The idol who forgot how to sing

Prologue: The Girl, One Month Later

She had been the center of attention since the entrance ceremony.

That spring, for the boys who had overcome various obstacles and happily entered the Politics and Economics department at Houjou University, the existence of this idol-like girl in the same classroom with them, who possessed beauty, charm, and a certain other special something all at once, gave them inflated hopes for their university life to come.

Those ones who knew only of the “legend” of the high school festival—those current male students, who welcomed her in as their junior—got excited every time they passed her on campus, following her with their eyes, pointing, thrilling in the closeness of their proximity, and engaging in enthusiastic gossip.

And the contingent who moved up with her after high school—her former classmates, who were once again going to be learning in the same school building as she was—thanked God for their good fortune; but at the same time, they felt some unease, seeing her in her “idol” element again, giving the same friendly smile to everyone, as though they had jumped back a year.

Wasn’t she supposed to be dating him…?

“She” was Setsuna Ogiso.

Miss Houjou High for three consecutive years, and—to just a few hundred people—a “legendary songstress.”

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