WA2 Fan Club Radio – Episode 82

White Album 2 Radio Episode 82 Analysis


This is a comparatively “light” episode, in a couple of senses. It is shorter in duration—Hitomi Nabatame remarks near the end that it seems to have gone by in a flash—and the lack of a guest means less time spent on character and story analysis, and more focus on each of the individual segments. This is not necessarily a problem, however. Especially considering the four-episode whammy of the “Super Daichuu-Time” segments that end the program’s run, having a sort of “breather” episode of this sort now and then is a wise move. For its relative lack of deep digging, it is still quite enjoyable, thanks to the natural banter of the hosts, the ever-apparent dedication of the fans, and the full commitment on both sides to the named segments, as silly as they get.

One thing that sticks out, perhaps precisely because of the absence of guests, is just how comfortable Nabatame and Madoka Yonezawa are with each other. It calls to mind Nabatame’s personal message at the end of the final episode, when she explains that, at the very start of the show, she and Yonezawa had only just become close enough to talk with each other, and she wasn’t sure how long the show would go on, or how it would turn out; but, over time, she has come to know and appreciate her deeply, to truly value Yonezawa as her partner in this program. There are instances in numerous episodes when the two of them talk about things they’ve done together outside the context of work or the radio show—ice-skating, flower viewing, going for tea—or even make plans for future activities together. In this episode, some more of the natural silliness that comes from that level of comfort with one another stands out, particularly in the matter of the vongole rice soup recipe. There is Yonezawa gently hassling Nabatame to try making it, then trying to nudge her toward cooking something more portable, admitting openly that she’s hoping Nabatame will bring food so she herself can eat some of it, then hassling her about the soup again, and Nabatame drowning out the hassling by charging ahead and stealing Yonezawa’s intro to the scripted ending of the show. This is plainly a genuine friendship, forged through months and months of both working and playing together.

The two of them don’t shy away from getting a bit coarse, or gross, either, as in the frank discussion of one of the less glamorous sides of their job—having to deal with spit, or runny noses, in the process of dubbing. They do stop themselves before they’ve spent too long talking about letting mucus or drool run freely when they don’t have the time to stop it, acknowledging how gross it is, but—as Yonezawa points out—what they’re discussing is human. There are humans behind the voices that fans of White Album 2 have come to know, and this program puts the fans in touch with those humans in ways that both sides clearly value.

The “Adults Never Understand” and “Producing Madoka Yonezawa” segments both put this connection on display nicely. In the case of the former, the two hosts give careful consideration to each of the two conflicts presented, bringing in their own experiences before making their judgments, even offering some advice to “Borderman” when they determine that he is in the wrong. In the case of the latter segment, the fundamental absurdity of the premise is made clear right in the introduction, which in turn invites those who send in their own suggestions to be as creative and absurd as they wish. Absurdity is encouraged, and Yonezawa and Nabatame take their time discussing each of the options voted upon from the previous segment, as well as choosing the options for the next vote, without outright scoffing at anything. Though they laugh plenty, it is laughing-with, rather than laughing-at (at least when it comes to listener submissions; they do laugh at each other without too much reservation).

Overall, the impression this episode gives is one of friendly intimacy, not only between the two hosts, but also between the hosts and the listeners. There is consistently a sense of close connection between those appearing on the show and the fans, especially because hosts and guests alike are just as personally invested in the series as the fans, but the feeling in this particular episode is that of a slightly smaller gathering. Even though it is a shorter episode, there is some extra room to play around. It is as though the audience itself fills the “guest” position this time, joining with the hosts to keep the energy animated throughout.</p

White Album 2 Radio Episode 82 Script


Setsuna, Kazusa: WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio
Todokanai koi


S: All right, let’s get started. Hello, everyone. I’m Madoka Yonezawa, the voice of Setsuna Ogiso.

K: Hello, everyone. I’m Hitomi Nabatame, the voice of Kazusa Touma. So, Yone-chan,

S: Yes?

K: you cooked something, right?

S: I did! The episode before last,

K: Yeah.

S: we were talking a bit about that cookbook,

K: We were.

S: with the recipe for vongole rice soup,

K: Right.

S: and I said, “I want to make this.”

K: You did, right.

S: I made it yesterday!

K: Are you going to bring some?

S: What? It’s wet.

S, K: (laughs)

S: What am I supposed to bring it in? A thermos?

K: Carry it really fast.


K: Making a really nasty dripping sound. Splat, splat.

S: Wow, you would eat it? Maybe I’ll make it again, then.

K: What?

S, K: (laughs)

S: Your eyes were darting around just now.

S, K: (laughs)

K: Was it good? I mean, was it decent?

S: It was good.

K: Although, you showed me a picture earlier,

S: Yeah, yeah.

K: and, the one—in the magazine, or the zine, rather,

S: Right.

K: it looked a little different.

S: (laughs) A little. Actually, I ignored that completely.

S, K: (laughs)

S: First of all, the ready-made stuff,

K: Uh-huh.

S: the recipe said to only use 120 grams,

K: Uh-huh.

S: but I put in 220 grams,

K: Uh-huh.

S: and freaked out, but decided to just make all of it,

K: Yeah.

S: left out the kombu stock, added an egg,

K: Uh-huh.

