Madoka Yonezawa’s marriage

An announcement.
2017-08-30 03:00:18
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To everyone who always supports me, and those who look after me so kindly:

Last year, I, Madoka Yonezawa, got married to someone whom I had been dating for some time, and this year, we are expecting our first child. The baby is currently growing healthily inside me.
My husband is an employee at a general corporation.

Regarding my work, I intend to continue just as I have been, so I hope you will continue to watch me with warmth.

I decided to inform you all on my birthday, always an important turning point.

Thank you for your continued support.

Madoka Yonezawa

My baby has been born.
2017-11-22 14:25:46
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I have an announcement for you all.
A few days ago, I safely gave birth to a healthy baby!

It was my first time giving birth, but it was such an easy delivery that even the doctor was surprised, and mother and child are both in good health.

Childcare is tougher than I had imagined, and in my current physical condition I can’t do all the things I normally could, but with the help of the people around me, I’m doing all right with my baby.

I’m going to get back to work little by little, so I’ll do my best to get my voice to all of you again soon.
Please keep watching me with the same warmth as always!!