Rainy Days and Mondays – II

Brilliant Love




This short story is connected with the wall hanging from the official Aquaplus “Setsuna Ogiso Only Set” distributed at Character 1 in May of this year. If you own it, feel free to have it on hand and look at it as you read.




The antechamber of the ceremonial hall.

After a quiet knock, I opened the door halfway to peek inside, and a small sound escaped me at the scene that met me.

I had spotted, at the back of the room, the very person I had assumed I wouldn’t find there.

“There you are,” I muttered, low enough that it may or may not have been audible, walking over to get a look at her profile.

After all the time and effort that had been put into it, our wedding had reached its final stage in what felt like a matter of minutes, and all that remained was for everyone to take a picture together.

Suddenly realizing that the bride had vanished, the groom left everybody else behind to pursue her, making his way all the way back here.

“Everyone’s waiting, Setsu—”

My words were meant to summon her back with me immediately, but they lost their destination at that moment, and couldn’t find their way out through my voice.

Because Setsuna—the woman with whom I had just made vows to share my future—was there alone, perfectly still, wrapped in her pure white wedding dress, a contented smile on her face.


I mean, given the ceremony wasn’t over, it was natural that the bride should be seen in her dress; that, and I’d first seen the dress when she was fitted for it, and having been with her all day today, I ought to have been fairly used to it by now. But for some reason, as she was right before my eyes, right now—I knew no words to express how she looked.

The sight was so perfect, so exceptional, that I hesitated to speak, to add anything. It was as though God Himself had flown down and drawn her with His own brush.

She may have surpassed every other Setsuna I had seen, even as I had first found her on the roof and realized how special she was, to claim the top place.


At this moment, this very moment, I could not stop that smile.

I had resolved myself to do everything I could to keep her this happy, to keep any melancholy from entering her face.

After all, mere moments before, I had sworn to her, in front of everyone, that I would do as much.

So, I took one more step forward, and slowly began to speak.


At last, she turned her face the tiniest bit toward me, showing a sign of noticing me as I stood at her side.

Actually, it must have been earlier… She had probably noticed me the moment I entered the room, waiting for me to speak to her.

“Let’s go. Everyone is waiting.”


Yes—everyone was waiting for the two of us.

With that image in my mind, I held my hand out to her.


And she slowly rose to meet my words, setting her hand softly on mine.

I could feel her warmth through her white satin glove.

‘I swear to walk with you, to love you, to care for you, to devote myself only to you.’

With the pledge I had just spoken within my chest, I quietly resolved myself once more, and gently grasped her hand.



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