, forged by the push-ups he did constantly. In his arms, I melted. By the way, that took five minutes and 20 seconds. It was difficult to fit the push-ups in.


H: (laughs)

K: Oh, nice, nice. Hang on, can I read one? Can I read one? Here goes.

S: Yes, yes.

K: This is from “Simon”-san. I fell for you, in all your selfishness. When you wanted to go on a trip, I went to English conversation class for you; when you wanted to eat genuine curry, I made curry from spices for you. Even I don’t understand why I go this far. But, though I may complain, it’s not that bad, and I will do anything to see your face. My love is—yes—like doing pushups. As I draw closer to you, greater struggles await me. When I distance myself from you, things are easier, but my feelings of love won’t allow me to go too far. Today is Valentine’s Day. Today, just as always, I will do whatever you want—so, at the end, will I receive chocolate from you?


K: P.S. It was difficult to figure out how to use the push-ups.

S: (laughs)

K: It took 12 minutes to write. What’s going on today?

S: Yeah.

K: They’re just like us!(laughs)

S: Right. (laughs) Daichuu-san’s comment about the push-ups was just running through my head

K: They did it.

S: and I can’t stop laughing.

K: Everyone’s going “I can’t do that!” It’s hilarious.

S: Yay, yay!

H: Well, yeah.

S: (laughs)

H: I’m really impressed with everyone.

S: Yeah.

H: I think they’re all great.

K: Well, yes. Thank you for putting this much effort in.

S: Very well done. Thank you. Well, it’s been a while since we did poems, but to begin, the keywords.

K: Yeah, it kinda has. Let’s have the keywords.

S: Yes, let’s see what the keywords are.

K: All right.

S: The first is from “Muscular man of science”-san.

K: Yeah.

S: The keyword is “Yoshino cherry.”

S, K: Yoshino cherry.

H: Yoshino cherry.

S: Cherry trees?

K: Cherry trees, I guess. The second is from “Yokowake Kid”-san.

S: Okay.

K: The keyword is “new life.”

S: All right.

K: And, one more.

S: The third one.

H: Yes, this is from Borderman-san. “Sideburns.”


S: (laughs)

K: What!

H: It says, “Chikashi’s sideburns really made an impression on me.”

K: Oh, okay, I could see that.

S: That’s where it came from.

K: All right.

S: All right. So…

H: I’m still,

S: Uh-huh.

H: when I said I would do it, I was just thinking about words everyone used this time, the Valentine’s Day, English conversation, and push-ups.

S, K: (laugh)

S: Nope! That’s over now!

K: It’s over!

H: Dammit…

S: Yes, our keywords are “Yoshino cherry,” “new life,” and “sideburns.” We’re going to write poems with those three.

K, H: All right.

S: “Sideburns” might get in the way a little bit.

K: Yeah.

S: Yes.

H: But it must be possible.

S: Right, right.

K: Really?

S: Considering the push-up position.

K: But we’re writing poems to be popular.

S: Yes. Let’s write poems for popularity.

K: That’s what we’re writing.

H: Poems for popularity.

K: We’re writing poems for popularity.

S: Daichuu-san is good at poetry, by the way.

K: That’s true.

S: All right, are we ready?

K: Ready.

S: Poem composition, start!

K: Here we go.

S: Here we go.

H: Hmm.

S: Time to write another poem for popularity today. I’ll be so popular I won’t know what to do with myself.

K: So popular. Me, too.


S: (laughs)

S: Now what? Maybe I should do something a little bit out there?

K: Hm.

S: I imagine everyone’s way of working in “new life” will be more or less the same.

K: I’m doing it nice, nice and direct.

S: Direct?

K: Using “new life” directly.

S: Okay.

K: (laughs)

H: How, how are you planning to twist it?

S: Here’s a question.

K: What?

S: What spring was it when you felt like your life had undergone its biggest change? How old were you?

K: Hmm.

H: When I came to Tokyo, maybe.

K: Ah.

S: That makes sense.

H: I was 19.

S: Same for me.

K: Maybe it was when I made my debut. That was when my life really changed.

S: Yeah. My own debut felt kind of slippery.

K: Oh, really?

S: Yeah. It wasn’t, like, “Woo, I’ve made my debut!” But, “Okay, somehow I managed…”


H: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

S: Uh-huh.

H: For me, when I first came under the supervision of the office.

S: Yeah.

H: It sometimes felt like I was just drifting into it, like the work started drifting in.

