IV. And Yet, The Festival Does Not End


Io:                   Setsuna, as soon as I open the door, we’re going to make a dash for it. Are you ready?
Setsuna:           Yep, okay. Touma-san? Haruki-kun? Are you two all good?
Kazusa:            I’m gonna go later, once it’s quieted down. I’m not stupid enough to try to travel with a typhoon.
Setsuna:           What? Come on…
Haruki:             I’ll go with you. My mission now is to see that the typhoon makes it safely out of Japan.
Setsuna:           I guess I’m happy to hear that, but you’re still treating me like a typhoon…
Haruki:             Anyway, here, Setsuna, put on my uniform. (he takes off his jacket.) It’s a little sweaty, but it’s better than nothing.
Setsuna:           Ha! My reward for all my hard work! I’ll take it!
(she puts the jacket on.)
Haruki:             N-no, don’t react like that. You’re supposed to be more reluctant about it…
Io:                   Will you two quit flirting and go? (she turns the door handle and looks out.) …Ah.
Setsuna:           All right, one, two—
Io:                   Sorry, Setsuna, it’s too late for that.
(Io opens the door. There is a crowd of students clamoring outside.)
Setsuna:           What…!

Male student 1: Hey, there they are!
Female student: Setsuna! You were so good! That was amazing!


Male student 2: Ogiso-san, look over here! Oh, not directly, just a little to the left!
Tomo:               H-hey, me first!
Male student 3: Hey, no, don’t push! I said, no pushing!

Io:                   I think that’s our line! We’re going back to class, so get out of the way!
Setsuna:           Whoa! What’s going on?
Haruki:             I don’t want to think about how many layers of people there are here…

Female student 2: Io! Come on, just one picture! Just one! Can’t you take one picture of me with Setsuna?
Male student 4: Wait, seriously? Seriously?!
Male student 5: No fair! I was the first one at the door!

Haruki:             Hang on, there’s still another performance happening! Why don’t you guys go back to your seats, instead of hanging around here?!
Io:                   You’re not gonna get through to them now. Haruki, hide Setsuna behind your back.
Haruki:             Huh? L-like this? Setsuna, hang onto my shoulders.
Setsuna:           A schoolboy’s back! Oh, it’s been so long!
Io:                   Schoolboy?
Haruki:             Don’t remind me. I’m sweating already and we haven’t even started running.


Io:                   I’ll find out what kind of embarrassing backstory there is for that later. For now, I’ll take up the rear. We’ll break through this as Setsuna’s front and rear guards.
Haruki:             What, are we pretending to be a train?
Setsuna:           Schoolboy! Schoolboy! Onward!
(they set out into the crowd.)
Haruki:             We’re getting mixed in, Setsuna…

Female student 3: Ah, wait! Wait, I said!
Male student 3: I told you, no pushing! Cut it out!

(Haruki pushes through the throng.)
Haruki:             All right, out of the way, out of the way! Wait, Setsuna, are you okay?
Setsuna:           Yeah. With you mowing everybody down, Haruki-kun, I’m just fine.
Haruki:             (laughs awkwardly) Frankly, I’m terrified to come to school tomorrow morning.
Setsuna:           (giggles) It’s like we’re two celebrities being chased around by reporters!
Haruki:             How can you possibly look at this situation as something appealing?
Setsuna:           (putting on the voice of a reporter) Kitahara-san! Setsuna-san! What’s the true story behind those photos in that weekly magazine of you two having a sleepover date?
Haruki:             (playing along) We’re friends!
Setsuna:           (continuing the part) We were together all of last night, from evening to morning, but we’re juuuust friends.
Haruki:             Don’t say such risky things, Setsuna-san. You never know who might be listening.
Setsuna:           In a buzz like this? Nobody’s going to hear it at all.


Haruki:             You can’t keep up that stage energy forever. Hurry up and come back to reality.
Setsuna:           Oh, you’re no fun! There’s nothing wrong with going a little crazy today! I mean, I didn’t sleep a wink last night.
Haruki:             Yes, you did. You and Touma both left me behind and slept for like half an hour.
Setsuna:           If you’re going to keep being mean to me, I’m just going to get more and more stubborn.
Haruki:             No, stop. Stop already.
Setsuna:           (pretending to continue talking to the reporter) Um, well, the truth is, we have begun a serious relationship—
Haruki:             Nobody’s listening.
Setsuna:           Right now, when you don’t know who might hear?
Io:                   As for me, I can hear every word.
Haruki:             You don’t have to tell me that. I’m so embarrassed I want to die…!
Setsuna:           (laughs, then painfully whispers:) I love you…

(Kazusa watches from a distance. Chikashi approaches her.)
Chikashi:          If you’re that jealous, you should have gone with them.
Kazusa:            !


