Kazusa Touma Pillow Talk

Days of Happiness ~Stories from In Bed~

Kazusa Touma
A Faithful Dog in a Bad Mood

No. I don’t want to look at your face right now.
Ah… No, I’m done.
Ah… ah…! Stop, I said!
You think you can distract a woman that easily just by being a little forceful?
Well, it didn’t work.
I’m not the kind of stupid dog who wags its tail right away just because you’ve suddenly shown up to take care of it after so long.
I… I… I’m a smart dog, who won’t accept anything less than all of your attention.
Ah… hah… damn… It’s been three days since I felt this sensation. The smell of you.

(Minute 1:00)

I know you’re gonna give some excuse, like that you were busy with work, but it’s been hard for me the past three days, you know.
It’s possible to suffer even without taking a step outside the house.
You weren’t with me, I was completely alone the whole time… I felt like I might go crazy.
No, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna go along with you.
Not to Russia, of all places. Somewhere that cold and far away…
Hey, you’re loosening your arms. You think you’ve won me over already?
Why… do you have to go that far away in the first place? Can’t you just… take work offers


that are actually inside the country?
Come on, there’s no need to get any more famous.
We can just make the minimum we need to eat, and shut ourselves away at home otherwise. Wouldn’t that be nice?
You don’t have to worry.
Whatever happens, I’ll protect you. That’s the right I won… even though I had to make her so unhappy in order to do it.
I have that power. This is what my mother gave me. I’m deeply grateful for it now.


Your arms are loosening again. Did you remember?
(she gasps quietly.)
Ah… yeah… Yeah, do that.
You can’t live without me, you know.
Well, and I can’t do anything without you, I guess. Y-yeah. Ah… I’m getting sleepy for some reason.
Probably because, even while you weren’t here, I’ve been playing for ten hours a day, just like you ordered me.
Impressive, right?


Praise me. And give me my reward, while you’re at it.
All right, how about this? While I’m asleep… keep holding me. I mean the whole time.
If I wake up and you aren’t there, I’m not gonna forgive you.
(he embraces her.)
…This right here, being wrapped up in you… I love this feeling.
Now I can finally relax and go to sleep. Yeah, good night.


Hey… You’re not gonna go anywhere any more, right?
N-no, I’m not talking about business trips…
You’re mine now, right? Mine alone…?
Can I really trust you that easily?
With just your mouth, you can say anything you want. Yeah…


Then, prove it to me with something other than words.
But not just by holding me. I mean, something like…
Well, in other words, do it… stronger. Harder.
Make up for the three days you haven’t been here.
Love me for three days and three nights straight. Do it until I give up, and beg you to let up and put me to bed…!


I’m sleepy, but what does that matter?
Whether we sleep, or do it… You decide.
As long as I get to stay in your embrace the whole time, I don’t care either way. Ah…! Heehee…