S: Exactly, exactly. A little at a time.

K: Really? It wasn’t like that for me. Actually, when I joined the office, it sort of blasted in.

S: Uh-huh, uh-huh.

H: Ah, that’s big.

S: Wow.

K: I remember thinking, “More? There’s more? Isn’t it supposed to be a little slower?”

S: Okay.

H: That was how things worked on your side. I basically started at the bottom of the ladder,

S: Right.

H: so it wasn’t like, “Bam,”

S: Yeah.

H: and it was maybe—in my third year that I passed my first audition,

S: Uh-huh.

H: so it feels like things changed from there.

K: Ah, okay.

S: Ah.

H: Now, living in Tokyo, living on my own for the first time, that was pretty big,

S: Yeah, living alone.

H: and also in high school, when I started living in a dorm,

S, K: Yeah.

H: that was major.

S: Yeah.

H: I mean, I was still young,

S, K: Yeah.

H: so I was homesick like crazy,

K: Really?

S: I see.

H: so it wasn’t, you know, a positive, forward-facing new life feeling,


S: There was more anxiety.

H: it was, “I want to go home already!”

S, K: (laughs)

H: A very strong feeling of abandonment,

S: Ah.

H: that spring.

S: I guess anxiety is something that haunts all of us,

H: Yeah.

S: when we start a new life.

H: Yeah.

S: Wondering whether you’ll be able to get on well.

H: Right.

S: Five minutes.

K: Oh, gotta keep writing.

H: Oh, shoot, hang on.

S: My hand stopped moving.

H: Quit talking to me about other stuff! I’m trying to think.

S: Oh, I’d better add in some romance, now.

H: Romance. Wait, romance?

K: Of course.

S: Yep.

K: We’re writing poems about romance.

H: There’s no romance in this thing. No good.

S, K: (laughs)

K: We live for love, see.

S: Exactly. God, that’s so corny.

H: I’d better just stop, then.

K: It’s like, what am I getting, you write a little bit, then go back and rip up the paper,

S, H: (laugh)

K: “No, that’s not it!”

H: Exactly, exactly.

S: Yes.


S: The image of an artist.

K: Right, right. Crumple it up.

S: Yeah. Fling it away. Crumpled-up papers everywhere,

H: (laughs)

K: Right, like—

S: all over the tatami floor.

K: Everywhere.

H: Yeah, actually…

K: (laughs)

H: Oh, boy.

S: Done!

K: That was fast!

H: Wow.

S: Just a little over seven minutes! Go, me! Maybe I’ll write another one.

K: Look at you. Show-off.

S: Oh, here’s another topic. What kind of sideburns do you prefer? Long or short? (laughs) Or maybe I could start by asking, do you like sideburns at all? I don’t really like sideburns that much, myself. Is this facial hair or sideburns? Do sideburns count as facial hair?

K: It says sideburns, so I figure it’s sideburns.

S: Where does the facial hair end and the sideburns begin? For people where they connect, where would they consider the sideburns to start?


K: Oh, good question.

H: Sideburn location?

S: Yeah. Where is the boundary between beard and sideburns?

H: I don’t know. I don’t think there are many people who have them connected.

S: Maybe just people in other countries?

H: Sideburns, side—

S: I don’t think there are many people with sideburns that scream, “These are sideburns!”

H: Yeah.

K: This—

H: This is no time for me to be participating in a conversation.

S, K: (laughs)

S: Keep writing. If they were long enough to have their own presence, like Lupin, kind of shaggy—oh, or like Chikashi, I might go, “Oh, this is a character with sideburns,” but otherwise, I don’t know. The ones that just sort of stick to your face like seaweed.

K: Is it okay if I look something up? (laughs)

S: Are you listening?

K: I’m listening, I’m listening.

All: (laughs)

S: Oh, fine, whatever. (laughs)

K: You’ve given up. C’mon, keep talking.

S: (laughs)

Y: I’m working hard right now. I’m listening.

S: I don’t, I don’t think we need to talk about sideburns any more.


K: Huh. I’m ending up going in a sort of suspenseful direction here.

H: It’s too long.


S, K: (laughs)

S: Why?

K: Why?


S: Oh, so I did some shopping before the tax increase.

K: Did you?

H: All right.

S: I bought a PS4, actually.

K: Oh, wow.

H: You bought one.

S: I bought one.

H: Does that one come in different types?

S: What? Types?