Chikashi:          Hey. Good work, Touma.
Kazusa:            Hayasaka…
Chikashi:          You were really cool out there. I had no idea you were so incredibly talented. Well, I knew there were rumors, but… Let me tell you, though, I was stunned when you pulled out the sax. And then the bass, on top of that… You really can do everything. It’s like you’re on a different level genetically from the rest of us.
Kazusa:             …
Chikashi:          You don’t have to be so cold. We’re classmates.
Kazusa:            I’m not…
Chikashi:          So, what’s going on out there is eating you.
Kazusa:            No, it’s not!
Chikashi:          You can stop acting like such a lone wolf, seriously. You’re a full-fledged, imposing member of the Light Music Club now.
Kazusa:            I seem to recall you were being a lone wolf before.
Chikashi:          Huh? When was that?
Kazusa:            First term. You got all sulky because you didn’t like being picked by a member of the athletic festival committee.
Chikashi:          …You remember something that stupid, from more than half a year ago?


Kazusa:            I thought you and Kitahara were in some kind of huge fight, but then you rolled over within a week…
Chikashi:          What? Are you saying Haruki domesticated me? I could say the same for you.
Kazusa:            I’m not like you. I don’t get influenced so easily by that idiot’s stupid lectures.
Chikashi:          Huh? I don’t see why there’s anything wrong with that.
Kazusa:            What’s good about it? Anyway, I said I’m not being influenced.
Chikashi:          Actually, I’d say he’s influenced us both, in a good way.
Kazusa:            Huh?
Chikashi:          Honestly, you were unbelievably cool today, Touma. I think a lot of people are looking at you in a new way now. That’s a good thing for you, and for everybody around you. Could be Haruki’s influence. What do you have to complain about?
Kazusa:            Don’t be ridiculous. Nothing has changed about me, or anyone around me. Who exactly would be looking at me in a different way?
Chikashi:          Well, if you look behind you, for example…


Kazusa:            Seriously, what are you talking about?
(two girls approach from behind Kazusa. She turns and sees them.)
Female student 1 (Yuri): U-um, Touma-senpai!
Kazusa:            Huh?
Yuri:                 Ah! It’s really you! I told you it was Kazusa-senpai, Yako!
Kazusa:            Really me…?
Female student 2 (Yako): I’m sorry. She’s always admired you, Touma-senpai, so she’s ecstatic over finally being able to meet you.
Kazusa:            Huh? Whoa, wait.
Yako:               We’re in the music department. We’re first-years, so we’re two years below you, but…
Kazusa:            Music department…?
Yuri:                 U-um, I was in the audience for the competition in the spring two years ago. I saw your performance, Touma-senpai.
Chikashi:          Two years ago? That was when you won overall at the national level.
Yuri:                 It made a really deep impression on me! I was playing piano, too! I mean, of course, I’m still playing it, but, that’s why I can understand just how amazing you are! Ahh, I’m not making any sense now, but… Anyway, if you’re going to college, you just have to go to Houjou University!
Kazusa:            But, that… When I was playing the piano then…
Yuri:                 But, but… even after I worked so hard, worked and worked and finally made it into the Houjou High music department, I couldn’t find you anywhere, Touma-senpai.


(Kazusa gasps.)
Yuri:                 (starting to get emotional:) I heard that you’d moved to the general education department, that you’d given up the piano, but I couldn’t understand why. Why you would stop when you’re so awesome at it…
Kazusa:            Well, I, I…
Chikashi:          A lot has gone on. Don’t attack her.
Kazusa:            Hayasaka…
Yako:               I’m sorry. Anyway, you see how much this girl lavishes on you, so she’s been out of sorts for the past half a year.
Yuri:                 B-but you played today, like this. You haven’t given up on music.
Kazusa:            This was just for fun. I don’t… My piano-playing is…
Yuri:                 Maybe so, maybe it was just for fun, but I was so happy! Really, really happy! This was what I was aiming for!
Kazusa:            …!
Yuri:                 Ah, I’m sorry! I… I don’t know what I’m saying …


Kazusa:            Why are you… apologizing…?
Chikashi:          Come on, let’s leave off this heavy conversation here. You’ve finally reunited, so this is a happy thing, you know? Make it a happy thing.
Yako:               Y-yes, of course. The two of us are members #1 and #2 of your fanclub, Touma-senpai!
Chikashi:          That’s right. So, why don’t we take a commemorative photo to celebrate the formation of your fanclub? How about it, Touma?
Kazusa:            Huh? W-well, I…
Yuri:                 Touma-senpai…
Kazusa:            If… if you really want to be photographed with someone like me…
Yuri:                 Th-thank you so much!
Chikashi:          Awesome. Okay, line up over here. (they line up for their photo.) Hey, not so stiff. Smile, smile. Come on, Touma, at least, put your arm around her shoulders.
Kazusa:            Huh? Um… like this?
(she wraps her arm around Yuri’s shoulders. Yuri is beside herself.)
Yuri:                 Ah!
Yako:               Wow! You’re so lucky, Yuri! Senpai, senpai, do me next!
Kazusa:            Oh… Sure.

Female student 3: Me next, me next!
(the other students notice the photos being taken and start clamoring for a turn.)
Male student 1: Hey, looks like we can get a picture with her.
Male student 2: Look, the line’s over here. No cutting!


Kazusa:            What…?

Male student 3: Oh, hey, it’s that girl who played the keyboard!
Male student 4: Hey, where are we supposed to line up?
Male student 5: Stay in order this time. No pushing, guys!

