Summer Chapter

Summer Chapter


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Title:                                    Summer Chapter


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Subtitle:                              Spending a nice flirty summer with the WA2 heroines

Title:                                    Summer Chapter

Credit:                                 Kaminoperari


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Header:                               Which route will you choose?


->Spending a night with Setsuna—Festival

->Koharu is so small and cute… (suggestive)

->Mari-san’s yukata… it’s so se—I mean, it looks so good on her!

->Chiaki, the Venus of the seaside (lol)

->Kazusa, also the Venus of the seaside



Page 4


Title:                                    A Night of Fireworks with Setsuna


FX:                                        Boom boom


Setsuna:                              The fireworks are so pretty, aren’t they, Haruki-kun?

Haruki:                                Yeah.


Narration:                          Sure, the fireworks are pretty…

                                             But Setsuna is even prettier.


Haruki:                                Not that I could say that…

FX:                                        B-tmp b-tmp

Setsuna:                              Not that Haruki-kun would say that…

FX:                                        Sigh


Page 5


Narration:                          Still…

                                             Setsuna, in her yukata…


                                             What the hell! How can she be so cute?!


Setsuna:                              …? What is it?

Haruki:                                Oh, um, you’re just really c—

FX:                                        Boom


FX:                                        Boom

Setsuna:                              Haruki-kun? What did you just say?

Haruki:                                Huh…? Oh, nothing…

Setsuna:                              Aw, c’mon! Now I’m curious!


Haruki:                                Seriously, it was nothing important…

Setsuna:                              Hmmm?

Setsuna:                              …


Page 6


Announcement:                This brings an end to our fireworks display!

FX:                                        Boom

FX:                                        Clap clap clap clap clap

Setsuna:                              The fireworks… are over now.


Haruki:                                I hope we can come again next year.

FX:                                        Crackle crackle

Setsuna:                              Hmm…

Setsuna:                              Your promises aren’t that reliable, Haruki-kun…

Haruki:                                Hey…


Setsuna:                              So, forget about next year…

Haruki:                                …?


Setsuna:                              There aren’t many people here any more…

I’d like to stay here and talk until the last train…

Setsuna:                              Could we do that?

Haruki:                                ?!

Narration:                          After that, they did plenty of “talking.”


Page 7


Title:                                    At the Pool with Koharu


Caption:                              At a spa resort

Koharu:                               The pool… There’s the pool!

Koharu:                               Senpai! Let’s go swimming!

Haruki:                                Whoa, whoa… No need to rush.


Haruki:                                We haven’t taken a break in a while. We have plenty of time.

We’re staying overnight, and all…

Haruki:                                We can take it slow.


Koharu:                               Mmhm…

FX:                                        Stare


Koharu:                               Won’t that cut into our time for making out?

Haruki:                                Bwuh?!


Page 8


Koharu:                               Senpai… We haven’t gone on a date in a long time.

Koharu:                               You could spoil me a little…

Haruki:                                No, hang on…


Haruki:                                Look how many people there are here.

It would be embarrassing.

FX:                                        Chatter chatter

Haruki:                                Don’t talk like that in front of other people…

Koharu:                               Wh…?!


Koharu:                               I… don’t really mind having other people around…

Koharu:                               I’m a slut, you know…

Haruki:                                Hey, hey…


Haruki:                                Don’t talk about my girlfriend that way.

Koharu:                               Huh?

Haruki:                                She’s the best junior I could have… Small, cute, considerate… and spoiled!

Koharu:                               …?! Senpai, that’s foul play…


Page 9


Haruki:                                That, and…

Koharu:                               …


FX:                                        Mutter

Haruki:                                Nice…

Koharu:                               Senpai?


Haruki:                                …

Haruki:                                N-Nothing!

Koharu:                               !


Koharu:                               Are you… getting aroused?

Haruki:                                No comment!

Koharu:                               Heehee! I’m glad.

We can continue back in our room!


Page 10


Title:                                    A summer night with Mari-san


Narration:                          Summers in Japan are nice…

FX:                                        Whew

Narration:                          There’s something special about drinking a beer in a yukata…


Narration:                          And the yakisoba…

Narration:                          The hot dogs are great, too!


Narration:                          …Huh?

                                             Since when are hotdogs sold in night festival stalls?

Haruki:                                Mari-san…


Circle:                                  H

Haruki:                                Running away from reality won’t extend this deadline.

We’re in New York.

Mari:                                   …

Caption:                              Current task: Proofreading a special feature on yukata (2 hours until deadline)


Page 11


Mari:                                   Aaaah…!

Mari:                                   Draft sent!

Mari:                                   Ha! Take that!

Haruki:                                You barely scraped by with this one…

Mari:                                   Yeah, because there wasn’t any time to arrange for a model.

And then I wound up having to wear the thing…


Mari:                                   Though… I did last time, too.

