Melody for Sketchy Instruments

Melody for Sketchy Instruments


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Title:                                  Melody for Sketchy Instruments


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Top text:

-Hello, all. Homare Sakazuki here. This is the first Sunshine Creation I’ve participated in in a while! Yaaaay! So, here’s something new. I hope you’ll read the whole thing.

-All right, to start, Setsuna and Kazusa from the long-awaited White Album 2. I’m expecting great things!


Bottom text:

-According to what I’ve heard from Maruto-san, the one in charge of the scenario, it’s turned into a pretty “painful” story (lol). Apparently the writing went so swimmingly that he wound up with more material than he meant to. I am very much looking forward to this… Huff… Huff…

I graciously told the writer himself that I would write out my thoughts on it, so I definitely have to play it now…


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-Kazusa’s stage outfit is kind of incredible (lol). I’m recalling Sheryl and Haruhi’s stage outfits, but the amount of skin showing with Kazusa’s is pretty prominent…

-From basic character introductions, I find myself unconsciously wanting to favor characters like Kazusa, so I’m looking forward to getting to know her better!

-I’ve applied to Comic 1*4. The smaller Kazusa at the bottom is my circle cut. The game will be out by then, so I’d like to be able to put out a WA2 book.


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Top text:

Ar Tonelico 3, known for being “more than an eroge” or “an eroge with no ero scenes” or something similar (lol).

The toilet scenes, though… Where are you trying to go with this, Gust! (lol)

Incredible. Thank you.

Picture me sitting next to my friend who’s playing, chanting “D-V-D! D-V-D!” (Translation: Take it off! Take it off! It’s an AA thing). Where am I supposed to go with this…

As I’ve drawn all of these, I’ve shown a great respect for Gust’s stoicism in challenging the limits of the PS3—that’s a lie, I’ve been fantasizing about terrible things.

Saki:                                   Just wait until I take it off!

FX:                                      Boing


Bottom text:

-Spandex shorts + fluffy = YESSSSSS

I haven’t seen a spandex shorts character in so long, and suddenly, BAM—here she is. (lol) Saki’s design is so good!!

Finnel is tasty too, though… Her interactions with Momoko…

So, I put her on the cover!


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Top text:

-I love Saki’s blouse when she purges… (Even more than the chemise and shorts.) Also, Filament. (lol)

That combination of sleeveless and busty just isn’t fair! Come to think of it, I feel like there are a lot of characters with sleeveless designs…

Actually, that makes sense. They’re always taking them off. (lol)

-Richa-sama! Her design is so sexy that it’s practically criminal! I want to see someone cosplay her…

As far as designs are concerned, I like Akane’s too. (And I don’t mean that it’s sexy. All right? Not at all.)

Her relationship with Finnel, too… I love it.


Middle text:

-In addition to the whole concept where the heroines (and others!!) take their clothes off, I’m personally a fan of the chic naming sensibilities that we see everywhere.

Tatsumi:                           …


Bottom text:


I took one look at him and said “Oh my god, what if it turned out he was [XXXX]?” and it actually turned out to be the case (lmao)

You’ve also got the beefy girl, the black fundoshi… This game really has something for everyone (lol)


Page 6



Wait, we’ve already done the greeting page… Well, it’s all part of the package.

True Tears, yes. Congratulations on the Blu-ray release, attained through the power of fandom! …But, I spaced out and missed out on entering to purchase it… I’m a failure as a fan…

-Even so! As it happens, last fall, I made a pilgrimage to Johana, where the story takes place! Though it was right after the Mugiya Festival, so my timing could have been better (lol).

But, even though I wasn’t there for the festival, Johana was a really wonderful place. I mean that earnestly. I felt the connections between TT and the city, and the passion of all of its fans, very strongly. I didn’t just visit Johana, but went sightseeing in Toyama City as well, and made friends with a municipal bus driver who kindly allowed me to use the bus in place of a taxi since there weren’t any other passengers (lol). I went for a stroll in the fishing village, where there wasn’t a soul around since it was the afternoon on a weekday, went after the whale’s wings… or rather, the floating octopus at Toyama Bay, wrote “Hiromi is my wife” in the sand (stupid lol) and let the waves wash it away… and so, with the sort of bold shamelessness that comes with traveling, I carved plenty of fresh, soon-to-be-nostalgic “Heart-Shaking” memories into my heart! YES! (lol)

-But also, I really must say something about how fantastic the food is in Toyama! I’m dying to go spend more time there.


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Yume:                                Gueeess who!

Top text:

-I’m late to this party, but I finally read the Kanamemo manga. Actually, a friend of mine set me up for a whole Shoko Iwami festival—I read Suzunari!, flower*flower, and Kanamemo all in one go. God, it was so good! Very very grateful to my friend who knew exactly which buttons it would push and recommended it to me.

Yuuki:                                You could have kissed me, at least…

FX:                                      Sigh

FX bubble:                        Poke


Bottom text:

-I must say, Iwami-sensei is quite a sinful personage… That blatant love of yuri… (lol)

I shall use this as a learning opportunity.

-I haven’t seen the anime, but I did listen to “YAHHO!!” a ton before going to see Hocha live, so there’s that, I guess.


Page 8

Mika:                                 Wh-What?

Caption:                            The process through which Mika and Kana become friends is really nice, too…

Title:                                  Melody for Sketchy Instruments

Afterword:                       -Thank you for reading all the way to the end. How did you enjoy this latest book?


As for me, there was the joy of getting to participate in Sunshine Creation for the first time in a while, and as slim a volume as it is (lmao) I’m happy I got to have fun with making it. I want to keep finding every opportunity I can to participate again.

The next event I’m planning to participate in, if the circle gets accepted, is probably COMIC 1 in April. If any other events come up that I’ll be part of, I’ll announce them on my (far-behind and rarely-updated) homepage, so please check there.


-Also, starting this spring, I’ll be serializing a Cross Days comic in Kadokawa Shoten’s Comp-Ace magazine, so please, please, by all means, give it a look! Do read it, I implore you…

-That’s all for now! I’ll see you for my next release!


February 2010

Homare Sakazuki

Publishing info:

Date published:             February 7th, 2010

Publishing:                     Amorphous

Author:                           Homare Sakazuki



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