S: and substituted scallions for the minced spring onions.

K: That’s just a completely different dish by this point.

S, K: (laughs)

S: Well, but while I was making it, I was getting this really strong garlic smell,

K: Uh-huh.

S: and I got a little worried,

K: Right.


S: thinking, “What is this going to turn into?” But, surprisingly, it was pretty good.

K: Really?

S: Yes.

K: Maybe I’ll try making it myself.

S: Do it.

K: I don’t have any vongole sauce at home.

S: I went out and bought it specifically for this.

K: You did?

S: Uh-huh.

K: The thing is, I’ve got plenty of sauces,

S: Yes.

K: but they’re all things people gave me or whatever.

S: Yeah.

K: I haven’t actually eaten pasta at home that many times,

S: Huh.

K: so sometimes if I have too much around,

S: Uh-huh.

K: I’ll put it on baked pilaf or something,

S: But you don’t have vongole.

K: I don’t. Just meat sauce.

S: Well, they sell it for about 100 yen.

K: I know, I know. You want me to make it.

S: You should do it.

K: I’ll try it out.

S, K: All right.

S: I’ll be waiting.

K: Yeah. Well, I don’t know that I’ll be able to bring it.

S: Yeah.

K: (laughs)

S: Bringing it might not be the best idea anyway.

K: So, the pollen’s been really crazy lately,

S: It sure has.

K: oh, and someone asked me recently,

S: Yeah.

K: something like, “While you’re dubbing, have you ever felt a sneeze coming on, or had your nose start running?”

S: Uh-huh.

K: Has that ever happened to you?

S: I don’t think I’ve felt a sneeze coming on.


K: Seriously?

S: My nose has started running before. (laughs) I just stop it. With my hand.

K: I know how it is. The runny nose—pollen is always so bad this time of year, so I just keep a handkerchief at the ready constantly,

S: Yeah. Right.

K: so I can wipe it away,

S: Right. If it’s sudden—

K: but if it shows up suddenly,

S: Right.

K: I just have to leave it.

S: Right. Just let it run.

K: Yes. There’s not really anything you can do about that.

S: Nothing you can do.

K: Just so you know, everyone, dubbing really isn’t that pretty.

S: That’s right.

K: We put everything into it when we’re dubbing. Like, I drool a lot sometimes.

S: It’s dirty, it’s human. What? I don’t drool.

K: No way! I drool a ton, so I just kind of let it happen.

S: Hang on, when are you drooling?

K: After I’ve been talking a ton, there’ll be a lot of saliva, for example,

S: Uh-huh.

K: but sometimes I have no idea why it happened, it’s just there.

S: (laughs)

K: I don’t know, maybe my mouth is loose? My mouth—

S: Keep your mouth closed!

K: Why don’t we move on? We can’t keep talking about nasty stuff.

S: Yes, let’s go on. Anyway, pollen season is brutal, so be careful, everyone.

K: Be careful.


S: Now, let’s get going. WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio,

S, K: Begin!

S: This program is sponsored by Aquaplus. WHITE ALBUM2

S, K: Fan Club Radio

S: All right, let’s read some mail sent in by our members.

K: Yes. I’ll start.

S: Yes.

K: This is from “Shireibutei Satsuki”-san. Nabatame-san, Yonezawa-san, good evening, and thank you.

S, K: Thank you.

K: Well, I just attended the final performance of Rena Uehara-san’s live tour, in Tokyo.

S: All right.

K: Unlike the launch event the other day, this was a standing show. Then, Rena-san, looking incredible in red, appeared onstage. For the first song, she performed “Todokanai koi ‘13” with all her energy.


K: For the WHITE ALBUM2 part, she performed four songs, “After All ~tsuzuru omoi~,” “Shiawase na kioku,” “closing ’13,” and “Sayonara no koto,” in a row. When the intro to “After all ~tsuzuru omoi~” began, I felt as though the atmosphere in the venue had shifted into the world of WHITE ALBUM2 in an instant. I even forgot to wave my penlight because I was so absorbed in listening to each song. Getting to experience that excitement with so many other people who loved WHITE ALBUM2 was so much fun. Of course, the songs that weren’t from WHITE ALBUM2 were also amazing. Rena-san’s gentle, floating singing voice mesmerized us, passionately in the passionate songs, calmly in the quieter songs. I feel truly fortunate to have been able to attend. I’ll end here. Goodbye, and be well.

S: Wow.

K: Yeah.

S: The tour’s over now.

K: Yes.

S: Yeah.

K: And we weren’t able to make it! So frustrating.

S: No kidding.

K: But, from what I’m hearing, it sounds like it was a blast.

S: Definitely.

K: I’m really glad.


S: A red dress.

K: Yeah.

S: Uh-huh.

K: I wish I could have seen it.

S: Uh-huh. Right. She wore a black dress before,

K: Right.

S: and I remember thinking she would look good in red, too.

K: Right. And at that launch event, she was in white.

S: Ah, okay.

K: I wonder what she looked like?

S: Yeah

K: I’m sure she was adorable.

S: She looks good in anything.

K: Right.

S: Yeah.

K: She really does. She’s like a doll.

S: Exactly.

K: That’s really nice, though, that she did four tracks from WHITE ALBUM2 in a row. I wonder if anyone cried?