H: Hard-disk capacities and whatnot.

S: Oh, I didn’t choose between anything. I bought one that said “500” on it.

H: 500. 500 gigs?

S: Gigabytes, I guess.

H: Huh.

S: Yeah. I mean, I’m pretty sure that was the only option anyway,

H: Uh-huh.

S: but I wasn’t thinking about it. For now—

K: Did you buy any games?

S: Of course I did!

K: Ooh.

S, K: (laughs)

S: I’m going to play Metal Gear.

K: All right.

S: Yes. I’m going to hide under cardboard boxes.

K: You’ve been looking forward to this.

S: You bet I have.

S, K: (laugh)

K: That commercial,

S: Uh-huh.

K: every time I see it, I think about the Red Light comedy group.

All: (laughs)


K: You know, the one about the leader, “don’t think about it,” every single time I see that ad,

S: What?

K: I think, “Leader!” but when I talk about it no one approves.

S, K: (laughs)

K: Like, oh, I see.

H: Huh.

S: I also bought a year’s supply of shampoo.

K: Wow.

H: (laughs)

S: A year’s supply of shampoo and conditioner.

H: A year’s supply of shampoo. How much is that, anyway?

S: It was four refillable bottles, on the larger side.

H: Oh, okay.

S: Yeah.

H: I guess it’s just that the amount of shampoo men and women use is completely different.

S: Oh, right.

K: Yeah, that makes sense.

H: Are you sure about buying that much at once, though?

S: It’s fine. It says it’ll keep for three years, if I don’t open them.

H: Three years?

S: Yeah.

H: Ah.

S: Meaning, if I don’t break the seal.

H: And you’re not going to change to a different shampoo?

S: No way.

K: You like it that much?

S: I only buy it at that store. I only buy that exact kind from that store,


H: Wow.

S: so it’s fine. I already know I’m going to use it, and they were doing a campaign in advance of the tax increase, like, “Buy a year’s worth, and we’ll throw this in, too!” So I bought it.

H: You genuinely—wow.

S: What?

H: You genuinely jumped on a pre-tax-increase campaign?

S: (laughs) What, should I not have?

H: No, it’s good, it’s good.

K: It’s all good.

S: I was going to buy it anyway, in the future.

H: The same type, guaranteed.

S: The same type.

H: All right.

K: Wow.

S: Yep. Well, I’m not changing it for the next year, at least.

H: Yeah.

S: I mean, it’s the one I’ve always used.

K: Good point.

S: For a number of years. Yeah.

H: Oh, in that case.

S: Yeah. I got a thousand-yen coupon.

H: Uh-huh.

S: A thousand-yen coupon that I can use in April.

H, S: (laughs)

S: And another sort of novelty thing.

H: Uh-huh.

S: (laughs) I imagine everyone is rushing in to stock up on all kinds of stuff.

K: They have been. Everywhere has been super crowded.

S: Yeah?


K: All the stores.

H: Yeah.

K: Like, oh, yeah, the station was crazy crowded.

S: Wow.

K: Getting ticket books, you know, commuter passes.

S: Oh, of course, commuter passes.

K: There were tons of people buying those.

S: Right.

K: The lines were crazy at the ticket book counters, too.

S: Yeah.

K: It’s wild.

S: Yeah. I hurried in to get my winter coat cleaned, too.

K: Oh, good idea.

H: Ah, cleaning, too.

S: Yes. And I got honey, too, like, wah!

K: Why?

S: Three of them.

K: Honey is surprisingly expensive.

S: It is, but I figured, since it’s a necessity. What! The discount campaign after the tax increase is going to be higher? Man, you could have told me sooner! You could have told me before. I already bought it.


K: Whoa, has that much time passed already?

S: Yours is really long, Naba-san.


K: I’ll be done in a second.


H: Will this work? I don’t even know what this means.

S: (laughs)

H: I managed to write something, but I don’t understand it. What in the…  (laughs) It’s, it’s long.

K: Yeah, this stuff isn’t easy.

H: I could do with a clean copy of it, too. This thing is a mess.

S: (laughs) It’s so long! I actually rushed, rushed a little at the end,

K: All right, done. I’m ready.

S: the last two lines. Okay!

K: Okay!

H: Oh, boy.

S: Now, let’s present our completed poems.

K: Yes.

S: This round took 20 minutes.

K: Sorry about that.

H: You were quick, Yone-chan.

S: All right. I’ll begin.

K: Great.

