WA2 Fan Club Radio – Episode 87

White Album 2 Radio Episode 87 Analysis


The end of a program like this is bound to be an emotional occasion, for both presenters and listeners, especially when it pertains to a work so ardently loved by actors and audience alike as White Album 2. Takahiro Mizushima is first to acknowledge, right at the beginning of the show, that it feels a little bittersweet for him; later on, as they move into the closing segment, he gets genuinely choked up, on the verge of crying outright, to the point that he has to take the duration of the announcements segment to pull himself together. Madoka Yonezawa has a similar reaction right before the four presenters give their individual messages to the listeners. With this being the mood for the broadcast, the choice of topic for the “Super Daichuu-Time” segment, namely the “Infidelity” and “Sworn Enemy” routes of the game, has quite an impact.

The “Infidelity” route is arguably one of the most emotionally harrowing parts of the story, comprising the consequences of Haruki’s failure to choose either Setsuna or Kazusa definitively, his dissociation from himself in the course of his affair with Kazusa, his ill-fated attempt to flee reality with her, and his devastation. It was a painful experience for the players—one letter mentions feeling “nauseous” when Haruki and Kazusa finally let go of each other’s hands at the station. Thanks to the discussion that ensues following this letter, we learn that the experience was painful for Mizushima as well, and he even went through a sort of “breakdown” of his own as he was recording his lines. One might not normally think about these things from the standpoint of the actors, given that, as Mizushima mentioned earlier on in the program, they’re accustomed to performing a wide range of emotions anyway, so when he opens up about feeling drained as he spoke his lines, delivering them with his eyes half-shut, having to record a bit at a time because it was too hard on him otherwise, it comes as a bit of a surprise. This moment of openness is valuable, however, both as insight into the creators’ side of things and as a show of vulnerability commensurate with that shown by the players, who pour themselves out in their letters to the show.

With this knowledge, it makes all the more sense that Mizushima talks about the “Sworn Enemies” route as something that helped him recover from the pain of the Infidelity route. Fumiaki Maruto even jokes that he wrote the route as “rehabilitation” for Mizushima, which easily connects with Haruki’s own rehabilitation over the course of the route, even down to Maruto’s admonition that he must stick with it if he wants to recover completely. As Yonezawa points out, the same idea could be applied to the players, who have to experience those same trials and setbacks and agonies as they progress through the route. But there is that sweet moment of catharsis at the end: Kazusa, finally having grown up and taken flight, and Haruki and Setsuna, staying together. Mizushima ties this in with his own experiences as well, of finding the drive to grow in the wake of a relationship that failed, not out of a grudge but simply for himself, and of the love that still lies at the bottom of other, more complicated feelings. His point about love as a necessary basis for those tempestuous feelings, how the pain and resentment wouldn’t have built up in the first place if the love weren’t there at all, and how all of it can be chipped away again until love is what’s left, is particularly wise, and as Maruto points out, particularly pertinent to Kazusa’s behavior in the route in question.

These in-depth and occasionally heavy discussions give way nicely into the closing segment of the show, in which the three voice actors and Maruto each say a few words in honor of the final episode. Particularly touching are Yonezawa and Hitomi Nabatame’s expressions of appreciation of each other, and of the friendship they have built in the course of the year and a half that they have been hosting together. Just as the actors’ personal emotional investment in the story enlivens their discussions of it, the presence of a bond between hosts that goes beyond a simple professional connection inevitably brings something extra to their dynamic when they’re hosting. It is plain that they all are just as excited by the prospect of this “fan club radio reunion” as the listeners themselves must be, even if there’s no guarantee of it. Even at the very end, their enthusiasm mirrors that of the audience, and that makes all the difference.

White Album 2 Radio Episode 87 Script


Kazusa, Setsuna: WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio

Todokanai koi


S: All right, let’s get started. Hello, everyone. I’m Madoka Yonezawa, the voice of Setsuna Ogiso.

K: Hello, everyone. I’m Hitomi Nabatame, the voice of Kazusa Touma.

K, S: (laugh)

Haruki: This is hurting my heart a little for some reason… Hello, everyone. I’m Takahiro Mizushima, the voice of Haruki Kitahara.

Maruto: Hello, everyone. I’m Fumiaki Maruto, the scenario writer.

K: Ooh.

S: Yes, the four of us—

K: We’ve come this far, the four of us, all together. (laughs)

H: Yeah.

S: Yeah, that’s how it feels.

H: I was the first one to show up, and then Maruto-san did later.

K: The whole time.

M: No, no…

S: Our last one.

M: I’ve given it my best as a regular for a year and a half.

K: Right.

S: Yeah, really.

K: A lot has gone on for us.


M: It really has.

S: Yes. This is a very moving moment. (laughs)

M: It’s been a long time.

K: The pressure, the pressure!

S: (laughs) Anyway, it’s the four of us again this week,

K: Right.

H: Yes.

S: and we’d like to talk about the story itself.

K: Right.

M: Anything I say should be considered unofficial, remember.

K: That’s right, everyone.

S: Yes. Everyone, please keep that in mind.

K: Yes, yes, yes.

H: You could pretend to be someone else, then.

M: What?

H: Like “Maru-chan,” The mysterious Maru-chan.

M: “Hi, I’m Shimokawa.”

S: Maruko. Maruko-chan.

K: Why Shimokawa-san?

H: Wouldn’t it be iffy from Shimokawa-san, too?

M: Would it? Maybe not, then.

H: Though I guess Shimokawa-san might be in a position to talk more freely.

K: Yeah, for sure.

S: Right, as a separate person.

H: Anyway—

K: Yes, yes. We’ve just released…

S: Our concert Blu-ray!

H: Right! It’s out now.

K, S: Yes.

H: I actually had an event that coincided exactly with this one,

S: Right, right.

H: and I wasn’t able to go, so I’ve been waiting anxiously for this.

S: Wow.

M: Since you didn’t show up, you weren’t called for the round-table talk, either.


S: (laughs)

K: Right.

H: Yes, that’s right.

M: Yes.

H: I had two people there on my behalf.

S: Yeah.

K: (laughs)

H: It was so frustrating!

K: (laughs) Right, the discussion.

S: The discussion was pretty substantial.

H: Really?

S: The talking just went on and on.

K: Yeah.

H: In a sense, it was really the culmination of everything musically,

S: Yeah, yeah.

H: it was the most important thing, and I wasn’t able to make it? What kind of protagonist am I?

M: The protagonist,

S: Good point.

K: Yeah, good point. But,

M: the protagonist who couldn’t make it to the concert.

S: Yes, exactly.

H: I guess that’s Haruki for you.

K: but once you see this, once you see it, you’ll feel how intense it was.

S: Yep.

H: I’m sure.

K: Maruto-san and I were both there. (laughs)

M: Yes, we were.

H: Then…

M: Though I was bashed pretty hard in the voice comments after the concert.

K: (laughs) Well, the energy was strange.

H: (laughs)

M: Something was off.

S: It was funny.

K: Yeah, it was funny. I cracked up.

H: According to Shimokawa-san, as a “finishing touch,”

K: Right, right.

S: Right.

H: as a sheer creative rush,


H: there was the kind of excitement that made you feel like “Now that I’ve seen this concert, I’m going to make something incredible!”

K, S: Yeah, yeah.

H: So, I’m really looking forward to it.

K: Also, the limited-edition first run

S: The initial run.

K: will include an SACD. (laughs)

S: A hybrid, yes.

