Mimi Album

Mimi Album


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Title:                                  Mimi Album

White Album 2 Fan Book

Momoniku-ya Presents


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Title:                                  Mimi Album

White Album 2 Fan Book

Momoniku-ya Presents


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Header:                             Foreword

Text:                                  Hello! I believe most of you are first-time readers!

I am Momoniku, of Momoniku-ya!

Thank you very much for picking up this book!


The theme for this book is “kemonomimi”!

It includes an improved reprint of the manga portion of a copybook I published previously, plus bonus new kemonomimi drawings!


The manga portion takes place after the School Festival Show, but there aren’t really any spoilers!

There are definitely spoilers in the section with the drawings, however, so please be warned!


I’ve been playing WA2 since the end of last year, and I cleared it just the other day… I really completely, absolutely adore this game beyond words! Actually, I was already so in love with it partway through that I went ahead and applied to an “Only” event for the first time in my life!


This book is packed with all of that love!

And if you enjoy any part of it, I will be very glad.

Now, onward to the story!


Page 4


Sign:                                   Music Room #2

Narration:                        One day, when I went to the music room after school…


Haruki:                              …


Narration:                        I found that Setsuna had sprouted cat ears, and Kazusa, dog ears…

Setsuna:                            Kazusa, you’re so cuuuute!

Kazusa:                             Setsuna, quit clinging on me…


Page 5


Haruki:                              So, these animal ears just grew in all of a sudden…?

Kazusa:                             Yep!


Setsuna:                            Maybe it’s because I had fish for breakfast?

Haruki:                              I think your logic’s a little off, Setsuna.


Kazusa:                             Yeah, Setsuna.


Kazusa:                             If that were how it worked, I oughtta have pudding growing out of my head!

Cup:                                   Pudding

Haruki:                              That’s not a retort…

                                           That’s fully loaded!


Page 6


Haruki:                              Are those ears… the real thing…?


FX:                                      Pet

FX:                                      Ruffle

Haruki:                              Th-They’re warm…

                                           I guess they’re real?

Setsuna:                            !


FX:                                      Pet pet

Bottom caption:              Warm-fuzzy


Haruki:                              This is… kind of fun, actually.

FX:                                      Prrr prrr

Setsuna:                            Hee hee! That feels nice…


Page 7


Setsuna:                            Do Kazusa, too!

Kazusa:                             What?! No, I…!


Kazusa:                             Don’t you touch me!

FX:                                      Jolt

Haruki:                              Pardon me…


Kazusa:                             …

FX:                                      Wag wag

FX:                                      Pet

Haruki:                              Ah…


Kazusa:                             …Gah! Don’t get the wrong idea! This doesn’t feel nice or anything!

FX:                                      Wag wag

FX:                                      Gonnng

Setsuna:                            So easy to read…


Page 8


Haruki:                              …

FX:                                      Squeal squeal


Haruki:                              You don’t seem that freaked out about this, Setsuna.

Setsuna:                            Huh? You think?


Haruki:                              But, you can’t go home like this, can you…?

FX:                                      Gasp


Setsuna:                            You’re right! If I’m the only one with cat ears, and the rest of my family have, like, bear ears or something, it’ll be super awkward!

Caption:                            Three bears

Setsuna:                            What if I have to go live under a bridge?!

Haruki:                              No, Setsuna, that’s not what you should be freaked out about.


Page 9


Haruki:                              !

FX:                                      Nuzzle nuzzle


Haruki:                              S-Setsuna…?!

What brought that on?!

Setsuna:                            Sorry!

Setsuna:                            I suddenly started feeling like I had to do that…


Setsuna:                            Let me nuzzle you, too, Kazusa!

FX:                                      Nuzzle nuzzle

Kazusa:                             Gaaack! Stop, stop!


FX:                                      Nuzzle nuzzle nuzzle

Table note:                       Table

Setsuna:                            Over here next…

Haruki:                              Ah! She’s marking things!

