Maruto Fumiaki & Nakamura Takeshi interview – Dengeki Playstation (part 2)

  • An added scenario from a new point of view

—Changing the subject now, Maruto-san, out of Setsuna and Kazusa, which do you prefer?

Maruto: Personally, I like Setsuna, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving her preferential treatment in the scenario or anything.

—And what is it that you like about Setsuna?

Maruto: Maybe that she’s selfish on the inside. She seems to serve protagonist, but really she doesn’t always do as she’s told, and she has a stubborn side. On the other hand, Kazusa may deny it, but she does utterly everything for the sake of the one she loves.

Nakamura: Maruto-san has a preference for difficult girls. (laughs)

Maruto: I also like that she’s the calculating type—or at least not plainly honest. (laughs)

—Which one do you prefer, Nakamura-san?

Nakamura: I like Kazusa. I read back through her scenario when the game was being ported to the PS3, and found that I still empathized with her on a lot more points. I also like her personality and feelings for Haruki, and how awkward she is. Though, I guess this game doesn’t exactly have many people who are especially graceful.

Maruto: The previous game was pretty full of clumsy people, too.

—Songs are an inextricable element of WA2. Was there any collaboration between scenario and composition?

Maruto: I don’t know that I would say “collaboration,” but while I was writing the scenario, I would make notes—“I’d like a track here,” or “I’d like a song here”—which, with the vocal tracks alone, came out to about ten songs. I believe that Shimokawa-san (*3), who was in charge of composition, was rather troubled over that, but when a response came back to the scenario, there were ten more songs than I had originally asked for. Then, for the PS3 port, I made a note that there was a scene in the additional scenario in which a full orchestra performed, and I actually managed to get a thirty-nine person orchestra to play it.

Nakamura: And so, we have the first full-orchestra performance in Aquaplus history. (laughs)

Maruto: Shimokawa-san has also said that he hopes that everyone will look forward to this new track.

Nakamura: Incidentally, a CD featuring the new music for the additional PS3 scenario will be included as a special bonus with the complete WA2 soundtrack compilation.

—Now that the topic of the additional scenario has come up, I would love to hear as much about that as you can discuss.

Maruto: I think there may be mixed reactions to the new scenario, but it touches upon what the heroine who has separated from the protagonist is up to, and what has happened with the heroine who stayed with the protagonist. It’s in a form that you haven’t seen depicted yet, so I hope you all look forward to seeing that.

*3: Naoya Shimokawa, president of Aquaplus and producer of the game. Also was involved in the production of the game in a musical composition capacity, and matched Maruto-san’s zeal in making WA2.

—By the way, what were your impressions upon hearing that WA2 was going to be ported to the PS3?

Maruto: Actually, I’d been hearing that they wanted to put it out on a console since before the PC edition came out. I was just a bit anxious about whether that would really be possible. But Shimokawa-san said, “It’s fine, WA was ported to a console, too.” He was all about it. (laughs)

Nakamura: Like Maruto-san, given the content of the game, I felt uncertain at first about whether it could hold up if “certain scenes” were cut. But where the graphics, which I was in charge of, were concerned, I thought they might handle the transfer better than the scenario. (laughs)

—There must have been a fair number of new event CGs, right?

Nakamura: I added CGs to scenes in the original version, and of course I drew new CGs for the additional scenario.

—This game, like the previous game, makes use of motion portraits. What about those?

Nakamura: The game has a great variety of standing portraits, and in order to make them into motion portraits for the port, we couldn’t just use the raw images as they were—the data had to be replaced. I sincerely want to thank the CG staff not only for creating the data, but for taking charge of the adjustments as well.

Maruto: Come to think of it, I haven’t seen it myself yet, but did I hear something about “shaking”?

Nakamura: With the nature of the work, it’s nothing flashy, but there is some shaking. (laughs)

—Maruto-san, I understand that you’re involved with the currently-broadcasting web radio program, “White Album 2 Fanclub Radio (*4),” in an editorial capacity.

Maruto: I am. Though I do less in the way of supervising and more in the way of mail-handling.

—Now that you mention it, your mail was read during broadcasts 0 and 3, wasn’t it?

Maruto: Lately, I find I’ve been enjoying being disparaged by Nabatame-san. (laughs) Also, I’ve been told that I have to limit my next mail to two hundred characters or less, so at the moment I’m racking my brain trying to figure out how to consolidate everything.

—Have you listened to the radio show, Nakamura-san?

Nakamura: I often listen to it during breaks while I’m working. Usually you can picture the characters from the voices of the actresses, but the content of this program is all over the place. (laughs)

Maruto: Yes, it might be a little hard to picture Setsuna and Kazusa while you’re listening to that radio show. It’s not like the characters themselves are showing up.

Nakamura: There’s a lot that they can’t talk about yet, since the new edition hasn’t gone on sale yet, but once it’s released, I imagine the two of them will be absolutely bursting with material. (laughs)

*4: Broadcasts every Friday on Onsen Radio. Hosted by Setsuna’s voice actress, Madoka Yonezawa-san, and Kazusa’s voice actress, Hitomi Nabatame-san. Incorporates a variety of segments, including one in which Yonezawa-san is trained to become an idol.

  • Everything that has gone into the definitive edition of WA2

—The PC edition introduced an impressive amount of related material, such as a book and a digital novel.

Nakamura: Actually, the plan is to compile almost all of that into this PS3 release.

Maruto: Also included will be the drama CD that was sold online, and a short novel that was distributed for free. These will all be compiled on the PS3 disc, and will unlock as you progress through the game, so there’s no risk of spoilers from reading or listening ahead.

—Lastly, do you have a message for the fans?

Maruto: All of my work on the game is done, so I don’t believe there should be any delay in its release. I hope it meets your expectations.

Nakamura: The quality of the PS3 edition won’t let you down. Please enjoy it.

*This article was published in Dengeki PlayStation vol. 529, released October 25th, 2012.

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