H: Okay.

S: Now presenting Yonezawa’s poem. How many springs have we spent together, since we started dating? The day we met, one of your sideburns had gotten caught in the branch of a Yoshino cherry tree,


S: and I, happening to pass by, carefully untangled you. Our new life began at that moment. If it should ever happen again, that your sideburn gets caught in a branch, I will still be at your side, gently pulling you free.

K: Wow, that was amazing.

H: Nice.

S: Yay, I did it! A woman… I guess I think of longer sideburns as being more manly.

K: Oh, maybe I should have made mine a guy too.

S: What?

K: I should be a guy, too.

S: Oh, no, I’m a girl.

K: Huh?

S: A girl’s point of view.

K: I wrote mine from a guy, a guy’s point of view.

S: That’s not something you decide right now, after you’ve already written it.

K, H: (laughs)

H: Could it work either way?

S: All right, make your presentation, please.

K: I can just change this personal pronoun here. Okay.


S: You, you just changed it.

All: (laughs)

K: What?

S: You didn’t even think about it!

K: I did!

S: All right, go ahead.

K: Yes. Here is my poem.

S: Yes.

K: My new life began in a room with a view of the cherry blossoms. It had been chaotic, but I had finally finished moving in, and one by one, I opened the cardboard boxes. Here, an old memento—a picture of me in the sideburns I once had, on graduation day, when we sang, “Until we meet again.” The day I became Kiyohiko. It felt so far away. Just then, the doorbell rang—ding-dong! I opened the front door to find a cute girl. I told her I was glad to meet her, and she said, ‘I just moved in next door—I’m Cherry,


K: Yoshino Cherry.’

S: (laughs)

K: This was how we met.

S, K, H: (laugh)

S: I’m not really feeling much suspense in that.

H: Wh-What…

S: Well, I did also think about it.

H: Yeah, I considered using “Yoshino” like that.

K: She said it in kind of a cool way. “I’m Cherry, Yoshino Cherry.”

H: (laughs)

S: But you said you would use it normally, Naba-san!

S, K: (laughs)

H: That’s what you meant?

K: All right.

S: All right. Daichuu-san,

H: Oh, god.

S: your turn to share.

H: This is so embarrassing. Oh, god, oh, god… Okay. I’m going to read

K: Yes.

H: Mizushima’s poem.

S: Yes.

H: Joining society, a new life—here I stand, clothed in a suit for my interview. I’ve always been too flashy for navy-blue suits like this.


H: It’s not my style, but here—here, in this faraway town, I’m going to be a smartly dressed member of society. I even tidied up the sideburns that you hated so much. Maybe this way looks better? It’s going to be a while before I get used to this breeze around my ears. It’s a subdued, anxious departure, but the petals of the Yoshino cherry tree gently colored me. Thank you. Tied to your name, Sakura, the flowers have given me the encouragement I needed.

S: Wow!

H: That’s it.

K: Amazing! That was incredible.

S: It feels like some kind of stylish, like a stylish drama.

K: Yeah.

H: Really?

S: Yep.

H: This is embarrassing me a little. (laugh) Too embarrassing tho.

S: Wow. This guy could be a DJ or something.

K: Like, FM.


S: FM.

K: FM radio.

H: Seriously?

S: Yeah.

K: FM.

H: This is baffling me a little.

S, K, H: (laugh)

K: Should we have them judged?

S: Yes, let’s have them judged. Our judge is Mochizuki-san from Aquaplus. Ta-dah!

K: What! Me?

H: Naba-chan.

K: Yes!

S: Hang on!

K: Why? Why?

S: Hang on just a second!

H: Come on.

K: Too—he said yours is too carefully arranged, Daichuu-san.

H: What does that even mean, “too carefully arranged”? I put a lot of work into arranging it carefully!

S: (laughs)

S: Oh, apparently he liked Yoshino-chan.

H: Oh, of course.

S: You perv!

K: (laughs)

S: Wait, though. What’s wrong with mine?

K: Ah.

S: What? I should have used a different pronoun? Fine, I’ll change it right now.

K: (laughs)

H: This is all—this is purely one person’s subjective tastes.


K: Yeah. This isn’t Mochizuki-san saying what’s good or bad, it’s what he likes.

S: Exactly, exactly.

K: (laughs)

S: That’s right. (laughs) It’s all about his tastes.

H: Grr…

K: Yay!

S: Why, you!

