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1. Introductory Chapter

Hey guys,

First of all, in case you don’t know, it’s not uncommon to ask the author of the source material to sometimes participate in the making of the anime, and that’s exactly what happened here. Maruto specifically mentions having written the script for a very heartbreaking scene, which he literally describes as Setsuna crying miserably and monologuing about how true her love for Haruki is while he’s cheating in front of her. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just Google ‘White Album 2 Airport Scene’ and watch the video uploaded by Emi Plenos starting at minute two. Poor Setsuna…

In this first chapter, indecisive Haruki messed very hard with the feelings of both girls. It’s also interesting to learn that the author says he would have cheated on Kazusa too, if he had started going out with her first. Maruto wrote a whole story about that as well, so be sure it will be mentioned at some point.

So far it seems like the end for the three of them, but in reality, the story has only just got started!

2. Closing Chapter

2.1 Setsuna’s Route

kohn-ni-chi-wah! By the end of this route we have Setsuna declaring she’s never been so happy in her entire life. But… could that happiness be based on a lie? Does Haruki really love Setsuna more than anyone else? Let’s start Coda and see!

2.2 Koharu’s Route

Hello everyone. As I’m sure most of you have already realized, the situation between Koharu and Yada is quite similar to another one you’re extremely familiar with. Here too we’ve got two best friends that end up loving the same dude. Koharu can’t help but break all her promises with Yada because of her love for Haruki, and just like Koharu had imagined things would turn out, Yada stops being friends with her. It was a very enjoyable route and it was nice to have these topics dealt with a new set of characters.

Again, thank you for watching and reading our summary!

2.3 Chiaki’s Route

Hello people! Chiaki is a great character and her route is very enjoyable because it even starts with a twist you simply don’t expect. However, we later come to learn that she wants what’s best for Haruki and her feelings for him were also very well conveyed in one of the last parts of the route. This occurred when Haruki took Setsuna to see Chiaki’s performance. As a result, Chiaki goes outside even though it’s freezing cold and she starts to cry because she believes Haruki has chosen Setsuna. Overall, it was a very decent route.

Again, thank you for watching and reading our summary!

2.4 Mari’s Route

Haruki falls in love with Mari, who is not only a more mature woman but also his boss. Of course, Mari is deeply in love with him, too. The storyline was strong and the character of Mari is not bad either.

Again, thank you for watching and reading our summary!

3. Coda

3.1 Setsuna’s normal ending

This ending is the normal conclusion to Setsuna’s route in Closing Chapter where, although Haruki loves both Setsuna and Kazusa, it is Setsuna he chooses. Haruki maintains his original choice, and even though he still loves Kazusa, the decision is made that he and Setsuna will no longer have contact with her. Yet again Setsuna accepts Haruki’s decision and happily marries him.

However, as we already know, Haruki can change his mind – and this leads to three new routes! See you guys there!

3.2 Kazusa’s normal ending

Here, Haruki is engaged to Setsuna, but he loves Kazusa as well. However, the more time he spends with Kazusa, the more mentally unstable he becomes.
This is probably the saddest, but also the most beautiful ending. On the one hand, Kazusa sacrifices her own happiness when she leaves Haruki, the person she loves the most. She declares she would do or sacrifice anything for him, but she becomes painfully aware that no matter how hard she tries, protecting and giving Haruki true happiness is something she cannot do. All she’s doing is breaking him apart.
On the other hand, Setsuna also declares Haruki is the person she loves the most in the world, but painfully realizes the feeling is not mutual.

Very sad ending, but worry not! The other routes are happier!

3.3 Setsuna’s true ending

Hello everyone. In Setsuna’s true ending Haruki wants to help Kazusa, but he doesn’t want to make her his girlfriend, which makes the helping part quite difficult as that is what she really wants. While crying, Haruki implores Setsuna to help Kazusa as well, and together they work to improve her situation. In the end, Haruki’s decision and determination pays off, and after Kazusa realizes both of them care for her and that she’s completely lost the battle for Haruki, she becomes friends with them. Kazusa had cried and begged Haruki to abandon Setsuna and choose her instead, and even though he rejected Kazusa, he too becomes friends with her. Overall, it was a good route.

Again, thank you for watching and reading our summary!

3.4 Kazusa’s true ending

I’m very glad we finally get an ending where Kazusa gets what she wanted, and one where she openly admits she has never been so happy in her entire life and is the happiest girl in the world. In contrast, losing Haruki completely has made Setsuna the most miserable girl in the world, and she still clings to his guitar as a way to remember him.

See you guys in our next part of the summary!

4. Mini After-Story

Well, the epilogues to Coda’s true endings simply reveal what we already knew; if Haruki loves just one girl and one girl only and manages to stay loyal to her, then she will spend the rest of her life with him and become the happiest she can be. Who could ask for a better closure to the series? Particularly, seeing Setsuna and Haruki’s child was very, very cute.

Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed our compiled summary!