WA2 Fan Club Radio 2018 – Bonus

White Album 2 Radio CD 2018 Analysis


What comes through above all in this radio CD is the extraordinary depth and breadth of love felt for White Album 2, and particularly its characters, by fans and cast members alike. It is on the latter that we would primarily like to focus, as it is striking to see the enthusiasm of the fan base for a media work mirrored in those more directly involved with the work.

Takahiro Mizushima, the voice of Haruki, sang solo for the first time at the School Festival event that serves as one of the main topics of discussion. He expresses how pleasantly surprised he was with the overwhelmingly positive reception of his singing, describing some of the anxieties he had—wondering whether the audience might tease him, wondering whether he ought to make a concerted effort to put the character of Haruki across in his performance. Ultimately, he has discovered that he greatly enjoys singing, and wants to do it again—and, somewhere along the line, may want to try playing the guitar himself, embodying Haruki even more completely. He goes so far as to compare potential songs to attempt, according to the apparent difficulty of their guitar parts, showing that he has already given the idea some genuine thought.

One moment from Mizushima that sticks out in particular is the notion he puts forth—even though he buries it within a hefty layer of disclaimers—that the second verse of Todokanai koi might have been added by Kazusa. He puts forth his reasons—how the lyrics themselves, on a literal level, describing not being able to look straight at someone, match Kazusa’s side of things better than Haruki’s—and sets up the context, Kazusa stealthily adding the verse and Haruki simply looking the other way. This is a fully realized interpretation, and demonstrates the strength of his personal investment in White Album 2, beyond simply providing the voice of a single character

Madoka Yonezawa, the voice of Setsuna, talks about a bit of mental scene-setting of her own, how she imagined, during the “reunion” of the original school festival show, that she was genuinely onstage with Haruki and Kazusa. This notion, yet again, is the sort of detail that one might rather expect a fan to come up with. Yonezawa also reiterates her hopes for a second season of the White Album 2 anime, a sentiment she had expressed at the event, cementing her viewpoint as one who is invested in the series as much as any other fan.

Similarly to Mizushima, Hitomi Nabatame, the voice of Kazusa, had some apprehensions over singing solo for the first time, but states that, above all, she was focused on making sure Kazusa was the one singing. It worked, too, as evidenced by the fan letter that calls her performance “the essence of Kazusa Touma herself.” Nabatame’s sheepishness in being given this particular letter of glowing praise to read aloud is a charming moment, with Yonezawa quickly realizing that the point was that she would read it like Kazusa, and Mizushima adding that she played that expectation out exactly. We get to see Nabatame embodying Kazusa almost unconsciously, to complement her conscious focus on the character during the event.

Back on the matter of Mizushima’s solo performance, Nabatame mentions how unusual it is for fans to want the protagonist of a game to sing, before coming up with the thought that, as Haruki was the one who wrote the lyrics to Todokanai koi in the first place, hearing his voice singing them would be something deeply meaningful. That she reaches this conclusion so quickly also demonstrates her understanding of and synchronicity with the hearts of the fans.

The “After All” segment, as silly as it gets, provides a further opportunity for both the fans and the actors to display their interest in the characters and attention to detail. That they asked people to send in lines they wanted to hear in the first place is no small deal, since such an invitation could turn into a minefield easily, depending on the nature of the fans. Of course, only a few submissions are used—there’s no knowing what the others were like—but those included show a good variety, and come with notes from the senders, which are not only followed but discussed and built upon by the cast members. They theorize about fans wanting to see a needy, almost submissive side from Kazusa, about the circumstances under which Setsuna would express exasperation with her boyfriend, about what would actually lead to Haruki begging for a harem ending and what would ensue afterward. And, although there is some struggle not to laugh during the final scripted dialogue between Haruki and Kazusa, Mizushima and Nabatame fully commit to their line deliveries. Even the silliness is handled with a level of sincerity, because the actors are just as interested in and attached to their characters as the fans are.

At the very end, Yonezawa mentions that there were a lot of feelings she hadn’t been able to express during the event, and she is glad to have had the chance to express them on this radio CD. In a sense, the messages sent by the fans, detailing their own emotions, reactions, and hopes for the future of White Album 2, have provided a framework for the performers to do the same, which connects with Nabatame’s earlier observation that the stage and audience almost felt like a single unit during the event, rather than separate entities—which is, in turn, echoed by a few fan messages that mention a sense of unity as one of their strongest impressions. Such mutual enthusiasm is beneficial and encouraging to both fans and performers, and seems to bode well for the future. Mizushima rejoices in the gaining of new fans, Nabatame considers the possibility of looking abroad, spreading the popularity of the series even further. It is clear that as long as the fans are ready to keep engaging, the cast members are ready—and eager—to keep giving, because they value that engagement equally.

White Album 2 Radio CD 2018 Script



Kazusa: Fan Club Radio

Haruki: 2018

All: Radio CD Chapter


S: All right, let’s start things off the fan club way for this radio CD. Hello, everyone. I’m Madoka Yonezawa, and I play Setsuna Ogiso.

K: Hello, everyone. I’m Hitomi Nabatame, and I play Kazusa Touma.

H: Hello, everyone. I’m Takahiro Mizushima, and I play Haruki Kitahara.

S & K: Yay! Yay, yay, yay, Daichuu-san!

H: Feels like it’s been a while since we’ve done this.

K: Yeah, you’re right. Coming in to do a radio thing.

S: The three of us together like this.

K: Oh, yeah.

H: Yeah.

K: Although, just the other day, there was the WHITE ALBUM2 School Festival Live and Talk.

S: Yeah.

H: Right.

K: We did that.


S: That really was just the other day, huh.

K: Just the other day.

H: I’m still feeling a lot of the leftover heat from that.

S, K: For sure!

K: I haven’t been getting much sleep, actually.

S: What? (laughs) Like, you’ve been so excited you can’t sleep?

H: (laughs) Is that related?

K: Before we started I couldn’t sleep because I was nervous, and ever since I’ve been at such a high that I can’t sleep.

S: I completely know what you mean.

K: You get it, right?

S: That happens a lot with events.

H: I was actually so exhausted after it was over that I completely crashed.

S: Oh, wow.

H: I slept weirdly well.

K: Really? That must have been nice.

S: No kidding.

K: (laughs)

H: I mean, I’d lost all my steam by that point. I had to.

K: Yeah, that makes sense. Good work, by the way, everyone.

S, H: Great work.

S: So, we’re going to talk about that later.

K: Yeah, we’ll have plenty to talk about.

All: Now…

S: This radio CD

K: Right.

S: includes all five WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio 2018 programs, as broadcast on Onsen Internet Radio.

K: Ah.

S: And,

K: Uh-huh.

S: we’ve invited Takahiro Mizushima-san, voice actor for Haruki Kitahara, as our Radio CD Chapter guest.

K: Well,

S: Yes, yes, welcome!

K: He feels more like just one of the hosts than a guest.

S: (laugh)

H: Okay, the change you just made to my introduction—

S, K: (laugh)


H: I’m not sure I’m feeling it.

S: Right.

K: (laughs)

S: And as the opening for our radio CD, we have the very first Todokanai koi, sung by Rena Uehara-chan.

K: Since this is where it all starts.

S: Wow, this song was really the starting point.

K: Yeah.

H: And it’s the one that’s not ’13—

S: Not ’13.

H: That one.

S: Right.

K: Wow.

H: Yep, yep.

K: The very first one.

S: It’s unbranded. Also,

K: Uh-huh.

S: this is totally unrelated, but,

K: Uh-huh.

S: the age on my Wikipedia page

K: Right.

S: has been fixed.

K: Oh, good. You mentioned that at the event.

H: Congratulations.

S: Yep.

K: Yeah, we talked about that a bit. I’m glad.

S: Definitely. Everyone, thanks for your help.

K: That turned into quite a fight.

H: Wow. I was never really involved in that discussion, but,

S,K: Right.

H: since it was enough for you to bring it up onstage at the event,

K: Right.

S: (laughs)

H: it must have been a pretty big deal.

K: Yeah.

S: It was a battle for this radio program for a long time.

K: (laughs)

S: Every time it was fixed it would get changed back,

K: Yeah, it would get changed.

S: and we weren’t really sure what to do.

K: But, it’s finally over. Good, good.

S: Yep. No need to worry!

K, H: Right.


S: All right, now, let’s get started! WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio 2018 Radio CD Chapter.

All: Enjoy!


K: Fan Club Radio

H: 2018

All: Radio CD Chapter

S: This program is sponsored by Aquaplus.




S: Okay, let’s start with some messages we’ve received from fan club members.

K, H: Okay.

S: The first one is from “Ryou”-san.

K: Okay.

S: “Madoka-san, Hitomi-san, Daichuu-san, hello. I was there for—” (laughs)

H: Why did you whisper “Hitomi-san” like that?

S: “I was there for the School Festival. Getting to hear all these songs live after listening to them on CD for so long was like a dream, like I’d actually entered the world of WA2. I had so much fun.”

K: Nice.