Asterisk note:                  *Cats rub their faces on people and objects they like to mark them with their scent!


Page 10


Haruki:                              Urk… The room feels very cold all of a sudden…

FX:                                      Shiver

Setsuna:                            !


Setsuna:                            Here! I’ll warm you up like this!

Cats have high body temperatures!

FX:                                      Tackle

Haruki:                              Again?!

Haruki:                              Ack! Setsuna?!


Setsuna:                            Kazusa! You get over here, too!

Kazusa:                             Nope! No thank you!


FX:                                      Squish

Bottom text:                    Setsuna is victorious.


Page 11


Takeya:                             Hey, Haruki! You in here?!



Takeya:                             Well, look at that. Lucky jerk…

Bottom text:                    End


Page 12


Above panel:                   After waking up

FX:                                      Caw caw

Haruki:                              Huh? The animal ears are gone… Was that a dream?


Page 13

Header:                             Sketch Corner

Right text:                         Here’s my customary sketch section! This time, in keeping with my theme, I gave each of the heroines the animal ears that (I decided) fit them best!

Left text:                           Kazusa Touma

Kazusa gets dog ears, of course! She says so much stuff that sounds exactly like what a dog would say…!

I just wanna put a collar on her and do all kinds of stuff, don’t you? (?!)

Well, as I’ve drawn her here she’s in high school, so maybe not, but how about Kazusa-san as she appears in Coda, where she’s all soft and love-struck? Maybe she’d put it on then…?

Oh, what am I talking about!

This sketch is of her as a puppy, waiting for her master to come back! Like she’s at the entrance of a supermarket or something. Given that this is high school Kazusa, you’d probably get kicked the second you got home.


Page 14

Top text:                           Chiaki Izumi

Izumi is a tanuki!

Considering how they can shape-shift into people, I feel like it’s an absolutely perfect match.

Thinking about it now, she also acted a bit like a cat in the game. A cat could also probably work for her! A black cat, I think.

She gives off that aura like she could get along just fine on her own!

It’s surprisingly difficult to draw Izumi… I can’t really get the balance of her bangs right…

Bottom text:                    Koharu Sugiura

Kohacchi is a mouse!

With the way she’s always scurrying around!

Koharu-chan’s route was amazing! Yes, I do have a fondness for kouhai characters, but! I also found it every interesting how exactly like the main character she is!

Also, every route makes me go “Auuuugh,” but the breakup scene with Setsuna for this girl’s route in particular made my chest tighten up…


Page 15

Top text:                           Mari Kazaoka

Mari-san gets bunny ears!

She’s the one who has the hardest time enduring loneliness! I really think Mari-san had the most maidenly heart out of all the heroines! And it’s adorable! Even though she’s older! Also, thanks to Mari-san, I have rediscovered an appreciation for black stockings.

Bottom text:                    Setsuna Ogiso

Cat ears for Setsuna!

Setsuna is so spoiled, just like a cat! She can come and nuzzle me any time!

Thinking about the game, though, she really grows the most out of anyone. She’s the most pitiable, but also the strongest.

Circumstances aside, I really admire her strength…


Page 16

Header:                             Afterword

Text:                                  Hello again!

So, how was the book?

As I said before, I hope you enjoyed it at least a little!


I’ve written plenty about how much I love WA2, but I love the anime version just as much, and I’m always excited to watch it every week. As I write now, I’ve watched up through episode 3, and from what I’ve seen so far, I’m very pleased with how carefully made it is!


I wanna see what happens next!


I’m just living the WA2 life these days!

I could not be happier!


And so!

I hope we can meet again with my next book!

Ta ta for now…!



November 3rd, 2013


Page 17

Publishing info:               Date published: November 3rd, 2013

Publisher: Momoniku (Momoniku-ya)


Printer: Print-ON


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Title:                                  Mimi Album

White Album 2 Fan Book

Momoniku-ya Presents