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Title:                                    PPPP Pupps Preview WA2



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Title:                                    PPPP Pupps Preview WA2



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Title:                                    PPPP Pupps Preview WA2



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Text:                                    Right: Kazusa in Setsuna’s outfit. I just wanted to try drawing it.

Above: Setsuna is absolutely overwhelming in this power relationship. Thank you, truly.


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Text:                                    I keep hoping and hoping we might get a figure of Kazusa in her stage costume. Mrrr… We probably won’t…


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Text:                                    I drew the cover image with the notion that, if [XXXX] Kazusa were to wear her high school uniform, her curves would probably make it super tight in certain places, almost bursting—oh, dear! Yes, the cover is a scam. I’m sorry.


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Text:                                    Kazusa is cute in her disguise! She’s so cute! (Though her hair is down, and she’s not wearing her glasses.)


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Author’s note:                  This is my fourth book. Hello, I’m Pupps.

Rather than my usual, original work, this is a collection of monochrome doodles from the PC game White Album 2, with some of my usual doodles added on.
Sorry it’s such a hodgepodge! And that it’s not full color… Very sorry, very sorry…

On a certain holiday in late December, a certain game just happened to arrive when I had a bit of free time, and suddenly set me on the road to creating fan works…

Yes, I used my entire break to play the whole thing through at once. It was FUN!!

I played WA2 and its predecessor (1) on the PS3, and believed I had a good sense of the mood of the scenario.
The bittersweet adolescent drama in Introductory Chapter had me going, “Wow, so this is White Album… Nice and comfortable!” and then, suddenly, starting at the end of IC, it turned completely upside-down!!!! God!!!!!

I have a deep recollection of repeating this same conversation every night with someone else who was playing at the same time. Memories of discussing ero-games at year’s end: Priceless.

If you’re interested in this game, I do recommend grabbing a friend or acquaintance nearby who you think could handle it, and starting playing at the same time. You can enjoy the story with twice the excitement and four times the agony!

*You can find a spoiler-free review here, from the person I played with: http://game.girldoll.org/?eid=474

We can all be scared of the snowy season together!

I plan on continuing to do WA2 illustrations now and then. (I really don’t have much in the way of fan works…) Things I couldn’t fit into this book, stuff of the secondary heroines… That kind of thing…


Special thanks:

Kamia-san (my comrade in this winter war)

For the following pages, I was disappointed that I couldn’t fill an entire volume with WA2, so I picked out some illustrations that I drew recently.


The plan is to do my next book around winter. See you then.



Illustration note:              This was my sketch for the cover. The composition changed a lot.


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Text:                                    Pulled from a cocktail-themed collaborative book scheduled for this winter, this is “Mint Julep.” She’s floating in the water with mint around her.


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Text:                                    I drew this because I thought a bikini and white knee-high socks might go together… The socks themselves are largely cut off, even though they were part of the point, but I got to draw a nice pair of boobs, so it’s still a win!


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Text:                                    A test drawing of one of the mecha-girls I always draw, in a sort of Neon Genesis style. The key phrase is “tight, see-through bodysuit.” Love anything glossy and shiny.


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Text:                                    I started drawing this Santa around Christmas last year, then shelved it, so I decided to dig her back up. I haven’t done many seasonal illustrations lately, so I’d like to do something for this winter (hopefully).


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Text:                                    I wanted to challenge myself to draw something I don’t do normally, went, “Hey, why not a biker?” and scribbled this one. I should look up proper references for motorcycles…


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Title:                                   PPPP Pupps Preview WA2


Publishing info:                Published August 12th, 2012

Artist:                                 Pupps

Printer:                              Wave

Publisher:                          PPPP Pupps


Web:                                   http://www.cestbienblog.shinobi.jp/


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Title:                                    PPPP Pupps Preview WA2