H: I’m fine, though. I’m satisfied with my work, so I’m fine.

S: That’s right.

K: No, really, it’s good, it’s awesome. I’ve never written anything like this before. I’ve never been able to.

H: (laughs)

S: Naba-san always goes the jokey route.

H: You took it seriously, you did it seriously.

S:  Yes. And in terms of points, Daichuu-san is at the top. Man, I should have put a cute girl in mine, too.

K: (laughs)

S: (laughs)

H: Yeah.

K: But not a character like Cherry, Yoshino Cherry, who just moved in next door.

H: Her personality isn’t even cute.

S, K: (laughs)

H: She’s like the kind who gets irritated at the drop of a hat.

S: Who?

H: Like “What are you, a machine?!”

S: (laughs) All right.

K: All right.

S: This has been Madoka, Hitomi, and Daichuu Write Poems Together!


K: WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio



S: The time has come for the ending of our program, WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio. Now, we have some announcements from Aquaplus. Volumes 1 through 4 of the TV anime Blu-ray set are now available. Volume 5, which includes episode 9, Hearts out of Sync, and episode 10, The Snow Melts, and Then it Falls Again, part 1, will be released on the 23rd of this month.

K: Also on the 23rd, the Blu-ray of the concert at the Tokyo International Forum will be released. You can watch sample footage at the Aquaplus channel on Niconico.

S: Takeshi Nakamura’s personal art book will have its general release on the 25th. You can find it in Animate, Sofmap, Gamers, and Toranoana stores.


S: It’s got plenty of WHITE ALBUM2 illustrations, so please check it out!

K: In this month’s issue of GA Bunko Magazine, the manga moves past the anime, plunging into CC. Also, a full-graphic Kazusa Touma T-shirt will be available from Nijigen Cospa in the middle of this month.

S: The first five Fan Club Radio CDs are now available. The full series comes with the Mini After-story for Windows as a perk. Those who buy the concert Blu-ray and TV anime vocal collection together will also be eligible for the Mini After-story. All information is subject to change. Please check the corresponding official websites for details and the latest information. Now, right here, we have

K: Yes.

S: the art book,

K: The art book, which Daichuu-san is currently reading.

S: Yeah.

H: Yes.

S, K: (laugh)

H: It’s a man’s dream,

S: A man’s dream come true?

K: Is it packed with men’s dreams?

H: it’s packed. Well, as for me, I like Setsuna with the,

S: Uh-huh.


H: with the ribbon,

S: Uh-huh.

H: here, here, I’ll show you.

K: Which one?

S: Wrapped in ribbon?

H: This one, where she’s wrapped in ribbon,

K: Ah.

S: Ah.

H: Like this.

K: That’s sexy.

S: Her hair.

H: It’s sexy.

K: (laughs)

H: Right? It is.

S: You’re right.

H: Setsuna has a really good expression where she’s, like, embarrassed, but she doesn’t really mind it that much.

S: Oh, yeah.

H: She really doesn’t hate it.

S, K, H: (laughs)

K: There really are all sorts of illustrations in here,

S: Yeah.

K: so, everyone, please go out and buy it, and see for yourself.

S: Yes.

K: Also, here’s this,

H: Yes.

S: The Kazusa Touma graphic tee.

K: the full-graphic T-shirt.

S: Wow.

H: Yeah.

S: It’s gorgeous.

K: It’s awesome.

S: Yeah.

H: This is really something.

K: If you wear this, you’ll always have Kazusa with you.

S: That’s true.

S, K: (laugh)

H: But if Kazusa wore it, they’d merge.

K: Yeah, I guess.

H: The whole front would be like this.

S: Right.

K: You wouldn’t see it. Really, though, you see a lot more shirts like this lately.

S: Yeah.

K: I’m really glad about that.

S: This color is gorgeous, too.


K: Yeah, but—

H: Oh, it really is.

S: The snow.

H: This is one of those, the way they do the color on these T-shirts,

S, K: Uh-huh.

H: it’s not, like, stuck on there, it’s actually

K: It’s actually fully—

S: Dyed.

H: dyed in.

S: Wow.

K: It’s printed on the shirt.

S: This is really nice.

K: Yes, make sure you pick up one of these, too.

S: Okay.

K: Also,

S: Yes.

K: right now,

S: Hm?

K: the song that’s playing.

S: Right. Koi no you na.

K: Yes.

H: Is this your version? Setsuna’s version?

S: Setsuna’s.

