Voice actor commentary


Takahiro Mizushima (TM): Well, thank you very much for listening.
Hitomi Nabatame (HN): Yes, thank you very much.
TM: I played Kitahara—“Kitahara” is fine, right?
HN: Sure.
TM: I’m Takahiro Mizushima, and I played Haruki Kitahara.
HN: I’m Hitomi Nabatame, and I played Kazusa Touma.
TM: The gender here—no, wait, not the gender…
HN: What?
TM: What’s the deal with their last names?
HN: Huh?
TM: I mean, she’s his wife now, right?
HN: Right, but she’d be known as “Touma” for her work, wouldn’t she? Normally…
TM: Good point.
HN: Her actual name has probably changed.
TM: We’ll just have to leave that up to whatever is in Maruto-san’s head. (laughs)
HN: Wow, though, it’s been a while hasn’t it?
TM: It sure has. We finally get back to playing these parts, and it’s something like this…
HN: (laughs) I was a little surprised when I got the script.
TM: Right?
HN: Something this… racy. (laughs)
TM: It did have that sexy component. I guess that’s not all that unusual, though.
HN: Considering it’s an adult drama.
TM: Right. According to Maruto-san, he’s got a bit of frustration built up…

(Minute 1:00)

(both laugh)
HN: Or so the rumors say.
TM: Yes, yes, so I’ve heard. Just the fact that this level of flirtiness and fooling around…
HN: Yeah.
TM: seems like he’s really sort of laying it on.
HN: So, when I was doing that bit of recording—for Kazusa’s album, you know…
TM: Oh! Right, right.
HN: Maruto-san came in, and he was working on the script, the draft, for this one, the whole time.
TM: While you were doing that?
HN: Yeah, even then.
TM: Oh, huh.
HN: So part of me was like, “Is this what you were thinking about while you were listening to me sing?!”
(both laugh)
TM: I’m sure he wasn’t necessarily focusing on that image while he was there.
HN: Still, I can’t help but think about it—‘There I was, singing, and right next to me, there was this kind of smutty stuff being written.”
TM: I haven’t been able to listen to it yet, but…
HN: Uh-huh.
TM: I imagine it was something more… how do I put it? Sort of, Kazusa-like, more… not “serious,” but…
HN: Yeah?
TM: Calm? Was it a mellow sort of melody?
HN: But, actually, everybody took a vote…
TM: Hm.
HN: Those votes basically determined the how the song sounded.
TM: Ohhh.


HN: So it was like we had them listen, and they all said, “Oh, sing this one.”
TM: Now, since this is just now coming out, I don’t know exactly what the song is going to feel like…
HN: Actually, it’s supposed to be coming out together with this…
(both laugh)
TM: Ah, so they’ll be able to listen to it?
HN: They should be able to listen to it, yes.
TM: So, to flip it around, maybe even the listeners will end up thinking about Maruto-san writing this while you were singing.
HN: Maybe so.
(both laugh)
TM: Seems possible.
HN: Let me tell you something, though, that really struck me about Haruki’s lines in this drama…
TM: Yes?
HN: When he’s talking about the past…
TM: Right.
HN: He has that line about, “Your hair was beautiful, your face was just my type, your voice suited you…”
TM: Right, that part.
HN: I was like, (yelling) “Liar! You always thought my voice didn’t fit!”
TM: (laughs) Why?
HN: Maruto-san was always telling me that my voice was wrong—he liked the acting itself, but the voice was wrong.
TM: And then he puts this in there…
HN: But then it made me wonder what was up with this—some kind of… not quite an atonement on Maruto-san’s part, but…
TM: There it is.
(both laugh)
HN: I thought he might have written that in deliberately.
TM: Maybe Maruto-san was focusing on that the most when he was writing.
HN: Like he decided to do it out of consideration for me.
TM: To be honest, it even seemed to me like there was some kind of nuance there, saying “Your voice suits you.”
HN: That’s not something you normally tell someone, right?
TM: It did occur to me a bit—like, we’re acting, but this seems more like it’s about the actor than the character!


HN: So I thought—why would Maruto-san say something like this to me now, after all these years?
TM: (laughs) Well, maybe it’s because the users are so perfectly suited themselves…
HN: No, no, no…
TM: What with Kazusa’s breakout popularity.
HN: Maruto-san himself is amazing. I’m very happy that I was able to act in this.
TM: Same here, definitely. I’m really glad I was able to do it again this time around.
HN: Yep.
TM: You know, this is a “future” story, with “2016” showing up in the title, so it’s got this present-day feeling—
HN: Like this is happening right now.
TM: I think it’s great to have the sense of a story that’s alive, but for this one, um… when you depict this story, well, I think everybody gets this, but…
HN: (chuckles)
TM: We’re the only ones there.
HN: Right.
TM: Yeah…
HN Someone wasn’t there.
TM: Not there in the least.
HN: She didn’t even come up as a topic.
TM: Nowhere in the discussion… Not so much as a “Se-.”
HN: Not a single mention. She’d probably be mad about that.


TM: But, I mean, everything concerning these two…
HN: It’s all about if things turned out this way.
TM: If this had happened, this is what it would be like.
HN: There is another, different future…
TM: Right, exactly.
HN: and another, different story.
TM: In that other future, things are different. In this future, it’s been determined that the two of them are living together. Youko-san seems to be doing well, too.
HN: I’m glad about that.
TM: Yeah.
HN: It’s definitely something you might feel concerned about…
TM: Right, right. So it’s nice that Youko-san was able to send them that package.
HN: She’s going strong for 2016.
(both laugh)
TM: Well, I don’t know about that…
HN: I think so.
TM: From playing the game, it wasn’t clear how things would end up for her.
HN: I cried while we were recording. Like, “Oh, Mom…!”
TM: Seriously.
HN: Yeah.
TM: It was such an incredible scene, too. Yeah. But… yes, I’m glad. And so…
HN: Yes.
TM: Everyone, the next time any White Album 2 content comes out…
HN: We hope to see you again.
TM: There are songs to put out, et cetera, so I don’t think it’s over. …So, look forward to—well, I don’t know whether to say “Look forward to the summer.” (laughs) See you in winter, maybe.


HN: Definitely.
TM: This is White Album 2, so it’s not exactly summery.
HN: Right.
TM: So, I hope we have another opportunity. And, once again, thank you very much.
HN: Thank you very much.