Mari:                                   The model didn’t show up, and I got stuck wearing that swimsuit…

Mari:                                   Quit staring…

Haruki:                                Ahaha.


Haruki:                                Well… I mean, for me, that was a perk…

Haruki:                                We did have a lot of fun after the shoot…

Mari:                                   Wha…?!


Mari:                                   K-Kitahara!

                                             D-Don’t start talking about that with no warning…

Haruki:                                Man… You were really adorable, Mari-san…

Mari:                                   …!


Page 12


Mari:                                   Kitahara… Were you… looking at me like that this time, too?

Haruki:                                Yes.

Mari:                                   That was a quick answer…


Haruki:                                Well, you do have a great body…

And there was something so sexy about those little glimpses of the back of your neck.

I had a very hard time controlling myself.

Mari:                                   …


Haruki:                                By the way, Mari-san, did you know…?

Mari:                                   …?


Haruki:                                There aren’t any security cameras in this room.

Mari:                                   Wha…?!

Haruki:                                I told the guard to stay away for a little while, too…

He owes me a few favors.

Mari:                                   Whaaat!

Haruki:                                Awooooo!

Mari:                                   Hey… Kitahara?! Let go of—Aaah?!

Narration:                          After this, the two of them had plenty of fun cosplaying.


Page 13


Title:                                    Summer by the Sea with Chiaki


Bubble:                               C

Chiaki:                                 Ugggh, it’s so hot…

Chiaki:                                 Let’s go to the beach, Haruki!

Bubble:                               H

Haruki:                                No. I’m busy.


FX:                                        Strip strip

Haruki:                                Huh? Why are you taking your clothes off?

Is the heat getting to your head…?


Chiaki:                                 No, I’m trying to tempt you.

Haruki:                                You’re the only one I know who would strip to do that…

Hey… back off… stop… Stay away from me!


Chiaki:                                 Hahaha! That’s not what your body is saying!

FX:                                        Tackle

Haruki:                                Wai—gwaaah?!

Chiaki:                                 Awooo…!

Narration:                          She was very, very persuasive.


Page 14


Chiaki:                                 Well… I did feel like drinking a few beers by the beach, but…

Chiaki:                                 I also wanted you to take a break, since you’d been so busy…


Chiaki:                                 So, you can decide what we do next…

Haruki:                                ?


Chiaki:                                 I’ll go along with your every wish.


Chiaki:                                 Whether you want a pure, innocent girlfriend…

Chiaki:                                 A slightly horny mistress…

Chiaki:                                 Or something even more…


Page 15


Chiaki:                                 Ahhhh!

FX:                                        Phew

Chiaki:                                 I can feel it soaking into my insides!


Haruki:                                It’s just normal beer and a light meal…

Haruki:                                But I guess relaxing now and then isn’t bad…

Chiaki:                                 Right?


Chiaki:                                 Not to mention, I can use this as reference material for my next play!

A summer love story by the seaside…

Haruki:                                …! Chiaki, is that why you wanted to go to the beach?

Chiaki:                                 Yes… Do you understand? Haruki…


Chiaki:                                 This means today’s food and drink can be written off as an expense!

FX:                                        Clap

Chiaki:                                 Troupe leader’s treat!

FX:                                        Flare

Haruki:                                I can’t believe I was actually impressed for a second…


Page 16


Title:                                    A Southern Island with Kazusa


FX:                                        Whoosh whoosh

Kazusa:                               Ahh…

Haruki:                                Being at the beach makes me forget all about my work…


Kazusa:                               And it’s a private beach, so there’s no one around…

Haruki:                                Seriously, how much money does your family have…?


Kazusa:                               About a hundred times the amount you’ll ever make, maybe?

Haruki:                                No more estimates, please. Now I just feel sad…

Haruki:                                But, you know, we could stay in a much fancier resort hotel, if you wanted…


Kazusa:                               You’re all I need, Haruki…

Haruki:                                You keep saying that…


Page 17


Kazusa:                               Now… How about we take another swim?

Haruki:                                …

Kazusa:                               What, Haruki?


Haruki:                                I’m good… I’m just going to rest…

Kazusa:                               What are you talking about? You’ve barely done any… swimming…



Kazusa:                               How can you be so tense, in this heat?

Haruki:                                …!


Kazusa:                               Why didn’t you say so?

You know I’m always good for it. In the ocean, in the sand, in the middle of the woods…

Haruki:                                Wait, wait… It’s still the middle of the day…?!

FX:                                        Drag drag drag

Haruki:                                Let’s at least go inside—Gwaaaaah!

FX:                                        Shake shake

Narration:                          And so, they spent yet another day canoodling.


Page 18


Kazusa:                               Vacation ends tomorrow, huh…

Haruki:                                Yeah… We’ll have to come back next year…


Kazusa:                               “Next year”…

FX:                                        Whoosh whoosh

Haruki:                                What’s wrong, Kazusa?