H: What is that? “SACD.”

S: Something… “Super”… “Super”… awesome.

M: “Audio”?

K: It sounds really good.

M: It’s a Super Audio CD, with incredible sound, but you have to use a special player for it.

K, S: (laugh)

H: What?

K: If you listen with that dedicated player, you’ll feel like you’re really there, hearing the music.

M: Apparently.

S: Right.

M: With a normal CD player, it’ll just sound like a normal CD.

H: Oh, so you can listen with a normal CD player, but with a special one it’s incredible.

K: Yeah, incredible.

H: I’ve never heard of that before.

S: Yep, a hybrid.

M: Yes.

K: Hybrid.

H: Wow, I’m so far behind. Man, I still have a bunch of minidiscs.

K: Wow.

S: What! (laughs)

K: There’s an old one.

S: Haven’t heard the word “minidisc” in a while.

K: Also, we heard this in the ending last time, but this SACD hybrid,

S: Right, right.

K: there’s a CD for the live edition,


K: and it’s also incredible. I can hardly believe they managed to make this into a CD.

S: Yeah, definitely.

H: Man…

S: The sound quality is gorgeous, I was really surprised.

K: Exactly how it sounded in person.

M: Hello, Shimokawa here.

S: (laughs) That was sudden.

K: (laughs) You’re impersonating him now?

S: With the Osaka dialect, please.

H: There’s a slight similarity. (laughs)

M: Only a slight similarity? Ouch.

S: But, since you’ve been working together with him for so long, it makes sense there’d be a bit of him in there.

M: I guess so.

K: Ah.

S: The Shimokawa component.

K: (laughs) Yes, anyway, this release is really amazing, so by all means pick up a copy. I personally recommend the limited edition.

S: Yes, yes.

H: I’d say the limited edition is definitely what you want.

K, S: Enjoy it!

M: Apparently there’s something like a ticket included.

K: Ah.

M: I don’t know much more than that.

K: A ticket? The mini after—

S: Yeah, yeah, yeah, the ticket.

K: story.

H: The mini after-story. Yeah.

S: Right.

M: Yes, yes.

S: Now, who could have written that?

K: Who, indeed?

H: Who could it have been?

M: Well.

K: Well.

S: What do you mean, “Well”?

M: Shimokawa-san, maybe.

K: Oho, oho? (laughs)

H: Well, something’s been written.


M: Ah, yes.

H: Yes.

K: Sounds like fun.

H: I wonder what that person must be thinking right now.

K: Yes, I wonder.

M: Good question.

S: Anyway! Today is our last episode, everyone. So, let’s talk about anything and everything, with nothing left unsaid.

K: Yes.

H: Yes.

S: Now, let’s get started. WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio,

S, K, H: Begin!

S: This program is sponsored by Aquaplus. WHITE ALBUM2

K, S: Fan Club Radio

Rena Uehara’s new album, Emergence. Also includes the theme songs from WHITE ALBUM2 and Tears To Tiara 2. Emergence, the new album from Rena Uehara, now available for purchase.


K: WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio


S: Now, it’s time for our special project to get Maruto-san and Daichuu-san talking. Let’s Hear Everything!

K, S: Super Daichuu-Time

K: Volume 4, featuring Fumiaki Maruto!

S: Volume 4 marks the final installment of our special project, which has been running for four consecutive weeks. Today, we’re going to read mail our members sent in regarding the “Infidelity” and “Sworn Enemies” routes of WHITE ALBUM2.

K: All righty.

S: So, our first message.

K: This is from “Borderman”-san. “It was very difficult to pick a single scene out of the “Sworn Enemies” route, but I want to talk about the scene during the interview after the concert, when Kazusa shouts, “Just you watch!” I thought that this extra episode was the centerpiece of WHITE ALBUM2: The Other Side of Happiness,


and after I finished playing this route, I was really stunned. The Infidelity route felt unrelentingly painful, but with the Sworn Enemies route, while the mood throughout was melancholy, ended on a very peaceful note, and I felt like Setsuna and Kazusa might have found happiness like in their own routes, even though it was in a different form for each of them. Setsuna gets to snuggle up next to Haruki and watch the concert, back to a calm, intimate relationship with him where he addresses her as “omae,” and Kazusa, after breaking into a new world by her own power, has taken off to a place beyond the reach of Haruki or anyone else. Setsuna and Kazusa may be sworn enemies, but I felt that that was one form that a deep, certain, lifelong friendship might take. I’m sure everyone who plays has their own ideas of what happiness is, but the story was wonderful enough that it made me want to consider the other two routes anew. What do you all think about the happiness the three of them found?” (laughs)


S: All right. (laughs)

H: Whew.

M: They did apologize for the first one.

H: (laughs)

S: (laughs)

K: Wow. (laughs)

H: But I feel like, in a way, Borderman-san has given us a big answer here—something fully felt.

K, S, M: Hm.

H: It really… The thing about the forms of happiness—well, let me think.

K: Anything is fine. The fact that we can talk about this this way—I guess it’s long after the fact, but I think it’s good.

S, H: Yeah.

K: I guess Maruto-san would have plenty to say, but we can just talk about it however we want—and it’s the kind of work where everyone has their own ways of looking at it, and that’s what makes it so interesting.

S: Yeah, yeah.

M: Well, and talking about whatever comes to mind like this,


S: Right.

K: Right.

M: this is a fan club radio program, but it feels like a class reunion.

K: Yeah, it definitely does.

S: It does.

H: So, the conversation has started feeling like, “Right, this is what it was like back then, I remember.”

K: Yeah, it has.

S: If I were to play the game again, there would probably be all sorts of stuff I wanted to talk about.

K: Right.

S: I might have my own interpretation, which I could then tell someone else, and it could turn into a great big exchange of ideas. It’s that kind of game.

H: It is. That’s why, you know, when people decide which of the heroines they like best,

S, K: Yeah.

H: they want to feel like they could argue it, and persuade someone. I know I do. I think that’s true.

S: Yeah, yeah.

K: I guess it’s like, every story leaves its own reverberations.

S, H: Yes, yes, yes.

S: There’s room left for people to ponder.

K: Right. Personally, with plays and things, I’m not really that great with stories that have too many answers,

S, H: Uh-huh.

K: and I guess you could say everything leaves some margin for consideration, that’s one possible answer,


S: Yeah.

K: but maybe that’s not all, with everyone’s heart getting this stirred up.

S, H: Yeah.

M: I guess I could just say, “Yes, that’s all.”

S, K, H: (laugh)

K: Then it would just end with us going “Oh, really?” (laughs)

S: (laughs)

H: But if we said, “Oh, really,” we’d get people writing in saying, “No, it’s not,”

S: Right, right.

K: They’d want to say that.

H: saying, “No, no, this isn’t the way it is.”

M: Well, the fact that there are people among the players who would say that is really all I could hope for.

S: Yeah.

H: But, in a sense, I think it’s because it’s something Maruto-san wrote. The fact that we can think all these different ways about it, I think that’s why.

S: Right.

H: I feel like there are people who would say, “This is the deal,” and people who wouldn’t,

S: Yeah.

H: and it makes you start wondering what’s going to come next, after this.

S: Yeah.

K: Right, right. It’s something everyone can talk about.

S: Yeah.

H: Exactly.

S: Even if Maruto-san were to say, “That’s all there is to it,” people would still say, “But it isn’t really, right?”

H: Right.

