III. Provocation and Complacency and So On

(Setsuna sings while Kazusa plays the piano.)

Even if my love can’t reach you
The day will come when it starts to show
Until that hazy answer appears
This love won’t come alive

(Kazusa stops.)
Kazusa:            All right, let’s take a break.
Setsuna:           What? Already? I’m fine to keep going.
Haruki:             How can you be fine? It’s already dinnertime.
Setsuna:           Oh! Is it already that late? Wow, I’m losing all sense of time in here…
Haruki:             That’s probably because there’s no natural light coming in.


Haruki:             Before we know it, the festival itself will be over…
Kazusa:            Let’s take that break before you keep complaining about other people’s houses. We’ll have dinner, make it quick, and finish our part rehearsals before the date turns over.
Setsuna:           All right, got it. I’ll whip something up, then.
Kazusa, Haruki: Nope.
Setsuna:           What! But you’re recovering from being sick, Touma-san, so you need something nutritious and easy to digest. A delivery pizza or something is out of the question.
Kazusa:            I don’t really need to eat anything.
Setsuna:           Don’t you dare. Even if you aren’t hungry, you have to make yourself eat. You need to keep yourself functional for twenty more hours.
Kazusa:            (sighs) You’re so pushy. Whatever, I don’t care.
Haruki:             In that case… I think Goodies does deliveries. They have all kinds of stuff there, so something should work, right?
Setsuna:           Yeah, maybe some lightly-seasoned risotto or something.
Haruki:             All right, then. (he gets up.) I’ll give them a call. Let’s decide what we want first.
Kazusa:            Nothing spicier than ketchup, or more bitter than carrots.


Kazusa:            Actually, I don’t need any vegetables. For dessert, pudding is the only option. But I want three of them.
Haruki:             I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that last part.
Setsuna:           Didn’t you just say ten seconds ago that you didn’t care?
Kazusa:            Anyway, if there’s no pudding, I don’t need anything to eat.  I can’t believe you’d object to something so perfect for a recovering patient. Clearly you two don’t actually care about me—
Haruki:             (cutting her off) All right, all right, fine! I’m going to order upstairs, so wait quietly.
(he leaves the room and shuts the door.)
Kazusa:            Hmph. Honestly. You’d think I’d asked for ten.
Setsuna:           Great work so far, Touma-san.
Kazusa:            You too. Are you uncomfortable in those clothes at all? I mean, it’s just what I wear every day…
Setsuna:           No, I’m fine. They feel nice, and the material seems really good, too.
Kazusa:            Good… that’s good. I didn’t want to make you sing in your hakama, is all.
Setsuna:           I guess the only thing is… they’re a little long, and a bit loose around the chest…


Kazusa:            Sorry about that. I know my build is a bit broader than yours.
Setsuna:           I wouldn’t say broader, I’d say more balanced. Not a very Japanese figure, come to think of it…
Kazusa:            That doesn’t really mean anything different.
Setsuna:           From the standpoint of a typical Japanese girl like me, it’s enviable. (sighs) Really… How do you get a chest this big, with a waist this narrow…?
Kazusa:            F-forget about that. Why don’t you lie down for a bit?
Setsuna:           Shouldn’t you, Touma-san? You’re the one who’s getting over being sick.
Kazusa:            I slept plenty because of that. But I understand you weren’t able to sleep last night, Ogiso.
Setsuna:           U-um… Setting aside how it is that you know about how lame I was last night… I’m fine now. I’ve got plenty of energy.
Kazusa:            Setting aside that you were the one who said we shouldn’t keep any secrets from each other, I just want you to make sure you don’t run out of gas before the performance.


Setsuna:           Yes, I’ll probably be all right. I don’t think there’s anything scaring me any more.
Kazusa:            Oh? Is that so? You were shaking like a leaf during rehearsal.
Setsuna:           I was starting to boil with anger at Haruki-kun, but setting that aside… Yes, I was scared. I was shaking really hard.
Kazusa:            See? And that was only a day ago.
Setsuna:           Well, I was alone! I didn’t have you or Haruki-kun with me then, Touma-san.
Kazusa:            Ah…
Setsuna:           It was painful, lonely, sad… I didn’t know what I was doing there.
Kazusa:            B-but the club president was there, right?
Setsuna:           Iizuka-kun was doing his best to encourage me, and I appreciated that, but… It didn’t work. I couldn’t relax.
Setsuna:           I feel bad about saying that, but that’s just how it was.


Setsuna:           I know that’s just me being selfish.
Kazusa:            Um… I’m sorry about that. It’s because I went and caught a cold…
Setsuna:           No, it’s not your fault at all, Touma-san. It’s because you were working so hard on composing this song, right?
Kazusa:            Ogiso…
Setsuna:           You were doing everything you could for the three of us.
Kazusa:            Uh… Y-yeah.
Setsuna:           The three of us, right?
Kazusa:            D-don’t start saying embarrassing things like that. I just thought it would be a little anticlimactic if we only had two songs. That’s all.
(pause. Setsuna looks hard at Kazusa.)
Kazusa:            Why are you staring at me like that?
Setsuna:           (mutters) That’s not what I was trying to figure out…
Kazusa:            Huh? Did you say something?
Kazusa:            Seriously, what’s with that stare?
Setsuna:           Anyway, I’m perfectly okay now. I don’t think I’m going to lose my voice, or anything.


Kazusa:            Th-that’s good.
Setsuna:           Since Haruki-kun came to get me.
Kazusa:            That must have taken a lot of nerve. Walking around downtown looking like that…
Setsuna:           I guess so. Like we had eloped, or something…!
Kazusa:            Maybe if this were the Taisho period, it could have looked that way.
Setsuna:           We were holding hands the whole way here, you know.
Kazusa:            You could have just called a taxi. He’s not very sensible about stuff like that, is he…
(pause. Setsuna keeps staring.)
Kazusa:            Is there something on my face?
Setsuna:           Just a little bit of… complacency.
Kazusa:            Huh?
Setsuna:           Satisfaction, in your expression. It gives me a sense of the past two days, somehow.
Kazusa:            If anything, I’d say I’m worn out right now, honestly. (pause.) Will you quit looking at me so weirdly? If you have enough time to spend thinking about stuff that has nothing to do with you, why don’t we get back to rehearsing until our dinner gets here?


Setsuna:           You’re right. That might be better for my mental health.
Kazusa:            I don’t understand a word you’re saying right now. Come on, let’s get started.
Setsuna:           All righty!
(Kazusa starts playing the piano. Setsuna thinks to herself:)
Setsuna:           Hey, Touma-san… Why are you so satisfied right now? Is it because you’ve been alone together for the past two days? Is that all? Or…

Are you pretending to be lonely?
I couldn’t help but wonder why
Next thing I knew…

(Setsuna continues pondering to herself.)
Setsuna:           What does this song mean to you…? Could it be…

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