S: Yeah. I bet everyone was in tears.

K: I bet they were.

S: I bet a bunch of them were. Ah,

S, K: Ah.

K: There you go.

S: There’s the truth.

K: It’s fun seeing people cry.

S: (laughs)

K: From the outside.

S, K: (laughs)

S: That’s mean. (laughs)

K: “They’re crying!”

S: “They’re crying!”

K: “Look, they’re crying!” Just mentally,

S: Yeah.

K: it makes me weirdly happy. Seeing people crying.

S: It doesn’t make you cry, too.

K: It’s more like, “Aw, you’re crying, there, there.”

S: (laughs) You react like a mother.

S, K: (laughs)

S: I assume they’re feeling something deeply.

K: All right, next one?

S: Next one.

K: All right.

S: This one is from “Kitahara Take-off”-san.

K: Right.


S: Yonezawa-san, Nabatame-san, hello.

S, K: Hello.

S: I listened to the most recent show, with Sugiyama-san as a guest.

K: Ah.

S: Your discussion about the struggles of background voices, and the demonstration the three of you put on, was very interesting and funny. The old lady voice that Yonezawa-san did for the scene in the airport lobby (I’ll call her “Oyone-san”) just set me off, so I listened to that part multiple times.

S, K: (laugh)

S: If there’s another chance, I would—I would love to hear Granny Oyone’s voice again.

K: Oho.

S: Oh, well, well. Thank you kindly. Kitahara Take-off-san, oh, I’m so happy. You’ve made Granny happy.

K: Ah, is that so?

S: Oh, Grandpa, too.

K: Am I Grandpa?

S: Yes, Grandpa.

K: Ah, that’s right.

S: Uh-huh.

K: Now, who’s this?

S: Why, this is Kitahara Take-off-san, Grandpa, I just told you.


S: You forget everything.

K: By the way, I haven’t had my breakfast yet.

S: You just ate it, Grandpa!

K: Well, now.

S, K: (laugh)

S: Does that work? (laugh)

K: I’m sure they’ll be pleased.

S: I hope. Well, you can listen to it over and over.

S, K: (laughs)

K: God. Ridiculous. Okay, this is from “Tokura”-san.

S: All right.

K: Yonezawa-san, Nabatame-san, hello.

S, K: Hello.

K: I always enjoy listening to your show. Regarding the Vocal Collection that’s set to be released on March 26th,

S: Yes.

K: when I heard that it would include Setsuna singing “Yasashii uso” and “Koi no you na,” I was quite surprised.

S: Uh-huh.

K: I interpret them as songs about Setsuna’s feelings, but I particularly love “Yasashii uso,” and have always wondered what it would be like if Setsuna sang it. Knowing that she’s sung it for real now makes me deeply emotional. I bought an SACD player just for this.

S: Nice.

K: Now, all that’s left is to wait for the release of the Vocal Collection.


K: I am truly excited for it. I would love to hear you tell some of the inside story behind recording. Thank you.

S: All right, now I’m going to read one more message regarding the Vocal Collection.

K: Okay.

S: This is from “One who lives in a place where it never snows”-san.

K: All right.

S: The release of the Vocal Collection is drawing near, and, to be honest, I’ve collected most of the WHITE ALBUM2-related CDs that have been released at this point, so I wasn’t really planning on buying it, but then I saw the package illustration, with Setsuna’s face up close, like she’s putting a scarf on you. Setsuna’s cuteness defeated me, and I preordered it. Thank you. I’m on Team Touma,—Team Touma? Oh, right.

K: Team Kazusa.

S: Team Kazusa, but my heart was stolen anyway—typical Aquaplus. But, I love every song that shows up in WHITE ALBUM2, so if another CD gets put out, I’ll probably buy that, too (smiley face). I’m also looking forward to the after-story that comes with purchasing the whole set.

K: Ah.

S: Yes.


S: I have the, yes, the jacket illustration right here.

K: Ah, that’s what the jacket looks like. Putting someone’s scarf on.

S: Yes. Setsuna.

K: That’s nice.

S: Haruki-kun must be there.

K: Probably. (laughs)

S: Yeah, on the other side of this.

K: What about recording?

S: Yes, I’ve recorded it! (laughs)

K: I assume so. It’d be a little late if you hadn’t yet. There’s only a week left.

S: Good point.

S: Yep. Really, though, these songs show so much of how Setsuna feels,

K: Right.

S: and getting to sing them, I feel like I was really, I guess, able to put my own heart into them.

K: Right. So, which one was harder, “Yasashii uso” or “Koi no you na”?

S: Good question. At first, I sang “Koi no you na” in sort of a cute, poppy way,

K: Uh-huh.

S: but Shimokawa-san told me to sing it in a slightly—a different way.

K: Ah, okay.

S: Yeah. My direction was that, rather than cuteness, I should aim for


S: something more in line with the mood of the world of WHITE ALBUM2,

K: Uh-huh.

S: so I sang it that way. Yes.

K: Wow. I see.

S: Yep. So, if you want to know how it came out, you can hear it on the CD.

K: That’s right. Please do.

S: Exactly.

K: It won’t be long. Keep waiting, everyone.

S: Right.

K: I’m looking forward to it, myself. I’ll probably receive a copy, so I’ll be sure to listen to it.