S: “It was interesting having Rio-san and Ryouko-san there too, singing in parent-child pairs. The Ogisos were as cute as I imagined, while the Toumas were more dark. You could really feel the bonds between the characters, and between the cast members. And I’m always going to remember

H: (laughs)

S: getting to hear Daichuu-san sing so enthusiastically.I look forward to hearing him play the guitar next time, too.”

K: (laughs)

S: The festival really was a blast.

H: Did I say that?

K: You did!


S: You did.

K: You said it.

S: Right at the end.

K: I figured you were caught up in the moment.

H: Didn’t I just say I would “try”?

K: Yeah, that you’d try. That’s why everyone—

S: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

K: I made absolutely sure not to say I was going to play the piano

S: (laughs)

K: and then I heard that.

H: Well, there has to be equivalent exchange, though. Equal terms.

K: What’s that supposed to mean?

S, H: (laughs)

S: Also, this came up during the event too, but I’m super hopeful for a second season of the anime. To the ones who can make that happen, please do your thing. So…

H: Right.

K: Wow…

S: I’d love them to do a second season. But, about the guitar…

H: Oh, what about it?

S: The guitar, at the very beginning,

K: Yeah.

S: when we were doing that sort of “reunion” of the school festival show—

K: Ah, right, right, right.

S: when we were doing that,

H: Yeah.

S: the guitarist and keyboard player at the back,

K: Yeah.

S: they were playing live,

K: Right, right.

S: and when the solo in Sound of Destiny came up,

K: Right.

S: I went, “Let’s go, Haruki-kun!” and Tamutamu-san really attacked it.

K, H: Uh-huh.

S: That was part of the direction, but


S: I was imagining that it was actually Haruki-kun,

H: Right.

S: and Kazusa was playing the keyboards, while I sang.

K: Yeah, like that.

H: I wasn’t feeling any nervousness from Tamutamu-san, though, were you?

S: Well, maybe he was playing up some nervousness as part of his direction.

K, H: (laugh)

K: Stop talking about directions!

K, H: (laugh)

S: Anxiously watching over us.

H: Watching over everything.

K: Like the scene was being recreated, right.

S: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

S: I thought of it as Haruki-kun playing.

H: Right.

K, H: (laugh)

S: So, even though the keyboard player was a guy,

K: Yeah.

S: I imagined that Setsuna wished Kazusa were a boy, so she turned into one.

K: (laughs)

H: Wow, that’s deep.

S: That’s how I pictured it.

H: Like…

K: I had no idea. (laughs)

S: Just in my head.

H: So, if Kazusa were a guy, she’d be… Kazuo?

S: Kazuo.

H: So, Setsuna’s thoughts of Kazuo were—

S: Her thoughts were made real.

H: projected like that?

K: Like she’d actually transformed.

S: Yes.

K: Wow.

S: Again, this was just a notion I had in my own head, so I was thinking, if Kazusa were a boy, he’d probably still be really good-looking.


K: Oh, yeah, he’d be hot.

H: He’d definitely be hot, definitely.

S, K: (laugh)

H: But, then…

S: Haruki-kun’s started growing his hair out pretty long.

K: Yeah, he has.

H: (laughs) That—

S: Haruki, a few years later.

H: That’s a pretty serious change in a few years!

S, K: (laugh)

H: Well, the guitar—actually, Naba-chan,

S, K: Yeah?

H: you’ve played the piano a bit, a while back, right?

K: Yeah, but it was seriously only for a year or so.

S: Wow.

H: A year is a pretty long time, compared to nothing at all.

K: No, no, no, hang on, hang on.

H: What?

S: (laughs)

K: Kazusa is a prodigy. Of course I couldn’t play that!

H: I—well, I mean, I’m speaking from the standpoint of someone who’s a complete novice, and started from nothing.

S: Ah…

K: You’re Haruki, though, so it works.

H: Yeah.

K: Kazusa is supposed to be a genius! Me just playing like “hyah, hyah!” wouldn’t—

S: (laughs)

H: Well, in the worst case you could just keep your hands hidden a bit.

S, K: (laugh)

S: But, Naba-san, you’ve played piano on radio segments before.

K: I have, but I’m not totally sure I would call that “playing.” (laughs)

S: (laughs)


H: But, I mean, Todokanai koi as a song,

S, K: Yeah.

H: thinking about its difficulty level,

K: Yeah.

H: I feel like… Maybe, maybe that’s one I could actually try to do.

K: Huh.

S: Yeah.

H: Sound of Destiny would be impossible, with that solo.

K: Yeah. Is there anything all three of us could do? I can’t think of any.

S: I don’t know.

H: Well, but like I was saying, Todokanai koi has the solo, but it’s easier than Sound of Destiny.

K: Right, right.

H: So, going by process of elimination…

S: But, if it were the acoustic version, it would stand out even more, so probably…

K: I wouldn’t even be there for the acoustic version. (laughs)

H: Just humming, hmm-mm.

K: The chorus.

S, K: (laugh)

H: Really, though—I guess we’ll talk about the event more later, but Powder Snow

K: Hmm.

H: when I was watching that from the wings, that was the biggest moment when I thought, “That’s Haruki.”


S, K: Uh-huh.

S: Yeah, when it was just two, just the two.

H: Oh, but I’m not raising the bar or anything. Right.

S: Just the two of us.

H: Yeah, like it was the two of you alone.

S: And we were looking each other in the eye to get the timing and everything, so

K: Yeah.

S: it seemed like our own little world.

H: Yeah.

K: Flirting…

H: You don’t look happy about that. (laughs)

S: (laughs)

K: Shamelessly flirting!

All: (laugh)

S: It was Tamutamu-san! It wasn’t actually Haruki-kun!

H: Also, we’ll be able to talk plenty about that later on.

K: Ah, right.

S: Yep. Oh, right, so our solo parts at the very end, when we all sang Todokanai koi.

K: Yeah.

S: Daichuu-san, you were amazing.

K: Yeah, the audience went crazy.

H: It seemed like it. I got a lot of responses afterward—

S, K: Yeah, yeah.

H: they were pretty varied,

S, K: Right.

H: and surprisingly good overall.

K: Yeah.

S: Yeah, it was awesome.

H: I thought some of them might make fun of me, even if they didn’t actually mean it that way.

K: Uh-huh.

S: Mm-hm.

H: Since the performers were teasing me, I thought the audience would too, but they didn’t at all. They actually started shouting and cheering.


S: Your singing made them do that, Daichuu-san.

H: Well…

K: And, I mean, there was probably something significant to them about Haruki singing.

S: Yeah.

H: Maybe so. But, the thing about Haruki singing—I—

K: Yeah.

H: everyone—the audience, I mean, they were all seeing it as—

S, K: Uh-huh.

H: everyone was seeing it as Haruki singing,

K: (laughs) Right.

H: so I thought I needed to search for some kind of way to make it feel like Haruki himself was singing,

K: Yeah.

H: but, when I actually did it, I just tried as hard as I could to do it well.

S: (laughs)

K: I mean, you did. You did really well.

S: Way above average, I thought.

K: Yeah, I mean, for a guy—

H: See? I can come through when it counts.

K: Right.

S: (laughs)

H: Right.

K: Seriously.

S: Also, I mean, when the accompaniment is such

K: Yeah.

S: that all you can really hear is your own voice singing…

K: Yeah, it was pretty quiet.

H: With it that quiet, I knew for sure I couldn’t go out of tune.

S: Right.

H: While we were rehearsing, when we were putting the final program together, everyone suddenly started looking at me,

S: (laughs)

H: and I had no idea what was going on.

S: Well, actually…


S: At the rehearsal the day before, I was talking about your positioning.

H: Ah…

S: Everyone was going to fade out, which would leave me by myself.

K: All pretending to sing, but not actually doing it.

S: Right, exactly. I went, come on, we should all sing!

H: (laughs)

S: I told Naba-san we should sing together.

K: We did.

S: We did, but that was the rehearsal before the actual show,

K: The last rehearsal.

S: and Naba-san went, “Hey, we should have Daichuu-san sing.”

K: (laughs)

S: (laughs)

H: I had no idea what you were scheming, so at first, I thought everyone was looking at me like, “Come on, sing, like you’re supposed to.”

S, K: (laugh)

H: I assumed they couldn’t hear my voice, so I put a normal level of effort into it, but…

S: You put a lot of effort in!

H: Well, I was just wondering why everyone was grinning at me. Now I know.

S: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

H: So, I really prepared myself.

S: Yeah, that’s good.

H: And… yeah.

K: Yeah, that was good. So, we got a lot of mail…

S: Right.

K: People wanting to know if it would be made into a CD.

S: Right, right.

H: We did.

K: Maybe that’s something we could add?

S: Yeah, a Haruki version would be nice.

K: Right.

H: So, now people want me both playing guitar and singing.


K: Isn’t that a good thing?

S: Yeah.

H: Yeah, it’s definitely a good thing. I love singing.

S: Right, right.

H: So, I mean, if the opportunity arises.

K: I feel like you don’t really get people wanting the protagonist of the game to sing very often.

H: Yeah, seriously.

S: You’re right.

H: To the players and fans, I guess I’ve become the Haruki that they constructed out of my voice.

