Rom-Com with Mari-san

Rom-Com with Mari-San


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Title:                                    Rom-Com with Mari-san in New York


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Haruki:                                Mari-san, this article…

Mari:                                   Put it over there. I’ll look at it later.

FX:                                        Chk chk chk


Haruki:                                Mari-san…

Do you want to go get a drink later?

FX:                                        Whoosh

Mari:                                   Sorry.

Mari:                                   I have an errand to run!


Haruki:                                We’re finally alone…

Mari:                                   Yep. Good night, Kitahara.


Mari:                                   You should get to sleep, too.

Haruki:                                …


Haruki:                                Mari-san…

Haruki:                                Have you been avoiding me lately?


Mari:                                   Wh-Wh-What do you mean? Of course not.

Haruki:                                Why are you sitting so far away?

Haruki:                                Look… you’re making it pretty obvious.

Is anything wrong? Please tell me.


Haruki:                                If I did something that hurt your feelings…

Mari:                                   No!


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Mari:                                   I’m…

FX:                                        Mutter

Haruki:                                Huh…?

Mari:                                   I have…

Haruki:                                Oh… Um… Really…?


Haruki:                                I can’t tell at all…

FX:                                        Flinch


Mari:                                   Back off! Don’t look at me!

FX:                                        Gurk


Mari:                                   I am already taking measures to resolve this issue!

Mari:                                   Stop staring!

Haruki:                                Sorry…

Mari:                                   I’m not going to cause any inconvenience for you, Kitahara.


Haruki:                                So, the salon and the gym?

Mari:                                   Yes.

And hot yoga.

Haruki:                                Again?


Haruki:                                You don’t need all that, Mari-san.

Mari:                                   Don’t get any closer.

Mari:                                   I can judge that for myself.


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Haruki:                                I’m personally more worried about breaking down from overwork.

Haruki:                                How do you manage to juggle so much at once?

Mari:                                   My health maintenance is flawless. And all my work is on schedule.

FX:                                        Hmph

Mari:                                   I’m the Kazaoka-san, you know.


Haruki:                                Then, even though we already have so little time for just the two of us…

Mari:                                   Th-The more pressing matter is whether you’re going to abandon me!


Haruki:                                …

Haruki:                                I…


Haruki:                                Look, as cute as it is that you’re always so innocent…

Mari:                                   !


Haruki:                                the way you bring up completely off-base stuff like abandonment is also—

FX:                                        Thwump

Mari:                                   Don’t call me cute!

                                             And being cute is also forbidden!


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Haruki:                                M-Mari-san…?

Mari:                                   It’s because you’re always spoiling me like this…!


Mari:                                   Look…!

Large FX:                            Yank

FX:                                        Rgh

Haruki:                                ?!

Mari:                                   I’m so flabby now!


Mari:                                   There’s your cooking, that I eat too much of…

Cleaning the apartment so thoroughly…

Even taking my stockings off! Everything…

Haruki:                                Huh?

Haruki:                                Ah… I haven’t seen that in a well-lit room in a while…

Mari:                                   You do everything for me.

Haruki:                                Oh, um…


Mari:                                   And I’m turning completely useless because of it!

Mari:                                   Dammit!

Haruki:                                M-Mari-san, calm down.


Mari:                                   I was already bad at cooking and cleaning…

Mari:                                   Kitahara!


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Mari:                                   Whatever…

Anyway, it’s partly your fault that I’m like this, Kitahara.

Mari:                                   Why am I so self-destructive…?

Mari:                                   If you’re really a man, you should just… ignore some of the defects here. You know?


Haruki:                                I will not.

FX:                                        Flat

Mari:                                   Kitahara!


Haruki:                                And I can’t just not look at you, either.

Mari:                                   Hey, I didn’t tell you not to look at me.

I just said to overlook some stuff, since you’re always noticing tiny things.


Haruki:                                The fact that my boss, who is usually perfect…

lets me, and only me, see her weaknesses… It makes me happy.


Haruki:                                That, and you’re wonderful however you are, Mari-san.


Mari:                                   You’re going to put all my hard work to waste again…

FX:                                        Hmph


Page 7


Mari:                                   Really…

Getting enjoyment out of cornering an older woman isn’t what a decent man does.

Mari:                                   And you’re cheeky, too.


Haruki:                                Ahaha!

Say whatever you like.


Haruki:                                I’d happily listen to your complaints…

for the rest of my life!


Mari:                                   I won’t do it that much.

Mari:                                   I don’t want you to give up on me.


Mari:                                   Sorry… for making it seem like I was avoiding you.

Haruki:                                No…

Haruki:                                It’s my fault for being inconsiderate…

Thank you for opening up to me.


Mari:                                   Yeah… Although, y’know…

Mari:                                   it’s a little unequal if I’m the only one getting embarrassed…

Haruki:                                Huh…?


Page 8


Mari:                                   Hey, Kitahara. Lean on me a little.

Haruki:                                Um?!

Mari:                                   I want to see the part of you that’s all mine.

Haruki:                                To see what…?


Haruki:                                I-I’m always leaning on you as it is…

Haruki:                                And a man’s pathetic side would just be unsightly…


Mari:                                   No, no, I think yours could be pretty intriguing.

Haruki:                                I… doubt it.


Mari:                                   C’mon. Why not?

I’m always the one who ends up in tears.

FX:                                        Lean

Haruki:                                Y-You want me to end up in tears?!


Mari:                                   If I search your whole body, I’m sure I’ll find something.

FX:                                        Snap

Haruki:                                Find what?!

                                             W-Wait, Mari-san, I’m not mentally prepared—


Mari:                                   Don’t be so bashful, Kitahara…

FX:                                        Huff

Mari:                                   I’ll get even more fired up.

Haruki:                                Mari-san…


Mari:                                   Well, well, Kitahara…

Haruki:                                Ah, wait…

Not there—


Mari:                                   Ohooo!


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                                             So, that’s what happened.


Sawako:                              Seriously? If you’re just going to brag, I’m hanging up.

Phone:                                No! Wait, Sawako!


Phone:                                He casually threw out the phrase “the rest of my life.”

                                             Something like “I’ll listen to you complain for the rest of my life.”

                                             Was that, like, a roundabout pr… p-proposal…? Gaaah…!


Phone:                                Seriously, what do you think, Sawako?

Sawako:                              Does it matter?

Sawako:                              You still haven’t made any progress on that front, huh?

Hey, why don’t you do it?

Propose to him yourself.


Mari:                                   You know I can’t!


Text:                                    Afterword

God! I love Mari-san! She’s the number-one person I can’t help wishing actually existed.

Following her ending, I want to see her rendered more and more useless by Haruki, now that he’s been freed from his guilty conscience. That Kitahara is such a brutal man!

We’ve got a Kazusa CD now, and I wish they’d put something out for the CC girls, too. There’s that Koharu post-story in the novels, so what about Mari and Chiaki? Rgh… I’ll wait as long as it takes…!

Anyhow, thank you for reading this far. This has been Amanoshin from Ichigo no Katamari!

9.7                                       Ichigo no Katamari

White Album 2 and… something.

Published by Side-B March 19th, 2017


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Publishing info:                March 19th, 2017

Ichigo no Katamari/Amanoshin