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Leaf 21


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Bubbles (L-R and T-B)


Happy 30th birthday to Woodsoft. Thinking back on it now, 18 years have passed since we were introduced, and I’ve been involved with a number of your works in that time, in my own modest way; but we’ve been out of touch lately, so I’m extremely happy to get to contribute in this way again.

Let’s go out drinking again one of these days.

Illustration: Nagare Wazuka


Happy 30th birthday to Woodsoft!

We’ll always be friends…!

Cover: Kou-1


In spite of my being invited to participate in this project, I wasn’t able to produce so much as a remake in time (I’m so sorry, Puchi-san…), but picking this up and listening to it after so long (10 years), the emotional attachment from the time is very pronounced, and I feel like its appeal is quite strong. I know there are many who have yet to listen to it, so I very much hope you enjoy it.

Masato Kisaragi


The theme I had in mind while I was doing this arrangement was “Cheerful and energetic, and not super smart.”

I haven’t ridden a bicycle in the past several years, but now I find myself wanting to ride one.



As of this summer, I believe it’s been… exactly ten years, since I first assisted with design? Thinking about it now, I really got carried away with designing one thing and another. Dreamnalt was a lot of fun (lol). Feels like I’m just pushing as far as I can before I get any complaints!

And I intend to continue my assault! (loool)

Back Card: Harunyan


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Bubbles (L-R and T-B)


Ah, yes, To Heart 2, where the situation working with Manaka in the library tripped me up… (lol) With that, and the appearance of her little sister Ikuno with her siscon/tsundere thing as a shortcut, this was the game was pulled me into the world of Leaf all at once. (^^)

I still read 委員長 as “iincho” [rather than “iinchou”] (lol).

Illustration: Final (Narurun)


A lot about this project reminded me of the Internet MIDI music scene that surrounded this music back in the day.

As I rummaged back through the MIDI data I had collected at the time, I found some of our dear Puchi-san’s data in the Leaf folder (lol).

Participating in the production of this CD, 18 years later, is something I never would have dreamed of back then.

I am grateful for this chance.



This is my first VSTi-only step recording, and it’s pretty short… but I jammed plenty of my favorite sounds into it. I hope Woodsoft continues on forever…!



I have returned. I may have changed my name from Bou-N, but when I received Puchi-san’s invitation, I decided to take part for the first time in 14.5 years.

I’m still undergoing DTM rehabilitation, so I made some improvements to Yayoi-san after 18 years, and more or less remade it apart from its core.

Really, I wanted to play it on an EWI, but I was lousy at it, so I dropped that idea (lol).

These days, I really want the power to arrange things in a way that will give me the same thrill as they did originally.



Hello! I am Hazuki from SoundLizlit. Hatsunekan? …I Have No Idea What You Are Talking About

I have known Puchi-san for quite a long time, but I believe this is my first time as a guest for Woodsoft. Akari from To Heart absolutely took me out. Love at first sight. And now 20 years have passed.

And 10 years since To Heart 2. Time is ruthless indeed.

…Maybe we’ll get To Heart 3 some day?



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Bubbles (L-R and T-B)


I happened to pass through Strasbourg the other day, so out of all of the deeply memorable and well-known tracks from Leaf/Aquaplus products, I chose one from White Album 2.

As I arranged it, the main thought in my head was, “Setsuna is definitely carrying something terrifying on the inside.” My humble thanks and apologies to Michiru Kaori-san, the one singing it, who always has to deal with unreasonable demands from me.



Congratulations on the release of Leaf 21!

A friend of mine who absolutely loved Leaf recommended To Heart to me when I was in school.

All of the girls were so appealing, and I particularly liked the cute contrast between Multi’s clumsiness and Serio’s seriousness, which made them my absolute favorites.

I want to play Leaf’s other games, too!

Illustration: Jakkou Oumi


Hello! I’m Miruchu from Tension MAX, also known as Michiru Kaori, taking part in a Woodsoft production for the first time in a bit.

I thought the song in question was a heart-aching love song, but with Daruma-sensei’s hand, it evolved into an outrageous yandere song! The lecture on “yandere” took longer than the recording time, so I had to offset it with some tasty eel (lmaooo).

Such were the feelings with which I met this yandere mood track! I hope you enjoy it.

I love eel!

Michiru Kaori


Hello, the last time I was involved in something like this was in 2002. And that’s only half of 30 years! Sheesh!