K: Yeah, good point. I mean,

S: Yeah, yeah.

K: Haruki was the one who wrote the lyrics to Todokanai koi to begin with.

H: Exactly.

K: So, isn’t it cool to have him singing his lyrics himself?

S: Right!

H: Yeah. Now that you mention it, the idea that the character’s own feelings were contained in it

K, S: Uh-huh.

H: may have been something people really appreciated.

K: Yeah.

H: I mean, there were people who said they cried.

K: Meanwhile, we were just beaming while we sang.

S: Like, “Yaaay! It’s the last song! We’re at a festival!”

K: “Woooo!”

H: After the last solo was over, Naba-chan shoved me hard, like, “All right, move…”

S, K: (laugh)

S: One last bit of programming. (laughs)

H: The mood onstage must have been completely different from the mood of the audience.


K: “Move!”

S, K: (laugh)

H: I was sort of blissed out at that moment.

S, K: (laugh)

H: Like, “Ah, this is nice!” And then she pushed me. “Hey, we’re done.”

S, K (laugh)

K: Right, right.

H: It was a little brutal.

S: Because we were going to give out the autographed balls.

K: Yeah. They told us they wanted us to come back.

H: Right, there was that.

K: All right, let’s move on.

S: Right.

K: Let’s see. This is from “Alonso Chika”-san. “Yonezawa-san, Nabatame-san, Daichuu-san, hello.”

S, H: Hello.

K: “Awesome work on the School Festival show. You asked us to write our impressions as soon as possible, so I’m writing from the train on my way home.”

H: Oh, that’s fantastic.

S: Yeah!

K: “The event was more substantial than I expected, with not just the concert, but the live dubbing and talk segment, too. Every song was wonderful, but Powder Snow was particularly memorable. Like Daichuu-san said, it’s an incredible song, the kind that really strikes to your heart, and I felt that. My personal highlight was at the very end, when everybody sang Todokanai koi. Getting to see Daichuu-san singing was fantastic, a really valuable spectacle.” See, this person said the same thing.

H: I guess so.

K: “There wasn’t much in the way of Haruki merchandise,


K: so I would love for a Haruki vocal CD

H: (laughs)

S: (laughs)

K: to be the next thing Aquaplus puts out.”

H: Wow.

S: Oh, yeah, there has to be.

K: Yeah. They also said, “Since this was the School Festival Live 2018, I hope that means I can hope for 2019 or 2020 too.”

S: Ah…

H: Great, that’s great. Well, Aquaplus…

K: Yeah, I wonder. Well, they did call it 2018, though, and same for the radio.

S: Right. I can see them saying 2019 next.

K: You can see that, right?

S: Right.

K: Really, though, Powder Snow was nice, but the two of you were being all sweet after it was over—

S: Mm, well, after I finished singing, Daichuu-san—not Haruki-kun—came out,

H: Right, yeah.

K: Yeah.

S: and he wasn’t saying anything when he did, so that’s the sort of mood that wound up happening.

H: I mean, after that was done, I couldn’t just walk out like, “Wow, that was great!”

S: (laughs)

K: (laughs)


H: It was really… I don’t know, but that space—I’m sure the audience felt the same way.

K: It struck me that it would be difficult to just walk in after something that incredible.

H: They were so synchronized. So, they told me to walk on when the light turned on in the wing, but I wasn’t sure exactly how I was supposed to do that, so I just kind of…

K: Slipped out.

H: Snuck on, like that.

K: Right.

H: I really did want to talk about how great it was.

S: I went and checked Daichuu-san for tears.

K: The two of you were acting like you were alone. It wasn’t much fun for me, over there watching from the wings.

S: (laughs)

H: Well, once we were alone, Yone-chan really did come over and start looking at me like, “Hey, did you cry? Did you cry? Yeah, he’s crying.” I’d say it was less that I was crying, and more that it had sunk into me really deeply.

K: Sort of seeping in slowly, or wrapping you up.

H: Yeah.

S: Mm-hm.


K: Kind of drifting into your heart.

S: Wow, I’m really happy to hear that.

H: It was like you and each string of the guitar were singing all together.

K: Yeah.

H: It really made me go, “Wow, this is amazing.”

K: Same here.

H: Like, so much that I’m having a hard time expressing it now—

K: It made me sincerely think, “I want way more people to hear this.”

H: Seriously.

S: Wow, thank you. Well, the MC had given the closing remarks,

H: It was awesome.

K: For sure.

S: so, while I was singing, I assumed it was the end. I mean, I don’t know that for certain.

K: Right, you’ve been talking about wanting to do it again.

S: I didn’t know whether I would be able to do any more singing, so I wanted to give a performance that would be a fitting end.

K: Yeah, yeah.

S: I put my whole heart into it.

H: Yeah.

K: Seriously, it was amazing.

H: I would have loved to just talk for five minutes, the two of us.

S: Yeah.

H: I came out on stage left, so I was looking at the right side as I was talking to Yone-chan.

S: Right.

H: I felt someone just staring at me from behind her right shoulder,


All: (laugh)

H: which made me think, “Ack, I’d better hurry up,” so I called everyone.

S: Maybe you locked eyes with Naba-san?

K: I’d say it was most likely me.

H: Yeah, probably.

K: (laughs) Like, “Aah?!”

H: I didn’t know humans’ eyes could shine like that.

S, K: (laugh)

S: There in the darkness, like “FLASH!”

H: Yeah, exactly. Like I’d better not—but I thought I’d mess around just a bit.

K: “All right, enough flirting, get outta here!”

All: (laugh)

H: Well, I mean, the two of us being out there together…

K: That was really the only time.

H: On the radio, it’s generally the three of us.

S: Right, yeah.

H: Actually, we might not ever have had a long chat, just the two of us.

S: I think you’re right.

K: What?

S: I don’t think I’ve ever been alone with Daichuu-san.

K: I haven’t either, really.

H: Yeah, I guess.

S: You get plenty of just me and Naba-san, or all three of us.

K: What, you want to be alone?

H: Ah, no, no, no, now I’m getting embarrassed.

S, K: (laugh)

S: But, when the two of you are talking to each other,


S: sometimes it seems like you’re a middle-aged married couple, or something.

H: Look, we’ve known each other for a long time.

K: We’ve known each other for a while. And we’re the same age. That’s why.

S: I see.

H: So, I mean, it’s not that weird for us to have that kind of vibe.

S: Yeah. I got that feeling, somehow.

K: Yeah.

H: If anything, I would say that I get that feeling when I’m talking to Naba-chan.

K: Yeah.

S: Right.

H: When I’m talking to Yone-chan, maybe I shouldn’t say this, but—it’s not that my heart flutters, exactly, but,

K: What, you feel like you’re lovers? Since I’m your wife.

S: You’re married—

H: this might be a weird way of putting it. But it seems almost too fresh to compare with lovers, even.

K: I see, I see.

S: Wow, now I’m getting embarrassed.

K: Yeah, I’ll bet.

H: Whoa, what are you talking about? You’re way out of my league.

S, K: (laugh)

S: Stop, stop! (laughs) Anyway,

K: (laughs) Right.

S: now, to change the mood a little,

K: Yeah.


S: We have a voice message from Ryouko Ono-san and Rio Natsuki-san,

K: Oh, right! I remember they were going to record one.

H: Right, right.

S: so, let’s listen to that now!


A: Hello, everyone! I’m Ryouko Ono, and I play Setsuna’s mother, Akina Ogiso.

Y: Hello, everyone! I’m Rio Natsuki, and I play Kazusa’s mother, Youko Touma.

A: Great work on the WHITE ALBUM2 School Festival 2018 Live and Talk!

Y: Well done!

A: Right now, the event is just about done,

Y: Yes.

A: and we’re recording in the booth to the side.

Y: Yeah, the audience hasn’t even left yet.

A: As soon as they’re gone, we’re going to be taken back.

Y: They told us, “Hurry, hurry, hurry!”

A: We’ve never recorded like this before.

Y: We really haven’t. We can’t even—

A: There’s only so much of our own feelings we can really take in.

Y: No time to bask in the afterglow.

A: My tears haven’t—

Y: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

A: haven’t even dried yet, as we’re recording.

Y: Ryouko-chan doesn’t even have time to wipe her tears. Her nose is dripping, too, all over her beautiful face—

A: Thank you, Rio-san. On that note, how would you say today was?

Y: Today was a blast.

A: It was. I felt an incredible level of warmth that I wasn’t expecting,

Y: Me, too.


A: and the sheer power of the songs…

Y: Yeah, the songs.

A: I was a little worried about crying while I was acting onstage, but I couldn’t hold the tears back. While I was listening from the wings, I was thinking, “Oh, no, I’m going to cry when I hear it for real,” and I was covering my ears so I wouldn’t hear it,

Y: Oh, no, no, no.

A: but it didn’t work.

Y: It didn’t work.

A: It was beyond amazing. The production, the songs, the performers—everything was fantastic. Thank you so much.

Y: Yes, thank you, seriously.

A: How was singing for you? I thought it was cute.

Y: Cute?