M: No one seems to trust anything I say lately.


K: (laughs)

S: (laughs) “Really, though?”

H: Was this “Sworn Enemies” route something that you had as part of your vision from the beginning?

M: I would say I had a feeling, that if I was going to write a continuation, this is the way it would play out.”

H: Aha.

K: Ah.

S: Gotcha.

H: So, then,

M: And, well, there would have to be the discussion of whether to make it for the PS3, right?

H: in terms of actually making it happen—

M: In that sense, it had to succeed.

K, S, H: Yeah.

K: I see.

M: As a work, yes.

H: Right, right, right.

H: I see. So, when I was finishing up the Infidelity route, it really did feel like a so-called “bad end,”

K, S: Right.

H: and this made me feel like I got my strength back. Like my heart is recovering, after cracking apart while I was recording.

K, S, M: (laugh)


M: Then I guess you could say I added this route for the sake of your rehabilitation, Daichuu-san, after the Infidelity route broke you down.

K: Oh, wow.

H: (laughs)

S: All for you, Daichuu-san.

M: I wrote it for rehabilitation’s sake, so you have to stick with it past the start.

H: I guess so, I guess so.

S: The same could go if you applied it to the players.

H: Right. I think the players would think the same thing. Really—

K: That moment when I said “Just you watch!” actually felt really great.

S: That was such a cool moment for Kazusa, saying “Just you watch!”

H: I’m really glad she said that.

S: Yeah.

H: I think that really says something about where—no, not where she’s headed, but that crucial question about Kazusa,

S: Yeah.

K: Uh-huh.

H: basically, the point is her independence, isn’t it? That line gives the impression that Kazusa has become independent from Haruki.

K, S: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

S: It seems like she’s overcome something.

K: She’s done some serious growing up.


S, H: Right.

H: And even for people like us, as actors, I mean,

K: Yeah.

S: Right.

H: we’re made to experience all sorts of things, good and bad, which can change our sensitivities, but in just the same way,

S, K: Yeah.

H: it’s like Youko-san’s—not all according to Youko-san’s scenario, exactly, but,

K: (laughs)

S: (laughs)

H: it feels like her jetting off overseas by herself at the start of the story was her saying, “This is your goal.” Sort of like she set Kazusa’s story off herself.

K: (laughs) Right, right.

S: Right.

M: But Youko-san at the start of the story is absolutely a terrible mother.

H: Yes, a terrible mother. Like she showed herself to be a terrible mother on purpose.

S: (laughs)

M: Though, it’s hard to tell exactly when or why she turned into this good of a person.

K: Ah.

S: She’s a good person at her heart, though. Right.

K: I definitely thought she must be a good person.

M: I don’t know if it’s that simple. Yes, she loved her daughter,


M: but that’s different from whether she’s a good person.

K: Good point.

M: She could have had a selfish side, that side of being a true artist.

K: Yeah, yeah.

S: Ah.

H: So, when it comes to the mother-child bond—instead of raising her child, Kazusa, she sort of shoved her out,

S, K: (laugh)

H: and it’s hard to say whether that’s love. You could say that’s how “artists” are, only ever thinking about themselves,

S, K: Right, right.

H: “Well, if you want to come here, if you’re going to do it, then just do it.” That kind of dismissiveness could be showing itself.

M: I honestly think that, at the start, when she left Kazusa behind and went overseas, she wasn’t thinking about anything.

K, S: Ah.

H: Oh, at that stage. I see.

M: Yes.

S: Maybe just, “Eh, you can live on your own.”

M: Yes.

H: Yes, yes, yes.

M: So, at that point, she probably really was only thinking of herself.

S: She sent the card and everything.

K: I see, I see.

M: But—see, she does love her, but also is only thinking of herself, which feels like a bit of a contradiction. She has these contradictory sides.

K: Typical artist. (laughs)


S: Although, if you think about it from the standpoint of general society, sure, she’s a bad mother, but I feel like there’s a difference of perspective there,

H: Yeah,

S: and she’s the one who’s thinking about Kazusa more than anyone else.

K: Yeah.

H: and I’m sure there are families with internationally famous pianists who get along just fine with their children,

S: Right.

H: but I can’t think of any in stories. (laughs)

S: (laughs) Good point.

K: (laughs)

H: I don’t get that sense. If I think about how this is Youko Touma, who threw everything away and dedicated her life to just one thing,

S: Yeah.

H: then it makes sense that things would end up like this. With that being the case, as I’ve been talking just now, I’ve started to think of the Sworn Enemies route as essentially being Kazusa’s story.

S: Yeah.

H: Of course, it’s also Haruki’s story, the story of all three of them,

K: Ah.

H: but I feel like it can be Kazusa’s happy end, since she was the one who succeeded the best in finally reaching her destination.

S: Right.

K: Yeah. Yeah, maybe so.

H: Right?


M: Granted, there are a lot of people who wouldn’t be happy unless she stuck with Haruki.

H: Right, there are, but—

S: But, if you just think of it as one path.

M: If we think of it as just one path, then everyone may be convinced of both ways being happy.

S, K: (laugh)

H: Yeah. I mean, that’s possible. I know I said something like this last week, but when someone rejects me, I still get on good terms with them. I’ll even go to their wedding.

K: Wow.

S: Ah.

H: But I do find myself thinking, you know, “I’m going to succeed,” or “I’m going to become someone even better,” at times like that.

S: Yeah.

K: Ah.

H: But that’s not out of a grudge. It’s more like a feeling of satisfaction with myself.

S: Yeah.

H: Like, “Hey, look at me now!” I tend to do that same thing.

S: Aha.

K: I see, I see.

H: Yeah. And we still get along, because after everything, that feeling of fondness is still there.


K: Huh.

H: I think that’s why, anyway.

S: So, if it weren’t there, you would split completely?

H: Split? Oh,

S: I mean, you wouldn’t go to their wedding or anything.

H: I think the feeling of friendship is—basically, sometimes it’s hard to tell where the boundary is between feelings of romantic love and friendship.

S: Yeah, yeah.

K: Yeah.

H: There’s a gray area. So, you might like someone—or you might think someone is an amazing person, but being in love with them is slightly different.

S: Good point.

H: And that’s what I’m thinking about.

S: Yeah. Wow.

K: Wow.

H: So it’s not like, “I like you! Oh, you’re not going to date me? Then I’m forgetting the whole thing.” If part of you respects the person, or thinks they’re great, then you can’t really get rid of that feeling.

S: Yes, that makes sense.

K: Yeah, yeah.

H: So, for example—is it okay for me to talk about this? Is this appropriate for this segment?

S: You’re fine.

K: Yeah, you can talk about whatever you want.

M: This is feeling like a closing party, or like we’re out for drinks.

H: Yeah, a bit, a bit. But, anyway,


H: when I get dumped—I just keep talking about that… When that happens, I really envy people who can just go, “Well, all right,” and move on,

S: Right, right.

H: because I always end up fixating on it for a while.

K: Ah.

S: Huh.

H: Guys, as a species, tend to drag things out like that.

K: Right.

S: Right, that’s what people say.

H: And as for what makes them drag it out, I think it’s that the more we think, “Oh, I don’t like them any more, I hate them now,” the more feelings are actually still left.

K, S: Ah.

H: So, once you finally completely peel back the exterior of these complicated feelings, what you have left is fondness.

S: Yes, yes.

K: Ah.