I did a pop-style arrangement of the very first song that came into my head when I heard the name “Leaf.” Lately I’ve been writing mostly vocals-focused stuff, so getting to do a simple, instrumental arrangement was fun.

Hiro Shiomi


Illustration text








Jakkou Oumi (Dragon Boardinghouse)


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Bubbles (L-R and T-B)


This game may be comparatively lesser-known among Leaf’s works, but I liked the game screens with the mini characters moving around, and the music.

Ah, yes. I play at Lv 2.



My first Woodsoft contribution was about 20 years ago, with “Marine Snow,” and at the time, it was a similar hodge-podge of a mini-album with the classroom theme from Shizuku. This time I had some Ryu Umemoto material lying around, so I crammed a bunch of it in. I’m very grateful to Fukui-sensei for creating that Randomizer app! Without it, I never would have finished this…



Hello! I’m BLACKHEART, and I still often get the hiragana and katakana in “KomiPa”  [こみパ] mixed up [コミぱ] when I type it.

I got lost along the lines of “looking for” or “firecracker” and wound up here.

Minami-san is very very cute. Yes.



Illustration: choco chip


Keeping the official arrangement of the CD version in mind, I forcibly shoved (lmao) just the tiniest bit of gagaku taste into the tone quality. I hope you enjoy it.

Rando-K (Mikuruga no Hito)


Congratulations to Woodsoft for 30 years of existence.

I am deeply honored to have been invited to take part in this opportunity.

As the tracks are Leaf-focused, without really thinking about it—or maybe it was obvious in the first place… it wound up being one from Kizuato. It’s the usual thing, but I hope you enjoy it.



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Bubbles (L-R and T-B)


When I think “Leaf,” I think Kizuato, and when I think Kizuato, I think Azusa Kashiwagi. In modern terms, I would say she is my wife. bolze-san’s doujin series, Koichi… I Love You, is my bible eternally. As I made my best effort with XV5080 after all this time, I pondered what things would be like with Koichi, going to Tokyo in order to shake off the past, and Azusa, living such a spoiled life.



“Oh, Koichi, welcome home! I’ll go make some barley tea.”

The four Kashiwagi sisters from Kizuato. During the game you play cards with Hatsune-chan, the youngest, but you don’t really get to do it much as a pair, which got exhausting, so I imagined a dream of Hatsune-chan.

I like the idea of Chizuru-san not being able to keep much of a poker face (lol).

Illustration: Kuruse


The name of my Windows PC is still “kaede,” which really gives a sense of my history. That being the case, I went with “Night Wind” from Kizuato. Even listening to it now, I think it’s a good track—nice and simple!



The time has flown, and now 30 years have passed since the Woodsoft circle was formed. At its outset, it was a circle for making doujin games with MSX. After that, with the emergence of Windows, I briefly considered stopping my doujin activity. In 1997, there was an unprecedented Leaf/Key boom going on; through some connection or another, Hiromasa-san, a representative from a circle called GML, reached out and said he wanted to record one of my tracks onto a CD, and so we decided to make a Leaf/Key CD of our own.

The track I recorded then was “Ending and Beginning,” which is also included in this CD. Thinking on it now, it was a perfect embodiment of my state of mind and circumstances at the time.

Through this track, I met and networked with a great number of people, and my connections from back then continue today. I am truly grateful.

Now, on the occasion of the 30th year of Woodsoft’s existence, I decided to return to my roots and produce a Leaf-only CD. I reached out to all of those with whom I was connected, and they gladly accepted my invitations. I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks.

Thank you to all of those who have supported me for this long. There are still things I want to do, so I’m going to keep at it.

I hope you will keep sticking with me.



I chose a track called “Serenity” from the game Kizuato and had a go at arranging it. I raised the tempo a little, while adding some bass to the low end as well as some strings, to create a sort of ambient pop(?) feeling. I love the melody, though I was also worrying a little (since it’s long, lol) as I made it. I hope you enjoy it.