A: Having the mothers and daughters be all sweet with each other like that. It made me smile.

Y: The mothers and daughters being all sweet with each other? Thank you, thank you.

A: We committed to it, too. We started holding hands and everything partway through.

Y: That was cute. When I saw you Ogisos at rehearsal, I went, “Shoot, they’ve already talked this over.”

A: Oh, our movements?

Y: Yeah, yeah. I was freaking out. “Oh, god, they’ve planned this out. What do we do now?”

A: That was something Setsuna—

Y: I felt like the Touma family was underprepared.

A: my daughter was the one who thought through it, and went, “Let’s do this here, and do this here.”

Y: “Mom, let’s do this.” Yes, that sounds exactly like the Ogisos. Exactly.

A: Yep. My daughter knows what she’s doing.

Y: As for the Toumas, well…

A: You just go with the flow, in the Touma way.

Y: Right. “We’ll make this work somehow.”


Y: Just like that.

A: A lot of feeling and character came through.

Y: Yeah, the character of the two families, you mean?

A: Yes. I know there are some listeners who weren’t able to make it here today. Just so you know, the event was a lot of fun.

Y: If you want to come, keep on asking for another one. Please!

A: You could really feel the passion of the audience, the passion for WA2, at the show, so if enough people who weren’t able to get tickets don’t get discouraged, and speak up, and ask them to do it again,

Y: Exactly.

A: I think it’s likely that they’ll hold another event.

Y: Right?

A: And we’ll have them bring us mothers back, too.

Y: Tell them you want us to come back.

A: Please, put in a word for us.

Y: Yes, yes, yes. Say you want to see the mothers again.

A: Exactly. Oh, don’t we have a message for Daichuu-san and everyone?

Y: Oh, oh. Right. So, in the middle of the talk, the topic came up of who he likes.

A: Oh, between Setsuna and Kazusa?

Y: But, what I want to ask,

A: To ask Daichuu-san?

Y: is who do you like better, Akina or Youko? Akina? Youko?


A: (laughs) I’d say, probably…

Y: Which?

A: 7:3, in favor of Youko.

Y: Oh, no, I think it’s 8:2 in favor of Akina.

A: I don’t know, I think Daichuu-san probably likes Youko-san’s type.

Y: What? He likes being yelled at? Being scolded?

A: He likes kind of an older sister type.

Y: Oh, you mean he wants someone who’ll take the lead?

A: Probably.

Y: Hopeless.

A: I feel like if we asked him, he’d say, “Well, honestly, I like Youko-san.”

Y: Really? I wonder.

A: We want to know, Daichuu-san.

Y: And don’t try to slip out of it, either. Answer the question. We’ll be listening later.

A: Yes, we’re going to check. Also, when the radio show starts up again, we would love to barge in on that, too.

Y: Call us!

A: Yes, we’ll be looking forward to it. All right, we’ll end our remote recording here and head back to the studio.

Y: One, two, three…

Y, A: Bye-bye!


S, K: (laugh)

H: Whew…


K: So, they really did that right after we finished.

S: Yeah, they did.

K: They said they had something to record, and left.

S: Right.

K: I took a picture with my phone, right?

S: Yes.

K: At that point, it was just us and Tsuda-chan, since the two of them had left.

S: Right, and you took a picture of us.

H: That means they were doing it right as the picture was being taken.

K: We’ve posted it on Twitter and Instagram.

H: Right.

S: You know, when I saw Ono-san getting teary-eyed, I got a little misty, too. It was infectious.

H: Ryouko Ono-chan really is the type to get deeply moved by those sorts of feelings and emotions, and she’s very sensitive, so the tears must have come instantly for her.

K: I can understand why she would cry, though.

S: Oh, yeah.

H: I was tearing up a little in the wings, but then I got swept up and started crying for real, when Tsuda-san was singing.

S, K: (laugh)

K: It was incredible! Tsuda-chan was incredible.

H: Yeah.

S: I felt fortunate, like my ears had been blessed.

K: It was something precious.

S: Priceless.


S: Definitely.

H: I guess—it wasn’t exactly coming to me directly, since I was in the wings, watching from over her shoulder. But it still almost felt as though she were singing to me.

K, S: Yeah, yeah.

H: Like the song just spread out in every direction.

K: Yeah, spreading out.

H: It was really…

K: It was beautiful.

H: After Tsuda-san finished, she chatted a little bit, and she said herself that she wasn’t great at the MC thing.

K: That was very sweet.

S: Yeah.

H: She’s normally kind of girlish—maybe I shouldn’t put it that way, but she has that side—but when she sings, she transforms. It’s the same for me.

K: She mentioned that she’s okay when she’s singing, she’s not nervous when she sings.

H: Right. She’s fine when she sings. I’d never seen that in action.

S: Yeah. I love Tsuda-chan’s normal personality, though. She’s got the Kansai dialect, she’s so cute, she doesn’t embellish herself at all. I like it a lot. I adore her.

K: But when she sings, she really…

S: Right? I heard her during rehearsal.


K: Yeah, I was sitting in the audience, listening to her.

H: Wow, that’s nice.

K: I was already spellbound at that point.

S: Right!

H: I’m sure. I like her a lot, too. When we were chatting afterward, I found myself liking her more and more.

S: This guy just falls in love with everyone.

K: No kidding. Why? Why? Why, are you Haruki?

H: Why—wait, wait, “everyone”? Who else?

S: So, do you choose Youko or Akina?

K: Yeah, which is it?

H: That again?! Seriously?! I thought we were done with that.

S: Nope, still on.

K: Those two are waiting, you know. Waiting for your answer.

H: Well, I, uh… Wait, am I supposed to say this from Haruki’s perspective, or Daichuu’s?

K: Good question.

S: Hmm.

K: No, wait.

S: Both?

K: If you go from Haruki’s perspective, we’re going to have a lot of problems.

H: Good point.

S: Yeah. All right, Daichuu-san, your answer, please.

H: Ah. Hmm… Well, after the mother-daughter duets, I was thinking about how nice a warm, peaceful household would be…

K, S: Uh-huh.

H: To put it straight, Akina-san is the one with a more complete family, right?


K: Right, yeah.

H: There’s a lot about her that I sort of envy,

K: Yeah.

H: and on top of that, her husband is a very solid guy, so all of that basically puts her behind an impassible barrier. In that sense, in a lot of ways, Youko-san feels more “active.” She’s probably got men to spare, so I don’t think Daichuu would have a chance. Our worlds are too different. But I guess, when it comes down to it, Youko-san still seems like the single type.

K: Mm-hm.

S: Ah, nice escape.

K: I see.

S: Nicely done.

H: I mean, Akina-san is a proper mother.

S: So, what if Akina-san were single?

H: Single? But still with a daughter?

S: No, not with a daughter.

H: No daughter.

S: If you met her when she was younger.

K: Ah.


H: Younger? Oh, you mean if we were around the same age?

S: The same age.

H: The same thing would happen!

S, K: (laugh)

H: The same thing would happen, absolutely!

S, K: (laugh)

H: I would just end up going through the same headache, if I knew Youko-san.

K: Ah, I see.

S: Wow. So, there’s really no way for Haruki-kun to escape from his fate.

K: Can’t make any choices. (laughs)

H: This discussion is starting to make my stomach hurt. I’ve had enough for today.

K: (laughs)

S: So, 8:2 in favor of Youko-san.

H: I still think 8:2 might be too high.

S: 6:4.

H: Yeah, 6:4. We’ll say 6:4.

S: And, with that…

K: Although, I’m not sure whether our mothers will be satisfied with that.

S: Yeah. I don’t know.

H: No one will. Not even the listeners.

K: Anyway, thank you!

S: Yes, thank you.

K: Give me a second for our next one. We’ve got a lot—

S: Yes.

K: we’ve gotten a lot of mail.

H: That’s awesome.


K: We’ll have to move through them quickly.

H: Yeah.

S: Right.

K: This is from “Arinko”-san.

H: All right.

K: “Yone-san, Daichuu-san, Hitomi, hello.”

S: Nice to hear from you!

K: Come on, don’t call me “Hitomi.”

H: She read it herself this time.

K: “And great work on the School Festival event.”

H: Thank you.

K: “My first encounter with WHITE ALBUM2 was when I watched the anime. Back then, I wasn’t interested in real-life events, so I just watched the anime and listened to the radio on repeat, and bought a ton of merch at Comiket. Then, when I started college and got interested in real-life events, there weren’t any WHITE ALBUM2 events happening. I remember regretting it enormously.”

H: Ah…

K: Yeah. “Then, right after the radio show started again, I heard about this event on the radio. I was on the train at the time, so I got off at my transfer station, hurriedly put in my bankcard number, entered the ticket lottery, and won. I feel like I’ve used up all my luck for the year.”

H: Well, there’s not too much left of this year, so that’s probably okay.

K: Good point.