S: (laughs) Okay. I haven’t actually heard the completed versions yet,

K: Uh-huh.

S: of either of them. So,

K: So this is an exciting thing for you, too.

S: I’m looking forward to it. Please listen, everyone.

K: Please. So, let’s, let’s go to the next one.

S: Yes.

K: This is from “Snow Brand”-san. I’m just jumping into it here, but next month, I’m starting vocational school.

S: Okay.

K: The members of my part-time job have decided to take a trip together.

S: Huh.

K: The schedule is for four days and three nights—March 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, and, what’s more, our mode of travel will be by rental car, just us students, leaving in the middle of the night on the 9th.

S: Okay.


K: On top of that, our plan is to go skiing, snowboarding, and snow-viewing in the mountains. Our destination is in Nagano prefecture.

S: All right.

K: And we’ll be staying at a traditional inn, deep in the mountains. Doesn’t that sound similar to a certain other situation? Yes, like the Christmas the trio spent together. Everyone is purely looking forward to it, but my own inner feelings are a bit complicated. The location may be different, but the fact that the situation is the same is enough to make my stomach start hurting a bit. Yonezawa-san, Nabatame-san, did you ever go on graduation trips?

S: Huh.

K: I never went on any.

S: I did.

K: You did?

S: I did. Where was it? Some place called “Nemu no sato.”

K: Yeah? For what, high school?

S: I went—it was high school, and I went with two of my friends.

K: Huh.

S: There are a lot of adventure courses there,

K: Uh-huh.

S: it was a lot of fun. Yeah.

K: Graduation trips…

S: Yep. Oh, but, five—five people?

K: Hmm…

S: Huh.

K: How many? It doesn’t say how many people.


K: The members of their part-time job.

S: Their part-time job members. What, three people? Are they going to bathe in the hot springs?

K: What ratio—if it’s three people, what’s the ratio of guys to girls? Hang on, though, their part-time job. Isn’t that a little weird, going on a trip with your part-time job members before entering vocational school?

S: Good point.

K: And, where—where are they talking about, exactly? With the members of their part-time job.

S: But, let me think. They said their stomach is hurting over it,

K: Since they said that,

S: which makes me think it’s not guys-only or girls-only. It might be,

K: it might be split.

S: it’s probably mixed.

K: Well, and since they’re renting a car, I’d say it’s around five people at most. If that many.

S: Uh-huh. Maybe? Yeah. Hmm.

K: Huh.

S: We went to Nagano prefecture, too.

K: We did, we went.

S: And we bathed in the hot springs.

K: We did.

S: Yep. Wait, will there still be snow at this time of year?

K: I assume so, in March. Especially if they’re going into the mountains.

S: I guess. Nagano prefecture must have a lot.

K: Yeah.


S: I don’t really know.

K: Going skiing, snowboarding, and snow-viewing sounds like a lot, but you can do it all in one place.

S: Right. Exactly.

S, K: (laughs)

S: That’s right. Well, have fun.

K: They’ve already been there, by this point.

S: Right.

K: I wonder how it went? Anything exciting flutter up between the guys and the girls? Eek!

S: Yeek!

K: Whew!

S: Well, if anything did go on, please write us again.

K: Ah, that’s nice.

S: Nice. Is it nice?

K: I think it’s nice!

S: Yes, who knows what might begin?

K: Stomach pains, for one thing.

S: Yes, indeed.

S, K: (laughs)

K: All right.

S: All right.

K: Thank you for all the mail you sent this week.

S: WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio


K: God. Not one of them gets it.

S: Adults Never Understand.


S: In this segment, we read mail from members who,


S: just like Kazusa and her disenchantment with adults, have complaints against adults in their lives, and judge whether or not the adult is in the wrong.

K: Yes.

S: All right, here’s our first message.

K: Right.

S: This is from “Eddy Apidai”-san.

K: Whenever I’m waiting for my cup ramen to steep, my friend always says, ‘It’s been three minutes, aren’t you going to eat it?’ Here’s what I have to say to that friend: doing it longer makes the flavor soak in more, so it tastes better. To me, longer means more noodles, which makes it a bargain. Those are my thoughts today, right now. End.

S: (laughs) Huh.

K: Cup ramen. People do get surprisingly fussy about the way they eat it.

S: That’s true. I generally do it for three minutes.

K: I,

S: Fill it up exactly to the line, and wait three minutes.


K: I go to just a bit above the line,

S: Uh-huh.

K: and eat it a little sooner than three minutes.

S: Huh. That doesn’t make the flavor weaker?

K: I feel like the flavor is kind of strong for me to start with,

S: Ah.

K: so I make it a little thinner.

S: I see. That’s healthy.

K: No, it’s not. I’m still eating the same thing. Also, along those lines,

S: Uh-huh.

K: with seafood,

S: Yeah.

K: there are people who cook it in milk.

S: In milk. How does that taste? Is it good?

K: I think it was. I’ve had it before.

S: Huh. Oh, it would be like clam chowder.

K: Yeah. But ultimately. it ends up kind of tasting like clam chowder.

S: Uh-huh.

K: Like, hey, this barely any different!

S, K: (laughs)

S: Sheesh.

K: (laughs)

S: Cup ramen, though, I haven’t eaten that much lately. Just chicken ramen.

