Twinkle Snow ~Dream~ IX

Epilogue III


With a voiceless scream, she woke suddenly.



The moment she opened her eyes, she was met by light from the east, shining through her window, and a familiar ceiling.

It was a morning like any other.

A morning like any other, three years after that winter.


After shaking her head slightly, she slowly sat up, turning the vague memory from moments before over in her mind.

…Or, maybe he did.

…Or, maybe, he and she both.

“I… ruined it again.”

It was another possibility, a dream, different from reality.

Not like what happened three years ago, when three became two and one, and then one and one and one, but an attempt to reach a future in which all three of them could smile and find happiness.

They had lost track of how many times it had happened…

But he, and she, still unable to reach an answer that all three of them wanted, atoned for their sins in this way, every single night.

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