I. Prologue

(at the airport: a voice comes over the speaker. Haruki can be heard over it, crying.)
Airport announcement: Check-in and baggage check for the flight to Copenhagen will be closing shortly…
Kazusa:            It’s time.
Haruki:             Don’t go.
Kazusa:            Don’t make me say it again. This is… goodbye.
Haruki:             Touma… Touma…!
Kazusa:            You have… Setsuna. Be with her.
Haruki:             I can’t. I’ve… betrayed you both. I couldn’t make anybody happy…!
Kazusa:            (voice beginning to tremble slightly:) I’m sorry. I know it’s because of me.
Haruki:             No! Everything… everything is my fault!
Kazusa:            You’re wrong about one thing, though. I was… happy, just a little bit.
Haruki:             Kazusa…


Kazusa:            Goodbye. This really is goodbye, Haruki. You can’t keep crying forever.
(she starts walking away. Haruki screams:)
Haruki:             Kazusa!
(Kazusa begins to sob as she walks.)
Kazusa:            Setsuna…
Setsuna:           Kazusa…
Kazusa:            I’m sorry.
(she walks away.)
Setsuna:           Kazusa… Kazusa…!
(Kazusa thinks to herself as she walks:)
Kazusa:            I’m sorry, Setsuna. I couldn’t be your best friend. I couldn’t become the one you wanted me to be.


Kazusa:            Even though I swore that, one day… I’m sorry.

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