H: If that fondness weren’t there, you wouldn’t have those pent-up hard feelings, this resentment, piling up on top of it.

S: Aha.

H: So, once I chip all of that away, stop doing and thinking and feeling things that I don’t need, I realize that fondness is still there, and I can get along with them.

K: Huh.

S: Ah.

H: If it’s not there, there’s no way. That’s how it works for some people.

S: So, when you think of that person and go, “I’m going to be someone really impressive,” I guess it’s the case for Kazusa too, that at her core she still has that fondness for him,


H: She’s got a ton of it, right?

S: yes, she’s got a ton of it, and that’s exactly why she says, “Just you watch.”

M: If she didn’t have that core, she would stop having any interest in anything, and wouldn’t cling to anything any more.

K: Right, yeah.

H: Exactly.

H: So, if it’s about having that sense—I don’t know, maybe this is a characteristically male thing.

S: What?

M: But this completely lines up with Kazusa, right?

S: Yeah, yeah.

M: What you’ve been describing.

H: Right, right. That’s why that feeling is resonating with me.

K: Ah, I get it.

S: That fixation is obvious to you.

M: As Daichuu-san, you can embody both Haruki and Kazusa.

K: Both.

S: Huh.

H: I mean, maybe.

S: But she’s doing her best to move forward.

H: Right. That’s what makes Kazusa so cool.

S: Yeah.

K: The story in this route was pretty striking.

H: It’s inspirational.

S: Inspirational.

K: Definitely inspirational.

H: I want to be just like that.

S: That’s quite the announcement. (laughs)

H: (laughs) “I want to be like that” isn’t exactly an announcement.

S: This message is from “Kazusa Forever”-san.


S: “About the Infidelity Route in Coda.”

K: All right.

S: “The scene at the very end where Haruki and Kazusa let go of each other’s hands was the one that made my stomach hurt the most. I actually felt nauseous.”

H: Ah.

K: Wow.

S: “When Kazusa came to her senses at the last moment and tried so hard to act tough, I was speechless. When she said, “You let go.” Then you don’t have to let go! Don’t let go, why would you let go! What were Hitomi and Daichuu-san thinking as they acted out that scene? Also, would you have let go? I’m dying to know. As for me, I wouldn’t have let go.”

H: Ah. Emotionally, I guess I wouldn’t want to let go.

M: If you get caught up in doing that at the ticket gate, you’re going to hold up traffic.

S, K: (laugh)

H: That’s not what I’m talking about! That’s not the scene. We’re on the station platform.

K: (laughs)

S: You might not get in the way, but you’re going to draw a lot of attention. “Hey, what’s going on? What’s going on?”

M: From passersby.

K: They’d all stare.

M: “What’s happening with them?”

S: People would get curious.


H: So, I know I’ve said this before,

S: Yes.

H: but the “Infidelity route”—that isn’t its official name, right?

S: Right, right.

H: Everyone just called it that, so it caught on?

S: Yeah.

H: Maybe, but officially—

M: Just to clear this up, it’s been called the “Infidelity route” since I first wrote the text.

H: Ah. But, it doesn’t feel like infidelity.

S: Uh-huh.

H: It’s serious,

S: Serious.

M: What I mean is,

H: it’s a serious—

M: the reason I gave it the name “Infidelity route” was purely because of what actually happens.

K: Ah.

M: The matter of it is infidelity, obviously.

K: Infidelity.

H: Right, as an action.

M: So I gave it that title, because the way his heart keeps moving back and forth and can’t settle on anything manifests as infidelity.

H: Right, right.

K: Ah.

H: Yes, I get it.

M: Expressing this as infidelity itself is what makes it immoral, in a lot of ways.

H: Right. So, this isn’t about their feelings and so on, it’s about how they’re committing an act of infidelity from an outside perspective,


H: but that actually makes it an even heavier word. I don’t think society would consider something like this “infidelity,” because the feelings are serious.

K: Good point.

S: Yeah. “Infidelity” makes you think

H: They’re both serious.

S: that it’s something fun, like you’re messing around because it’s enjoyable.

K: It’s fickle. (laughs)

S: Right, being fickle. This isn’t fickle.

H: It’s…

K: Not being fickle.

M: An aventure, to use a slightly dated term.

S: Right, right, right.

H: It’s not remotely that.

K, S: Right.

H: They’re staking their lives on this infidelity.

S: It’s difficult, it’s painful.

H: Yeah. So, really, Haruki’s heart—

M: Haruki is crying throughout this whole scene.

H: Right.

K: Haruki does a lot of crying.

S: Poor guy.

H: But, at this point, the crying is just a sign of collapse. It’s not about what he’s feeling any more,

K: (laughs)

H: He’s completely tied down, and he knows there’s nothing he can do from there,

S: Right, right.


H: but with emotions—the impulse to move is there, but he’s lost the axis to respond to it, so there’s nothing he can do. That’s where I think his mental state is. Rehabilitation isn’t easy, you know. If you break down. It can happen that if you’re playing someone who’s breaking down, you end up doing it too. It happened to me.

S: Wow.

H: It’s not the kind of thing that’s framed with Haruki’s monologue going, “Oh, no, I’m collapsing, what do I do?” He’s completely hollow as I’m performing him. He’s not firmly planted there. It’s, “Ah, Haruki’s not even here right now.”

S: Yeah.

K: Yeah. (laughs)

H: I’m saying my lines with my eyes half-closed, like, “Ah, so this is it,” and my body really just goes limp.

S: Yeah. Wow.

K: Ah. Yeah, yeah.

H: I can’t read anything when I’m like that. My body does that. Really, when I’m acting,


H: I think of it as something that’s a reflection of something physiological, so when I’m acting angry, my body heats up, when I’m sad I start crying naturally, and when the character is breaking down, I get into this weird state.

S, K: (laugh)

H: It’s crazy. Actually, Mochizuki-san checked up on me while we were recording.

K: Wow.

S: “Are you okay?”

H: Yeah, we just recorded a bit at a time. (laughs) “Okay, this is getting out of hand, let’s stop for a second.”

K: I had no idea.

S: Wow.

H: That’s how it went for me.

M: This route must have been the most difficult to act.

H: Definitely.

K: Really? I mean, for me, I was looking at the script constantly, but I kept saying stuff that was completely different from what was written.

H: (laughs)

M: Wait, what?

K: Really… I kept saying lines that weren’t anywhere to be found.

S: But then, if you make things too complicated…

K: There were lines where I was thinking, “I probably made this up.” “Oh, this is what I’m really saying here.”


M: If you’d kept that voicing, I would have rewritten it.

K: No, no, no…

H: That’s no way to record for a game!

S: Right.

K: I say I was looking “constantly,” but maybe not enough.

S: Yeah.

M: What kinds of things were you saying? Do you recall?

K: Ah, what would it have been… I can’t remember.

H: There have probably been times for me,

S: Uh-huh.

H: when the emotional course stayed the same, but some of the words came from me as I played Haruki, or from the character.

S: Yeah, yeah.

H: So, I’ve said some things that differed—probably not as much as Naba-chan, but,

K: No, no…

S: (laughs)

H: there have been times when I got so emotional that I used a different particle for a phrase or something.

K: Ah.

M: That’s just the writer being lousy.

H: No, no, you were right. My point is, really, when humans get emotional, our speech gets disorganized.

S: Yes.

K: Yeah.

H: I think that may be what’s going on.

S, K: Yeah.

K: Come to think of it… When would it have been? For example, if I was saying, “Let go!”, I might have added something extra before it.

