Nazi Kazusa Touma

This is our first cosplay drawing, where Kazusa Touma is wearing Sakurai’s outfit. For those who don’t know her, Kei Sakurai, also known as Leonhard August, is a skilled nazi swordsman and a flame user. The visual novel to which she belongs is “Dies Irae.”

We had a lot of fun mixing different visual novels. It kind of cracked us up, actually. In the future, we may also reference other VNs, such as Fate Stay Night, or maybe even manga and anime, like Akame Ga Kill.


Sketch Kazusa 1

Sketch Kazusa 2

Progress Base Color 1 (1)

Progress Base Color 2

Final versions:

(5) Kazusa Touma 1-2

(5) Kazusa Touma 1

(5) Kazusa Touma 2-2

(5) Kazusa Touma 2



Sketch Kazusa 1 Sketch Kazusa 2Progress Base Color 1 (1)Progress Base Color 2(5) Kazusa Touma 1-2(5) Kazusa Touma 1(5) Kazusa Touma 2-2(5) Kazusa Touma 2