K, H: Ah.

S: (laughs)

K: So, the vocal collection has been released,

H: Yeah.

K: and we have a message from “Cooking”-san. I purchased the WHITE ALBUM2 Vocal Collection and was so moved that I just had to mail you.

S: All right.

K: If I tried to express all of my feelings, this would get way too long, so I hope you don’t mind me just talking about Setsuna. First, I had the Setsuna versions from the previous soundtrack in my head when I listened, and I was surprised by the differences. Of course, the previous versions were also amazing. Todokanai koi was more heart-wrenching, heavier, and it was unquestionably Setsuna singing.


K: WHITE ALBUM was sung with deeper feeling than before, with heart poured into every single word. SOUND OF DESTINY sounded even lighter and happier. And I can tell Haruki-kun was working hard.

S, K: (laugh)

H: Yes.

K: But what moved and surprised me the most was the track that only barely shows up during the actual story, WHITE LOVE.

S, K: (laughs)

K: I was already a fan of SPEED, so I listened somewhat lightly. Then—I was stunned by the incredible degree of perfection. She even matched Tsuda-san’s breaths perfectly, and for the first time in a while, I got goosebumps from listening to a song. The way Yonezawa-san so easily sang out the high notes at the end really impressed me. Yonezawa-san, you truly are an amazing voice actress and singer. From the bottom of my heart, I am glad to have purchased this album. If I could wish for more, I’d like to hear Yonezawa-san and Nabatame-san singing WHITE ALBUM. That’s just what I’m thinking right at the moment.

S, H: (laugh)


S: Maybe we should sing it, then? Oh, but, really, covers of this song have shown up on a whole lot of albums. And for me,

K: Right.

S: I thought, so many incredible people have sung this.

K: Right.

S: And I kind of went, “Oh, god, this is a lot of pressure,” but as Setsuna,

K: Yeah.

S: I decided to give it the best I could,

H: Yeah.

S: singing it, so I’m hoping everyone listens to it.

K: I got it today, myself,

S: Uh-huh.

K: so I’m thinking I’ll listen to it on the way home.

S: All right.

K: All right.

S: Thank you.

K: Thank you. Oh,

S: Uh-huh.

K: may I make one more announcement?

S: Go right ahead.

K: So, on May 25th, upcoming,

S, H: Uh-huh.

K: there’s

S: Yes.

K: an event called White Heart2.

S: (laughs) Well-said!

K: (laughs)

H: Huh.


S, H: Uh-huh.

K: and To Heart2,

S: Okay.

K: from both of those,

S: Yes, yes.

K: six voice actors will be gathering.

S, K, H: (laughs)


H: So, people who appear in both of those.

K: Yes.

S: Yes. And they’re both 2, on top of that!

K: Yes, they’re both 2.

S: Wow.

H: Yeah.

K: We all—it’s really a personal event,

S: Uh-huh.

K: so while we did have a lot of cooperation from Aquaplus,

S: Uh-huh.

K: talking everything over, asking, “Can we do this? Can we do this?”,

H: Uh-huh.

S: Right.

K: well, we’ve got this event all planned out.

S: Wow.

K: Regarding tickets and other details,

K: I’m planning to give out the info here a little bit at a time, so, please, leave some room in your schedule on May 25th, if you would.

S: I’m doing it!

K: You’re really going to come?

S: I want to go!

K: That would be awesome.

S: Okay.

K: Okay.

H: I’ll have to check up on it, myself.

K: Now I’m a little embarrassed. Oh, also, also, we’re going to have Daichuu-san here with us for the next several weeks.

H: Right.

K: Next week, we’re doing CC,

H: Ah.

S: Yes.

K: and we’re going to have him talk long and hard about it, so make sure to listen.

H: CC.

S: Yes. And, later on, we’ll be talking about Setsuna and Kazusa’s routes in Coda


S: the “Infidelity” route, and the “Sworn Enemies” route. Please mail us with any scenes or topics you’d like to hear about.

K: The email address is wa2@onsen.ag. You can also send it from the show’s mail submission form. If you write what part or route you’re discussing at the beginning of the message, they’ll be much easier to sort! The staff will weep with joy! We look forward to your passionate messages.

S: All right. This brings an end to our fan club meeting for the day. We are Madoka Yonezawa,

K: Hitomi Nabatame,

H: and Takahiro Mizushima,

S, K, H: Thank you, everyone.


K: This program is sponsored by Aquaplus.