K: “There were already tears in my eyes from the show and the talk. Then, when Yonezawa-san said, ‘We’re not giving up on a second season of the anime!’ and Daichuu-san led everyone in a cheer, the sense of unity I felt there in the venue was impossible to put into words. Just when I thought it was over, the cast members started throwing the colored balls into the audience, and I wanted to try to catch one, but assumed I wouldn’t be able. Just then, something yellow flew over my head. I don’t know whether it was my former baseball club blood, or simple biological instinct, but my arm moved before I was even aware of it, and I managed to catch it.”

S: Wow!

H: Nice.

K: “The only word I have at the end is ‘incredible.’ And, if there’s one more thing I want to say, as a certain voice actor put it—management, I have money. That’s all.”

S, H: Huh?

K: “I’ll continue praying for the good health of all people and works involved with WHITE ALBUM2.”

S: They have money.

K: They do.

H: All right.

S: Cool.

K: Very cool. Hey, who was on the yellow ball?

S: Who? Mine was pink.

H: The yellow ball…


K: Mine was blue.

S: Daichuu-san?

H: Mine was white.

K: White.

H: Um…

K: Who was yellow?

K, S: Tsuda-chan?

K: I don’t know.

S: Huh.

K: It wasn’t any of us.

S: Right. Well, congratulations.

K: Congratulations. You know, throwing a ball is kind of hard.

S: I wanted to make it fly pretty far, but it only made it to about the middle.

K: Mine went wham into the second row back.

H: As a guy, I was expecting to get it toward the back. But, there was lighting in the ceiling back that far.

K: Right.

H: I couldn’t throw it in too high of an arc, so I thought I’d try for more of a line drive and it turned into a super-straight fastball, but then I saw it bouncing around in the middle and was like “Ack, sorry.”

K: It’s not easy.

H: Really.

S: It was fun throwing them, though.

K: It was. I wanted to keep throwing and throwing.

H: I should have gone with a sidearm throw.

S: I wish we’d had more. Maybe ten.

H: I could have done any number.

S: Well, the ending was pretty short.

K: Yeah. It felt like we had to throw quickly.

S: Okay, moving along.


S: This is from “Hainepii”-san.

K: Thank you.

S: “Madoka Yonezawa-san, Hitomi Nabatame-san, Takahiro Mizushima-san, hello.”

K: Hello.

S: “Great work on the School Festival show.”

H: You just pouted.

K: I can’t help that.

S: You two really are like a married couple. “The show was incredible. As it faithfully recreated the original, it felt like fully-grown versions of Setsuna and Touma—Setsuna and Touma were singing their respective solo songs. Then, when I heard the mother-daughter duet songs, it was like I felt their own thoughts—“I’m glad to see you” for Ogiso, “I want you to stay with me” for Touma, and I could tell just how priceless Akari Tsuda-san’s Twinkle Snow was. Also, personally, when I saw Takahiro Mizushima-san singing Todokanai koi solo at the end, it looked like Haruki’s feelings had reached the two of them, through the lyrics he had written himself. I was so deeply moved that I was in tears the whole day. Thank you so, so much. WHITE ALBUM is the best.”


K: They really cried, huh.

H, S: Yeah.

K: Wow.

S: Yep. With the mother-daughter duets, too.

K: That was so much fun.

S: It was.

K: Like the mothers said earlier, our family was pretty haphazard about it.

S: Right, right. (laughs)

H: Well, I feel like it wound up suiting you perfectly, though.

S: Yeah, the way you couldn’t quite let yourself go and sing honestly.

K: I couldn’t, but Mom kept pointing at me.

S: That was really cute.

K: Every time she pointed I acted irritated about it. “Cut it out!”

S: It seemed just like Kazusa and Youko-san.

H: It really put across a sense of their closeness—I mean, in a way. They aren’t exactly close in a warm-and-fuzzy way, but something about, you know, “Hey, hey, Kazusa, what’s going on with you?” “Shut up!” It makes you think, “They really do love each other.”

S: Yeah. You really got a sense of the character of each pair.

K: Right. We each had our own vibe.

S: Yeah.

H: Well, you don’t really see them coming out in duos like that, the mothers and daughters.


S: That’s right.

H: There aren’t any contexts where they sing together, so I think this event was really valuable for that reason.

S: (laughs)

K: The Ogisos were very cute.

S: Thank you. The Toumas were adorable, too.

K: (laughs)

S: The way you were sort of prodding and huffing at each other.

H: Yeah, and really, that’s what the actresses themselves are like, in a way.

K: Yeah.

H: I mean, Natsuki-san is a very playful person, and Ryouko-chan—Ryouko-chan is really pretty serious.

S: Definitely, definitely.

H: She can be a big worrier, but once she’s out, she can have a lot of fun.

S, K: Yeah, yeah.

H: I feel like that really matches with Akina-san. It was perfect.

K: Great.

S: Also, for the read-aloud play, Ono-san talked like she wanted to go out hand-in-hand—was it for that? Or after the Touma duet, maybe?

K: Ah.

S: We walked on for the feedback,

K: Right, right, right.

S: and she suggested we hold hands when we did that. I loved it.


H: I see. The mother-daughter thing, hanging onto each other like that. Maybe I should get closer with Tsuda-san, then?

K: Huh?

S: I don’t get it.

H: I think I should.

K: Huh?

S: I’m not really sure about that.

H: No?

S: (laughs)

H: Maybe not.

K, S: Yeah.

S: It would be nice if we had Terashima-san, though.

K: Yeah.

H: Oh, I actually seriously agree with that.

S: Right.

H: I mean, in that sense, with events and things,

K: Right.

H: we haven’t had Takeya and Io at any yet, right?

K: I don’t think we have.

S: You’re right.

H: I feel like that would be kind of nice.

S: Really.

H: You know, if we have a live dubbing thing happening, we could have a scenario where Haruki yells at the two of them or something. I think that would be funny.

S, K: (laugh)

H: “Get it together!” But I also want to say, “What’s the deal with you two?”

S, K: Yeah.

S: I kind of want to see the two of them fight a bit.

K: Definitely.

H: Yeah, this could definitely blow up.

S: Right?

K: I think people would get really excited about that.


S: We’ll have to get Maruto-san to write something for us again.

K: Yeah, there’s a thought.

H: I’ve talked before, at previous events and various other times, about how great Takeya and Io are, but also how you don’t find people that great in reality. I guess if we could get Maruto-san to do some new delving into them…

S: Yeah.

H: I want to do a drama like that.

K: I agree.

S: All right, let’s keep going.

K: Right. It looks like we have one more.

H: Great, let’s hear it.

K: This is from “Arai”-san.

H, S: Great.

K: “Naba-san, Yone-san, Daichuu-san, good evening.”

H, S: Good evening.

K: “Great work on the WHITE ALBUM2 School Festival Live and Talk. It was a miraculous day. I’m so glad I was able to be there. Everything was incredible. I was especially glad to get to hear Nabatame-san’s singing voice.”

H: That sounded a little…

S: A little embarrassed.

H: The way you said that was a little shady.

K: No, I appreciate it. “I could really tell how much feeling you were putting into the happy memories that you said were your favorites.”


K: “I know you said that you felt a lot of pressure, standing up on the stage in the face of all that enthusiasm from WA2 fans—“ I’m getting embarrassed reading this aloud! “—but the way you pushed that pressure aside and put on an amazing performance was the essence of Kazusa Touma herself. Thank you.”

S: (laughs)

H: Yes, I see how it is.

S: I see. Now I know why the writer gave this one to Naba-san. She read it like Kazusa.

H: Ah.

S: Like, “Come on, why do I have to read something like this?”

H: So that was the aim. And Naba-chan really responded to it exactly.

S: Well, I mean, your singing a solo number at this event…

K: It was my first time.

S: Right?

K: Yeah.

S: So it was a pretty valuable event to witness.

K: Definitely valuable.

H: When I imagine Kazusa singing, that’s really how it is.


S: Yeah.

H: I think you put that across well.

S: Right?

K: I mean, that was all I could manage.

S: Why, why?

K: To be honest—hang on, I’m coughing—

S: Yeah.

K: Well, that’s the kind of state I was in.

H: You mean you weren’t in perfect condition.

S: Mm-hm.

K: Yeah, though I tried to make it so everyone wouldn’t be able to tell. But I was anxious about it,

S: Uh-huh.

K: so I thought, at the very least, I have to give off Kazusa as a vibe.

S, H: Ah.

H: But that’s what being an actor is about anyway, right?

K: Right. So, more than whether I was singing well or badly, I wanted it to be Kazusa doing the singing.

S: It was really cool.

H: Yeah. And, evidently, the audience felt it, too.

S, K: Right.

H: It almost feels like the audience and the stage weren’t even separate.

S: That sense of unity.

H: Which I guess means they all fully embraced what we were doing.

S: Yeah, yeah.

H: Since we had the work itself as our basis,


H: they must have seen us coming into it as a part of that work.

S: Yeah, everyone really saw it as Kazusa singing.

K: That’s good. I hope they did.

S: See? Now you don’t seem like that person saying “Don’t think this means you’ve won!” any more.

K: Yeah, since they got me to sing after that.

H: That’s right.

S: Whoops, it landed on you! Sorry!

H: It’s you either way, though, Hitomi.

K: Don’t call me Hitomi! Don’t call me Hitomi!

