VII. Epilogue

(back in the airport from before: general sounds of hustle and bustle.)
Kazusa:            Setsuna…
Setsuna:           Kazusa…
(Kazusa starts to cry.)
Kazusa:            I… I’m sorry.
(she walks off.)
Setsuna:           Kazusa… Kazusa…! (sounds of walking and the airport fade out. To herself:) (I’m so sorry, Kazusa. I’m sorry for betraying you. (“Todokanai Koi” begins to play in the background.) I’m sorry for making you suffer so much this whole time. I was the only one who knew… I knew the feelings all three of us held… and yet, I still ruined everything. I’m sorry.)


Setsuna:           (These feelings of mine that fell short… will never reach again. That means this song is my song now. It really became my own, in the end. Hey, Kazusa, Haruki-kun… I think I could sing it perfectly now. As a song that conveys my own feelings. A song of love that will never make it through again.)
(song comes to the foreground:)

Even if my love can’t reach you
The day will come when it starts to show
Until that hazy answer appears


This love won’t come alive

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