Line & Laugh

Line & Laugh


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Title:                                    Line & Laugh

Credits:                               HEART-WORK with Poteaisu and IndicoFRAME


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Comment:                          Hello. This is Hagure Yuki. I watch the White Album 2 anime every week in a fit of nervous excitement, so I drew Setsuna-san. I like her in work-mode, too.


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Top comment:                  Hello! This is Mitha from Indico lite. Congratulations to Last Stage on its third round!

I drew Setsuna Ogiso-chan from White Album 2 again. She was in her stage costume the last time I drew her, so I went with her school uniform this time. How does she look?


Bottom comment:           Setsuna-chan is my type from a design perspective as well, so I had a lot of fun drawing her. The colored version came out just a tiny bit more chic(?). I hope I got her vibe right…

The anime started in autumn! I’ve only seen the first episode so far, but I can tell it was carefully made, and the mood was just right. I look forward to watching it every week!


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Comment:                          Hello! This is Hiro Suzu!

I wound up taking a managerial role for Last Stage 3 as well. When I saw everyone’s drafts all together, after confirming that Rina and Yuki from WA1 were absent, I hurriedly drew them myself. (lol)


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Comment:                          With everyone coming together for this book and calendar, I drew Mana-chan from 1! The 2 anime is airing right now, so I wondered whether I should draw Setsuna or Kazusa, but decided on this girl, since I wanted to go with my favorite character. Mana-chan was the only one I drew for the collaborative book for the previous White Album event, too… I mean, look how cute she is.


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Comment:                          I received an urgent summons, so here I am, once again. I did something silly last time, but since we were doing a calendar this time, I just went with Kazusa. Personally, what gets my heart fluttering the most is Kazusa-tan glaring rather than blushing, but I was advised that a smile would be best for a calendar, so this is what I came up with.


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Comment:                          All of the participating artists were so busy that Hiro Suzu presumptuously did two illustrations. I decided to arrange it so that the calendar began with two Setsunas in a row, and ended with two Kazusas in a row. (lol)


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Publisher:                          HEART-WORK with Poteaisu and IndicoFRAME

Publication date:              November 3rd, 2013

Printer:                               Kanbi Printing

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