S: Anyway, thank you all so much for all the mail you sent.

K: Yeah, it’s crazy. We got more than 300, right?

S: Something like 355?

K: And they’re all long, too.

H: All of them were long.

S: Yeah, they were.

K: When we asked for your impressions, we weren’t expecting this much. It’s amazing.

S: The radio prep wound up taking an hour longer—

K: Yeah, it was longer than usual.

S: longer than usual. We took plenty of time to check the messages.

H: I want to read the rest when we’re done.

K: Right?

S: Yeah, let’s do it.

K: Everyone, thank you so much for all the messages.


WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio 2018


S: Knights Record PR Department

S: This is our regular segment, in which we take a deeper look at the music of WHITE ALBUM2. Our first topic of the day is…


Maybe my love will never reach you

But the day could come when it starts to show

Until that hazy answer comes into view

My love won’t come alive


S: Todokanai koi, the version sung by Rena Uehara.

K: Right.

H: Okay.

S: So, to start, I’d like to read a piece of mail.

K: All righty.

S: This is from “Sanzui”-san.

K: Okay.


S: “Out of all the different versions of Todokanai koi, the one that’s stuck with me the most is the one from the end of the anime. I think the moment I heard that version, playing in the airport where the two of them were left separate and alone, was the moment that I was fully hooked on WHITE ALBUM2. But, with the show that just happened, the rankings in my head changed. Setsuna and Kazusa’s duet version was very moving, of course, but when everyone sang it together as the last number, the feeling of unity in the venue was so incredible that it made me want to do something like that all over again.”

K: Ah.

H: I have to say, when you think of chorus songs, Todokanai koi…

K: It isn’t really a chorus song, right.

S: Yeah.

H: And at the show, we didn’t go, “All right, everybody, come on!” or anything, but everyone still came together.

S: Yeah, they did. And it didn’t feel weird at all.

K: Right.

S: Yeah.

K: The song works well whether you sing it energetically or seriously.

H: For me—I mean, thinking as Haruki, it’s hard not to come into it from the lyrical side,

S, K: Uh-huh.


H: but hearing everyone enjoying themselves singing it was really awesome.

S: It was. I feel like, if you were to ask people what song came to mind when they thought about WHITE ALBUM2, there would be a lot of different answers, but this one would probably be named the most.

K: This song was what started it.

S: Right?

H: Yeah.

K: And this song is what closes it, too.

H: So when the opening goes doooon, I always think of something dark, or like a blizzard is coming, or—anyway, it opens how it opens.

S, K: Uh-huh. (laugh)

H: And the opening—well, really, the first time I heard it was when it was being edited, so it was like, “Right, this must be how it starts,”

S: Right, right.

H: and I got shivers.

K: So, at the show, I sang together with Yone-chan for the first time in a while.

S: We did. I feel like, with me singing it with Kazusa,


K: There’s kind of a strange feeling.

S: it’s strange. I guess you could call it a special version, but—

K: When we sang it facing each other, it definitely seemed like Kazusa and Setsuna.

S: Yeah, yeah.

K: Like, what feelings were they having in that moment? It did feel a bit weird.

S: Yeah, I wonder. They like each other, but can’t stay connected… or something. (laughs)

K: Anyway, that was the only time we looked each other in the eye. After that we kept facing forward.

S: Right, right, right.

K: We didn’t even really talk about it before hand, but somehow that sense came through.

H: Ah, I see.

S: There are all these scenes,

K: Right.

S: scenes you could imagine, where we end up synchronized like that.

K: Yeah, yeah, exactly.

H: Ah.

S: Scenes in the game, for example.

K: Yes, yes.

S: Or a scene from the anime.

K: Right. Like we were having a flashback.

S: Exactly.

H: Well, though I’ve done some thinking about it,


H: and this is completely made-up. All of this is just my own fantasy, my own imagination, my personal little notion. So, the lyrics of Todokanai koi.

S, K: Yeah.

H: Haruki wrote them.

S: Right.

K: Right.

H: But, I mean, we know that, but, and this is just a notion I’ve had, purely my own, sorry—the second verse really gets my attention.

S, K: Uh-huh.

H: I start thinking that the lyrics of the second verse—obviously not all of them, but I imagine, “Maybe Kazusa wrote this.”

K: Ah.

H: Haruki wrote the first verse, and then she stealthily wrote the second one, and Haruki just pretended not to notice.

K: Uh-huh. Wow.

S: (laughs) It does use “watashi.”

H: Right, and it would still be perfectly natural for Haruki to have written “watashi,” but


H: there’s something about these lyrics—

K: Uh-huh.

H: “When I first spoke to you, and you looked at me, you were so dazzling that I couldn’t look straight at you—“ couldn’t look straight at them? If anything, that sounds like Kazusa to me.

K: I really understand that, actually.

H: It feels like the first time she talked to him, when she found him practicing the guitar and went, “Hey.” In the story, when he went, “Hey, Touma,” whatever whatever, she stayed face-down on her desk and didn’t listen. Maybe this is what was going on behind that.

K: I also—I mean, it’s not exactly the same feeling—

S: Uh-huh.

K: I definitely think there’s some Kazusa in there, and when the staff divided it up, I almost wondered whether the intention was to have the second verse be Kazusa.

H: Ah, yeah. And I really think—not that this is real verification or anything, but—


S, K: Uh-huh.

H: This is just chatter, but interpreted that way, the whole thing gets a lot deeper.

K: Yeah.

S: It does. I mean, Haruki can look straight at Kazusa just fine.

H: Yeah. Again, this is a completely independent interpretation, and I’m just having fun with it.

S: I bet a lot of other people are thinking the same thing.

H: Man, I really want to ask everyone what they think about this.

K: Yeah, we’ll have to ask them again.

H: For sure.

S: Then, does Setsuna show up in there anywhere? At the end, maybe?

K: (laughs)

H: Actually, I’m worried that if I talk any more about what I think, Maruto-san could end up cutting the whole thing later.

K: No, no, no…

S: (laughs)

H: It could be a spoiler. He could get mad at me for spoiling things.

S: Then, if there’s another event, maybe we should do a version with the three of us.

K: Good idea. Let’s all three sing it.

H: The three of us? Wait, with the guitar? Can I do that? I’d be up for that.

K: You want to play the guitar?

S: You’d play the guitar?


H: I don’t know, some day. Some day.

K: But the three of us should sing together before that.

H: All right, I get it.

S, K: (laugh)

H: I’m counting on you too, Hitomi-san.

S, H: For the piano.

K: Huh? I’m not doing that.

H: No, no…

K: Don’t drag me into this with you.

S: We won’t, we won’t. Although, that could be nice, too.

K: Well, I guess so. Anyway, what’s next?

S: Next, we have our second song…


I’m not dreaming any more

In this world

Those days when I could just cry and cry

Are nowhere to be found

Hey, I wonder

If there were answers in a place we couldn’t reach


If I hadn’t met you, I never would have felt this pain


S: Sayonara no koto.

K: Yes.

H: Ah…

S: What’s wrong?

H: It does kind of hurt, listening to this.

K: (laughs)

S: So, here’s our next message.

K, H: Right.

S: This is from “House1989”-san. “Yonezawa-san, Nabatame-san, Mizushima-san, good evening.”

K, H: Good evening.

S: “The School Festival was a ton of fun. Thank you. So, Rena Uehara-san’s Sayonara no koto is being discussed for this episode of Knights Record PR Department, and it’s one that I love a lot, since it was used as the ending for the anime and the anime was my entry point for getting deep into WA, so I want to write about my thoughts on it. I want to focus on the lyrics in particular. The song sounds like it’s about where the three of them stand at the end of IC, and it’s really heartbreaking. The line, ‘If I hadn’t met you I never would have felt this pain,’ is a real tearjerker. Also, in the last episode of the anime,


S: in the conversation between Haruki and Setsuna in the car to the airport,”

H: “No, I don’t wish we’d never met. I couldn’t stand that!”

S: “I’m glad… we feel the same way.” “…At that part in the conversation, when Sayonara no koto came in as the BGM, the tears started flowing.”

H: Hang on, hang on, Setsuna, that was too serious.

S, K: (laugh)

H: I just sort of let Haruki flow out there, but that felt way too real.

S, K: (laugh)

S: Well, listen—

H: Now it sounds like I was being completely sloppy!

S: Want to try it again?

H: No, it’s fine, it’s fine.

S, K: (laugh)

S: There’s more. “It’s a very painful song, but I found myself wanting Haruki, Setsuna, and Kazusa to try to accept that goodbye, and grasp some future happiness that might come their way.”

K: This is about that last bit. That scene.

H: Yeah, it really—


H: something like the feeling of riding the express,

S: Something, yeah.

H: at the airport—it really comes out in this song.

S: I really love this song. Actually—this is completely unrelated, but at work, there was a voice actor from Karaoke DAM who came to sing for us.

K: Oh, that’s neat.

S: There was a list, and—again, this is totally unrelated, but I picked Sayonara no koto, not as a WHITE ALBUM2 thing, but just because I wanted to pick it, and she sang it.

