Nazi Setsuna Ogiso

In this cosplay drawing, Setsuna Ogiso is wearing Rusalka’s nazi outfit from the visual novel “Dies Irae.” Rusalka Schwägerin, also known as Malleus Maleficarum, is a nazi magical witch that excels at shadow manipulation. Despite being more than 250 years old, Rusulka looks like a child, and that is why we made Setsuna look younger too (middle school Setsuna.)

As can be seen from the picture, Setsuna is in a military briefing room. The school uniform and microphone placed on the table are White Album 2 references, in a similar fashion as Kazusa’s piano from the previous page.


Sketch Setsuna 1

Sketch Setsuna 2

Progress (6-2) Base Color

Progress (6-1) Base Color

Final versions:

(6) Setsuna Ogiso 1-2 White BG

(6) Setsuna Ogiso 2-2 White BG

(6) Setsuna Ogiso 1-2

(6) Setsuna Ogiso 2-2



Sketch Setsuna 1Sketch Setsuna 2Progress (6-2) Base ColorProgress (6-1) Base Color(6) Setsuna Ogiso 1-2 White BG(6) Setsuna Ogiso 2-2 White BG(6) Setsuna Ogiso 1-2(6) Setsuna Ogiso 2-2