Lycee Leaf 5.0 Hoshi no Ouji-Kun

Hoshi no Ouji-kun


Card number:             CH-4998

Name:                              Kokoro Kamino

Effects:                            Suijin-sama [1 star]

                                           Tap 1 Character that has been summoned as a Character as the result of an effect. (Can be used once per turn)

Illustration:                   Konta Nakajima


Card number:             CH-5008

Name:                              Chino Hakase

Effects:                            Supporter [3 flowers]

                                           Deadly Decapitation

                                           When you declare this Character’s Support, this Character may gain [Penalty: Discard 1 card from your deck]. If it does so, target a Character to give either 2 AP or 2 DP.

Illustration:                   Kankiriko


Card number:             CH-5020

Name:                              Ringo Aoi

Effects:                            Blue Group [O]

                                           Use during your own turn.

Draw 1 card from your deck. Place 1 card from your hand at the bottom of its owner’s deck. (Can be used once per turn)

Illustration:                   Yuu Kajo


Card number:             CH-5045

Name:                              Yuri Golovnin

Effects:                            Step [O]


                                           Phantom Thief Princessa Discard 1 card from your deck.

                                           1 Opposing Character gains [Penalty: Untap 1 Yuri Golovnin. After untapping, discard 3 cards from your deck]. This special ability is then lost.

Illustration:                   Kankiriko


Card number:             CH-5049

Name:                              Purin Amanatsu

Effects:                            Deck Bonus Discard 1 card from your opponent’s deck.

Sidestep [O]

                                           Laying it On [1 sun]

                                           Tap 1 Character with a base DP of 1. (Can be used once per turn)

Illustration:    Kankiriko