The Missing Score – IX


To everyone who picked up this story, everyone who read it, thank you. I am deeply grateful.

This story is a fanwork based on White Album 2, an 18+ adventure game released by Leaf and Aquaplus for Windows.

It takes place after Setsuna’s ending. However, Setsuna has no lines.

Why? Because this is a story for Kazusa.

I am a die-hard fan of Kazusa’s ending, and a die-hard member of Team Kazusa.

Setsuna’s ending is fine, too. I don’t hate Setsuna. I love her.

But I love Kazusa’s ending even more.

When I think over Kazusa’s feelings regarding Setsuna’s ending, my chest tightens up in an extraordinarily painful way.

And I’m not the biggest fan of how uncool Haruki gets in Setsuna’s ending.

I’ve already written about that in the afterword to It’s Not Love, one of my other stories, so I won’t say any more about it here.

So, why on earth would I write a short story following Setsuna’s ending?

That would be because… I didn’t want to leave Kazusa’s unhappy world line as it was.

I wanted to write a world in which, following Setsuna’s ending, Kazusa could be happy forever, forever cool, beautiful, and the most incredible pianist.

And for Kazusa’s supportive partner and narrator in that journey, I chose Koharu-chan. After all, out of all the CC girls, she has the most powerful yuri aura.

I also considered a story in which Kazusa stole Setsuna from Haruki and found happiness, but I couldn’t get the creative juices flowing well for that. With Koharu-chan, though, I was able to get somewhere.

My apologies to everyone on Team Koharu. I hope you’ll forgive me for the moments where her character breaks down a bit.

My intention for this project is to write a series from Koharu-chan’s point of view, in which Kazusa, with Koharu-chan’s support, makes use of her musical skill and knowledge, forceful, unflinching speech, and recently-acquired communication ability to solve music-related mysteries (Kazusa is OVERPOWERED), and in the midst of that to find situations in which I can make Kazusa happy. Now, we shall see whether I can actually write a continuation.

Since… I haven’t actually read all that many mystery or suspense novels.

I will be very grateful if you watch kindly over me.

Lastly, I was able once again to wrap my story in gorgeous artwork.

I love Ena-san’s illustrations so much—they’re utterly wonderful. You can toss out what’s inside the book (though I’ll cry)—just hold on to the artwork for the rest of your life. You could frame it and hang it up, even.

All right, everyone, let’s meet again some day, in Onjuku. My heart is always with Kazusa.


Ushineko         November 3rd, 2018



Roving Masters of Music: The Case Files of Kazusa, Great Classics Investigator: The Missing Score

White Album 2: Post-Setsuna’s Ending

Text: Ushineko (@ushigara_neko6 on Twitter)


Illustration: Ena (@ena686 on Twitter)


Date published: November 3rd, 2018 first edition

Editing/publishing: Rurou no gakushidan

Printer: POPLS

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