Setsuna Ogiso Pillow Talk

Days of Happiness ~Stories from In Bed~

Setsuna Ogiso
A Lifetime’s Worth of Happiness

Ah… Let’s—let’s… take a little breather….
Hahh, hahh, hahh, phew… I’m finally calming down.
Wow, after all this time, neither of us can hold back, can we…?
We’ve really lost our heads in it. You and I both.
I guess… (giggles) There’s not really any helping that, though. After all, today is our first night.

(Minute 1:00)

Even though we’ve done plenty of this sort of thing before. Japanese is such a useful language, isn’t it?
But I really am tired today. I’m worn out enough for a lifetime.
And… I’m happy enough for a lifetime.
Yes, really. Heehee, heeheehee…
(she starts crying.)
Ah… Wh-what? This is weird…
(her voice gets higher as she cries.)
I-I’m sorry. I-I just… When you’re holding me like this,


I find myself remembering so many things that have happened.
Thinking about just how much there’s been. Happy things, fun things, painful things, sad things, so much of all of it…!
How many years has it been since I met you?
I met you, fell for you, stole you, parted from you, but I couldn’t give up at all… And still, I ran away, and you chased after me anyway. It made me so happy…
So, when we got married, I was truly blissful.


I want to believe that this happiness will last forever.
But people’s feelings aren’t that simple. So much has happened, there’s so much that’s gone on…
And, now… Here I am in your arms.
Ah, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid! (she hits him.) How much more do you have to make me go in circles until you’re satisfied?!
My feelings never, ever changed…


(she continues crying for a moment, then calms down.)
I’m sorry. I really do understand.
It was my fault for making you choose the wrong path in the first place.
No, don’t apologize. I won’t apologize to you any more, either.
Because we’re equally guilty. You made a mistake because of me. And I cried so much because of you.
So, we’ll drag this behind us together, for the rest of our lives.


The fact that we hurt her so deeply…
But, also, that you and I love each other deeply. We love each other, don’t we?
(she shrieks.)
Ah! Ah…! Hey, I wasn’t really asking for that! …Well, it’s not that I didn’t want it, either. Not at all…
Again? Yes, of course, the answer is “OK.”
Oh! But, before that, let me just stay in serious mode for a little bit longer.
Y-yes. Um, from now on, even more things are sure to happen than before, all sorts of things, and there might even be some crises


that we haven’t faced before.
But, together, we can take more time than we have before, and overcome everything.
So… even though I’m so incompetent, please stick with me, my darling husband.
Ah…! Mm… mmm…! Ah…!
(they continue to make love.)