S, H: (laugh)


K: “Hurry up and—“ I don’t know whether that was it, but it was constantly, “That’s not the line!”

M: Ah.

S: Then, was Mochizuki-san correcting you?

K: No, I was saying it.

S: Oh, you realized?

K: It hit me.

M: Reacting to your own lines.

K: “That wasn’t right.”

M: “I didn’t say that!”

H: (laugh)

S: That wasn’t right.

K: I feel like that happened several times.

S: Huh.

H: But, I mean, one of the characteristics of this game is characters muttering to themselves in a teeny-tiny font, so it could be in there.

K: Ah…

S: Yeah.

H: When you’re acting, sometimes that stuff just slips out. Yes.

S, K: (laugh)

M: Although, if you kept enough in there, having a lot of mixed-up particles could make it feel more realistic.

H: Maybe so. The part when I yelled “Touma!” at the airport in IC is a perfect example, I think.

M: Right, right.

S: Yeah.

H: I’d been calling her “Kazusa” because I was told to, but “Touma” came out first, not because I wanted to say it but because it was what I was used to, and while I was recording I actually said, “Oh, oops, I guess she’s ‘Touma’ now.”


M: Ah.

H: I felt like a bit of an idiot.

K: (laughs)

S: (laughs) Although—

H: Well, where our roles are concerned, I’ve started calling her “Kazusa,” so she’s Kazusa. But as a human, I wouldn’t be used to calling her “Kazusa” yet, since I’ve been calling her “Touma” this whole time, but I didn’t think to interpret it that way in the moment as I was reading. I’m still frustrated about that.

K: There was a point when I was playing when I realized my line was wrong.

S, H: What?

S: No way! Where?

H: Seriously? Was it—

K: I went, “Oh, God,”

S: Wow.

K: what I was saying was different from what was written.

M: Hang on, that should have been debugged.

H: (laughs) Should have been debugged.

M: Something slipped through the debugging stage. Hold on.

K: Actually, it was because Mochizuki-san said I’d delivered it well,

M: Still,

K: and it was just one character that was off.

M: The text should have been fixed, then.

K: For my part, I was going, “I know, I know, I know why I wanted to say that here,


K: I can completely understand why Kazusa would want to say this, but it’s not what the text says.” It was a tiny little thing I noticed.

S: (laughs) Wow.

H: (laughs) I see.

M: Hold on, what scene was it? Seriously.

S: Where was it?

K: Can I say it? Is there any problem if I—let’s see, it was… Near the end of IC, when she’s clinging to Haruki.

M: Ah.

H: Oh, really.

S: So, at the airport?

K: Not the airport. Before that.

S: When they’re alone?

K: Around the time they go to Haruki’s place, or before that.

M: Ah, at the park, maybe.

K: Somewhere around the park, one of my lines.

H: Huh.

S: Huh.

H: That’s true. I’m sure a few people must have noticed.

K: They have to have noticed. It’s a really great scene.

S: That could be exactly why you made the mistake.

K: But they kept it, and used it.

H: Uh-huh. It was really great of Mochizuki-san

K: Exactly.

S: Mm-hm.

K: to prioritize that.

S: Prioritizing the acting.


H: I mean, if you have too many discussions about “Oh, I’m not sure this is how it should go here,” it can turn into a fight, right? Normally we’re supposed to be sort of detached about it.

S: Right.

H: But we end up sticking our conflicting interpretations all over it—

M: Which ends up with Mochizuki-san complaining later about how slowly recording is going.

H: (laughs) Sorry, sorry.

K: But every single time I see Mochizuki-san,

S: Uh-huh.

K: we end up talking about how interesting this story is. (laughs)

S: Really!

M: “Oh, this stuff is hilarious.”

K: It’s constant.

S: You’re blushing!

S, K, H: (laugh)

K: The whole time we were going, “Oh, that’s amazing,” “Oh, that’s amazing.”

S: Right?

H: Was that during the Infidelity route?

K: That one.

M: All right.

K: That was when Mochizuki-san and I had our most excited discussions.

H: That’s what I figured. Oh, so thinking about when Haruki started to break down, in a sense, there were some varied ideas, a lot of going, “Well, but since he starts doing this here, maybe it’s like this.”


H: Yeah, yeah.

K, S: Ah.

H: But that was from the engineer, right? In the studio.

S: Yes.

H: Even the person working in the studio was completely obsessed.

K: They were.

S: You’re right. They were saying how enthralling it was.

K: The person who was recording us.

H: I’ve never known any recording engineers who chatted that much.

K: It was great. They were really absorbed in it.

S: Yeah. (laughs)

K: Reading the script while they were recording us.

S: They were so into it. They really appreciated it.

H: Talking about how much they’d read that day—and this is a big thick book, it’s the whole script, but they were reading and reading.

S: Massive. (laughs)

M: Okay, this is turning into backhanded praise like last week. If you keep going on like that, I won’t be able to say anything else.

K: C’mon, it’s not that big a deal!

S: No, keep talking!

M: I’m getting embarrassed hearing you say all this.

K: You’re blushing, you’re blushing.

H: But when I’m praising you the most is, when in my head I’m yelling “Marutooo!”—that’s when I’m praising you the highest.

S: (laughs)

M: That sounds more like I’m being criticized.


K: No, no.

H: That’s when Maruto-san has me in his grip the tightest. The parts that make me go, “God, why did you have to make it hurt this bad!”

S: I see.

H: Those are the parts that knock me out completely.

S: Yeah.

H: That’s what I mean.

M: Well, thank you very much for that.

S: (laughs) Finally, Maruto-san is showing some gratitude.

K: Now that I think about it, the way we were all talking about how compelling it was while we were recording,

S, H: Right, right.

K: for this to come out into the world, and have people find it compelling, and be made into an anime, that’s pretty wild.

S: It is.

H: Yes, it is. See, I really think a lot of considerations probably went into whether Haruki’s voice would be in a game like this.

S: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

H: But they said they’d do it, and that meant it had to have some significance, which must mean that there are also people who think it isn’t necessary.

K, S: Yeah, yeah.

H: But I feel like, probably, when it comes to this work, most people are looking at it with the sense that it does belong there.


S: Definitely. I can’t imagine it not being there.

K, H: Yeah.

M: Although, when I was writing, it wasn’t under the assumption that your voice would be there at all.

K, S: Wow.

H: Really?

M: Yes, really. Then, when it was time to record, Mochizuki-san told me

H: Ah.

M: that everyone on Aquaplus was saying, “Of course Haruki has to be in there.”

H: Huh.

M: “Wait, we’re including him?”

K, H: Ah.

S: Wow.

M: So, of course, since I was one of the people creating it, I started talking about it from a cost standpoint.

K: (laughs)

H: Well, yes, that’s definitely a realistic discussion to have.

M: I wasn’t sure. I mean, this is a very wordy protagonist. That was my concern.

K: That’s fair.

M: Right?

H: Now that you mention it, my voice is the voice that the users, the players, hear the most of.

K: You’re probably right.

S, M: Right.

H: (laughs) Right? Definitely.

S: You have all those monologues.

M: We were talking about that. There’s been enough recorded for four seasons’ worth of anime, or maybe even more than that.

H: Oh, wow, you’re right.

K: Really?

S: It’s a pretty long story to make into an anime.

H: So I really, with the recording,


H: I worked with my schedule to make it a regular time,

S: Uh-huh.

