Koharu Sugiura Pillow Talk

Days of Happiness ~Stories from In Bed~

Koharu Sugiura
The Pride of the Commuting Wife

Ah… I’m sorry. I scratched you again.
Your back, senpai… Here, and here… oh, even here.
Oh… doesn’t it hurt, senpai? …Of course, it’s my own fault. What am I talking about?
The same good-luck charm as usual, then.
(they kiss.)
Hey, tell me… I can stay tonight, too, right?

(Minute 1:00)

And… how about tomorrow, too?
Um, the new semester isn’t starting for a little while, so I can be here for another month or so.
It’s just like you to say something so inflexible, senpai. Maybe I’ll just tear these scabs off…!
Oh, that’s right. Tomorrow morning, you’d better not wake me up early like you always do.
Having you wake me up hurts my pride as your girlfriend, and there’s nothing good about you seeing my sleeping face, while I can’t see you.
Tomorrow, I would like you to wake up to the scent of coffee,


or miso soup.
So, before you go to sleep, please decide whether you want Japanese or western style food.
Yes, I’m going to be very busy tomorrow. After I finish clearing away the breakfast things, I’m going to do the laundry, and the cleaning—yes, of course, there’s not much clutter around, but what does that matter?
Your apartment is always so tidy, senpai… That causes some trouble for me.
If you don’t let yourself slip a little more, you’ll leave me no ground to stand on.
Yes, this is also about my pride as your girlfriend, like I just said.
Oh, but… Wouldn’t you say that, where cooking is concerned, I’ve overtaken you by now?
Actually, just to give myself away, I’ve finally learned how to measure things by eye.


I’m growing as an adult every day, you know.
If necessary, I could even learn to show some moderation.
After all, if our only option is for the two of us to keep going straight ahead, then even slipping the slightest bit out of sync with one another’s paths will make it impossible to recover.
That’s why I decided to change myself, even just a little bit at a time, so that I could correct my trajectory, so I could catch up to you as soon as possible.
U-um, senpai…! I may be your junior, and a child, and completely inflexible, and often unable to see what’s going on around me… which means I might continue to cause you


a whole lot of trouble in the future…
B-but, I still want to keep going with you, forever. …Is that a bother for you?
(after waiting a long time for an answer, she begins to cry.)
H-hey, come on. How long can it take you just to say one word?
Don’t you know how incredibly nervous I am, waiting for your answer?
I mean it.


feel right here.
It’s pounding.
See? I’m not lying.
…Just kidding. Maybe I’m lying a little.
This always happens when I’m wrapped up in your arms, senpai. My heart is always beating so hard. Ba-thump, ba-thump…
Yours, too, senpai? It’s hard to tell, though. You’ve always got your poker face on.
You’re right. Maybe if I get just a little bit closer to you, I’ll be able to tell.
Ah, wait—!


You don’t have to squeeze me that tightly—
I can’t breathe!
Honestly, men have no sense of restraint… How troublesome! So… so troublesome…