The Voiceless Idol’s Perch – I

The Voiceless Idol’s Perch

White Album 2 Short Story: Setsuna’s Three-Year Blank



Text: Ushineko

Illustration: Ena

Editing/Publishing: Rurou no Gakushidan



The woman’s eyes were dark.

Behind the lenses of her thick-framed glasses, beneath the shadow of her long, full lashes, lurking in the depths of her eyes, was nothingness.

She sat perfectly straight at the counter, occasionally sipping elegantly from her glass of wine. Even at the moments when her slender, delicate throat moved as she swallowed, her eyes, slightly elevated, showed nothing but void.

However, once she had passed three glasses, a fire could be glimpsed now and then, flickering faintly in the depths of that void. At those moments, she bit her lower lip lightly, slightly distorting it.

That fire had nothing to do with enthusiasm for life.

It emitted no passion to drive her forward.

It was a fire that seeped in slowly, torturing her wings.

It was regret, and jealousy.

It nested in her heart, scorching it.

It smoldered, scattering pitch-black soot through the nothingness.

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