II. The New Song, the Third Song, the Last Number

(Setsuna looks at the sheet music for “Todokanai Koi.”)
Setsuna:           What… is this?
Haruki:             Ah, well, it’s…
Kazusa:            It’s a new song, the third one. Our last number.
Setsuna:           Huh?
Kazusa:            Since I was knocked out, we only have twenty-four hours to practice it, but…
Haruki:             It’s not just your fault, Kazusa. It was only this morning that I finally managed to nail the solo part in “Sound of Destiny.”
Setsuna:           Wh-what…?
Kazusa:            The programming is all done already, and I didn’t make the guitar part too hard. Most importantly, I think I made it fit your key, Setsuna.
Setsuna:           My key…? So, this is an original?
Haruki:             Well, to call it what it is…
Setsuna:           W-wait a second. I don’t understand what you’re getting at.
Haruki:             Touma wrote it. The third song. I thought it might be impossible given our time constraints, and was halfway to giving up…
Kazusa:            I didn’t particularly care either way, but Kitahara absolutely insisted.
Haruki:             Either way… right.


Kazusa:            What?
Setsuna:           …
Haruki:             So, Setsuna, that’s why… huh?
Setsuna:           …
Haruki:             What’s up? Is something bugging you?
Setsuna:           Did you… leave me out of the loop again?
Haruki:             Ah…
Kazusa:            Yes. We kept this a secret from you, Ogiso.
Setsuna:           ?!
Haruki:             Touma!
Kazusa:            Kitahara made me keep quiet because he wanted to surprise you.
Setsuna & Haruki:  Uh…?
Kazusa:            Apparently, he was thinking of you while he wrote the lyrics.
Setsuna:           H-huh?!
Haruki:             H-hey! No, look, I wrote the original lyrics a while ago.
Setsuna:           Wh-wh-what…!
Haruki:             But, since you were going to be the one singing it, I tweaked the word usage and image a little bit. That’s all.
Setsuna:           U-um, um… So…
Kazusa:            Kitahara wrote the lyrics, and I added the music.


Kazusa:            It’s a song just for you, Ogiso.
Setsuna:           !!
Haruki:             You’re embarrassing me here, Touma…
Kazusa:            That’s because you completely failed to follow up. Now show some accountability.
Haruki:             Ah, sorry. Well, originally, I was participating as part of a group, and I wanted to try writing at least one song… and there were two guitar players at the start, so I never imagined I would actually be in the festival. But, I guess, as a culmination of the past three years, or… maybe it’s just stupid, but I wanted to leave something like that behind. Since everything up to this point has been so perfectly grey. And writing is my forte—well, short essays, formula proofs, chemical formulas, chronological tables, translations… (he trails off.) I guess that sort of stuff is my area of expertise, but—anyway, I wanted you to read it just once so that you could pick it apart.


Haruki:             Kazusa here didn’t change a single line, so I’m a little anxious…
Kazusa:            All I said was I didn’t want to touch it.
Setsuna:           …
Haruki:             Well, um… Maybe it’s too much, after all. Trying to finish this with only a day left.
Setsuna:           (whispering) How can I make you see my heart… reflected in the mirror…
Haruki:             Setsuna?
Setsuna:           Sorry, could you be quiet for a second?
Haruki:             Huh?
Setsuna:           I’m starting my rehearsal. Touma-san, would you mind playing through this, just once? I can’t read sheet music.
Kazusa:            Sure.
(Kazusa begins to play the piano.)
Haruki:             S-Setsuna?
Setsuna:           We don’t have time, Haruki-kun. There’s only one day left. Now, let’s pull ourselves together and finish our song!

Kazusa & Setsuna: Before the Festival: Twenty-Four Hours Together

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