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Top left bubble

Original tracks composed by:

Naoya Shimokawa (Tracks 9, 10, 20, 21)

Kazuhide Nakagami (Tracks 3, 5, 6, 11, 12, 15)

Shinya Ishikawa (Tracks 4, 8, 16, 17, 18)

Junya Matsuoka (Track 14) + lyrics by Naoko Sutani

Kushiko (Track 2)

Tatsuya Takahashi (Track 19)

Shinji Orito (1, 13)

Takahiro Yonemura (Track 7)



Leaf 21

  1. Leaf (Shizuku) Puchi
  2. Language of Flowers (Kizuato) kaz (K.M.E)
  3. Heart to Heart (To Heart 2) Masato Kisaragi (Musicworkstation)
  4. Morning Toast (To Heart 2) g+
  5. Chizuru (Kizuato) Puchi
  6. Yayoi Shinozuka (re:2016 Mix) (White Album) Pifano
  7. Blue Lavender (Magical Antique) Hiro Shiomi (Glassplots)
  8. Pretty Daisy (Magical Antique) Tasukamu
  9. Your Profile (To Heart) Sabao (MACKEREL SKY)
  10. Technical Power (To Heart) Hazuki (Sound Lizlit)
  11. Go For It! (To Heart) Puchi
  12. Sound of Destiny (White Album) silpheed
  13. In Class (Shizuku) Tanchi
  14. Gentle Lies (White Album 2) Daruma + Michiru Kaori
  15. Sunshine Forever (Comic Party) BLACKHEART (BuraHaDou Honpo)
  16. Strike 3 (Kizuato) Rando-K (Mikuruga no Hito)
  17. Azusa (Kizuato) Hatsu (M-Groove!)
  18. Serenity (Kizuato) Micchan
  19. Night Wind (Kizuato) OdiakeS (SJV-SC)
  20. Ending and Beginning (Kizuato) Puchi
  21. Feeling Heart (To Heart) Puchi


Bottom left bubble

Staff Credits

Producer: Puchi

Mastering Engineer: OHSAN (Studio 03)

CD Production: Tech Trans co., ltd. [http://www.tech-to.co.jp/]

Logo Design: Jakkou Oumi (Dragon Boardinghouse) [http://jqcastle.web.fc2.com/]

Design Works: Harunyan (Cascadow) [http://cascadow.com/]

Production: WOODSOFT [http://woodsoft.jp/]


*This is a derivative work based on existing video games. It is a fan work, and is not connected in any way with the rights holders.


Bottom right bubble

Art Works

Kou-1 (Hashikure Kobo) [Twitter ID: @kou151]

Nagare Wazuka

Final (Maichan Kikaku) [https://t.co.FVW0XzPp7P]

Jakkou Oumi (Dragon Boardinghouse) [http://jqcastle.web.fc2.com/]

choco-chip (choco-BOX)

Kuruse (Dragon Boardinghouse) [http://jqcastle.web.fc2.com/]

Harunyan (Cascadow) [http://cascadow.com/]


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Leaf 21

  1. Leaf (Shizuku)
  2. Language of Flowers (Kizuato)
  3. Heart to Heart (To Heart 2)
  4. Morning Toast (To Heart 2)
  5. Chizuru (Kizuato)
  6. Yayoi Shinozuka (re:2016 Mix) (White Album)
  7. Blue Lavender (Magical Antique)
  8. Pretty Daisy (Magical Antique)
  9. Your Profile (To Heart)
  10. Technical Power (To Heart)
  11. Go For It! (To Heart)
  12. Sound of Destiny (White Album)
  13. In Class (Shizuku)
  14. Gentle Lies (White Album 2)
  15. Sunshine Forever (Comic Party)
  16. Strike 3 (Kizuato)
  17. Azusa (Kizuato)
  18. Serenity (Kizuato)
  19. Night Wind (Kizuato)
  20. Ending and Beginning (Kizuato)
  21. Feeling Heart (To Heart)


Using this CD for rental purposes without the consent of the rights holders is prohibited. Furthermore, unauthorized reproduction for any purpose outside of personal use is prohibited by the Copyright Act.

The copyrights for the tracks included on this CD belong to their original creators. This project is a fan-made derivative work. It is not connected with the creators of the original tracks in any way, shape, or form.


[When handling] *Please handle disc carefully, so as not to leave fingerprints, dirt, or scratches on either side. *If disc becomes dirty, wipe off lightly with a soft cloth, such as a glasses cloth, in a radial motion from the center outward. *Do not use record cleaner, solvents, or other chemicals. *Please do not write or draw on either side of the disc in pencil, ballpoint pen, or permanent marker, or affix any stickers to either side. *Do not use discs with cracks or deformities, or discs repaired with adhesives, as they are hazardous.

[When storing] *Do not store in direct sunlight, or anywhere with high temperature or humidity. *After using the disc, store in its original case. *If heavy objects are placed on top of the plastic case, or if it is dropped, the case may be damaged.


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