K: You fit it in.

H: I was recording it little by little, little by little every week.

S: You must have been battling with Mochizuki-san every week.

H: Yes. Eighteen thousand.

S: Eighteen thousand words.

K: Wow, you really talked.

H: I really did a lot of talking. Yeah. So, altogether, it came to twenty thousand and some.

K: Right.

S: With IC included.

H: Right. But, since I recorded it this way, I could focus on doing it steadily, bit-by-bit, instead of blasting through for several hours straight, and I’m really grateful for that.

S, K: Yeah, yeah.

H: So, if it got into a good shape that way, and the users were happy with it, then I’m very glad to have done it that way.

S: Right.

K: Yeah. Oh, should we go to the next one?

H: We went completely off-topic.

M: I don’t even remember what the letter said.

H: Me neither, honestly.

S: (laughs)

K: That’s what happens when you talk about whatever you want. Okay, this is from “Snowscape”-san.


H: All right.

K: “In this route—“ Oh, this is about To You, My Sworn Enemy. “In this route, Haruki’s heart ultimately breaks because he can’t choose Setsuna or Kazusa, but with time, he gradually regains himself. This whole time, he had been saying that he was the one in the wrong, and Setsuna hadn’t done anything wrong, so in a sense he wasn’t treating Setsuna as an equal, but at the end, he addresses her as “omae.” I think this route is the one where Haruki grows the most, but I would love to know what you all think.”

H: Ah.

S: Hmm.

H: The thing about him using omae for “you” with her really seems to have stuck with people.

K: But couldn’t that just be because of how much has gone on since IC? (laughs)

H: Huh.

S: Huh.

H: Maybe so.

K: Maruto-san, you look like you want to say something.

M: Well, thinking back from this point—well, she says something like, “You’ve finally started calling me ‘omae,’” right?

S: Yes.

M: But this scenario is pretty long, so probably,


M: it could be that in the early stages of the game he says it.

K: What?

S: But—

M: In CC he’s keeping a lot of distance from Setsuna in that realm of things,

S: Right.

M: so thinking from CC on, he hasn’t called her that,

S: Yeah.

M: but I think it’s fully possible that he let a few slip in IC.

S: I know he used it with Takeya. Wait, did he?

M: He uses it with Takeya, yes.

S: He does.

H: But with Setsuna—

K: I feel like he didn’t with her.

S: Yeah.

H: Probably… Huh. I wouldn’t know for sure unless I actually looked back a bit.

S: No, he doesn’t.

H: My instinct says that, if he’d used it with her, something would have felt off.

S: I agree.

M: With us talking about this, I’m sure there are people who will play it from the beginning again.

K: (laughs)

S: Just looking for that!

H: Oh, boy. I’ve said too much.

S: He doesn’t say it.

H: Yeah, now that I think about it,

S: Uh-huh.

H: if we consider that term of address as a gauge for the emotional distance between them, it makes sense. It seems like he could have been handling her a bit gingerly up to this point.


M: Yes, that could have been part of the picture.

H: Yeah.

S: But, thinking from Setsuna’s point of view, Haruki-kun hasn’t done anything wrong, so I imagined she wouldn’t want him to handle her that carefully. (laughs)

M: Her saying that is exactly what would make him do it.

H: Hm. I see, though.

S: But, as a woman, being able to have an honest conversation makes us a lot happier than being handled carefully.

K: It’s tricky, though. There are some women who really don’t like being called omae.

M: There are.

H: Right, so as a guy, myself, I have a really hard time using that word. I rarely do.

S: Here’s the thing, you put a heart after it. “Omae♡”. Like you’re saying, “darling♡”. (laughs)

K: (laughs)

H: You’re dreaming.

K: So, Yone-chan, how would you feel about being called omae?

S: Hm, I guess I wouldn’t like it said in a “Hey, you!” kind of way, but if it was said affectionately, maybe that would be okay.

K: Ah.

S: It could depend on the tone.


H: All right—

S: But I know that’s how it is from Haruki-kun. He’s saying it out of affection.

H: Yeah.

K: Yeah, I guess.

S: Since it seemed like it made Setsuna happy.

H: Right.

K: Setsuna doesn’t really have an omae vibe, though.

S: An omae vibe.

H: She doesn’t.

M: The omae vibe.

S: Maybe that’s why she’s so happy about it.

H: I feel like a guy would have to be pretty brave to use omae for a girl in a “position” as high as hers.

K, S: Yeah.

H: And it wasn’t that way with Kazusa. He had a way in with her.

S: Right.

H: Io isn’t part of the picture here. So, maybe he used it with Chiaki?

S: Yeah.

H: He didn’t use it with Koharu, right?

K: He might not have.

H: I don’t think he did.

M: Everyone, please play through the scenario to find out.

K: (laughs)

S: You have to play the whole thing.

H: So, thinking about that line, it’s a matter of treating someone courteously. They’re important to you, so you’re courteous. But that’s not quite the same as the friendship line.

S: Yeah.

H: Yeah. When it comes to friends, I’ll throw out an “omae” now and then,


H: deliberately, like “Listen, you,” but I wouldn’t say it with anyone else. I only call Naba-chan “Hitomi.”

K: What was that?!

S: Hitomi.

H: But, “Hitomi”—“Hitomi” is the highest level.

K: No, no, no. No.

S: Right. The highest level of affection.

K: No!

H: Wouldn’t it have to be, since you only allow one person to call you “Hitomi”?

S: Whew!

H: Right, Naba-chan? (laughs) I think I might be wrong about something.

S: (laughs) She’s fuming now.

H: Yes, that’s the feeling I get.

S: Yep.

M: But, the reason Setsuna took an interest in Haruki in the first place was that, unlike everyone else, he treated her like an equal. That was how things started.

S: Yeah.

H: Right. Oh, so, in that sense, he was completely different from the others.

S: Yeah.

M: So, if you think about Haruki at the beginning, and Haruki in Sworn Enemy, I think you could almost say that he’s gone back to how he was at the very start.

S: Ah.

K: Ah, I get it.

H: Back at the start, when he had no idea things would end up the way they did. Okay.

M: Maybe he’s back to that Haruki.

H: Hm. Maybe so.


M: Ah, right, right. In Chiaki’s route, Setsuna says something like, “I was never able to be the girl he referred to as ‘aitsu.’”

S: She did say that.

M: So, I put some foreshadowing in there, yes.

H: I see, I see.

S: Yeah.

H: Maruto! (laughs)

K: (laughs)

S: There it is, the best kind of praise.

H: Exactly, there it is. (laughs) Man.

M: Although, well, to tell the truth, that story didn’t come out in time for the PS3 version,

H: Uh-huh.

M: so that foreshadowing isn’t ultimately followed through.

H: Gotcha.

S: Ah.

M: So, there have been rumors going around that it might be used at some later point.

S: (laughs)

H: Ah. So, really, if we were to think from corner to corner, there are probably some pieces left, or some things that haven’t been presented.

S: Yeah.

H: I’m sure. That’s just the kind of work it is. Right?


H: which makes me think,

K, S: Yeah.

H: it makes me think everyone will want to fill in those gaps.

S: We’re all looking forward to the mini after-story.

K: (laughs)

H: Suddenly, suddenly all eyes are on Maruto-san. (laughs)

M: Ah, yes, understood.

K, S: All right.

H: In that case, the “after” would be something completely new.

K: Yeah, that’s tricky.

S: Right.