(Chikashi addresses the group.)
Chikashi:          Yes, that’ll be 500 yen per person. No using your own camera. All rights regarding the use of the performers’ likenesses are managed by the festival executive committee.
Kazusa:            H-Hayasaka…!

(Tomo’s friends wait for her.)
Tomo’s friend 1: Where’s Tomo?
Tomo’s friend 2: She’s still…
Tomo’s friend 1: Still? After half an hour? Come on, I want to go and look around other places, too…
Tomo’s friend 2: Honestly. That girl just runs from extreme to extreme…

(sounds of set being broken down. A student approaches Takeya.)
Female student 1: Hey, Iizuka-kun, have you seen our club head?
Takeya:            Seno? Why do you expect me to know where she is?


Female student 1: You’re in the same class, right? And anyway, when it comes to girls, I always think of you first, Iizuka-kun.
Takeya:            I don’t know. I’m just a commoner, so I’m not in the habit of waiting on the queen.
Female student 1: Where could she be…? She’s like a kite with its string cut.
(she walks off.)
Takeya:            (sighs) Sheesh…
(Io approaches Takeya.)
Io:                   Good work today. I’ll help you clean up.
Takeya:            Hey, come on. It’s like you figured out exactly when I’d be almost done and decided to show up then.
Io:                   No complaining. I have my own class program to worry about.
Takeya:            The Taisho-era café? Is Setsuna-chan gonna be there, dressed like that? What’s it like?
Io:                   There’s an hour-and-a-half wait. The crowd is already huge.
Takeya:            Whoa, damn. I wanted to go…
Io:                   Well, it may not be a Taisho-era setting, but if you want coffee, I’ve got some here.
Takeya:            Oh, thanks.
(he takes the can and opens it.)


Io:                    It’s looking pretty desolate here now. Just a little earlier, it was so full of people and noise…
Takeya:            That’s what the end of a festival looks like.
Io:                   I’m glad, though. I think we can safely call this a massive success.
Takeya:            Yeah.
Io:                   One of the girls in my class said there were more people than there were for the drama club in the morning. Like a legend overwriting another legend. Well, since the Light Music Club was doing this for fun, to the serious drama club, it might have been a lot to take… (pause.) What’s up, Takeya?
Takeya:            A massive success… right?
Io:                   That’s what I’ve been saying the whole time.
Takeya:            Setsuna-chan just… sparkled.
Io:                   That girl really has got something.
Takeya:            Touma’s look and playing were both perfect.
Io:                   She must have gained about a hundred new fans.
Takeya:            And Haruki completely outdid himself, too.
Io:                   I can’t believe he didn’t make a single mistake. Even he’s got some talent, apparently. Well, I don’t know how many new fans he made, but anyway…


Takeya:            …What have I been doing?
Io:                   Ah…
Takeya:            Setting up, fiddling around with synths, then just gawking as they performed. That’s all…
Io:                   Hey, you…
Takeya:            I know. I brought this on myself by breaking up the club halfway through. And anyway, with members like that, all I could hope to do was work behind the scenes.
Io:                   It’s mainly a problem with personal relationships, rather than ability, then.
Takeya:            I was… so damn jealous, though. Jealous of Haruki for standing up there in the spotlight and playing guitar, even though he was so slow to pick it up—even more than I was jealous of him for being surrounded by those two gorgeous girls. (pause.) In my head, I understood it. They were serious, so I supported them seriously.
Io:                   Yeah, the arrangement wasn’t bad at all. You’re the head of the club for a reason.


Takeya:            How would you know that, practically speaking?
Io:                   Sorry. I’m just sports-oriented!
Takeya:            The audience liked it, and I had fun, so I’m satisfied. But… man, when you divide everything into above and below the stage like this… It’s a lot, y’know? (pause.) That’s all. Anyway, this conversation is over. It’s over, so don’t tell anybody about it, you hear me?
Io:                   You really…
Takeya:            I said it’s over.
Io:                   The way you worry over Haruki this much… You really love him a lot more than I realized.
Takeya:            I don’t take the words “best friend” lightly.
Io:                   Of course, the word “girlfriend” is enough to send you up into space.
Takeya:            Eh, I won’t deny that.


(Takeya gathers up his things.)
Takeya:            Anyway, that’s all. Let’s get going. (he starts to walk, then stops when he sees that Io isn’t moving.)…Huh? Io, if we don’t leave now, we’ll get locked out.
Io:                   Listen, Takeya…
Takeya:            Hm?
Io:                   Why don’t we extend our closing party a little bit? In celebration of the unsung heroes of this legendary show.
Takeya:            So, stop in at a diner on the way home, or something?
Io:                   Actually… our class’s café will be closing soon, so why don’t we do it there? They’ve got tea and sweets, at least.
Takeya:            After closing time?
Io:                   Yeah.
Takeya:            …Just the two of us?
Io:                   Y-yeah, I guess.
Takeya:            (impishly) …Will you treat me like we’re in a Taisho-era novel?
Io:                   Yes, yes, schoolboy, don’t get carried away. (she shoves him.)

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