K: For me, with cup ramen,

S: Yeah.

K: or instant ramen, rather, they’ve really come a long way with it lately,

S: Right, there are some that are like raw noodles.

K: and some of them are really good! I ate something recently, what was it? There are a few of them,

S: Uh-huh.


K: the ones that are like real noodles.

S: What was it?

K: Which one, Maruchan Seimen, maybe?

S: Ah.

K: It was good.

S: Really?

K: Yeah, I was impressed. It’s really good now.

S: Wow. I guess I’ll try it myself.

K: Yes, I recommend trying it. There are a lot of different flavors.

S: Yeah. This person, though, they said longer means “more noodles,”

K: Right.

S: but doesn’t that just mean they’re absorbing the water?

K: Oh, probably so.

S: You can just drink the soup for that.

K: Good point.

S: They’ll swell up in your stomach.

K: That’s true. Very smart.

S: Oh, you think? (laughs)

K: So, what do we think?

S: Is Apidai-san…

S, K: wrong?

K: (laughs)

S: (laughs)

K: That was an unexpectedly quick result. But, really, I think it’s fine either way.

S: Right.

K: All right. They must be waiting pretty long, though.

S: Maybe.

K: For their friend to start wondering about it.

S: Yeah.

K: Like they’re together and their friend goes, “H-Hey, aren’t you going to eat that?”

S: Noodles getting soggy, broth getting tepid.


K: Probably.

S: Well, anyway, there’s a lot to consider.

K: Yes, yes.

S, K: Lots of ways.

S: Next, this is from “Borderman”-san.

K: All right. Sometimes, when I’m walking home alone at night, a woman in front of me will look back at me a few times, and start obviously walking faster. I understand that she has to be cautious, because you never know what could happen, but it hurts my feelings, too.

S: Okay.

K: What about you? If someone were walking behind you at night, what would you think? Would you look?

S: I, I wouldn’t look, but I think I would worry a little.

K: Ah.

S: I just start imagining all sorts of scary things, like the next instant they could suddenly be way closer, or what if they saw me looking?

K: I actually,

S: Yeah.

K: I might be more likely to let the other person go ahead of me.

S: Ah.

K: I can just stick really close behind them.

S, K: (laugh)


S: So, you walk slower on purpose?

K: Yeah.

S: Okay. Although, wouldn’t it look kind of weird to notice someone was behind you and suddenly slow down?

K: I pretend I’m getting something out of my bag,

S: Hm.

K: let them go ahead, and then follow them.

S, K: (laugh)

S: They would probably look at you, then. Like, “I think that woman is following me.”

K: I actually get looked at a lot.

S: What? Why? By women?

K: Women and men.

S: Huh. Maybe your footsteps make them nervous.

K: Maybe? Maybe. I don’t think I move that suspiciously.

S: Well.

K: There are some people who will look even if it’s a woman. Or because it’s a woman, actually.

S: Right. But I would think they would just confirm you’re a woman, and then not look again. They look again?

K: They look again.

S, K: (laugh)

K: I don’t know, maybe I don’t keep enough distance? With women,

S: (laughs)

K: I feel calmer if we’re walking together,

S: Uh-huh.

K: so, if it’s a guy, I might keep, say, about three meters’ distance,

S: Right, right.

K: but I might steadily get closer with a woman.

S: (laughs)


K: It’s scary going alone.

S: I think that’s even scarier!

K: Just a little at a time, a little at a time.

S: (laughs)

K: Either way, having someone walk behind me

S: Right.

K: is worse for me, I think.

S: But, Naba-san, does it hurt when people look at you like that?

K: Yeah, yeah. Nah.

S: It doesn’t really. Okay.

K: I might go, “Oh, they’re looking at me.” Though I do think, “I’m not going to do anything!

S: (laughs)

K: That’s why I’m walking behind you.” I feel like that.

S: See? That’s the way, Borderman-san.

K: You can’t get hurt by little things like that.

S: Right. Exactly.

K: If that hurts your feelings, then try putting off an aura that says, “Nothing to worry about here!”

S: How would one put off that aura, though? How would you do that?

K: How would you give that off? Well, you can’t smile. That’s for sure.

S: Right. Shady. That’s shady.

K: Flashing a grin? Super shady.

S: So, maybe all Borderman-san needs to do is walk slower?

K: Yeah, probably.

S: Yeah.

K: Steadily increase the distance.

S: Yes, yes, yes. Act like you’re making a phone call, “Oh, hey,”

K: Yeah.


S: and use that to get some distance between you.

K: Yes.

S: Yeah.

K: that’s a good idea.

S: Right?

K: So, for this one,

S: who’s in the wrong?

K: Borderman-san, wouldn’t you say?

S: Then,

S, K: Borderman-san is in the wrong.


S: Yes.

K: Also, you don’t have to get hurt.

S: You don’t.

K: You’re not doing anything wrong.

S: Exactly. It’s not easy for guys. You know, on crowded trains,

K: Right. Right. Just—

S: it’s easy for people to get the wrong idea.

K: Keep your hands up, everyone.

S: Keep them up. It must cause a lot of anxiety.

K: Huh. Being mistaken for a pervert,

S: Has that—

K: that’s never happened to me.

S: Me, either. But, sometimes,

K: Uh-huh.