H: Not something from within it.

K: What would the “after” even come after, actually?

H: Right.

S: Yeah.

M: Yes, after what?

H: Exactly. After what?

M: We know it can’t come after Sworn Enemy.

H: Right, it can’t.

M: So, maybe there’s something else left?

K: Oh?

H: Ah, of course.

S: But, at this point—

M: In fact, there are two.

K, S, H: Ah.

H: Wow, this is exciting.

K: I wonder what…

M: Actually, I’m not sure I want to make Maruto-san talk any more about it than this. Just savor the excitement—

S: Yes, yes.

K: Enjoy the waiting.

M: Don’t worry. There’s nothing definite enough to talk about, anyway.

S, K, H: (laugh)


S: And, with that, that’s all the time we have. Thank you all very much for all the mail you sent.

H: Thank you.

K: We’re still accepting messages regarding Kazusa’s route in Coda, to discuss on our extra recording for the radio CD, so we look forward to receiving plenty of mail for that. This has been Let’s Hear Everything: Super Daichuu-Time, Volume 4, featuring Fumiaki Maruto.

S: WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio.


Todokanai koi ‘13


S: The time has come for the ending of our program, WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio. You are currently listening to Todokanai koi ’13, which the three of us sang for the encore at the WHITE ALBUM2 concert. Now—what?

H: I’m tearing up.

S: (laughs) That’s surprising.

H: Oh, god. Why am I feeling like this?

S: This was

H: I really…

S: with Rena-chan and Tsuda-chan.

H: This is bad. I’m gonna cry.

K: He’s on the verge of tears.

S: Don’t—

K: You can cry a little. We’ll just be doing the announcements.

H: Why?

S: Don’t cry.

H: There’s going to be a call, too, right? This is bad.

S: Right. Yes, this is a very moving moment.

H: I’m… going to stop talking for a second.

S: (laughs) All right, we have some announcements from Aquaplus. Volume 5 of the TV anime Blu-ray set is now available for purchase. The sixth and final volume will be released on May 28th. It includes the last three episodes—episode 11, The Snow Melts, and Then it Falls Again, part 2, which reveals all of Kazusa’s feelings; episode 12, Graduation, in which they finally fall into each other’s arms;


and episode 13, Todokanai koi, when everything ends at the airport. A restricted scene from the start of episode 13 will be released, and a picture drama based on an additional script written by Fumiaki Maruto, set just before the school festival concert, will also be included. With game-like staging, it shows a small incident that happens with the three of them right before the show, leaving Setsuna and Kazusa’s hearts pounding. It is not to be missed. In the commentary, the three performers and three staff members come together to discuss the reasons behind the staging and the conflicts they faced in detail. A bonus pin-up illustration card will bring tears to the eyes of fans of the original game. Volume 6 on its own, with those three episodes, will cost 7,800 yen before tax, so please order it. Check with your store to see what special perks will come with buying the whole original set, too.

K: The Blu-ray of the concert at the Tokyo International Forum is now available. Sample footage has been uploaded to the Aquaplus channel on niconico,


K: so if you haven’t purchased it yet, please give it a look. You’ll feel the excitement and passion all over again. Furthermore, a limited edition with the live CD currently playing enclosed will be made available.

S: WHITE ALBUM2 key artist Takeshi Nakamura’s personal art book was released today in Animate, Sofmap, Gamers, and Toranoana stores.

K: The fifth and latest volume of the light novel, WHITE ALBUM2: The Melody the Snow Plays, will be released on May 15th. The story plunges into CC, and the writer’s thoughts are a must-read. The first chapter of the manga version of CC is being published in GA Bunko Magazine, as well.

S: A full-graphic Kazusa Touma T-shirt is now available from Nijigen Cospa.

K: The first five Fan Club Radio CDs are now available. The sixth will include Takuma Terashima-san and Ikumi Nakagawa-san, the voices of Takeya and Io, as guests for the special edition, and is planned for release on May 30th.


K: In advance of that, it will be for sale at the merchandise corner of the White Heart 2 event we’re holding on May 25th. Of course, event-exclusive cards will be given out as always. In addition, as a perk with the Fan Club Radio CD series, if you have any five out of the set, you will be eligible to own the Mini After-story for Windows. Those who buy the concert Blu-ray and TV anime vocal collection together will also be eligible for the Mini After-story.

S: Furthermore, some announcements regarding the event at F.I.X. Records. First, there will be a free in-store mini-concert by Suara, starting at 2 p.m. on May 3rd, in the Festival Court on the first floor of the Matsumoto Katakura Mall in Nagano. Those who buy Suara’s CD on site that day will be eligible to participate in a handshake session as well. Second, there will be a mini-concert on May 11th, at the Spring 2014 Headphone Festival. Rena Uehara, Akari Tsuda, and Suara are sure to put on a fabulous show together.


S: For information on how to get in, visit the Spring 2014 Headphone Festival website. Those who attend will be given download cards for high-quality recordings of the songs performed and background music played. Please come and experience it for yourself. All information is subject to change. Please confirm with the corresponding official websites. The seventh Fan Club Radio CD, which will include today’s broadcast, is planned for release in the summer. You can check the WHITE ALBUM2 homepage for details. Thank you!

K: All right. I have one more, one more announcement.

S: Yes, one more.

K: As I mentioned before, White Heart 2—those who appear in WHITE ALBUM and ToHeart 2, in WHITE ALBUM2 and ToHeart 2—

S: 2!

K: Six voice actors from those productions are coming together to have a big fun noisy event, so please, come and hang out with us. For ticket information or other inquiries,


K: all the details you need should be written on the blog on my homepage, so please go and check it out.

S: Yes. So, WHITE ALBUM2 Fan Club Radio has been running since August of the year before last,

K: Huh? What?

S: and this is—huh?

K: What?

S: We’re suspending—what?

H: Oh, it’s—oh, wow.

Staff: Thanks for all your great work.

K: Wow, this is a surprise.

S: The staff came in and startled us.

K: I was wondering why you came in all of a sudden when we weren’t done yet.

H: Wow, thank you so much.

S: These flowers are gorgeous.

K: Which one, which one? Ah, this one. Great.

S: Wow.

H: Thank you, thank you.

K, S: We got flowers! Thank you so much.

M: Thank you. It was worth it, all the work we’ve done in the past year and a half.

K: Seriously, all of us—

H: Yeah, no kidding.

S: We all—

K: Doing this together, the four of us, was worth it.

H: I can remember every show.

S: I’m glad it was us four.

M: We didn’t even get flowers six months ago when we were recording.

H: (laughs) Right.

S: They’re beautiful.

K: Yeah.

H: Thank you.

Staff: Thank you.

K, S: Thank you.

M: Thank you.

H: Man…

S: Wasn’t expecting that. (laughs)

K: The staff just walked right in.

S: Now—(laughs)


H: and slipped out quietly. (laughs)

M: Thank you.

K, S: Thank you.

H: I think I want to chat with them some more after we’re done here.

K: Right.

S: Yeah.

H: Yeah.

S: So, we have messages, messages for—

K: Wait, Yone-chan, are you crying?

H: Yone-chan?

S: Oh, Daichuu-san, are you okay?

H: I’m all better now. (laughs)

S: Really? What, then during the announcements…

H: Pass, pass me the baton. I pulled myself together during the announcements.

S: Oh, all right, then, each of us wants to give a special message to everyone who has supported our program this far. Daichuu-san, you can start.