H: Wow, Yoshioka-san would be happy about that.

S: Yep. Oh, I love this song.

K: Really, I’m not sure how to put this, the melody is on the brighter side,

S: Right.

K: but there’s this incredible pain hidden in the midst of it.

S: Yeah, there is.

K: That really makes me even crazier about it.

H: Yeah. It gives this amazing sense of the season.


K: But the anime only actually had an ending theme sometimes, right?

S: That was because the scale—the scale of the story itself took up too much, it went too long. I know, it’s sad.

K: Right.

H: The story really went hard.

K: Yeah, it was relentless.

S: And, all the more because it had that fire…

K: Right.

H: Yeah.

S: But my favorite thing is the bit at the very end, about “the winter when I realized I couldn’t stand seeing”—I mean, “the winter when I realized I couldn’t stand not seeing you.” It feels like it finally settles there, or

K, H: Huh.

S: like, even though you might have thought not meeting them would have meant less pain, in the end you’re glad you did.

K: Like that.

H: Uh-huh. It’s like, at the point when you’re thinking, “If I hadn’t met you, I never would have felt this pain,” you’re already acknowledging that you can’t leave them, either.

S, K: Yeah, yeah.


H: So it’s really… a very honest song, in that sense.

S, K: Yeah.

H: Haruki’s heart just comes right out there, like bam. I feel like that might be the most important part of this song.

K: Right.

H: But I also feel somehow like the three of them, the three of them are all going through the same feelings.

S: Yeah… This is the kind of song you want to hear in winter. Actually, I guess all of them are, but…

K: It is. Actually, if we do end up doing another School Festival, I wish we could do it some place where it’s actually snowing in winter.

S: In February, maybe.

H: A place where it’s snowing?

S: Where? In Hokkaido?

K: No, we don’t have to go that far, but I want to do it some place where everyone would see the snowy scenery as they’re leaving and think, “Look, it’s the world of WHITE ALBUM2!”

S: Yeah.

H: I think I might experience some trauma seeing snow, even outside of WHITE ALBUM2.


K: Yeah, can’t say I don’t understand that.

S: But, we can all—

H: I definitely wouldn’t be able to feel normal.

S: we can all share that trauma together.

H: Right. I mean, I’m sure the audience would feel the same thing, so maybe it wouldn’t be that bad? If we all just had a silent moment. That could be interesting.

S: That sounds a little like a meditation.

K: (laughs)

S: It would be neat if we could. All right, on that note, thanks so much for all your letters.

K, H: Thank you.

S: This has been the Knights Record PR Department.

WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio 2018


After All: Written Lines

K: This is a special segment for this radio CD. We asked everyone for lines that they wanted Setsuna, Kazusa, or Haruki to say.

S: All right, I guess I’ll start.

K: Nice and clear.

S: Are you sure? (laughs)

K: I’m sure.

S: This is from “Niban Center Matsumoto Tetsuya”-san. “I want Setsuna-chan to say this. “ “Hey… If you could wish for anything, what would you wish for? Of course, I would want to build a happy family with you… Just kidding!” Was that okay? Was that Setsuna? Was it Setsuna? There’s another one.

K: There’s what?

S: Another one, another line from this person.


S: All right? Here I go. “I really just… don’t get it.” “I want to see Setsuna-chan saying something when she’s exasperated with her boyfriend.”

K: (laughs)

H: Ah.

K: I see.

S: It seems like the kind of situation where she’s muttering something after an argument, so it may or may not be audible to anyone else.

H: I feel like Setsuna would start in on that sort of thing after you’d been dating her for a year.

S: (laughs)

K: Something you only see from her now and then. (laughs)

H: Yeah, yeah, yeah. She’s been gritting her teeth and acting like everything is fine, but it slowly starts to come through.

S: Stop, stop, stop! That’s not it.

K: Really?

S: All right, who’s next?

K: Me?

S, H: Yep.

K: Those were from the same person, right?

S: Yes.

K: Mine are from the same person, too. They sent me several.

S: Wow.

H: They really got on a roll.

K: No kidding.

S: Let’s see what you’ve got.

K: This is from “Sugiuchi Aki”-san.

S: Okay.

K: “I want Kazusa to say this.”


K: “When it comes to music, I’ll take the lead. But… I want you to take the lead in everything else.”

H: Ahh.

K: There’s another one.

S: That one did a lot of damage.

K: One more. Here we go. “I’m hungry… Food. Give me food.”

S: That was excellent.

K: This is something Chiaki said to Haruki.

H: Ah, you’re right.

S: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I knew it sounded familiar.

H: I think Chiaki would say that with no reservations.

S: Right.

H: I guess Kazusa might, too…


K: If Kazusa let herself get needy.

H: Good point.

S: Cute!

H: Both of those were kind of sweet.

K: Yeah.

H: Sweet in a lazy way.

S: Sweet and lazy.

K: She wouldn’t let anyone else see her like that.

H: Right, right.

S: Well, maybe this is what people think when they think of Kazusa? Everyone is asking for these lines because you don’t see her being needy very often.

H: Kazusa being needy while operating at 150% full-throttle laziness.

K: That neediness would be a lot to deal with.

S: It’s her charm.

H: You’d never be able to leave her on her own again.

K: So…

S: Next, we have someone who wrote lines for all three of us, so let’s go in order.

K: Okay.

H: Okay.

K: We’re going in this order, then?

S: Yes.

K: I’ll go first. “Haruki…kun.”

S: My turn. “Call me ‘Your Majesty.’”


H: Here’s Haruki. “Hey, why can’t I just have a ham—“ Shoot, sorry.

S: Ham-ham!

H: “Hey, why can’t I just have a harem ending with both of you?!”

K: (laughs)

S: That was from “Kushiro Dandy”-san. Thank you very much.

K: Thank you.

S: Wow, hearing Kazusa say “Haruki-kun” was really…

K: It said to say it like Setsuna, so I tried to say “kun” slightly higher. (laughs)

H: Almost made me want to kiss you.

S: (laughs)

K: That wasn’t what I was going for!

S, H: Whew!

S: For Setsuna’s, they said sticking to her character was important, like it was a bit difficult for her to break character.

H: Meaning, when Setsuna says something like this, she might seem embarrassed, or she can’t keep that sweetness out of it?


K: And that’s how she says, “Call me ‘Your Majesty.’”

S: Exactly.

H: Well, you don’t see a lot like this from her.

S: So, Haruki-kun? It says here, “This is the last thing he should ever say.”

H: But I want to say it. Those words would be enough to bring peace to the world.

S: Trying to make it easy. (laughs)

K: Seriously. You can’t make it that easy. (laughs)

H: Well, although, he might say that when the two of them are pressuring him, cornering him, but if he did say it they would probably both leave him.

K: Yeah.

S: No, I wouldn’t leave.

K: Wow, really?

H: Ooh, sneaky move.

S: “Yes! I win!”

H: Very sneaky, Setsuna. She would say she was leaving with Kazusa, but at the last moment she would turn around and come back, just her.

S: Exactly, exactly. …Just kidding!

K: Ah!

S: That’s hilarious. That’s great.

H: I think she’d do that.

S: So, for the last one. We have someone who’s sent us a pretty long set of dialogue, so why don’t we do it?


S: This is from “Sanzui”-san.

H: I need to talk to you. It’s very important.

K: What’s wrong, Kitahara? Your eyes are scaring me.

H: Will you… let me see your panties?

K: What? What the hell are you talking about, you freak? Why would I…

H: I’m not joking, or messing around. I want to see your panties.

K: You really want to see them that badly? Wait, no. You have Setsuna.

H: Is that a no?

K: Fine. Fine, I’ll do it. I’m just going to show them to you, that’s all.

S: Kazusa turned around, so that she couldn’t see Haruki’s face, which looked like it might catch fire at any moment, and slowly lifted the skirt of her uniform.


K: There. Are you satisfied?

H: Ah… They’re beautiful, Kazusa.

K: Dumbass.

S: “Kazusa, who doesn’t actually hate sticking out her butt that much—“(laughs)—“and Haruki-kun, gazing lovingly. No punchline.” Oh my god! The title is, “Haruki Wants Kazusa To Show Him Her Panties, Even If She Glares At Him For It.”

H: God…

S: Too much. My hands are numb.

K: What on earth…

H: What the hell? This is like an entirely different title!

S: Too funny! Oh, there’s a P.S.

K: Uh-huh.

S: “I spent a lot of time considering whether she should say, ‘I don’t want to hear that from my best friend’s boyfriend,’ after he asked her to show him her panties, but I thought that would ruin it, so I decided to cut it. I know I sent it myself, but I feel really guilty for rushing through the material.”


H: It is ruined! Everything is ruined.

K: From the start.

H: The relationship between the three of us is ruined.

S: And I wasn’t professional enough, either. I’m sorry about that.

K: Partway through I started going, “Oh, no.”

H: I did it super serious, so I didn’t even snort.

K: “Oh, god, I’m gonna laugh.”

H: I mean, Haruki would be completely serious even if he were saying something like this.

K: Yeah, I guess.

H: He wouldn’t get creepy about it, in a sense.