S: I’ll accidentally touch a woman’s butt, and think, “Ah, sorry! But don’t worry, I’m a woman,” but then I get scared because I’m not sure what to do if she says something.

K: I could see that.

S: Yeah.

K: Definitely.

S: Yeah.

K: Though, I generally keep my hands up.

S: Really?


S: I hold them in front of my chest, like this.

K: Oh, right.

S: Yeah.

K: That’s important, too. Right.

S: There’s a lot to think about.

K: That’s right. We’ve all got to keep thinking in life.

S: Yeah.

K: Getting hurt won’t get us anywhere.

S: Yes. Tokyo is a scary place.

K: It’s scary.

S: With that, thank you for all the mail you sent. This has been the “Adults Never Understand” segment. Now, for our next segment— Please, Make Me An Idol!

K: Producing Madoka Yonezawa!

S: I Want To Be An Idol! With chubby cheeks and a takoyaki smile, you and I make a perfect pair. Madoka Yonezawa, a snow-white angel born in Osaka: let’s huddle our hearts in a circle and build her together. Huh? A present, for me? What, can I open it? This, this is… marshmallows and cookies? A return gift for Valentine’s Day? Hey, are ya stupid? I want cash for White Day!


S: Cash, cash, cash! Bring me some cash! Shove.

K: In this segment, we attempt to turn Yone-chan into an idol like Setsuna. We prepare a theme for each round, and ask for ideas from all of you. Our goal is for Yone-chan’s idol show to be a massive success. First, let’s see how you all voted for the last round’s theme, “Idol Madoka Yonezawa’s graduation memories.” There were three choices.

S: Yes.

K: Number 1!

S: When I went to accept my diploma, my fingers brushed against the principal’s.

K: Number 2!

S: As an ending ceremony for my school fan club, which half the boys in the school belonged to, I held a surprise concert immediately after graduation.

K: Number 3!

S: To the “pop” sound that it made when I took the cap off of my diploma tube, I gave a light rendition of “Todokanai koi.”


S: When my classmates heard it, they started weeping aloud.

K: All right. We asked our members to vote on these three options. (laughs) This is kind of interesting, the principal,

S: The principal.

K: brushing fingers with the principal, that’s a nice ending. Simple.

S: Right, yeah.

K: They’re all good,

S: Yeah.

K: of course option 2 is interesting,

S: Right.

K: but for option 3, with the classmates weeping,

S: Yeah.

K: I’m thinking of all the different senses in which they could be weeping.

S: (laughs)

K: Weeping aloud over “Todokanai koi,”

S: Uh-huh.

K: are they crying because there’s some sadness in Yone-chan as she’s singing it?

S: I think they’re crying about how that “pop” sound alone expresses it all.

K: So, they’re moved? Are they moved?

S: Moved,

K: (laughs)

S: in all kinds of ways.

K: Which could it be?

S: So, which one wins?

K: How exciting. Shall I announce it?

S: Yes, please do.

K: Now, for the results of our vote. The option that received the greatest number of votes was—


K: Number 1!

S: Wow!

K: Her fingers brushed against the principal’s. It was a very close battle, but that one managed to grab the most votes.

S: A close battle? Between all three?

K: Yes, a close battle overall.

S: Really?

K: Wow.

S: Man.

K: This one got it by a nose.

S: Nice. Although, just because her fingers brushed the principal’s fingers, that doesn’t mean it was the beginning of anything.

K: It could have been, though. Maybe that feeling, like being wrapped in candy starch, was something really nice.

S: Wouldn’t the age difference be pretty significant?

K: What does the age difference matter?

S: Seriously?

K: After all, once she’s graduated high school, they’re just a man and a woman.

S, K: (laughs)

S: That’s such a gross way of putting it!

S, K: (laugh)

S: What age do people normally become a school principal, anyway?

K: I don’t know. Is there an official school principal age?

S: Around 50?

K: Does age have anything to do with it?

S: But you don’t see that many young people becoming school principals. Maybe, mid-forties,

K: Mid-forties?


S: that’s early.

K: Not sure.

S: Okay.

K: I don’t know how the school system works. When can you become a principal?

S: Huh.

K: Apparently there’s a test.

S: You can take a test to become a principal.

S, K: Wow.

S: Although, compared with the other teachers, if you’re not, you know, the oldest, you might not be able to settle things.

K: You need to have a certain gravity.

S: Yeah. That’s what I figure, anyway.

K: Yeah.

S: All right.

K: How about it?

S: I feel like I want to write a story about this.

K: Ah, that would be good.

S: Yeah. After they touch—the after-story.

K: Yeah.

S: The mini after-story.

K: All right, should we move to this round?

S: Yes.

K: For this round, we accepted submissions of ideas for “A massive scandal caused by the idol, Madoka Yonezawa, at a flower viewing.”

S: Right.

K: Now, I’ll read some of the messages we received. Our first message, from Borderman-san.

S: All right.

K: She presents a married-couple comedy act with Kinako-chan, but Kinako-chan flies off in the middle of it, and everyone has to go and look for him.


K: Moving along…

S: Yes.

K: Our second message is from “Number-one hearts”-san.

S: All right.

