Mari Kazaoka Pillow Talk

Days of Happiness ~Stories from In Bed~

Mari Kazaoka
Everything that can be Done Satisfactorily

Ah, ow, ow…
No, I think I just strained my thigh muscles a little.
Oh, not there. Higher. Yeah, around there… Ah, that feels nice.
Keep massaging me for a bit, just like that.
Why did they start hurting? That’s obvious, isn’t it?
Because you made me get into that embarrassing position, and we did it like animals…
And I’m not as young as you, you know. If you don’t learn a little more moderation, it’s going to cause me some trouble.
…Well, you don’t have to apologize that obediently.
That’s as good as acknowledging that I’m not young. Now my feelings are hurt.

(Minute 1:00)

And if you really do think so, then you shouldn’t handle a mature woman like me so roughly.
Look, my body is covered with marks you’ve left.
It’s because of your hickeys that I dress so warmly all the time, you know. It certainly isn’t because I get cold easily!
Well, all right, you can apologize for that. Oh, but that doesn’t mean you have to change anything—ah, ah…! H-hey, you could at least… pretend to be a little sorry… Mm… heehee.
Hey, what are we gonna do about tomorrow?


I know there’s a lot of appeal in just lazing around here together forever, but wouldn’t you feel a little bit of a loss if a whole day went by that way?
I mean, look, this is the first time in a month that we’ve both had the same day off.
We have to take full advantage of it.
(phone rings.)
Oh, sorry…
(phone continues ringing.)
I know, I know, I’ll pick it up. At this hour, there’s probably some kind of trouble.
(she picks up. in English:) Hello, this is Kazaoka speaking… (in Japanese) What, Nemoto?
What is it? Uh-huh. Yes, I see. Well, that’s within the range of our expectations, but it does seem like the worst-case scenario… What did they have to say about it?


Uh-huh. Okay… I guess I’ll have to show up after all, then.
Of course. Don’t worry about it.
All right. I’ll leave now, so I should be there in half an hour—
(he makes a move suddenly; she moans.)
Ah…! (to the person on the phone:) O-oh, nothing.
Sorry, can you hang on a minute?
(to him, whispering:) Hey, cut it out! What happens if they figure out that we’re in bed together?
Just so you know, none of my other colleagues knows about this. They don’t know that, in bed, I do everything my subordinate tells me.
No, which one of us has the initiative isn’t relevant right now. Anyway, I need to get going.
Seriously, I’m so frustrated I could cry right now… so don’t look at me like that.


If the frustration doubles, that’ll make it all the more difficult to apply myself to my work.
Ah… N-no, hey… Ah… S-stop…!
Just for a second, hold still. Don’t move, got that?
(on the phone:) Sorry to keep you waiting. I need a moment to get ready, so I’ll be there in forty minutes.
Talk to you later, then.
(she hangs up.)
God, you are so… After we just spent all that time going at it so hard…
What, are you that reluctant to let go of my body? You freak.


Ten minutes, that’s all. You know very well I’ve never been the kind to goof off or skip work.
These ten minutes are crucial, so don’t waste them. Everything we were planning on doing tomorrow, let’s do it right now.
I know you can do it. I trained you myself… And you’re always so rough with me…
We don’t have much time, so I don’t care how wild you get.
Just love me… without wasting a single minute, or even a single second.
(they kiss.)