H: Right. Really, since… August of a year and a half ago, it’s been a very long time, and I don’t have the words to adequately express my gratitude to those of you who have listened. But, as for me at least, I still—I was just thinking about this, but when I hear that opening song, all these thoughts rush through my head,


H: it doesn’t really matter how long it’s been since it was recorded, the fact is that I still feel this way, and I think that’s a matter of the special feelings I have when it comes to WHITE ALBUM2, and on this radio show we’ve gone into those parts, and the density of WHITE ALBUM2, and some fun things that aren’t as related to those in a way, and the atmosphere with the two of you, I think, as I’ve been here from time to time,

S: Right, right.

H: well, I’ve been here the whole time. But, it’s pretty clearly changed. How it is now is completely different from how it was at the start.

K, S: Yeah, yeah.

H: When I think about going through all of that over all these months, the memories—my feelings get stirred up in all these ways.

S: Yeah.

H: I know there’s probably more recording left to do, but for this,


H: today marks the end of these regular broadcasts,

S: Yes. Yes.

H: and I’m really getting a renewed sense of all the feelings I personally have about WHITE ALBUM2 and this radio show.

S: Yeah.

H: I don’t want to say “Thank you,” for some reason, but, since this is just a one-time thing, I’ll say it—thank you.

S: All right. Naba-san, your turn.

K: All right. My turn?

K: Really, my biggest impression right now is, “Wow, that went by fast,” but the last year and a half really showed me just how much people love this story. I myself still haven’t cleared it entirely, so I’m looking forward to continuing playing it.

M: Should I tell you about Chiaki’s branch route later?

K: Please do. I’ve been struggling to get onto Chiaki’s route,

S: “I can’t get it! I can’t get it!”

K: so I’ve been asking people for advice. Well, anyway, I feel really lucky to have been involved in this game.


K: And I feel lucky to have had Yone-chan as my partner, too. At the very beginning, we had only just gotten close enough to talk,

S: Right, we had.

K: so there was a lot I wasn’t sure about, how long this would go, how it would turn out, but as time has gone by, as we’ve spent these months and years together, I’ve realized that this woman, Madoka Yonezawa, is so—

S: What?

K: so funny, so ready to cut loose and have fun even though she’s the big sister, the seasonal—we’ve done all sorts of events together, haven’t we?

S: Mm.

K: I’ve realized all of that in the course of what we’ve done, and this year and a half has taught me just how fortunate I am to have Yone-chan.

S: Hitomi!

K: No! Shut up!

H: “Hitomi” still isn’t allowed.

S: Really.

K: It’s fine. I mean it, Yone-chan, thank you.

S: Thank you.

K: All right. Keep giving WHITE ALBUM2 your love, everyone.

S: Yes.

K: Your turn, Yone-chan.

S: My turn. Like Naba-san was just saying,


S: I really consider myself lucky to have had Naba-san as my partner. She’s basically… my senior? In a way, but she doesn’t feel like that at all.

K: (laughs) Is that a compliment? Or should I be insulted?

H: Hard to say.

S: It’s a good thing! Really. I mean, spending time with you is fun, and even outside of professional contexts, we go skating, flower-viewing, all kinds of things, going for tea in cafes, and we’ve talked so much, and it makes me feel very strongly like, yes, I’m glad it’s Naba-san. I’m glad it’s Hitomi. And, along with that, we’ve gotten so much mail from our members, you’ve poured out your enthusiasm and passion to the program, and even with all the other segments we’ve done the mail has been so exciting to read. It made me feel like,


S: through this game, we’ve connected with everyone, which makes our meeting all the more valuable. Being involved with this radio show for… a year? And a half?

K: Around that.

S: I feel very fortunate to have been here. I hope you’ll all stick around with WHITE ALBUM2. All right.

K: Great. Now, Maruto-san, please say a few words to all our listeners who love this program and the game.

S: Why are you saying it like that?

M: I’m not sure a guest should get the last comment before the show goes on a break.

K: No, no, no.

S: No, you’re the god here.

K: Seriously.

M: But, really, a year and a half ago, this radio program started with a weird, awkward mail from me, that was the first contribution,

All: (laugh)

S: It wasn’t awkward.

M: and, in that sense, I feel like I’ve also been involved since the start. Anyway, you’ve done great work for the past year and a half, Yonezawa-san, Nabatame-san. And, well,


M: the Fan Club Radio may be stopping for now, but, as I just foreshadowed a second ago—I look forward to seeing you at the Class Reunion Radio.

K, S, H: Ooh.

M: By which I mean, it would be nice if we could.

K, S: Yeah.

M: Also, to the people who love this story—I first started creating it in 2007, which means it’s been seven, eight years since then. I really put everything I had as a writer into it, and when it was first released, I thought, “I’ve got nothing to regret,” and what with everything, I actually became kind of a husk for a while. Then Aquaplus, well, not that this is important now, but they sort of dragged me out of the grave, so to speak, saying, “Hey, we’re going to make a PS series, we’re going to make an anime.” And I went,


M: “Hang on, give me a little more time to be dead here,” and a few more years passed, and I’m truly glad to have run alongside them through all of it. So, moving forward, I want to keep it up, finding new reasons to live, new places to die. Everyone, thank you so much.

S: Ah… Thank you.

K, H: Thank you.

S: I’m feeling a little sad now.

K: Yeah.

S: But, there could be a reunion.

K: Yes, a reunion.

S: Right. The Fan Club Radio reunion!

H: Yeah, really.

M: I should add that we can’t promise it.

S: We can’t promise it.

K: But we want to promise it.

S: We do. (laughs)

K: (laughs)

K, S: Yeah.

H: This is…

K: It feels like we got a little melancholy all of a sudden, but we want to end on a happy note, right?

H: Yeah.

S: A happy note.

H: At a point like this, there must be some letters from our listeners, right?


S: Yeah, yeah.

H: I imagine we’ve got tons, actually. About the fact that it’s ending.

S: Right.

H: I feel like there’ll be loads. “Well, here we are,” you know.

S: Yes. We should read them later.

H: Yes, I definitely want to look it all over. But, seriously, when I think about it, they’ve kept loving us for a long time now.

S: Yeah.

H: Wow.

K: It’s so wonderful, getting to be involved with this work.

S: Definitely.

H: Whether their entry point was through the game, the anime, or the radio, I think they must love all three now.

S: Yeah, yeah.

H: And I think it’s all thanks to the two of you.

S: Don’t be silly.

K: It’s because we had Haruki.

S: It’s thanks to Haruki-kun and Maruto-san.

H: Maruto-san is the god,

K: He’s our god. (laughs)

H: and I’m the same level as everyone else, so I’m their representative,

M: I do think—

H: and the way this work has bloomed is seriously enormous.

M: I feel justified in declaring myself the god.

K: (laughs)

H: Yeah, yeah.


H: For sure.

S: Well, though there’s still

K: Right.

S: so much more I want to talk about, though I’m reluctant to cut things off, it’s about time

K: Yeah.

S: to call a halt. Are we ready?

K: Yeah.

S: All right, this brings an end to our fan club meeting for the day. As of now, our activities are suspended. We may be parted for a little while, but we’ll meet again, someday, somewhere. We are Madoka Yonezawa,

K: Hitomi Nabatame,

H: Takahiro Mizushima,

M: and Fumiaki Maruto.

K, S, H, M: Thank you, everyone.

K: This program is sponsored by Aquaplus.