Sexy Kazusa Touma (Middle School)

The picture depicts Kazusa Touma lying on her bed when she was in Middle School. After her mother’s departure, Kazusa spent most of her time sleeping and doing nothing, which is what we wanted to convey in this drawing.

As our readers may know, Youko had gone to Europe alone because she felt her daughter’s playing lacked something – the technical aspect was perfect, but it didn’t have emotion. It won’t be until meeting Haruki in High School that Kazusa will want to play professionally again, and her love for him will make the music sound beautiful.

Youko, talking to her daughter in Introductory Chapter: “So she stole him from you, huh” ; “I’ve been thrown away too, you know? By your father, for example.” ; “Before I knew it, you became a girl who cries over love. My Kazusa, huh…”

Kazusa, talking to Haruki in Coda and after: “However, I am still forced to practice ten hours per day. I face the piano every day as if it’s some kind of joke… It’s all your fault.” ; “You gave meaning to my piano playing.”


Sketch Kazusa 1

Sketch Kazusa 2

Sketch Kazusa 3



Final versions:

(3) Kazusa Part 1 - copia

(3) Kazusa Part 2 (1)

(3) Kazusa Part 3

(3) Kazusa Part 2 (Purple)

(3) Kazusa Part 3 (Purple)



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