K: She drunkenly carries on and on in her idol speech, and when someone laughs, she makes them kneel formally and tells them off. Yonezawa-san, the idol, sounds like a difficult drunk. Next,

S: Yes.

K: this is from “The final boss who mistook noodle broth for barley tea and drank it”-san.

S: All right.

K: She knocks out the producer sitting next to her in a bout of drunken boxing.

S: (laughs)

K: Nice. Next, this is from “Puffy head”-san.

S: Okay.

K: She drinks 1800 cc of sake and becomes a man.

S, K: (laughs)

K: From “Bibimbap”-san. After getting drunk, she leans charmingly against a tree, and the tree falls down.

S, K: (laughs)


K: Next, from, “Murabin, whose side are you on? Isn’t that obvious? It’s Takeya’s”—this is a heck of a name. “Murabin, whose side are you on? Isn’t that obvious? It’s Takeya’s”—“It’s Takeya’s.” Kind of a mouthful.

S: It’s a mouthful.

K: That’s who sent this. She gets into a battle in outer space with a boogery old man over a legendary powder, said to bring the cherry blossoms to full bloom.

S: (laughs)

K: A battle in outer space. All right, that’s all of them.

S: That one just now surprised me. I didn’t think the boogery old man would show up.

K: Yeah, they remembered him.

S: Yeah.

K: They remembered the boogery old man.

S: It’s just two characters away from “blooming old man.”

S, K: (laughs)

K: I see, I see. Well thought-out.

S: Well, well done.

K: Is that well done?

S: It’s good. Let’s use this one.

K: All right, we’ll use this one.

S: The boogery old man.

K: In a battle in outer space.

S: So, does that mean instead of cherry blossoms, the boogery old man has boogers flying around him?

K: (laughs) Terrible!

S: (laughs)


K: That’s disgusting.

S: You would think it was caterpillar poop or something.

K: The boogery old man versus Madoka Yonezawa.

S: I don’t want to see that.

K: (laughs) What else?

S: These are all good. This one,

K: Yeah. I like this one, though. She drinks 1800 cc of sake,

S: the sake?

S: And becomes a man.

K: and becomes a man. I don’t know what that means.

S, K: (laugh)

K: There are a lot about bad things happening when she’s drunk.

S: That’s true. Why?

K: Yone-chan, are you a bad drunk?

S: No. Not bad at all.

K: You do manage to drink a lot.

S: I’m a good drunk.

K: A good drunk? You don’t hear that phrase much.

S, K: (laughs)

S: Something like that?

K: I like this one, where she becomes a man. I don’t know what that means, though.

S: I don’t know.

K: How does she become a man? Like, the way Ranma does?

S: I think it’s something like Ranma. And once the sake is out of her system, she goes back to being a woman.

K: Wow.

S: Yes.


S: You have to drink the whole bottle.

K: That’s why she’s usually a woman.

S: Right.

K: Wow.

S: If she decides to become a man, she absolutely has to drink those 1800 cc.

K: But what happens then, once she drinks that whole bottle? Can she move, once she’s turned into a man?

S: Yes. (laughs) She can do drunken boxing. She becomes a man who can use the drunken fist technique.

K: (laughs) Dang, she’s strong.

S: (laughs) And she can knock out the producer in a drunken boxing bout.

K: Right. Knock him out with the drunken fist. That’s a story, right there.

S: Should we combine the two, then?

K: Good idea.

S: She drinks 1800 cc of sake, becomes a man,

K: Becomes a man,

S: and knocks out the producer sitting next to her in a bout of drunken boxing.

K: and knocks him out in drunken boxing. That’s our second.

S: All right.

K: We just need to decide one more.

S: Which one?

K: Which one?

S: Hm. This one with Kinako-chan,

K: Yeah.

S: is he in his cage?

K: I imagine he’s out? Perching,

S: Out of the cage.

K: sitting on her shoulder, probably.

S: And then he gets sick of it.

K: And Kinako-chan

S: Sick of the bit.

K: flies away. Rawk!

S: Rawk! That was a surprisingly good impression.

K: Rawk! You think so? (laughs)

S: Rawk!

K: Rawk!


S: If I were to bring Kinako-chan to the studio,

K: Yeah, you should bring him.

S: I’ve had the notion before, but he would probably get really noisy.

K: If he gets noisy, just put him outside. Just a bit, just for a bit,

S: Uh-huh.

K: if he’s a disruption, let him go outside.

S: He’d be noisy outside, too. He can escape his meter. Maybe with some kind of apparatus?

K: Put him in the corner.

S: In the corner, in the corner, there’d be an echo there, though.

K: Oh, right.

S: Yeah. Still, though.

K: I’d love to meet him at some point.

S: Do you want to see that married couple routine, then?

K: Will you—oh, should we pick this one?

S: Then, I’ll—

K: Let’s put it in. Yes. And so, we’ve picked our three.

S: Yes, yes.

K: I’ll go back over them again. Option 1: She gets into a battle in outer space with a boogery old man over a legendary powder, said to bring the cherry blossoms to full bloom.

S: Yes.

K: Option 2: After drinking 1800 cc of sake, she turns into a man, and knocks out the producer sitting next to her in a bout of drunken boxing. And option 3: She presents a married-couple comedy act with Kinako-chan, but Kinako-chan flies off in the middle of it.