S: That just makes it even weirder!

H: I think we did a good job with it.

K: Well, what do you think, everyone?

S: It was creepy.

H: Hm, well…

K: Ah…

S: Why don’t we put things back on track with a quiz?

H: (laughs)

K: What, right now? A quiz right now?

S: Out of nowhere.

H: We’re doing a quiz?

K: Well, sure. Actually, we did have a quiz segment before. Everyone just threw quizzes at us—no, no, not threw.

S: That’s harsh.

K: We requested it.


H: That was harsh.

K: Everyone just threw them at us, we had no idea what to do, it was so rude—anyway.

S: This is from Sanzui-san. Sanzui-san again!

K: The same person!

S: Thank you. This is a question for Daichuu-san.

H: For me?

S: Yes. In the original version of WHITE ALBUM2, in all the routes of IC, CC, and CODA, how many times did Haruki make Setsuna cry?

H: How many? How many times? At what point to we consider her to be crying? Though, if I think about it… Well, if she’s crying in one scene, and keeps crying in the next scene, then that probably counts as two times. Right?

K: Ah, good question.

S: Huh. Would that be considered one scene?

H: Can we consider it one scene? Think of it that way…

K: So, your answer—

S: Oh, separate, separate. Yes.

H: We’re considering them separately.

H: Then… Wow, how many times was it? Hm, hm…

S: By the way, as a hint, Setsuna is rejected six times.

H: In each heroine’s route?

S: Yes.

K: Six times?


S: Yes, that’s right.

K: Wow.

H: But the tricky part is, there might be parts where he made her cry out of happiness, right?

K, S: Ah…

H: Six times… Then she probably cried something like 20 times, right? If he was really terrible about it.

S: Is that your final answer?

H: Ahhh… Final answer.

S: Bzzzt!

H: What?

K: How many times?

S: The correct answer is 23 times.

H: Ah, it was higher. I was close, though. I was close.

K: You were almost there, though!

S: Yeah. Incidentally, it’s 19 times for Kazusa.

K: That’s quite a bit of crying.

H: (laughs) Yeah, he made them both cry a lot.

S: Yep.

H: Made them cry a ton. I mean, how many times did he make her cry in IC alone, first of all?

S: Sheesh, 23 times is a crazy number.

K: (laughs)

H: I guess so. Though,

K: Yeah.

H: it could change depending on how you count.

K, S: Right.

K: 23 was the count that Sanzui-san got.

S: Maybe they got a terrible stomachache while they were counting, and came up with the wrong number.

H: Maybe so. Counting these could get painful.

S: So, there’s that. Thank you.

K: Looks like we’ve got one more. Should we do another one?


H: All right.

K: We didn’t exactly ask for them this time, but thank you.

H: Meaning they just threw them at us.

K: Yes, yes, yes. Let’s see, this is from “The final boss that sank with its thumb in a smelting furnace.”

S: (laughs)

K: Thank you. “Hello to Yonezawa-san, Nabatame-san, and the guest, Daichuu-san.”

H: Hello.

K: “Since I’ve been waiting so long for Daichuu-san to be a guest, I would like to set a slightly more heated quiz.”

H: Okay.

K: “Setsuna’s birthday is February 14th, and Kazusa’s birthday is May 28th. What date is Haruki’s birthday?”

H: Oh, boy. I don’t remember at all.

S: Try, Haruki-kun! Do your best!

H: No, no, no, hang on. I don’t have to answer by myself, do I?

S: Well, you’re the one who plays him.

H: I feel like it’s connected with something.


S: Connected with something? Maybe.

K: Maybe.

H: Ahhh…

K: By the way, apparently it’s only written, or said, in the novels.

H: What? I don’t know it, then!

K: Meaning, you’ve never said it before.

H: No wonder I couldn’t remember it being celebrated or anything.

S: Yeah.

H: Hey, hang on. It’s one out of 365. The odds are overwhelming.

K: You just might guess right, though.

S: You might.

H: Hang on. You give this some thought too, Yone-chan. Think about it.

S: Huh? Okay. What month…

K: Just the month is fine.

S: If we think in terms of seasons… Sometime in the fall?

H: I feel like it’s in May somewhere.

S: Oh, if it’s in May…

K: Wait, wait, this is Haruki. (laughs) It can’t be in the fall.

S: Well, then why is Kazusa in May?


K: Huh.

H: Kazusa is in May. Then—

S: Oh. Then, if that was a hint just now, it’s in spring.

H: Yeah. But, if it’s in March, that would put it before the start of the school year.

S: Yeah.

H: Before… I don’t think his birthday should be before the school year.

S: April, then.

H: April.

K: Aha! The correct answer is, somewhere between April 1st and April 30th.

S: What!

K: (laughs)

H: So, just… April.

K: That’s right. It’s written in the novels, specifically in The Snow Melts and Until it Falls Again. There’s a passage where he’s talking to Kazusa on her birthday, and he says, “Happy birthday, though since my birthday is in April, I can’t respect you as an elder.”

H: I see.

S: That’s all.

K: So, he’s an April baby.

H: Then, I was right to reject the idea that he was born earlier.

S: Yeah.

H: Ah.

S: Wow.

H: Yes, I see.

K: Well…

S: If we think about Haruki-kun’s family,

K: Uh-huh.


S: there are a lot of circumstances at work there, but nothing is really said about it.

H: Yeah.

S: Right?

K: Yeah.

H: I think that’s okay, though.

K: Oh, by the way, there’s a postscript. They said they want to celebrate the male characters’ birthdays, and that’s why they sent that quiz. They wondered what Maruto-sensei would have to say about it.

S: Ah.

K: They want Maruto-san—

H: I get it.

S: they want him to decide what day it is.

K: That’s what it sounds like.

H: Right, right. That info should be made available somewhere ASAP.

K: Yeah, it should.

H: He can’t even have a birthday party.

S: Right.

K: Though, I never guessed there would be people who wanted to celebrate Haruki’s birthday.

S: Right?

H: Everyone seems to like Haruki a lot. I mean, they want him to sing, they have all these requests, they’re talking about how there isn’t enough merch of him and asking for more.

S: Sounds like we just need more of him overall.

K: Sure does. Well, even with all those digressions,

S, H: (laugh)

K: this has been After All: Written Lines.

H: Things got pretty chaotic.

S, H: (laugh)

WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio 2018


S: This has been the WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio CD Chapter. It’s time to bring it to a close.

H: All right.

K: That’s it?

S: That’s it.

K: I hope we made it all fit within the bounds.

S: I think we did, but we went a good bit beyond what we anticipated.

K: Well, that just makes it a bargain.

S: Right.

K: Yeah.

H: People are probably going, “Stop already! You’re talking too much.”

K: (laughs)

S: Well, it always happens this way when you’re here, Daichuu-san. Yep.

K: We can’t help getting swept up in the conversation.

S: It makes the temperature in the studio go up by two degrees. I’m hot now.

H: It’s stuffy in here.

K: How was it?

H: Well, so I was here as a guest, though I stayed here throughout the whole time—

S: Right.

H: I felt like I wished I could chatter on a little more. Like I wasn’t totally mixed into the space with the two of you.

S: Yes, yes! Then, all three of us can be hosts in 2019. Right?

K: Oh, hey. I mean, that topic hasn’t come up at all, but.


H: I can just be the guest every time.

K: Will you play the part of the guest every time?

S, K: (laugh)

H: “Our guest today is—“ And I can pretend to be someone new, and go, “Hello, everyone!”

S, K: (laugh)

S: I guess we don’t know whether this will happen in 2019.

K: We don’t know. But, considering how much people had to say this time around, I’m sure their voices will be heard.

S: Right.

H: Considering the reactions to the event, everyone was so enthusiastic for it. I hope that enthusiasm is taken seriously.

S: Yeah, yeah.

H: By the people who make these things happen. I’m really looking forward to it.

S: Right! Yes, please.

K: Please. What about you, Yone-chan?

S: Well, I had a lot of feelings about the event that I wasn’t able to say during the event itself, so I was happy to get to talk about them here.

K: Yeah.

S: Yes.

K: We’ve been able to say what we were all thinking.

S: Yes, yes, yes.

H: Though, if we wanted to do a reflection talk sort of thing, and follow a script, that could make up a whole CD.

K: Yeah. It would probably end with that.

S: Right.

H: There would be a lot of extras.


S: I hope we can do this again, a radio show or an event or anything like that.

K: Keep steadily spreading the popularity.

S: Spreading the word. Yes. How about you, Naba-san?

K: I’m really thankful for all the mail coming in, how we’re still so loved, how we’re gaining new fans.

S: Yeah, definitely.

H: I’m especially happy about the new fans.

S, K: Yeah.

K: If we could start to look overseas, outside of just Japan…

S: Good idea.

K: And keep going, that would be great. Let’s keep it up.

S: Yes, let’s keep it up.

S: And this is the end of our fan club activity for the day. I’m Madoka Yonezawa.

K: I’m Hitomi Nabatame.

H: And I’m Takahiro Mizushima.

K, S, H: Thank you, everyone.

This program has been sponsored by Aquaplus.