Kazusa:                               Nothing…


FX:                                        Whoosh

Kazusa:                               I was just thinking about how I get to talk about “next year” with you…

Kazusa:                               That’s all…

Haruki:                                Kazusa…


Kazusa:                               Hey… Haruki? We still… have one night of vacation left.

Haruki:                                !

Kazusa:                               All night… I want you to spoil me…

Kazusa:                               love me…

Kazusa:                               make me melt.


Page 19

Box:                                     You have completed all routes!

The “Slightly Lewd” chapter has been unlocked!

Please turn the page to enjoy…

Text:                                    This is a hidden mode.

Call it… the “pink bookmark”!

Caption:                              Reprinted illustration

Swimsuit Setsuna


Published March 11th, 2018

From “Memorial Chapter”


Page 20


Haruki:                                We’re back in the room… Why are you in your swimsuit?

Koharu:                               Ohoho… Well…

Koharu:                               So you can eat me, Senpai.


Caption:                              Several hours later…

Koharu:                               …?! Senpai, you’re so weird!

Koharu:                               You’re serious… careful… kind… and yet…

Koharu:                               You’re also dirty, pushy, and a tease…

Koharu:                               Ugh…!


Page 21


Mari:                                   You want me in a yukata…? But they don’t even look good on me!

Mari:                                   …Huh?!

Mari:                                   K-K-Kitaharaaaa?!

Mari:                                   You pervert!

Mari:                                   D-Don’t fantasize about me doing something that embarrassing! Don’t jump on me!


Mari:                                   Whew… God… You really had your way with me…

My hips are sore…

Mari:                                   As your punishment, I’m going to make you do everything your boss tells you tomorrow…

FX:                                        Huff huff

Mari:                                   You’ll be starting work early (with a good morning kiss) and doing overtime late into the night (as my pillow)…

Mari:                                   I expect you to spoil me, so prepare yourself!


Page 22


Chiaki:                                 So, Haruki, how does my lap feel as a pillow?

Chiaki:                                 Heheheh… We came all the way to the beach, and you just want to lie in my lap…


Chiaki:                                 Well, that’s part of what I like about you, Haruki!

Chiaki:                                 You’re really adorable…


Chiaki:                                 Huh?! The cliff?!

Chiaki:                                 Why did you want to come up here…?

Ahaha… Don’t tell me you want to get dirty up here?

Look, I’m sorry I teased you…

FX:                                        Twitch

Chiaki:                                 Huh? Wh-What’s with that smile…?

Chiaki:                                 Whoa, wait—No! You’re not allowed to be rough and sadistic!


Page 23


Setsuna:                              Hey, Haruki-kun… Do you understand?

Setsuna:                              This is… the only day you’ll see me in a yukata.

Setsuna:                              There’s… no one around…

Setsuna:                              I won’t say “no.”


Setsuna:                              Aww… I accidentally missed the last train…

                                             You wouldn’t let go of me, Haruki-kun…

Setsuna:                              …

Setsuna:                              So, Haruki-kun…

Setsuna:                              Could I stay here tonight?


Page 24


Kazusa:                               Hey, don’t get greedy…

Kazusa:                               Not to mention… You want me in my swimsuit, for our last night here…?

Kazusa:                               You’re a real freak… You know that, Haruki?

Kazusa:                               I’m kidding. I’ll do whatever you want…


Circle:                                  H

Haruki:                                Morning…? Oh, god! It’s almost time for our flight!

Haruki:                                Kazusa! Get up!

Kazusa:                               Shut up… Dumbass…

Kazusa:                               Hitting all my weak spots… all night long…

FX:                                        Hff hff

Haruki:                                …?! I mean, Kazusa, you were pretty enthusiastic about it… Seriously, though, the time!

Kazusa:                               I’m down for the count… You can go alone…

You beast…

End caption:                      Fin.


Page 25

Publishing info:                Summer Chapter


Publication date:            August 11th, 2019

pixiv ID:                            Kaminoperari/1526963

Azuma Yuuki/5484033

Circle:                               Nandemoiiya

Author:                             Kaminoperari

Printed by:                       Hope 21

Representative:               Azuma Yuuki


…Thanks for reading!


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Header:                               Bonus

Caption:                              If Kazusa didn’t board the plane

Haruki:                                Kazusa… We’re going to stay here for another night.

Kazusa:                               Uh-huh…

Haruki:                                So, um…

Kazusa:                               ?

FX:                                        Hff hff

Haruki:                                Could we… do it again, tonight?

Kazusa:                               Huh?! You’ve gotta be kidding me! You… monster!

Caption:                              Endless


Page 26

Title:                                    Nandemoiiya

White Album 2

Fan Book #11