S: He escapes.


K: And everyone has to go and look for him.

S: Right.

K: Those three. Yes.

S: Yes.

K: Out of those three, pick the most idol-like—well, none of them is very idol-like, but choose one that’s idol-like, and send your mail to the show.

S: Yeah. Well, at one point, things were looking a bit iffy for this segment, which isn’t idol-like at all,

K: Yeah.

S: but this is Madoka Yonezawa, the idol,

K: Right.

S: this is how she is. So, we’ll be waiting, everyone.

K: We’ll be waiting.

S: Our theme for the next time is, “Why the idol, Madoka Yonezawa, is retiring.” Send us mail with your ideas.

K: Wow, she hasn’t even made her debut, and we’re already thinking about her retirement.

S: Her debut—that’s true.

K: Yeah.

S: I figured she had done something, but I guess she hadn’t.

K: So, what could it be? If she were to retire, what would the reason be?

S: Uh-huh.

K: Well, there are all sorts of things.

S: What could it be? Right. Becoming an actress, maybe?

K: Yes, like that.

S: Yeah.

K: Or becoming an ordinary girl,

S: Yes, like that.

K: there are all sorts of possibilities.

S: Becoming a bird.

K: (laughs) That would just make people go, “Oh?”


K: Maybe she’s going to show up in a bird person contest.

S: “I’m going to become a parrot.” Yes.

K: Right, right. Well, again, there’s a lot to consider.

S: Yeah.

K: She could also, you know, get married.

S: Right.

K: “I’m—”

S: Oh, comedy. No, not comedy.

K: Comedy? Like becoming part of a stand-up act?

S: Yes, yes.

K: Yes, that could be another reason.

S: Right.

K: Think about it, everyone. Come up with your best reasons.

S: Yes.

K: With your help, we can make Yone-chan into an idol. This has been Producing Madoka Yonezawa: I Want To Be An Idol. WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio

S: The time has come for the ending of our program, WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio. Now, we have some announcements from Aquaplus.

K: Yes.

S: The TV Anime Vocal Collection CD will be released on the 26th.


S: The Setsuna versions of “Yasashii uso” and “Koi no you na,” newly recorded for this CD, are a must-listen. Certain stores will include special perks with the CD, so please check the F.I.X. Records homepage. Volume 4 of the TV anime Blu-ray set will also be available on the 26th.

K: Volume 5 of the TV anime Blu-ray set will be released on April 23rd, along with the concert Blu-ray, and Takeshi Nakamura’s personal art book will be released on the 25th.

S: The Radio CD series, encompassing the five volumes currently available, will come with the Mini After-story for Windows as a perk. Those who buy the concert Blu-ray and TV Anime Vocal Collection together will also be eligible for the Mini After-story. All information is subject to change. Please check the corresponding official websites for details and the latest information. Okay.

K: All right.

S: That’s that. Yes.

K: Feels like it zipped right by.

S: It does. You’ll make that vongole rice soup, right?


K: I’ll give it my best try.

S: (laughs)

K: I don’t think I’ll be able to bring it, though.

S: It doesn’t have to be vongole rice soup.

K: What?

S: It could be, you know, Naporitan, or fried chicken.

K: But, those,

S: Yes, you’d be able to bring fried chicken here.

K: those are things Setsuna made, so Setsuna should make them.

S: What?

K: Kazusa can’t make any of those. (laughs)

S: Why not try it? I mean, I wasn’t the one who made the vongole rice soup, but I made it.

K: Oh, that.

K: Well, okay, I’ll try making the vongole rice soup first.

S: Really?

K: Yeah.

S: I was hoping you would make fried chicken and bring it here, so I could eat some of it…

K: (laughs)

S: Too bad.

K: If I feel like it.

S: Yes.

K: Yes.

S, K: (laughs)

S: If you don’t say that,

K: I might not.

S: you have to make it. What?

K: Oh, nothing. Carry on, carry on.

S: “Carry on”? We’re about to end.

K: (laughs)


S: All right, I’ll be looking forward to it.

K: Right.

S: Yes.

K: Yes.

S: I’ll be expecting it.

K: We at the show will be looking forward to mail from all our members.

S: That’s my line! The mail address is wa2@onsen.ag, wa2@onsen.ag, and you can also send it from the show’s mail submission form. Feel free to shoot us material for segments, questions for us, or whatever you like.

K: All right.

S: Also,

K: Yes.

S: this is an announcement from the program. Next week, our guest will be Tsuguo Mogami-san, the voice of Setsuna’s father, Susumu Ogiso.

K: Yes. Mogami’s going to come and see us.

S: This will be his first appearance.

K: You’re right.

S: Yeah.

K: He’s a pretty familiar figure in the Aquaplus world,

S: Right.

K: but this is the first.

S: Yes.

K: Yes.

S: Mom, Mom’s been here

K: We’ve more frequently had— she’s come to hang out with us often—

S: a number of times. She’s been here a lot, but this is Dad’s first time.

K: Yes. I’m looking forward to asking him about all sorts of things.

S: We’ll look forward to hearing all that.


S: All right, this brings an end to our fan club meeting for the day. We are Madoka Yonezawa

K: and Hitomi Nabatame.

S, K: Thank you, everyone.

K: This program is sponsored by Aquaplus.