Summer Snow

Summer Snow


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Title:                                    Summer Snow

Summer 2009

LilyLilyRose Appendbook


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Title:                                    Summer Snow

Summer 2009

LilyLilyRose Appendbook

Author’s note:                  Hello, everyone. Thank you very much for buying this LilyLilyRose book.

This is a bonus book featuring WA2. Not a lot of info has come out at this stage, and I’ve made up a lot of stuff for time reasons, but I’m drawing in very high spirits, so I hope you’ll be lenient on those counts.

See you!

Natsuki Mibu (Once the game comes out, there may be a genuine WA2 book in the works…)


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Text:                                    Kazusa

No matter how many times I draw her, that long black hair of hers is difficult… I just can’t make it mine…

Mura-sama is really the god of straight black hair… I was glad to see it in WA2, after Kusakabe-san! It’s so pretty!


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Text:                                    Setsuna

I was on Team Kazusa at first, but I’m leaning more and more toward Setsuna now…


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Text:                                    Koharu Sugiura

Her name and design both fit the image of mild autumn weather. Just from drawing her casually, I’ve grown attached to her! That high, thin ponytail is so cute.


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Text:                                    Mari Kazaoka

Mari Kazaoka-san, sexy in stockings that are probably below 50 denier (lol).

She’s hot!!

I’m a big fan of the suit, too, of course!


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Text:                                    This was one prospect for the cover. Something didn’t feel quite right… I realized that I had gone too full-throttle with my own tastes, so, tragically, I had to nix it.


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Text:                                    Short-cut girls. I like this hairstyle.


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Text:                                    Panties + over-the-knee socks




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Text:                                    Busty girls in school swimsuits.

I’ve been inclined toward girls in glasses lately.


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Text:                                    Publishing Info

Publisher:                           LilyLilyRose

Date published:                  August 16th, 2009


Unauthorized reproduction of this book is prohibited.


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Title:                                    Summer Snow

Summer 2009

LilyLilyRose Appendbook