Tarot Woman – III

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Er, good evening (probably).

To first-time readers, it’s nice to meet you. To second-time (and on) readers, thank you as always. I am Einshalt, the author of this book.

Thank you for picking up Tarot Woman. Counting all of my books of White Album 2 short stories, this is my sixth, and as usual it follows the format of one short + one short-short, but I’m happy you’ve read this far.



My thought was to have a story concerning Kazusa’s birthday(*1), which never showed up with any seasonal connection in the game… but as I wrote it, the majority of it came out as a story(?) that was completely unrelated.

My starting point was a sentence in Setsuna’s part of the Mini After that said something about the biggest festive occasion of the year in Haruki’s house being Haruki’s birthday, and developing from there I thought to build a sort of omnibus of three short stories about their three birthdays following Setsuna’s route in Coda, but I was cursed with my usual sluggishness in writing and wound up with only one of them for this book (ahaha). I’m planning to do the rest for the next time (Winter Comiket?).

Though, looking back over my own writing, the mood I’m getting is less “coffee shop” and more “rambling conversation in a bar somewhere,” but so it goes (aha). Come to think of it, the only canonical scene we get of Haruki, Setsuna, and Kazusa all drinking together is at the hot spring in IC(*2). I’d be a little curious to know what it would be like following Setsuna’s Coda route… That could be another idea to pursue for a future work.



One weekend, as I was writing the above, I was sitting with my laptop open in a first-class car(*3) on a train to North Kanto, doing some editing, and when I got off at the terminal station, I happened to spot a train with the somewhat unusual destination of a certain hot spring, jumped onto it without really thinking, and it was on that train that my story found its starting point (that was long). The title, therefore, was also taken from there.

Now, with two people on a train headed for a hot spring—oh dear, that sounds a bit like the Cheating Route, doesn’t it? At any rate, a very WA2 concept, though the thought was also in my head that I would go a different way with a Setsuna short story, but it was obvious that if I let myself think too far about it I would never finish anything, so I tried to keep it nice and brief, like the short-short story in my previous book.

Also, their “relaxed” relationship as I showed it—where that came from was something lightly touched upon in the Christmas Eve scene in Setsuna’s Mini After route, “what came after the one-week rule.” In that regard as well, I feel like if you start thinking about what happened between Setsuna and Haruki in the period between the end of Setsuna’s Coda route and the start of the Mini After, and pondering between the lines, there’s all sorts of room for imagining.

(*1) Granted, I don’t know how well a purely “Kazusa’s Birthday”-focused story would come out from someone on Team Setsuna like me, so I leave that to the folks on Team Kazusa (lol).

(*2) And Setsuna drinks herself unconscious pretty quickly there, so I’m not even sure whether that counts…

(*3) Fares are cheaper on Saturdays, afternoon down-bound trains are virtually empty, and there’s a fair distance between where I get on and the terminal station, which helps me focus on working, so I take it quite often.


The cover for this book was once again drawn by Ayase-san from Blue Garden.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to respond to my very demanding request.

Also, as always, I am grateful to the printers. I wish to express my thanks to them here as well.


And, to everyone who has picked up this book, you have my gratitude.

If you have any comments or reactions to share, I would love for you to send them my way on twitter, or with the Applause button on my website. And, if you get the chance somewhere further on, I hope you will support my work again.


Bye for now.



Titles are taken from…

“Birthday” (The Beatles, The Beatles)

“Tarot Woman” (Blackmore’s Rainbow, Rainbow Rising)



Tarot Woman

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