Shuffled Favorite 5

Shuffled Favorite 5


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Title:                                    Shuffled Favorite 5

The Flyers 20110213


for adults only!


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Title:                                    Shuffled Favorite 5


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Header:                               Preface

Text:                                    Wow, it’s snowing! It must be cold out!

Hello, this is Mamoru Naruse. With the White Album Only event happening, this seems appropriate, somehow…

I love seeing snow, but I could do without the cold. It affects my manuscripts! My stomach is having some trouble, maybe because my body is so cold, which isn’t fun…

I’ve already made a mess of my preface! Time to crank the heat up to max for my last spurt!

Also, the fact that I’m able to get this book out on schedule is pretty remarkable. It’s all thanks to the printers… Thank you! Thank you so much!


This book is mainly for White Album 2 doodles. I would have loved to draw some characters from 1 as well if I’d had the time, but I played 2 comparatively recently, so I wound up wanting to prioritize that. Man, while I’ve been running casually along in the game, I’ve suddenly found myself pulled way deep into it. I can’t wait to see what happens next!


Anyway, this book is sort of a mess, but here it is!


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*no text


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Text:                                    Kazusa’s post-sleepover character portrait in her button-up shirt was really cute, so I decided to draw her in that and nothing else, sort of like a pinup.
I love Kazusa, but she’s difficult to draw… Granted, Setsuna’s difficult, too!


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Text:                                    Half-dressed in hakama. Taisho romanticism, banzai!

She was so cute… I love hakama, so I was very happy about that event. Oh, I’m not at all confident that this outfit construction is accurate, though!


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Text:                                    Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I thought I would draw something with a nudity+ribbon combo… So, here’s a spread!


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Text:                                    And here’s Setsuna!

Since this was going to be an 18+ book, I had her nipples visible at first, but then I suddenly got the sense that it might be better not to, so I wound up deciding to hide them. That “adults only” warning on the cover turned out to be a big lie—sorry about that!


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Top text:                             I’m going to include some merch and work roughs here now! I drew this illustration for use as a wall hanging. I recycled it for the cover, too. After a few rejected ideas, I wound up going with something predictable. The concert scene is extremely memorable, so I wanted to draw them in their stage outfits. They just look so gorgeous!

Bottom text:                     I wanted to include a Slightly Lewd-type component, so I went with this composition. I felt like I was drawing something for a store-exclusive bonus with the game!


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Top text:                             A cover illustration for Bishoujo Bunko, featuring a girl licking a popsicle. I tried to make it look a bit like a light novel cover, so I was glad that the title logo had that vibe, too.

Middle text:                      I wasn’t able to get much in the way of impressions on my illustrations, but I was happy to hear that it fit the book well. All the more so because it was a sort of trial and error thing for me! If I get another opportunity, I’ll give it my best.

By the way, this book is erotic in its content, and I recommend it! There’s some underarm play in it, plus other things that I’d been considering incorporating into a doujin, so while it was a work project, it sort of felt like I was indulging in my hobby, too! It was very good practice for erotic depictions.

Bottom text:                     For the past few years, more of my work has been in the “ecchi” department rather than “ero,” and I feel like I haven’t delved into ero very much, so I want to put more effort into ero stuff going forward. If it can be both cute and erotic… Oh, I do like ecchi stuff, of course. Though, when it comes to discussions of nuance like this, I get a little lost, lol.


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Top text:                             A Sora-san spread!

This is an illustration I did for a bonus booklet with the Blu-ray release of Yosuga no Sora. I was thrilled to get the commission, but actually drawing it was difficult! All the more because it was a character I like, I think. This is the first time I’ve drawn Sora-san, but it seems like I haven’t really settled on whether I want to emulate the anime design or the original game design for her.

Bottom text:                     Her lower half is submerged in water. In this regard, I think the promotional images for the anime had a strong influence! I couldn’t get the background quite right, so I redrew it several times. Maybe having clouds and trees reflected in water was a bit of a high threshold for me! Definitely a subject I want to attempt again.


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Top text:                             An illustration I did for merch at Sunshine Creation. I had to make the lines bold for the printers, and I had to use a more close-up crop than I was initially assuming. She’s in her ending outfit for the coaster, but it might be hard to tell this close up.

Middle text:                      I haven’t really made merch like this before, so I had a lot of fun. Making it was very exciting! I feel like, rather than giving careful, thorough attention to a single drawing, it’s a bunch of small things, like bonuses for a book, but I like that, too. I think it’s cute. I’d love to make more!

Bottom text:                     Now, I’ve filled all my pages, so I’ll leave off there! Thank you for reading!


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Header:                              Publishing Information

Info:                                    Title:                    Shuffled Favorite 5

Date published:                February 13th, 2011

Publisher:                          THE FLYERS

Author:                              Mamoru Naruse

Printer:                              STARBOOKS





Please send any enquiries regarding this work to the above address.


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Credit:                                 Presented by The Flyers