WA2 character description by Maruto Fumiaki

[Dengeki PlayStation] White Album 2 scenario writer Fumiaki Maruto himself introduces the five heroines!

Good evening. This is Negitoron from Dengeki PlayStation. For our final special feature on WA2, we asked the scenario writer, Fumiaki Maruto, to give his commentary on the five heroines. As their creator, Maruto speaks about the image of each heroine, and his comments, full of affection, are not to be missed.

Also, check each of the five heroines again with their new CGs from the PS3 edition! Setsuna and Kazusa are given their settings in part 1, “Introductory Chapter (IC),” and part 2, “Closing Chapter (CC),” while Koharu, Chiaki, and Mari are discussed as they appear in CC.

  • Setsuna Ogiso (VA: Madoka Yonezawa)

Setsuna Ogiso-Description[IC] Student of Houjou High School in class 3-A, Miss Houjou High for two years running, school idol. The personality she puts on has garnered her high popularity. Does karaoke as a hobby. [CC] Third-year in the Politics and Economics Department of Houjou University. Trying not to stand out as much as she did before, but because of her “legend” from three years before, her idol-like existence is unchanged.

“I wonder whether there has ever been a main heroine to whom phrases like ‘running away from everything’ and ‘in decline’ have applied (she is the main one!!). She made an error in her path at the start, and after that, whatever road she follows, she always gets broken-hearted, making her look like a dog that loses every fight. The difficult thing about her is that, the more she loses, the greater her appeal grows, so she gradually evolves into the strongest loser possible. Even more bothersome is that she still feels some pride in herself, in spite of her continuous fall. Please accept this pride of hers with some kindness.”

  • Kazusa Touma (VA: Hitomi Nabatame)

Kazusa Touma-Description[IC] Student of Houjou High School in class 3-E, habitually arrives late and skips class. Her looks put models to shame, but because of her personality, there is a wall between her and others around her, isolating her. [CC] Studying the piano abroad. …Or so it is believed, but her current circumstances are unknown. All that anybody hears about is her mother, a world-famous pianist.

“An example of how when a stray dog gets attached to you, things can get intense. In that sense, she is an overly faithful dog. She may bark or bite or sulk, but she’s always wagging her tail. Even more troubling is that even though she was once a stray dog, she is actually of a pedigree with the finest breeding. If you pet her, it makes her ecstatic in a way that is difficult to understand. However, if you leave her alone, she will eat nothing but sugar, so she must be strictly controlled. Therefore, the only one who can truly make her happy is a top breeder who will devote their life to their dog. Do your best, everyone.”

  • Koharu Sugiura (VA: Yoriko Nagata)

Koharu Sugiura-DescriptionHoujou High School class 3-A. Overly helpful and a busybody, similar in personality to a certain someone. Of moderate size in several senses.

“She wants to know everything, to manage everything, and to interfere in everything. Because of these similarities to the protagonist, Haruki, Koharu is sometimes called ‘Koharuki,’ but where her true similarity to Haruki lies is not in those factors—it’s in her self-centered personality, which makes her detest being interfered with herself, in spite of her tendencies. The power of the boomerang they hold is very strong, and Koharu’s defensive abilities are low, so there’s likely to be a breakdown at some point. She conceals qualities that make her an even more beaten-down dog than Setsuna, and faithful dog as Kazusa.”

  • Chiaki Izumi (VA: Risato Habuki)

Chiaki Izumi-DescriptionAttends seminar with Haruki. Third-year in the Literature Department at Houjou University, typical lazy college student. Has been promoted through her school years smoothly enough, but is at risk of repeating a year.

“I can’t compare her to a dog like I have been with the other heroines. So, maybe a tanuki… No, the meaning behind that would be too deep, so I’ll say she’s like a fickle cat. Basically, her top priority is to live for her own personal enjoyment, but she has a cooperative spirit in that she does her utmost to come up with a way for her and her companion to be happy together, rather than use the other person as a stepping stone. Everyone will be happier if they don’t realize it, so it’s best not to pry too far. Absolutely do not open the shoji.”

  • Mari Kazaoka (VA: Yuu Asakawa)

Mari Kazaoka-DescriptionMagazine editor at a mid-level publishing house. Rumored to be a candidate for the next editor-in-chief, she is talented but “too high,” so her luck with men is somewhat lacking.

“In her school days, she devoted herself to her friendships with other girls, and once she became an adult, she got deep into her work. The smallest failure with a man has left her timid on that front, and on top of that, at some point, she developed a taste for men younger than she is, making her both the strongest and the weakest girl (I’m presenting her this way deliberately). At date-seeking parties she’ll beat every man who speaks to her in an argument, and then she’ll gripe in bars about how men never approach her, but it suits her, so it’s fine for her to stay that way.”

*This article was published in Dengeki PlayStation vol. 531, released November 29th, 2012.