I. Prologue

(airport sounds: plane taking off, bustling crowds. Kazusa walks, then stops.)
Kazusa:            Phew…
Kazusa:            Finally here.
Announcer:       Attention all users of Narita Airport. Tomorrow, January first, there will be a special Mount Fuji viewing flight at sunrise…
Kazusa:            (overlapping with announcement) It’s been three years, huh…
(sudden flashback)
Haruki:            (screaming) Toumaaaa!
(Kazusa gasps. Flashback ends.)
Kazusa:            I’m so stupid… I should have chosen a different airport.
(she keeps walking. Miyoko spots her and calls out to her.)
Miyoko:            Ah—Kazusa-saaan! Kazusa Touma-saaan!
(Kazusa stops.)
Kazusa:            Huh?
Miyoko:            Over here! Oh, sorry, excuse me! Please let me through! (she struggles through the crowd of people, toward Kazusa.) Oof…


Miyoko:            (out of breath) It is a great pleasure to meet you. My name is Kudou, from the Japanese branch of Youko Touma’s office. I am very much indebted to the director—no, to your mother, I should say…
Kazusa:            Ah, Miyoko Kudou-san, right? Yes, I’ve heard about you from my mother. Really, the debt is mutual.
Miyoko:            (chuckles) I’m grateful. Thank you for making the long trip from Vienna. Oh, let me carry your luggage.
Kazusa:            I’m fine, it’s light.
Miyoko:            You really do travel light. Are you… the type to buy everything locally, like the director, Kazusa-san?
Kazusa:            Don’t lump me in with the kind of shopping demon who can drop ten thousand euros in one day like it’s nothing. I’m just… not planning to stay long.
Miyoko:            Huh? You mean…
Passerby (man): (whispering) Hey, that’s definitely her. That lady just called her “Kazusa-san.”


Passerby (woman): Hmm… I heard them mention Youko Touma’s office, too. Maybe, just maybe…
Miyoko:            Oh, shoot!
Kazusa:            Hm? What is it?
(fans approach.)
Woman:           Uh, um—are you Kazusa Touma-san, by any chance?
(Kazusa stops.)
Kazusa:            Huh? Why do you know my name…?
Man:                (enormously excited) There! She said it!
Woman:           (shrieking) Wow! It is you! Of course, since Youko Touma is in Japan right now, too! I’m deeply honored to meet you in person!
Kazusa:            Wh-wh-what? What are you talking about?
Man:                We saw you in the Kaiou Graph, and we’ve been huge fans ever since! We even bought this month’s Ensemble!
Kazusa:            Kaiou Graph? Ensemble?
Woman:           That’s right! (she holds out her passport to Kazusa.) If you don’t mind, would you please sign this passport?
Kazusa:            No, wait. Exactly what are you two…
Miyoko:            K-Kazusa-san, this way. Let’s hurry and get out of here!
(Miyoko drags Kazusa off.)
Kazusa:            Huh—ah—wait—Kudou-san!
Man:                Oh—ah! Please, wait!
Woman:           At least let me shake your hand…!


Narrator:         One-Night Triumphant Return

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